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Are you struggling with finding certified and reliable low bay lighting? For hotels or for any business needs, SMAlux lighting provider is now 22 years in the manufacturing experience. Certified products are accessible.

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SMD Machine for Led Low Bay Light Manufacturing
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Photoelectricity Test Room
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Led Low Bay Light Plastic Injection Molding
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Led Low Bay Light Component Welding
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Led Low Bay Light Clean Manufacturing Workshop
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Led Low Bay Light Aging Test

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Questions You May Ask About Your Led Low Bay Light Orders

Delivery Time

We have the capability on moving your led low bay lighting on time.

Do you project free product sample test

Absolutely! Standard low bay lighting free samples for quality check.

Do you have total lighting solution for led low bay lighting project

Yes, we have plenty of high-skilled employees to guide your led low bay lighting projects.

SMAlux – Your Leading Led Low Bay Light Supplier in China

SMAlux led low bay lights are designed especially for shorter ceiling applications. Using SMAlux led low bay light is an ideal way to lighten up areas using optics in order to distribute the light evenly.

SMAlux led low bay lights are widely used for industrial and commercial applications. You can use our led low bay light for garages, work shops, gymnasiums, manufacturing, warehouse, and retail stores.

We fabricate SMAlux led low bay light in different sizes, styles, and colors. You can choose whether linear style led low bay light, UFO style led low bay light, canopy style led low bay light, or food processing style led low bay light.

We have compact designs for led low bay light. The nominal 2×2 design, yet large enough to allow for a variety of features. Our SMAlux led low bay light is equipped with various options such as Photocell, Gripples, on/off sensors, cords/plugs, lens, wire guards, and many more.

We designed SMAlux led low bay light to replace T8 or T5 high bays, and metal halides. Our led low bay light is an economical choice for new construction or retrofit.

Our led low bay lights are estimated to last over 100,000 maintenance-free hours. It means that your time can be spent on other projects that keep the good stuff flowing in.

Speaking of money and time, all of our SMAlux led low bay lights will cut your previous installation times. And also, your customer’s indoor lighting budget.

Each and every SMALux led low bay lights are certified and tested in our independent testing facilities to perform the way it promises to.

Whether you need proven performance of indoor lighting in a low bay lighting application, including manufacturing areas, assembly lines, food processing plants, and more, take a closer look at our wide range of indoor lighting fixtures we have to offer.

According to the designs and features, a lot of led low bay lighting selections at SMAlux production are available at very acceptable rates. We offered negotiable led low bay lighting products to help clients gain the best profits.

When handling a business, you need to be more vigilant when choosing products most especially a provider. Your business’s success based on how you handle it.

And if you are looking for high bay lights, Smalux has you covered. We provide a full line of powerful high bays for higher ceiling applications.

SMAlux has over 20 years’ experience in this field that you can rely on. Whatever lighting products you need, we can supply your business necessities.

If you are thinking of changing the lighting in your low bay applications, talk to SMAlux now! Before we recommend a solution, we will take the time to find out your project’s objectives.

Smalux has rich experience in offering a solution that meets your project’s priorities.

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