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SMAlux LED Panel Light Solution

If you need a reliable LED panel light manufacturer to fully support your business or project, SMAlux will be your better choice. With strong experience and knowledge, we can supply you with the right solutions according to your requirements.

Send an inquiry directly; we will reply within 8 working hours.

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LED Panel Light Manufacturing Expert to Support Your Project

LED Barn Light Plastic Injection Molding
LED Panel Light Plastic Injection Molding
LED Barn Light Component Welding
LED Panel Light Component Welding
LED Barn Light Clean Manufacturing Workshop
LED Panel Light Clean Manufacturing Workshop
LED Barn Light Aging Test
LED Panel Light Aging Test
SMD Machine for LED Barn Light Manufacturing
SMD Machine for LED Panel Light Manufacturing
Photoelectricity Test Room
Photoelectricity Test Room

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Questions You May Ask About Your LED Panel Light Orders

Deliver Time

We can manufacture LED panel light around 30 days. After that, we can, then, deliver orders to your desk.

Do you provide LED panel light sample?

Yes. We can provide a free sample of  LED panel lighting for you to check the quality. However, the light requires to be our standard design.

Do you provide total solution for a whole building project?

Absolutely! SMAlux has a team of professionals to support your building project.

Smalux-Your Ideal LED Panel light Manufacturer in China

SMAlux LED panel light offers bright lighting, cost-efficiency with elegant designs. We are one of the most reliable distributors of LED panel light in China.

Our unit has longer life-span and best for all purposes such as schools, offices, homes, and other commercial buildings.

In SMAlux, LED panel light is available in different shapes, sizes, color temperatures, and designs. The best light with standard and classy feel that will shine your atmosphere.

It is built with layers of premium quality materials that are tested in performance. LED panel light in SMAlux has protection with a heat sink to keep the area cool and minimize thermal output.

Our product does not contain any toxic material or harmful gasses. SMAlux LED panel light will definitely give a luxurious feel in any home, hotels and etc.

With our product, you can be sure that your LED panel light is manufactured by professional engineers and meticulously checked in the manufacturing process.

SMAlux has the widest range of LED panel light ranging from 50 Watts to 250 Watts, 12/24 Volts DC with low power consumption. We can also customize any designs you want for your needs.

This product is available with great features and modern innovations. Manufactured by the latest technology machines with the newest manufacturing process.

Every part and component used in creating LED panel light is carefully tested to ensure the quality.

The quality of our products signifies our vision, commitment and eagerness to provide outstanding products at a very affordable price. Provide the best lighting solution in the entire world.

SMAlux LED panel light is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient lighting. Structures and designs are perfectly fit for all purposes.

It is created by a combined Nano PPMA plate and LED technology. We have different varieties such as super-slim type, rectangular and round surface mounted LED light panels for you to choose from.

SMAlux LED panel light saves more energy than your normal fluorescents. It can last up to 50,000 helpings you save maintenance and energy.

We deliver visually admiring LED panel light to provide comfort to our customers. SMAlux truly distributes a promising product to operation required.

We are a specialist in manufacturing these products for 22 years. We have already gained enough experienced and mastered all the techniques in this industry. Even so, we still strive to learn new ideas to develop more unique products.

SMAlux is indeed your best choice for manufacturing LED panel light. Without questions, we can help you have products with your own designs. Just send us your details and we will create for you.

You can choose whether you will take a wholesale of these products or buy in bulk, SMAlux will still eager to help you.

We provide a perfect solution to your needs in the lighting industry.

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