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We are the leading provider of affordable lightings. Friendly rates yet the best quality to support your projects.

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All our Led Lights for Trucks complied with UL, CE, RoHS, ERP, GS, SAA, etc., standards. We are ISO9001 and ISO 4001 certified company.

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Yes, we do. In just less 14 days, we can deliver your orders to your desk.

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Smalux led lights for trucks we offer are available in many sizes and shapes. SMAlux has all the lighting gear you need, from taillights and headlights to bed, tailgate, safety lights and backup, and off-road lights.

SMAlux also accommodates lighting accessories such as illuminated fender emblems, strobe light kits, led mud flaps, cupholder lights, and so on.

SMAlux led light for trucks are rugged and long-lasting. It means less chance for breakage on the road and less frequent light replacement. Definitely, SMAlux led lights are a terrific investment for comfortable, safe driving.

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LED Lights for Trucks: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Choosing LED lights for trucks can be an overwhelming task.

That’s why this guide will help you understand every aspect of LED lights such as classification criteria, benefits, design, power consumption and quality standards, just to mention a few.

Keep reading to learn more about LED lights for trucks.

What are LED Lights for Trucks?

LED Truck lights are lighting fixtures installed in vehicles, especially fleet trucks for various functions.

There are different types of LED lights for trucks that come in a variety of sizes, shapes, intensities, styles and connector types.

The lights guarantee longer life thus lowering replacement and maintenance costs together with minimization of downtime.

LED truck lights

LED truck lights

What are the Benefits of Installing LED Truck Lights?

Some of the advantages of installing LED lights for trucks include:

· Efficiency

LED lights generally consume less power compared to ordinary versions.

You will realize an improvement whenever it is possible to conserve your vehicle’s energy.

Therefore, using LED truck lights are perfect in energy conservation and ensure more efficient operation.

· Brightness

Typically, LED lights give brighter illumination than traditional types of truck lighting.

Installing LED lights for trucks increase the general visibility of the area within the car.

This enables you to view more sections of the truck.

· Longevity

Essentially, all lights for trucks have a finite lifespan.

However, though LEDs truck lights do not stay perpetually, they have a longer life than ordinary bulbs.

As a matter of fact, most LEDs truck lamps offer consistent brightness for 15,000 hours.

· Affordability

The cost of LED lights for trucks has reduced substantially in current years.

Actually, you will realize that they are about the same price or cheaper than incandescent truck lights.

· Colors

There is no need of sticking to white light if you mount interior LED lights for vehicles.

You can get seemingly infinite shades of LEDs.

This makes it possible for selecting the appropriate color for lighting your vehicle’s interior.

· Clarity

When the yellowish hue of standard lights make you uncomfortable, then LED lights for trucks is the ideal choice.

Substituting incandescent lamps with LED bulbs guarantee brilliant, white light.

· Minimized Power Draw

Similar to other LED lighting fixtures, LED lights for trucks are considerably energy efficient.

Minimizing the power draw is instrumental in extending the lifespan of car battery, which is particularly advantageous for electric cars.

Which are the Types of LED Lights for Trucks?

Here are the main types of LED truck lights available in the market:

i. LED Marker Lights

Side marker lights improve the visibility of your vehicle at night.

The capture the concentration of other motorists and show where the edges of your truck reach.

Installing LED marker lights guarantee high brightness while using lower energy and have extended lifespan in comparison to traditional bulbs.

ii. LED Clearance Lights

This light is critical for trucking, indicating to drivers around the dimensions and location of your truck during incidences of poor visibility.

iii. LED Pedestal Lights

These are two-sided LED lights for trucks that serve as brake and turn lights or side markers, brake and turn lights.

They commonly come in square or round casings, with a single- or double-stud bolts enabling strong installation.

iv. LED Box Lights

There are two types of LED box lights including multifunction combo LED boxes and rear combination lights having programmable light heads.

The LED rear combination lamps can be installed horizontally or vertically on both edges of trucks.

Being an all-in-one fixture, it can serve as running lights, reverse lights, turn signals, parking lights, brake lights, and tail lights.

You can customize their positioning on the truck to give an appealing look.

Conversely, multipurpose combo luminaires have white and red LEDs.

They can serve as tail lights, brake lights, backup or reverse lights, hazard warning lights, turn signal lights, and rear reflex reflectors.

Independent LEDs are placed on the box base for illumination of license plate.

v. LED Reverse Lights

Also known as backup lights, LED reverse lights help in signaling other motorists that the truck is almost moving backwards.

The lights as well give some illumination if the vehicle is backing up.

vi. LED Tail Lights

Similar to headlights, LED tail lights act as safety lights that light the back end of your truck.

They signal other motorists, specifically in low visibility situations, about distance between them and you.

vii. LED Brake Lights

This is an LED light for truck that givers red light and is always mounted at the rear of a vehicle.

It illuminates when you apply brakes, functioning as a signal to motorists behind you.

viii. LED Turn Lights

LED turn lights are truck lighting assembly that serve to warn other motorists of your intention to shift lanes or turn.

Also referred to as turn signal indicator, they are often installed on either sides of the vehicles rear and front ends.

Which is better between LED Truck Headlights and HID Truck Headlights?

High-Intensity Discharge truck headlights technology has been in application for several years.

However, LED headlights for trucks are new entrants into the market, but are getting more popular due to their energy efficiency.

· Brightness

Considering brightness, LED headlights are the best.

Though HID truck headlights also perform exceptionally well, with some able to attain levels of LED brightness.

Nonetheless, in typical contrasting the LED truck headlights rule.

Their brightness is unmatched when compared objectively.

· Color temperature

The color temperature of HID headlights is broader, ranging from 3,000K to 30,000K.

LED headlight versions, on the other hand, have limited CCT in the range of 3,000K to 10,000K.

However, color temperatures of 4,000K to 6,000K are the most ideal.

This is because they imitate daylight, and provide the perfect night-time driving experience.

· Warm-up Time

The design of HID headlights for trucks makes them have a short warm-up time, about 5 seconds.

During this period, you do not get the brightest illumination.

Conversely, LED headlights have instant ON capabilities, allowing you to attain full brightness immediately.

· Infra-red Light

HIDs truck lights emit in the IR wavelength alongside visible light, which is advantageous to individuals living in colder regions.

The emitting IR light helps in melting ice and snow that would otherwise obstruct the headlights.

LED type of truck headlights do not produce IR light.

Nevertheless, some manufacturers have attempted to duplicate the ability through blowing heated air on the lens of truck headlights.

· Prices

LED lights for trucks and HID headlights come at varying price range.

If contrasting products having the same performance traits, HID truck headlight kits can cost almost half the cost of LED.

This is due to the fact that LED versions are still new in the market, but this will change with time.

Nevertheless, LED headlights guarantee a longer lifespan.

They assure a lifetime of over 30,000 hours while HIDs types last for about 2,500 hours.

Can you Replace Regular Truck Lights with LED Truck Lights?

LED truct lighting system

LED truck lighting system

Not all LED bulbs install within any socket type, thus you need to select a compatible one when replacing your incandescent truck lights.

The most crucial aspect of choosing the right lamp is the connector.

It is a must to get an LED truck light with a compatible connection.

If retrofitting truck light kits into your vehicle, you should be keen on some regulations.

When you buy a whole headlight kit, having HID or LED bulbs, you will not experience no issues.

This is due to the fact that the casing is made for a distinct HID or LED lamp.

Nonetheless, when you opt for a truck light kit having plug ‘n’ play lights, you are drifting from the initial housing design.

As a result, there is a likelihood that the LED light for truck may not mount correctly.

This might cause a light spread that may be dangerous to other road users.

Therefore, it is advisable to consult your supplier or local law enforcement to make sure your selected truck lighting complies with relevant requirements.

Are LED Truck Headlights Legal?

Yes, LED headlight for trucks are legal.

However,a motor vehicle may fail inspection or be ticketed when the fixtures are not mounted appropriately.

If you install an LED headlamp inside a housing of halogen reflector, the pattern of beam effectively behaves as a floodlight.

This will result in glare and blind oncoming vehicles.

Projector housings are the best for LED truck headlights, since they allow a focused light output.

Improper installation is the primary reason why people say that LED truck headlamps are illegal.

Some older vehicles lack suitable LED headlight housing, but can accommodate retrofit LED bulbs.

Alternatively, you can modify the housing using conversion kit.

What are the Key factors to Consider when Choosing LED Lights for Trucks?

The following are the main factors to consider when buying LED truck lights:

· Lumens

This is the unit for measuring the strength and intensity of LED lights for trucks.

Lights having rating of 6,000 to 6,400 lumens light the road beyond 500m in a straight path, and are sufficient for most motorists.

On the other hand, those having 8,000 lumens rating can illuminate 6,000 to 7,000 m of the road in a straight path.

When utilized with bright and exceptionally bright colors, these LED truck lights can produce an intense beam of light.

Similarly, 10,000 lumens fixtures illuminate the road nearly as bright as daylight.

· Lifespan

Majority of LED truck lights have a lifetime of 30,000 to 50,000 hours.

High-quality types that stay for 30,000 hours function for roughly 3 years, because of a cooling chip or fan in the unit.

Those that last for 50,000 hours often function for at least 6 years, though they are difficult to get.

· Compatibility

It is important to confirm whether the LED truck light you are purchasing will install properly in your vehicle.

If it is not compatible, you may be compelled to replace the whole lighting fixture or employ a conversion unit to effect the changes.

Do not buy an LED light for truck unit before you confirm its compatibility with your truck.

· Colors

As earlier mentioned, the unit for measuring the color temperature of LED truck lights is Kelvin.

A higher Kelvin rating implies a cooler color, and majority of LED lights for cars range from 3,500K to 5,000K.

The allow you to see a greater section of the road and effectively light the surrounding region.

Likewise, color temperature beyond 5,000K (super bright) are referred to as Daylight or Cool White.

This types of LED truck lights facilitate the broadest and furthest vision but may cause eye strains.

· Warranty

Most brands of LED lights for trucks offer 2-year warranties.

This is ideal since high-quality LED truck lights have a lifespan of a minimum of 3 years.

Some suppliers will give as much as 3-years warranties, a sign of great confidence in their products.

It is equally important to inquire if the manufacturer provide technical support.

How do you Fix a Flickering LED Truck Light?

LED truck light

LED truck light

Certain LED truck lights are not feasible with some cars.

To correct a flickering light, utilize a warning canceler or anti-flicker between the socket and the LED bulb plug.

Also known as capacitor, most high-quality LED lights for trucks come together with the anti-flickers included in the lighting kit.

How Much Power Do LED Truck Lights Consume?

LEDs are comparatively new technology that is exceptionally energy efficient.

An LED light for truck utilizing between 6 to 8 watts of power is similar to a 40W incandescent type.

Furthermore, their energy-saving capabilities aid in minimizing consumption of fuel.

Yes, high demand of electric power from the alternator makes it more difficult to mechanically rotate.

This leads to the engine using more fuel to run it.

In addition, remember that lumens of LED lights for trucks is the most important parameter to consider and not their watts.

Do LED Truck Light Lenses Turn Yellow over time?

No, lenses of top-quality LED lights for trucks are made using a polycarbonate material which incorporates an UV additive.

Sunlight does not affect this additive. Moreover, the fixtures also feature a hard coat for additional protection.

Which are the Different Types of LED Headlights for Trucks?

Here are the two main types of LED truck headlights:

LED truck lights

LED truck light

· Dual Beam Headlights

All trucks headlights have low and high beams.

An LED dual beam headlamp is one bulb that executes both functions.

In this LED headlight type, only a single bulb is installed per headlight housing.

· Single Beam Headlight

A single-beam headlamp bulb performs one function, where the LED bulb produces either single low or high beam of light.

Therefore, when substituting both the low beam and high beam using LED lamps, you will require two lamps for single beam truck headlights.

It is essential to note that because of wiring differences, you cannot interchange dual beam and single beam LED headlights for trucks.

Do LED Truck Lights Need Resistors?

Typically, an LED light utilizes between 1.5 to 2V, yet a car battery gives out 12V.

Thus, it is essential to incorporate a resistor to avoid burning out the lights.

Every LED light for truck should have its separate resistor.

When replacing rear and front turn signal lights to LED, remember that most trucks utilize a flasher component designed for incandescent.

Therefore, you might experience problems when you substitute incandescent turn signal lights with LED.

The LED versions will flash very fast, a condition referred to as “hyper flashing”.

The LED lamps have a reduced resistance which the flasher component interprets to mean a “bulb out” issue.

In case this happens, the solution is to get new set of resistors.

The easy to install resistors solve the problem by fooling the flasher unit through recreating the right resistance amount.

After installation, the LED truck turn signal lights flash correctly.

Do LED Truck Lights Drain Truck Battery?

The car battery might drain in case you leave a door or trunk open yet the vehicle lacks an automatic light shutoff mechanism.

However, since LED truck lights use much lower power compared to other types, there are higher likelihood of undrained battery when this occurs.

Is IP rating important in LED Lights for Trucks?

Extreme weather conditions which lead to storms and flood together with dust are a common driving experiences.

For that matter, it is vital to consider the IP rating of your LED truck light before buying a specific unit.

Let’s look at the main reasons why you should select a high IP rated LED lighting for truck:

  • It guarantees that the selected lighting unit will not fail even when subjected to excessive amount of water and dust.
  • It offer the peace of mind that the light is totally optimized for your driving conditions.

The dustproof and waterproof rating of the LED truck light is denoted as IPxx.

The first numerical digit represents dust resistance, with the second denoting water resistance.

The range for dust resistance is within 0 to 6, whereas water resistance runs from 0-9.

This essentially implies that when your LED light for truck has an IP69 rating, it boasts of maximum protection against dust and water ingression.

Therefore, always pay attention on the IP rating of the lighting unit before purchasing.

Doing this ensures that the LED truck light you buy is feasible with your driving environments.

IP rating

IP rating

Are there Quality Standards for LED Truck Lights?

Here are the main quality standards that LED lights for trucks must comply with:

  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)
  • SAE Lighting Standards
  • EN Standards
  • ANSI Standards
  • ECE Regulations

Are LED Lights for Trucks vibration- and corrosion-resistant?

Yes, LED truck lights are to some extent resistant to corrosion and vibration.

Different from ordinary truck lights that employ delicate filaments to produce light, LEDs generate light utilizing a tough semiconductor.

Even though vibrations will seldom make the LEDs to burn out, but will accelerate the speed of lumen depreciation.

At SMAlux, we offer high performance and reliable LED lights for trucks for your specific needs.

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