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SMAlux Manufacture The Best LED Path Light For Your Business

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Standard LED Path Lights for your choice

SMAlux LED path lights are designed with metal finish and PC finish, the waterproof performance and IK grade can meet outdoor use. They provide safe illumination for walkways, and landscape edges and enhance landscape ambiance. Our line of path lights provides a wide array of styles, finishes, and material options to suit all kinds of landscapes.

LED Path Light
ODM new Wall Light for your exclusive

With 6 specialized R&D teams which have over 30 years of R&D experience in LED path light filed, SMAlux is quite good at making your idea and design become true, the product will be finished as exactly as what you want. So, just send us your design.

SMAlux LED Path Light

SMAlux LED path lights have been sold to more than 80 countries all over the world. As a leading LED path lights manufacturer in China, SMAlux can help to expand your business in LED path light fields.

SMAlux has been committing to providing customers with professional technical support, quality products, and competitive prices, based on 6 professional R&D team and a special research lab. We will update the latest products information to you every year and IES reports for your lighting projects for free.

Send your inquiry for your next LED path light order, normally you will get our best quotation within 8 working hours.

Path light

LED Garden Path Light

SMAlux garden path lights are made with all durable PC body with a soft light beam, it is rated at IP66 waterproof and dustproof. All the lights are designed with built-in driver’s adaptive operating voltage (from 100V to 240V), which is available for worldwide use.

GL-203 Garden Path Light
GL-203 Garden Path Light
GL-208-8W Garden Path Light
GL-208-8W Garden Path Light
GL-301 Garden Path Light
GL-301 Garden Path Light
GL-302 Garden Path Light
GL-302 Garden Path Light
GL-303 Garden Path Light
GL-303 Garden Path Light
GL-401 Garden Path Light
GL-401 Garden Path Light
GL-402 Garden Path Light
GL-402 Garden Path Light
GL-403 Garden Path Light
GL-403 Garden Path Light
GL-501 Garden Path Light
GL-501 Garden Path Light
GL-502 Garden Path Light
GL-502 Garden Path Light
GL-503 Garden Path Light
GL-503 Garden Path Light
GL-DCL-6W Garden Path Light
GL-DCL-6W Garden Path Light
GL-DCL-8W Garden Path Light
GL-DCL-8W Garden Path Light

LED Path Flood Light

SMAlux LED path flood lights to have a portable design to help turn shipping costs into profits. Industrial grade surface protection enables this product to be used freely in the outdoor environment.

FLP09-9W Path Flood Light
FLP09-9W Path Flood Light
FLP12-12W Path Flood Light
FLP12-12W Path Flood Light
FLP18-18W Path Flood Light
FLP18-18W Path Flood Light
FLP30-30W Path Flood Light
FLP30-30W Path Flood Light

SMAlux LED Path Lights Manufacturing Capabilities

Owing over 30 years of manufacturing experiences in LED path light industry, all the LED path lights are certified by UL, DLC, ETL CE, RoHS, etc. No matter which region you are from, we can provide you with certified products.

SMAlux has 13,000m² of manufacturing space and more than 700 professional workers. And we have ISO90001, ISO14001 and OHSMS18001 certification as we have paid much attention to the products quality and environmental issues, certainly, our products will be delivered to you within the scheduled time.

Our customers are from different countries all over the world, so we will prepare stock for most products is necessary, which is convenient for us to deal with small orders and shorten the lead time.

Garden Path Light
PhotoModelWattVoltLight EfficiencyColor TemperaturePFRAIP RatingBeam AngelWarranty
Garden Path LightGL-S101-3.5W3.5W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>80IP6510°/25°2 Years
GL-S102-3.5W3.5W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>80IP6510°/25°2 Years
GL-S103-3.5W3.5W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>80IP6510°/25°2 Years
Garden Path LightGL-DLC-6W6W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>80IP6625°2 Years
GL-DLC-8W8W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>80IP6625°2 Years
Garden Path LightGL-012-12W12W85-265V>100lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>80IP54/3 Years
Garden Path LightGL-108-8W8W85-265V>100lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>70IP65/3 Years
Garden Path LightGL-208-8W8W85-265V>100lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>70IP65/3 Years
Garden Path LightGL-101-8W8W85-265V>100lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>80IP54/2 Years
GL-102-8W8W85-265V>100lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>80IP54/2 Years
GL-103-8W8W85-265V>100lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>80IP54/2 Years
Garden Path LightGL-201-8W8W85-265V>100lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>80IP54/2 Years
GL-202-8W8W85-265V>100lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>80IP54/2 Years
GL-203-8W8W85-265V>100lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>80IP54/2 Years
Garden Path LightGL-301-9W9W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>80IP54/2 Years
GL-302-9W9W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>80IP54/2 Years
GL-303-9W9W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>80IP54/2 Years
Garden Path LightGL-401-13W13W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>80IP54/2 Years
GL-402-13W13W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>80IP54/2 Years
GL-403-13W13W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>80IP54/2 Years
Garden Path LightGL-501-13W13W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>80IP54/2 Years
GL-502-13W13W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>80IP54/2 Years
GL-503-13W13W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.5>80IP54/2 Years
Path Flood Light
PhotoModelWattVoltLight EfficiencyColor TemperaturePFRAIP RatingBeam AngelWarranty
Garden Path LightGLP09-9W9W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.9>72IP6560°5 Years
GLP12-12W12W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.9>72IP6560°5 Years
GLP18-18W18W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.9>72IP6560°5 Years
GLP30-30W30W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4200K/6000K>0.9>72IP6560°5 Years

SMAlux LED Path Light

SMAlux provides LED path lights with different materials, such as high-end aluminum body and durable PC body. With pure aluminum lamp body, the heat dissipation is better and the surface of the product is polished to be more ornamental. With PC lamp body, the light is more cost-effective.

All the SMAlux LED path Lights can pass IP66 weatherproof and IK08 impact-resistant test, the performance of the products is quite reliable, which is helpful for the longer lifetime, it will also help to save the maintenance fee and replacement cost for you.

Relying on the patented shape and unique structure, SMAlux LED path lights are different from the other lights in the market, they are designed with high-end LED chips, excellent LED drivers, optical lenses and internal anti-counterfeiting mark, which have a great advantage over competitors.

SMAlux LED path lights are certified by UL, CE, RoHS, SAA, NOM, etc. The certifications are regularly updated, therefore, the quality of the product is well guaranteed.

SMAlux LED path lights can be customized for different needs, such as wholesalers or project contractors. They are adjustable to adapt to different temperatures, weathers, and corrosions. Just send your inquiry, our engineer team will try the best to meet your needs, now what are you waiting for?

The Ultimate Guide To LED Path Lights

What types of path lights are there?

Overall, there are spotlights, boxy lights, lanterns, and floodlights, as well as bollard lights.

Spotlights can be cylindrical and conical.

The shape does not matter functionally – just decoratively.

Also, spotlights can have hoods that protect the lens but also direct the light downwards.

Spotlight path light

 Spotlight path light

These have narrow beam angles that can be set around in a decorative way.

Boxy lights provide soft ambient lighting and are decorative with a futuristic look.

The light usually comes from the inside via an LED strip.

These can be triangular or rectangular and of any height and width.

As you would expect, they have simple free-standing bases.

Boxy path light

 Boxy path light

Lanterns have a wide beam angle and provide a classic look to the garden.

These can be of any design, so lanterns have more creative potential.

They can be bulb-shaped or mushroom-shaped to name a few.

Usually, they have a spike, but with a free-standing base, you can give your lantern path light a vintage aesthetic.

Lantern path light

Lantern path light

Floodlight path lights have wide beam angles and are more practical, illuminating a large area.

If they are combined with a motion sensor, they can also serve a security purpose.

Floodlight path light

   Floodlight path light

These are usually circular, but can also be rectangular.

In terms of the base, they can also be set up with a spike, but also with a free-standing base.

And just like spotlights, floodlights can be hooded.

Bollard lights are similar to boxy lights, but they are cylindrical in shape and have a 360-degree beam angle

They also create a heavy-duty architectural look.

Bollard path light

Bollard path light 

All these can be of any height, including some that are low to the ground.

Can I pitch a new design for LED path lights that are not on the website?

Of course, we have ODM and OEM services, as well as several Research and Development teams.

We also have technical drawings on our website.

You can look at those and send us your design with similar formatting.

Example of a technical drawing

Example of a technical drawing

What finishes are there for LED path lights?

You can either have a metal finish or a PC finish.

Metal finishes look good, are sturdy, and are resistant to water.

They can also be made to look like nickel, brass, silver, or bronze.

Now, PC  can stand for 2 different things and it is important what your manufacturer means exactly.

PC may stand for polycarbonate, which is a very durable plastic used to cover LED tube lights and lanterns.

This material is great for dissipating light to make it more uniform.

Manufacturers often pick PC over the glass and other plastics.

Please note that PC can be clear or milky, smooth or with ridges.

PC also can stand for powder coating.

This is a method of applying color to a surface and can be used on LED path light fixtures.

Why do some LED path lights have hoods?

Hoods direct the light into the direction by limiting its beam.

This usually makes it narrower, but longer, especially if the hood itself is long.

Hooded light

  Hooded light

There are also top hoods that direct the light down, usually also dissipating it with a reflector.

How protected should LED path lights be?

Because LED path lights will be outside, they need a lot of protection from the elements, such as rain, snow, wind, impact, and soil make-up.

This is where you need to know about the IP and the IK ratings.

IP rating tells you how well the light is protected against dust and water.

The first digit corresponds with dust, while the second with water.

The maximum rating you can have is IP69K, meaning that no dust will enter the light, and the fixture can be submerged under hot water for extended periods of time.

IP code

IP code

This means that the light will withstand not only rains and thunderstorms but also times of watering the garden with pressurized water.

The IK rating, also called the EN 6226However, the most you need for LED path lights is IP66, which stands for no dust being able to enter, as well as protection against high-pressure jets of water.

2 standard, tells you about the light’s protection against mechanical impacts, such as falls or being crushed by something.

IK code

IK code

LED path lights don’t need much – just protection against falls and occasional kicks.

IK07 and up works perfectly for that.

Finally, protection against acidic or basic soil.

LED path lights are often stuck into the ground with a spike, so this spike must be corrosion-proof.

For this, stainless steel and ABS are ideal materials since they are durable in many conditions.

What color temperatures work best for path lights?

Each color temperature evokes a specific mood and serves a specific purpose or idea.

Warm light, such as 2700K, creates a cozy environment, but they also distort colors.

Thus, warm-toned accent lighting on vegetation would not look good.

However, wooden paths and patios would work well with warm light.

Neutral light, such as 3500K is versatile and can be used anywhere.

But, specifically, it is good for stairs and stone paths.

Cool-toned light, around 4500K, looks bright and helps to concentrate.

Thus, it is great for driveways, concrete paths, and surroundings of garages or workshops.

Color temperatures

Color temperatures

What beam angle do LED path lights have?

Wide beam angles of 80-120 degrees are great for “washing” a path or a wall with light.

It lets your customer spend less money since one fixture can illuminate a bigger space.

Narrower beam angles of 50 to 80 degrees can create a “moonlighting” effect, illuminating the path with a softer light.

Medium beam angles of 30 to 50 degrees are used most commonly, and they are the most versatile.

Finally, narrow beam angles of 6 to 30 degrees are great for spotlighting wide paths, as well as creating geometric light patterns.

Also, you can always mix and match beam angles to create a complex lighting solution that results in interesting scenery

Beam angles

Beam angles

Note: think about how the lights overlap! As a rule of thumb, driveways should be evenly lit everywhere, but paths can be more creative.

Besides beam angle, you should also keep in mind the term lux, which measures the area a light covers in lumens per meter.

As a bare minimum, this area should cover the width, or close to the width, of the path unless there is a specific decorative reason.

What is one common feature to add to LED path lights?

One common feature for outdoor path lights is an insect zapping feature.

It works by attracting flying insects with UV light.

When a fly or a mosquito settle onto the protective grid, it zaps them with a small shock.

Insect zapping path light

Insect zapping path light
This way, your customers won’t have to deal with such flying insects, their buzzing, or their bites.

What are some decorative special effects I can request?

Besides the style and design of the fixture, you can experiment with the light itself.

This means that you can request any pattern, color, and ornaments on the light.

Patterned lighting is created when there are cutouts in the fixture through which light escapes in a shape.

These shapes can be ripples, swirls, as well as geometric forms.

Generally, patterned lighting creates a mysterious atmosphere, and can be used in any way.

Patterned lighting

  Patterned lighting

You can also request a colored light. N

w, this can mean that the fixture shows color, as well as emitting colored light.

This happens when you have white light and colored sleeve or outer layer that gives the light color.

But it also can mean that the fixture stays a neutral color, emitting colored light, such as shown below.

In this case, there is no color filter.

Rather, the LEDs themselves emit colored light.

These fixtures could emit one color of light or many at the same time, and you can also combine this effect with patterns.

Colored lighting

  Colored lighting
Finally, you can request hand-painted fixtures with a design of your choice.

It can be a mosaic or a drawing that adorns your path light.

We have the same service for LED filament bulbs as well.

 Colored lighting Finally, you can request hand-painted fixtures with a design of your choice. It can be a mosaic or a drawing that adorns your path light. We have the same service for LED filament bulbs as well.

Hand-painted fixture

What are some bases and spikes for LED path lights?

You can request 2 types of spikes, as well as a free-standing base.

The two types of spikes are stake and conduit.

Stake mounts are more popular than conduit mounts.

They are easier and faster to install, but may also loosen the soil.

This leads the light to lean over, making maintenance necessary.

Also, stake bases can’t be adjusted in height.

Conduit mounts are more expensive.

They are also more difficult to install, but they provide a very secure mount and allow you to change the height of the pole.

Finally, they don’t loosen the soil as much.

Different types of spikes

Different types of spikes

As for other bases, you can have a free-standing base, such as boxy path lights have, where the base is inseparable from the body.

There are also free-standing bases that have a separate from the body leg, which could also double as a handle.

LED path light with a base

  LED path lights with a base

What are LED drivers?

LED drivers are power regulators for LEDs.

LEDs require low current and AC direction.

LED drivers to protect the light from voltage and current fluctuations, as well as transforming fast DC current into one that is manageable for LEDs.

What LED technologies do path lights use?

LED path lights to use several different types of LEDs, including 5mm, COB, SMD, and filament bulb.

LEDs that are 5mm are big individual LEDs with prongs.

They are good for lower lumen output lights.

Also, these can have non-uniform light because of several LEDs and the shapes of reflectors for them.

5mm LED

5mm LED

COB, or chip-on-board, technology is the brightest of the bunch.

It is also one that is most prone to overheating.

And yet, these are great for long spotlights and wide floodlights.

COB technology

COB technology
SMD or surface-mounted, technology is something in between of COB and 5mm LEDs.

These are densely placed LEDs that are bright but aren’t as prone to overheating.

SMDs can be compiled onto a bulb for a 360-degree beam angle as well.

SMD bulb

 SMD bulb

Finally, some decorative lantern path lights can use LED filament bulbs.

This is rare, but it is possible. These can be of any brightness as well.

What are inside coatings for?

Besides decorative colored light coatings, manufacturers often have a yellow phosphor coating to soften the light.

LEDs naturally have blueish-white, cool-tones light, which is bright but also may be harsh.

Thus, you can request a phosphor coating to turn the light into yellow-white, which looks softer.

Also, blue light passing through a yellow filter yields white light.

No coating vs. phosphor coating

No coating vs. phosphor coating

Are LED path lights dangerous for neighboring plants?

Mostly, LED path lights are harmless to plants.

However, bright LEDs can make some leaves curl and bleach, but this is rare.

LED path lights to become more dangerous if they are powered by solar panels.

Here, the panels act as a magnifying glass, increasing the risk of a spontaneous fire in dry grass or in the fixture itself.

How bright should LED path lights be?

Path lights should have 100 to 200 lumens to effectively light up a path.

Stair lights need less, ranging from 12 to100 lumens to prevent tripping accidents.

Spotlight path lights should have about 50-300 lumens, using the lower limit to accent on a bush or tree, and the higher limit to illuminate a path.

Finally, floodlight path lights need 300-700 lumens to light up a large area of the garden and path.

Where can path lights be installed?

LED path lights can be installed around a path, a driveway, a deck, a patio, around a pond or pool, along the stairs, and even under trees or bushes for a decorative flair.

The placement of lights depends on their beam angle, how far they reach, the shape of the path or where it will be installed, and the purpose.

By purpose, decide whether your lights are decorative or practical.

The placement also depends on your customer’s budget and how many lights he or she can buy.

Also, it is better to illuminate from above.

Thus, taller path lights would be brighter, but if your design calls for a short light, then go for it!

Another thing to consider regarding the height of your fixtures is that they should not be at the eye level of a person sitting on a bench, otherwise, the light would constantly blind them.

Generally, lights should be about 10-15 feet, or 3-4 meters, apart for most practical lighting.

Example of placement of lights

Example of placement of lights

How are path lights operated?

During the day, a sensor detects daylight, so it keeps the LED path light off.

However, when it starts to get darker, the sensor turns the light on until sunrise.

Another way path lights could operate is via a smart Bluetooth technology that your customer can control or one that turns the light on at a specific time.

This can work through Google Assist, Echo, and other systems.

Finally, you can have motion sensing path lights that incorporate elements of the first way to control lights, plus a microwave motion sensor.

This way, the lights won’t turn on during the day, and will only turn on if they sense motion in the dark.

How are path lights charged?

They can be wired into an underground power block, but a common way to charge path lights is using solar panels.

Here, you can either use amorphous or silicone solar panels.

Amorphous ones are cheaper, but they are also less durable and less efficient.

These panels look brown.

Silicone panels, on the other hand, are very efficient and durable.

These look blue and have a white grid.

Also, the most welcoming and universal placement of path lights is in a zigzag pattern as shown below.

Amorphous and silicone solar panels

  Amorphous and silicone solar panels

Also, panels should have a metal frame – aluminum is best – as well as a glass covering for protection.

You can also make it so there is a central solar panel that all the path lights are wired to.

Is there anything I should keep in mind regarding materials?

There are certain materials that are prohibited or restricted from import from China.

Make sure you don’t request any of these.

Some examples include nickel, aluminum alloys, natural rubber, and big amounts of silicone.

These tend to be popular in LED path lights, so avoid these.

To learn more, you can visit an official importing page for a more exhaustive list of materials to avoid.

Who are my potential customers?

LED path lights are versatile, your target audience is huge.

First of all, you can market to homeowners.

This can include those that just want to illuminate a dark path, those that want better security – floodlights are great for them – and those that want landscape design – various creative and decorative lights are for them.

Besides homeowners, you can market path lights to be used in university campuses, parks, outdoor fairs, building entrances, and even stores.

Path lights with free-standing bases can be easily used indoors for general lighting, as well as to illuminate a patio.

Here is where you can actually request USB charging lights.

Your business can use our lights for any purpose.

For more details on the importing process, check our our blog or contact us directly!

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