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Yes, we manufacture street light bulbs using advanced machines to implement lower maintenance and lower consumption lights.

SMAlux – Your Trustworthy LED Light Bar Supplier in China

Smalux is a professional led light bar manufacturer in China for over 22 years.

We are experts in manufacturing all types of led light bars including OnX6 LED Light Bars, S8 LED Light Bar, Off-Road LED Light Bars, Dual Row LED Light Bar, Single Row LED Light Bar and many more.

You can use our Smalux led light bar for rugged 4×4 lights, off-road driving, as high-power fog lights, or as daytime running lights.

If you are importing led light bar from Smalux, your business will be surely recognizing. It is because led light bars from Smalux are easy to install.

Since they are LED, you can use very little battery power while greatly increasing illumination.

As your one-stop solution for led light bar needs, Smalux could offer you a wide variety of Smalux LED light bars to fit every type of vehicle. You can use Smalux led light bars for your ATVs, motorcycles, trucks, and even boats.

Get led light bar at Smalux now! All of our led light bars cover every type and size you could need. We can offer you our white lenses led light bar, amber lenses led light bar, and blue lenses led light bar.

We can also offer you a rear-specific light bar that can be wired into your brake lights with red lenses, of course for greater bad-weather visibility.

When it comes to led light bar, you have plenty of choices and plenty of more affordable options. That is why Smalux works so hard to produce the highest-quality led light bar product on the market.

SMAlux has a leading led light bar manufacturing capacity. We can produce thousands of led light bar every day with our automated production line, so you will always have enough led light bar even in peak days.

In the production, Smalux has some sets of different led light bar manufacturing lines and in the house lighting fabrication facility.

Whether you are a led light bar distributor, retailer, or custom led light bar factory, SMAlux is always your most reliable choice because we can always accommodate your demands.

Furthermore, we offer our customers the highest-quality led light bar products at the most affordable pricing. We will render you the one-stop solution for all your led light bar requirements.

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You can buy and update your lighting products and supplies because SMAlux keeps every buyer up to date with our latest product trends in this fast-moving lighting industry.

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LED Light Bar: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers everything you need to know about LED light bar such as color temperature, benefits, cost, warranty, testing process, and power consumptions, amongst others.

So, before importing LED light bars, read this guide.

What is LED Light Bar?

LED bar light

LED bar light

An LED Light Bar is a revolutionary strip of light emitting diode that projects bright light using electrolumine scence.

When you use LED Light Bar for off-road lighting, you attach it to the roof of the vehicle to light the path in front of it.

That is, as the vehicle moves through poor weather and low light conditions.

LED Light Bars have several options for beam patterns and color.

They have a longer lifespan than other light sources seeing as they do not have filaments which burn out very quickly.

To work, LED Light Bars require electricity and the subsequent brightness that they provide is measured in lumens instead of watt.

What are the Benefits of LED Light Bar?

LED Light Bar have become a preferred choice among the majority of consumers despite them being expensive.

Some of the benefits of LED Light Bar are:

· Better Illumination

LED Light Bar is more powerful than the traditional ordinary light bulbs.

It produces high amount of light that is significantly effective

The illuminated surface area depends on the size and shape of light.

· Environmentally and Energy Efficient

LED Light Bar do not emit much heat hence energy consumption is minimal.

It is a less energy consuming lighting solution with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours

Since it has an aluminum housing, LED Light Bars enjoy energy and environmental efficiency.

Once you install an LED Light Bar, you forget about ever replacing it because of its longevity.

· Wider Lighting Options

LED Lighting Bars have various styles such as cuticle and auxiliary.

As such, the more the options, the better the technology it is for one to use.

They offer different sizes and broad coverage of light that works for different conditions and vehicles.

· Safe

LED Lighting Bar is a safe option. In its functionality, LED Lighting Bar does not emit any form of dangerous elements

· Versatile

Since LED Light Bars can mount onto several different attachments, they are characterized as versatile.

For instance, for off-road lighting, you cannot LED Light Bars to attachments like roof racks and front grille guards as well as UTVs and ATVs.

Also, there are different types of LED Light Bars ranging from straight to curved devices.

· Durable and Sturdy Construction

LED Light Bars are highly durable and strong.

They can withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy rains, dust or wind.

LED Light Bar has an Aluminum casing that protects the device from any outside environmental influences.

It also has shatterproof lens and lamp chips which are built to last 50,000 hours.

Besides, the precise machining ensures that the device has a good look and is durable.

· Good Heat Dissipation

LED Light Bars have a cooling fan to help in heat dissipation.

· Long Lasting

LED Light Bar take a long time before they burn out.

They have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

· Easy Installation

Just as other LED lighting solutions, LED Light Bar is easy to install.

Besides, there is a guide that one follows to install the device.

You do not need special equipment or drilling to install the LED Light Bar.

All you have to do is fixing the device onto a mounting bracket.

Where can you use LED Light Bar?

  • Off-road lighting
  • Household lighting
  • Other lighting such as in construction, mining and agriculture industry.

How much do LED Light Bar Cost?

LED Light Bar is sold at budget friendly prices.

For $100 and below, you can find a lot of LED Light Bars.

However, those falling under this price range often have a shorter longevity and durability.

You can find a20-inch LED Light Bar can cost around $31.75or a 32-inch LED Light Bar costs around $54.99.

For those costing $100-$500, the LED Light Bars are simple or small but offer durability.

There are LED Light Bars which cost $500 and above.

This is a good price range if you intend to use the LED Light Bar for a long time.

What is the Life Span of LED Light Bar?

The lifespan of LED Light Bar is over 50,000 hours.

You can use a single LED Light Bar for different uses for a very long time.

The working environment as well as the operating principles of LED Light Bars determine the true lifespan of this device which is 50,000 hours.

What is the Warranty Period for LED Light Bar?

LED Light Bar has a warranty period of 2 years.

If a client finds any manufacture defect/material defect with the components of the LED Light Bar, he/she can return it for repair or exchange.

the defect has to be one that impairs the functionality of an LED Light Bar.

The warranty protects only the original purchaser.

Usually, the warranty does not cover unauthorized repair, disassembly, cosmetic damages, normal wear and tear or damage as a result of abusive use.

How do you Test LED Light Bar?

Curved LED bar light

Curved LED Bar Light

Since for companies’ customers come first, they ensure that they prioritize quality.

They control the quality of raw material before production, semi, and finished products, then the final aging test.

Further, before delivery of LED Light Bars, you have to conduct several tests to ensure that they are high quality and safe.

Some of the quality tests include:

· Failure Test

Failure test is important to quality certification test.

Failure test simulates all those failures that may occur in practice so as to evaluate the safety when an LED Light Bar fails.

A component failure or short circuit may occur resulting in failure of the LED Light Bar.

· Aging Test

An aging test is done 24 hours before delivery.

The device is placed in an environmentally-controlled area to determine the effects of temperature, humidity and UV exposure.

The goal is to determine if the LED Light Bar can withstand harsh conditions if used on road or outside of the home.

· Waterproof Test

A waterproof test is done immediately after the aging test.

The main reason for doing this test after the aging test is so as to simulate a real environment for IP protection test for the LED Light Bar.

This test helps determine if the LED Light Bar will work well in an outdoor environment.

You light the LED Light Bar for a while as it is heated up to a certain temperature.

· Temperature Test

Typically, there is a temperature limit for every component of the LED Light Bar.

The insulation sheet of the LED Light Bar has to withstand high temperatures.

Manufacturers have to emphasize heat dissipation during product designing.

There are some components that are easily damaged if using under hot conditions for a long time.

As a result, there could be an electric shock or cause a fire.

This test has to be done during the production of the LED Light Bars to ensure that they can function optimally.

· Drop Test

Drop test is done to check product packaging and sturdiness of the LED Light Bars.

This test is important to avoid product damage during hassle or transport to clients.

Clients should be able to have a functioning LED Light Bar even if it falls down accidentally.

Are there Limitations of LED Light Bars?

While there are a wide variety of LED Light Bars sold at budget friendly prices, the majority of them are still costly.

They are sold as high as $500 dollars depending on the brands and their intended use.

Even though they have a long lifespan and one may not be required to buy a new device for a while, the initial cost is high.

Although LED Light Bars come in different sizes, shapes, and color, some of them may blow out soon causing inconveniences to users.

There are LED Light Bars, especially the cheap once that easily blow out since they are not high quality.

There are some LED Light Bars, especially for off-road use that do not have harness hence report wiring issues.

How do you Power LED Light Bar?

You can power an LED Light Bar using solar power or electricity.

If you are using LED Light Bars for off-road lighting, the power comes from the vehicle.

You connect the LED Light Bar to the vehicle’s power supply using a connector.

However, one should pay attention to the specific LED Light Bar specifications on how to power the device.

What are the Available Color Options for LED Light Bar?

LED Light Bar comes in the following colors:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red

However, the color of lights for LED Light Bar are Amber lights and white lights.

White lights are the most preferred because it gives the best illumination.

White light is also the best for automotive lighting.

Besides, it is easy to navigate through dust, water or humidity using a white light over amber light.

What is the Power Consumption of LED Light Bar?

The LED Light Bar power consumption results from the actual power draw in watts.

If an LED Light Bar is specified as 36 watts, this is the actual power consumption when it is switched on.

Similarly, when an LED Light Bar consumes126 Watt, this is the power consumption of the device when switched on.

Power consumption of LED Light Bar depends on the following factors:

· Brightness

Brightness of light is often indicated in lumens.

An LED Light Bar that consumes around 36 watts equal to 2880 lumens.

· Efficiency

Typically, LED Light Bars in the market have different efficiency levels.

As such, you can have an LED Light Bar with 126 Watts but with different lumens.

Do LED Light Bars have Size Limitation?


LED Light Bars come in different sizes.

It is important to understand that you do not necessarily need the biggest LED Light Bar to have extra light.

You can access 20 inches or less to52 inches LED Light Bar or more.

Small size LED Light Bars are more suitable for ATV and UTV vehicles.

Large size LED Light Bars are more suitable for mounting on the roof of vehicles.

LED Light Bars are available in several sizes, and this depends on the particular requirements and needs, room size, and usage.

The most popular sizes are 13.5’’ 72w, 7.5’’ 36w, 21.5’’ 120w, 52’’ 300w, 50’’ 288w, 41.5’’ 240w and 31.5’’ 180w.

Custom LED bar light

Custom LED bar light

How does LED Light Bar for Trucks compare to LED Light Bar for Home?

Since LED Light Bars are versatile, they can be used for different applications.

Below are some of the ways in which LED Light Bar for Trucks and for home compare:

· Size

For trucks and home lighting, you can use large LED Light Bars.

For your truck, you need an LED Light Bar over 30 inches.

Similarly, for the homes you can use a large LED Light Bar.

· Type of LED Light Bar

A straight LED Light Bar is suitable for trucks, while a curved LED Light Bar is suitable for home lighting.

However, one can include a single curved LED Light Bar as part of the lighting solution.

LED Light Bar gives a truck an incredible look.

· Mounting

The mounting style of LED Light Bars on trucks is different from that of home.

Most LED Light Bars are easier to attach to trucks and roof tops.

You just have to choose the right mounting option for your use.

· IPRated

LED Light Bar for trucks and home are both IP rated.

They have excellent protection against bad weather; dust, water and others.

· Illumination

LED Light Bar for home and trucks has great illumination.

LED Lighting Bar for trucks has the benefits and elements for driver safety.

LED Light Bar for both uses produce light output with a color temperature of 6,000kelvins or less.

· Price

You can find a quality LED Light Bar for trucks at a budget friendly price.

Similarly, you can find one for home use at a competitive price.

What are the Features of Off-Road LED Light Bar?

LED light bar

LED light bar

Eye-friendly; LED Light Bar do not flicker, No IR radiation, and no breakable parts.

86% energy saving; LED Light Bar saves up to 8.5 watts while giving the best illumination wherever it is used.

Sizes; LED Light Bars come in different sizes from 20 inches to even 52 inches.

IP rating 67/68; LED Light Bars have a higher resistance from elements such as dustproof and waterproof protection to function properly.

There are different mounting options; LED Light Bars are easier to attach to different accessories such as roof racks.

T-slots and circular tubes make it easy to clamp or slide LED Light Bars on and off with the suitable accessories.

Certification; all Off-Road LED Light Bars are certified to ensure that they are safe for use in the different settings.

Price; off-road LED Light Bars are sold competitive prices.

They are great value for money.

Design; off-road LED Light Bar can have a straight or curved design.

What is the Power Output of LED Light Bar?

The power output of LED Light Bar depends on the number of watts specified for the device.

The power output of LED Light Bar is around 126 watts, but it can be less or more.

Why is LED Light Bar IP Rated?

Before settling for a specific lighting device, it is imperative to check for the LED Light Bar’s IP rating.

You have to choose an LED Light Bar with a high IP Rating.

An LED Light Bar is IP Rated to:

  • Give a user the assurance that your chosen lighting device is will not fail you even if you are exposed to a huge amount of water and dust.
  • It gives the user a guarantee that the actual device is fully optimized for the place driving conditions.
  • Typically, LED Light Bars have an IP Rate of IP67/68

What is the Average Working Temperature of LED Light Bar?

The average working temperature of LED Light Bar is 40o – 850

What is the Color Temperature for LED Light Bar?

The color temperature for LED Light Bar is around 6,000 Kelvins. However, there is a range of 2300K to 6000K.

The higher the kelvins, the brighter the light of the LED Light Bar.

The lower the kelvins the warmer the lights.

Color temperature

Color temperature

6000 kelvins are super bright white light.

It is often used in industrial and commercial places due to its brightness.

2300 kelvins are amber glow.

It is suitable for indoor use; places that do not require bright light.

What are the Best Chips for LED Light Bar?

The best chips for LED Light Bars are CREE, Epistar and Osram.

· CREE Chip

Even though its cost is higher by 40%, it is more than 30% brighter than the other chips suitable for this lighting device.

· EpistarChip

Epistar chip has an excellent performance.

It is not only stable but also cheap.

· OsramChip

This LED chip gives white and bright ray for clear visibility.

It is more expensive than the other LED chips.

These chips are the most popularly used for LED Light Bars.

Which Certifications should LED Light Bars have?

LED Light Bars have the following certifications:

EMC, CE, ETL, RoHS, FCC, Energy Star and DOT certification

Where can you use LED Light Bar?

LED Light Bar applications include:

Other Lighting

  • Harvesting; for combine harvesters
  • To increase visibility for navigation, LED Light Bar can be installed in cargo ships, ships, boats and yachts.
  • Construction lighting
  • Night fishing
  • Lighting in mining areas
  • Industrial lighting
  • Marine lighting
  • Rescue vehicle
  • Excavator
  • Fire engine
  • Crane

Household Lighting

  • Outdoor and indoor uses
  • Garden lighting especially for those with patios
  • Garage lighting
  • Backyard

Off-road lighting

  • SUV, jeeps, trains, tanks, 4×4, cars, trucks, trailer, Forklift, bus, boat, UTV, ATV

Should you use ATP or DT connectors for LED Light Bar?

You can use either an ATP or DT connector for your LED Light Bar.

The choice will however depend on the amount of current draw.

An ATP connector is suitable when handling a larger current draw, while a DT connector is specially designed for a lower current draw LED Light Bar.

How does Wattage Affect the Lifespan of LED Light Bar?

Typically, there is a balance between wattage and lifespan of LED Light Bar.

A higher wattage equates to a longer lifespan and the vice-versa.

A wattage of 126 can last for around 50,000 hours.

Can you Dim LED Light Bar?

Often, LED Light Bars are chosen for use due to their excellent illumination.

Therefore, you cannot dim the LED Light Bar.

Besides, the device is connected to a direct circuit where there is constant supply of power.

It is however important to understand that you can add a dimming switch to the device which aids in controlling the amount of light.

What are the Components of LED Light Bar?

An LED Light Bar consists of:

Components of LED light bar

 Components of LED light bar

  • Heat Sink; this feature helps in keeping the LED Light Bar running cooler thus leading to brighter longer lasting light.
  • Multiple Optic Options; this feature collects all of the light and magnify it towards the target area
  • Vertical cooling fan for heat dissipation
  • Chips; are housed in a tough Aluminum housing.
  • Optically clear Polycarbonate lens; helps direct the light to intended target
  • Aluminum alloy casing; it is dustproof, shockproof, and IP67 rated to provide resistance against water
  • Side mounting brackets; this feature helps keep the LED Light Bar mounted. It also keeps the LED Light Bar quakeproof. Since they are adjustable, you can rotate the LED Light Bar to change the direction of light.
  • Heat conducting Silicon Seal; it offers cooling effect hence giving the device a better performance and longer lifespan.

Which Types of Beams can LED Light Bar Produce?

LED Light Bar is characterized as a wide-beam only lighting system, with a little long distance penetration.

There is a trade-off between distance and width with beam patterns.

You can have the widest or furthest beam with the following beam patterns:

· Combo Beam

A Combo Beam involves both flood and spot beam patterns for illuminating close areas and distance in one lamp.

It provides the most versatility for a standard installation.

· Spot Beam

This is a narrow beam of focused light aiding in long range visibility

Spot beam is 8 – 120

· Flood Beam

This is a wide light pattern suitable for illuminating close areas at a shorter distance

Flood beam is 30 – 900

How do you Choose Mounting Brackets for LED Light Bar?

You can mount LED Light Bar on the ceiling, ground or wall.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing mounting brackets for LED Light Bar are:

· Sturdiness

You have to consider the sturdiness of the mounting brackets for LED Light Bar.

A strong mounting bracket should strongly hold the LED Light Bar while driving or used in home lighting.

A depth grip ensures that there is limited movement of the LED Light Bars wherever they are used.

· Resistance

The mounting brackets must be rust proof as they will often be exposed to harsh weather conditions such as water, dust or humidity.

· Height

The type of mounting bracket depends on the distance from which the LED Light Bar will be attached.

· Size

The mounting brackets must be able to strongly fit the size of the LED Light Bar, otherwise they will loosely hang causing accidents.

· Ease of Use

The mounting bracket has to be easy to use; it should not be complex.

An easy to use mounting bracket for LED Lighting Bar improves convenience.

· Cost

The chosen mounting bracket for LED Light Bar should be affordable but high quality.

Considering that the LED Light Bars are already expensive, the accessory, mounting bracket should be pocket friendly.

· Materials

The materials used to make the mounting brackets for LED Light Bars have to be high quality.

Typically, they are made using Aluminum material.

The material is responsibility for its durability quality hence they last for long.

Can you Connect LED Light Bar to Direct Current (DC) or Alternating Current (AC)?

You can connect LED Light Bar to Direct Current rather than Alternating Current.

When this is done, an LED Light Bar illuminates well.

If you connect LED Light Bar to Alternating Current, it will start flickering on and off 60 times every second.

However, direct current ensures smooth functioning of the LED Light Bar eliminating any potential flashes.

What Causes Flashing in LED Light Bar?

Flashing in LED Light Bar occurs when you overload your power supply by drawing excess wattage from the output.

As a result, the flow of current from the power source to the device will be interrupted causing it to flicker.

The flickering often takes place in intervals impairing the smooth operation of electric current.

What is Amp Draw in LED Light Bar?

Amp Draw in LED Light Bar is the total amount of watts needed to power the device.

When the amp draw is great, your LED Light Bar battery may run down faster.

When you are using a direct current, the LED Light Bar battery is less likely to dry out.

If you are using LED Light Bar for off-road lighting, Amp draw shows the power every driving light is sucking from the vehicles electrical system.

For an LED Light Bar of 120 Watts, the Amp draw can be 8.9.

At SMAlux, we give you the best LED light bar.

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