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Do you find it hard to choose the reliable manufacturer of led navigation lights? SMAlux is your best solution. We provide excellent lighting solutions for your requirements. Our strong experience and knowledge in the industry enable us to design high-quality LED navigation lights for you.

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Questions You May Ask About Your LED Navigation Lights Orders

What are certifications of LED navigation light?

SMAlux lightings are full-compliant with ROHS, UL, CE, ERP, SAA, and more., standards.

Do you provide free sample product?

Yes, we do. We can provide a free sample for you to check the quality. You can choose from our selection and send to us.

How fast your delivery time?

Normally, we can finish manufacturing for around 30 days.

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Are you trying to find the right manufacturer of LED navigation light? I think it will end here. SMAlux, with 30 years of experience in smart lighting, gain expertise in manufacturing LED navigation light.

SMAlux LED navigation lightings are designed using high-quality materials. Though it is lightweight it has superior performance. It can last a couple of heavy usages. They are waterproof therefore direct contact with water is safe. So far, our LED navigation lighting has been widely used for marine, aircraft industry, and other related fields. It is used as a direction or sign. Our lighting successfully did that and fulfilled a lot of applications.

SMAlux LED navigation lighting is available in various sizes, shapes, and specifications. Our range of eco-friendly, superior standard LED navigation light could be the best lighting for your next project. SMAlux is your #1 LED navigation light manufacturer and supplier in China. Rest-assure SMAlux could give great service to you. For your next business about energy-efficient LED navigation light, SMAlux will be your great choice.

LED navigation light is also known as emergency light from SMAlux are fully certificated by leading standards such as UL, CE, RoHS, ERP, GS, SAA, etc. With that, you’ll guarantee quality LED navigation light for your small or large project. The entire process of manufacturing lighting is carried out by our professional team of staff. Together with advanced technology, we are able to create energy-efficient, quality LED navigation lightings for you.

From product sourcing, quality testing to packaging and label design, SMAlux provide a hands-on approach with every step. Our dedication to providing quality service all throughout the process enables to be one of the top leading manufacturer and supplier in China.

SMAlux extensive experience in smart lighting ensures all works will be done smoothly. We can make your orders in just 30 days. Moreover, to care about specific requirements, we are able to offer bespoke services as per given preference. SMAlux can fully support your special needs. We can offer a one-stop service solution for you.

For over 30 years, SMAlux has been serving smart lighting solutions to our valued customers. We have a vast selection of LED lighting aside from LED navigation light. To name a few, we can offer led panel light, led fog lights, led color changing lights, led tape light. Please visit our website to see further lightings offered.

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LED Navigation Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whether you want to learn about quality certifications, testing, power consumption, color options or features of LED navigation lights, this guide has all information you’re looking for.

It will make you an LED navigation lights expert – keep reading.

What are the Color Options for LED Navigation Lights?

When operating between sunrise and sunset, in rain or fog you need the right navigation lights since there is limited visibility.

Therefore, to avoid collision and for other boats to see you need the right navigation lights.

You need white light for the front and rear of your boat.

The white light for the front is the masthead and for the rear is the stern light.

Also, you need green and red light for the side of your boat.

 Boat navigation light

 Boat navigation light

How long will LED Navigation Lights Last?

LED navigation lights have a lifespan of 10,000 to 50,000 hours.

This means that the light will last for approximately 10 years based on how and the conditions you use it.

Also, the lifespan of these lights can be impacted by external factors such as power supply and heat dissipation.

How do you Power LED Navigation Lights?

Battery Powered Based on the size of your boat, there are different ways you can power your LED navigation lights.

They are:

Battery-powered Lights

Battery-powered lighting is suitable when you can’t hardwire your LED navigation light.

Also, it is suitable for emergencies where there is a power outage.

Battery-powered lights cut your utility bill since you do not pay electricity bills.

Also, it is rechargeable therefore you will not spend money maintaining the light from tear and wear.

Solar-powered Lights

Solar-powered LED navigation lights are powered using solar energy captured by solar panels.

Solar panels have a photocell that can switch your navigation lights on/off automatically.

It is an environmentally friendly way of powering navigation lights.

· Generator Powered Lights

Onboard generators can be used to power LED navigation lights.

When your battery runs out you can rely on generators to power your navigation lights.

Are LED Navigation Lights IP 67 Rated?


LED navigation lights are Ingress Protection rated.

The first digit shows that your light is dust resistant and the second digit shows that your light is water-resistant.

Thus Ingress Protection rating shows that your LED navigation light is dust and liquid resistant.

It indicates shows that your LED navigation light is protected from dust and liquid.

Thus, the IP rating of 67 indicate that your LED navigation light can withstand water, dust, and dirt.

Which Types of LED Navigations Lights do you have?

There is a wide array of LED navigation lights that you can choose from for a boat of any type or size.

They are:

1. Sidelight

Sidelight refers to the green and red lights found on the bow of your boat.

Sidelights can be one bi-colored light or two separate lights.

They are apparent to vessels that are approaching head-on or from the side.

The red light shows the port side of a vessel and greed shows the starboard side of a vessel.

It is visible over 135 degrees and from a distance of two miles.

2. Stern Light

They are centered dead astern that shine out and behind to the side.

Together with sidelight, these lights make a full circle of light around your boat.

Stern light is white light and they are visible only on the rear or close to the rear of a vessel.

3. Mast Light

Mast light is a white light that shines to the two sides of the vessel and forward.

It is a requirement on all power-driven vessels.

If the vessel is shorter than 39.4 feet long you can combine stern light and mast light into all-round white light.

Alternatively, power-driven vessels that are longer than 39.4 feet are required to have an independent mast light.

All vessels under the engine have to display a mast light.

The absence of mast light is an indication that your vessel is sailing since boats under sail only display stern light and sidelight.

Mast light should be visible over 225 degrees and from a distance of two miles.

Also, it is installed one meter above sidelight and at the centerline of your vessel.

4. All-round Light

They have to make a full circle of light around the boat. It acts as an anchor light when the sidelight is turned off.

Power-driven lights shorter than 39.4 feet use all-round light to combine sternlight and mast light into a distinct white light.

The light makes your vessel visible to others from all directions.

What are the Benefits of LED Navigations Lights?

A lot of benefits arise from using LED navigation lights.

These benefits are:

LED navigation light

 LED navigation light

· Energy Efficiency

LED navigation lights are energy efficient. They produce high lumen per watt and produce high-quality lights.

The outlined features make it suitable for boats with no on-boat generator and rely only on batteries to provide power.

Further, LED navigation lights can run the entire night while also consuming less power than other types of navigation light.

As such saves batteries and removes safety problems linked to being moored during the night in the absence of mast light.

· Long Operational Life

LED navigation lights last more than 50,000 hours as such they have a lifespan of 4-5 years.

This means that you do not have to replace your light regularly if you spend a lot of time adrift during the night.

Non-regular replacement means low costs since you do not have to buy new lights regularly.

· Cool Operation

Even following hours of operation, LED navigation lights are cool enough to hold since they do not release a lot of heat.

As such they do not increase the temperature of your boat and do not force the air conditioner to work hard.

Also, they do not pose the risk of fire.

· Environmentally Friendly

LED navigation lights are environmentally friendly.

They consume a low amount of energy compared to other types of navigation lights.

Therefore, they release a low amount of carbon into the atmosphere.

Also, when powered using solar the level of carbon emission they release is minimal.

Moreover, since LED navigation light has a long lifespan, the amount that ends up in the landfill is limited.

Also, it does not have mercury and does not emit ultraviolet radiation.

· Safety

LED navigation lights administer information regarding the direction of travel, activity, and size of a vessel.

An understanding of LED navigation lights characteristics enables you to determine the right course of action when approaching a vessel.

Additionally, they hinder collision when there is limited visibility.

They enable you to see vessels that are close by and enable other vessels to identify you.

Should you Consider Lumen or Watts when Choosing LED Navigation Lights?

Watt measures the amount of energy used up.

Over the years, watt has been employed in defining the brightness of the light.

People look for watt rating and the higher the rating the brighter the light.

The case is different for LED navigation lights.

This is because the goal of LED lights is saving energy and as such, they consume fewer watts.

Thus, it is pointless to measure the brightness of LED navigation lights using watts.

Lumen on the other hand measures the amount of light produced.

The higher the lumen the greater the brightness.

Hence, the lumen is ideal when choosing LED navigation light since it takes into account its efficiency.

Do LED Navigation Lights Dissipate Heat?

Yes LED navigation lights to dissipate heat.

They have a heat sink and an LED cooler that facilitates heat dissipation.

The heat sink has fins that maximize the surface area to efficiently cool LED using air convection cooling.

It is made using chase aluminum to reduce thermal resistance from the bottom of the fins.

A heat sink can minimize LED temperature by over 50%.

LED cooler on the other hand force air over light to keep the whole light cool.

Which Material is Best for LED Navigation Lights?

The best material for LED navigation light has to be corrosion, wear, rust, UV ray, weather, and impact resistance.

Several materials fit these characteristics, they are:

LED navigation lights are made from brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, plastic, or aluminum.

Bronze, brass, and stainless steel can endure elements, are strong, and dissipate heat.

Aluminum dissipates heat well and is affordable.

Plastic is affordable, resistant to corrosion and UV rays.

LED navigation light

LED navigation light

Do LED Navigation Lights have a Warranty?

Yes, LED navigation lights have a warranty.

However, it varies with manufacturers who issue a warranty based on the quality of their products.

LED navigation lights can have a warranty of 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years.

How much do LED Navigation Lights Cost?

When acquiring LED navigation light you have to consider its cost since it is not fixed.

The cost is based on the type of material used, the lumen, the wattage, the warranty, the size, and the color.

High-quality material lamps, high lumen, high wattage, long warrant, and large LED navigation lights cost more.

Features should you Consider when Buying LED Navigation Lights?

When buying LED navigation lights, you should take several factors into account. They include:

· Power Supply

When acquiring LED navigation light you should ensure that you have the right power supply.

The right power supply is one that provides you with light for the duration you are on the sea without running out.

· Wattage

High wattage is associated with high consumption of power and a big electricity bill.

Therefore, you should select a light with low wattage if you want to reduce your utility bill and power consumption.

· Voltage

LED navigation lights are low voltage lights thus you cannot just plug them into a wall socket since they will blow up.

Hence, you need a transformer to lower the voltage to a level that matches your LED navigation lights.

· IP Rating

Since LED navigation lights are used over water, you should ensure that they are weather, water, solid, impact, and corrosion-proof.

IP rating indicates that your light is both water and dust resistant.

It shows you that your LED navigation light can endure water, dust, and dirt as it is protected from dust and liquids.

The higher the IP rating the higher the ability of your light to withstand solids and liquids.

· Color Temperature

The color temperature of light is measured in Kelvin. If it is over 5000K it is cool, if it is 2700-300K it is warm.

Select an LED navigation light whose color temperature matches your light needs.

· Size

LED navigation lights come in various size. You should select a light that aligns with the size of your boat.

Large vessels use large LED navigation lights and small vessels use small LED navigation lights.

How Bright is LED Navigation Lights?

The brightness of the LED navigation light is measured in lumen.

Since LED navigation light produces more lumen per wattage, its brightness is likely to be higher when there is more wattage.

Are there Disadvantages of using LED Navigation Lights?

Notwithstanding the benefits of LED navigation lights, there are downsides in using them.

They are:

· Confusion

LED navigation light produces color subject to the semiconductor used.

As such it can confuse watchkeepers standing on the bridge of approaching large vessels.

This is because the semiconductors generate a light that is hard to bluish.

Therefore, when put behind light lenses the seen color may be significantly different from the one required in COLREG72.

· Cut-off Angle

If your LED navigation light is organized over the circumference, the cut-off will be surpassed.

Here the LEDs are arranged around the circumference, the horizontal cut-offs may be exceeded

· Color Temperature

LED navigation lights are available in different color temperatures.

Thus you should choose a light whose color temperature matches the area in which it is used.

Are there Rules and Regulations for LED Navigation Lights Installation?

When installing LED navigation you should ensure that:

  • Your LED navigation lights comply with COLREGS’s technical and positioning of international agreements.
  • That your light is correctly wired.
  • You choose the right light for your boat.
  • Your light is fitted correctly.
  • The light is mounted to limit damage via contact with other objects.
  • Prevent light from shining in the operator’s eyes.

Apart from LED Navigation Lights, Which Other Marine Lights do you have?

Apart from navigation lights, the other types of marine lights are:

How do you Test LED Navigation Light?

Several tests are done on LED navigation lights.

These tests are:

  • A quality test method that evaluates the overall quality and performance of your light.
  • Ingress protection rating test to determine if your light is water and dustproof.
  • Luminous flux test that examines the amount of energy your light discharge in all directions.
  • Luminous intensity test that evaluates your lights luminous flux.
  • The color rendering index test examines your light’s ability to show an object’s natural color.
  • The color temperature test checks the color temperature of your LED navigation light.

What is the Minimum Visibility Range for different Types of LED Navigation Lights?

The minimum visibility range varies with the size of the boat.

  • The sidelight for boats shorter than 12m should be visible for more than 1nm. The other lights should be visible for over 2nm.
  • The masthead for boats shorter than 20m should be visible for 3nm. Other lights should be visible for 2nm.
  • Boats shorter than 50m and longer than 20m should have a masthead light seeable for 5nm. Other lights have to be visible for 2nm.

What Causes LED Navigation Lights Failure?

There are four reasons why your LED navigation light may fail. They are:

· Usage of Poor Quality Materials

If poor quality materials are used to make a driver, your light will fail to force you to acquire a new lamp.

Failure occurs because poor quality drivers do not dissipate heat and this causes your light to flicker or flash.

· Insufficient Testing

If your LED navigation light is not tested properly by the manufacturer it may fail.

This is because tests allow you to identify failures before your light is shipped.

· Temperatures are Significantly High

High temperatures hasten the degradation of LED navigation lights.

When your light has no heat sink to dissipate the heat it causes your lamp to prematurely fail.

Further, if your LED navigation light has no low thermal protection, your light will crack due to cold temperatures.

· Counterfeit

Cheap light imitation is produced without regard for safety and quality therefore they easily fail.

Are LED Navigation Lights Environmentally Friendly?

 Boat navigation light

 Boat navigation light

LED navigation lights are environmentally friendly. The same is the case because:

  • LED navigation lights have a low carbon emission level.

It consumes a low amount of energy.

  • It has a long lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours.

As such a few LED navigation lights are disposed of in the landfill.

  • LED navigation light is energy efficient.

It emits a limited amount of heat and does not emit light in all directions.

  • This type of light is switched on/off automatically.

Thus you can save a significant amount of energy.

  • The lithium battery that is used in powering LED navigation light is recyclable.

Therefore, it does not fill up landfills.

  • Solar power used to power it minimizes the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.
  • LED navigation lights do not release infrared and ultraviolet radiation into the atmosphere.

Depending on your specific needs, SMAlux offers a perfect navigation lighting solution.

For inquiries or questions, contact SMAlux team now.