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SMAlux Certification

SMAlux Manufacture The Best LED Pendant Light For Your Business

Choice standard LED Pendant Light from our side

SMAlux LED pendant lights are designed with Minimalist & Fashionable style. You can refer to our standard LED pendant light and choose the pendant light shade you need.

ODM new LED Pendant Light you exclusive

SMAlux can help you complete the products according to your design or idea with your brand. Based on SMALUX’s R&D team with more than 30 years of experience, have 6 teams specialized on design, engineering, electronics, optics, and processing.

SMAlux LED Pendant Light

As a leading manufacturer of LED pendant lights in China, SMAlux has ISO90001, ISO14001 and OHSMS18001 certification, all the LED pendant lights are complied with UL, CE, RoHS, ERP, GS, SAA, etc., standards.

SMAlux has 6 professional R&D team and a special research lab to develop new LED pendant lights, you will get our latest LED pendant light series every year.

SMAlux is committed to providing customers with professional technical support, quality products, and competitive prices, you will be able to get the best products for your market from us. Also, we can OEM or ODM pendant light to support your business.

Send your inquiry for your next pendant light order, normally you will get our best quotation within 8 working hours.

Decorative Pendant Light

SMAlux Decorative pendant light has Integrated design with effortless installation. Dimming function with dimming range from 10% to 100%. All the pendant light can provide high-efficiency heat dissipation and ensure long life-span with maintenance cost nearly free.

SKIT-3135 Decorative Pendant Light
DEL-SS-12W Decorative Pendant Light
DEL-SS-8W Decorative Pendant Light
DEL-SF-12W Decorative Pendant Light
DEL-SF-8W Decorative Pendant Light
DEL-403 Decorative Pendant Light
DEL-310 Decorative Pendant Light
DEL-155 Decorative Pendant Light
DEL-135 Decorative Pendant Light
DEL-115 Decorative Pendant Light
DEL-095 Decorative Pendant Light
DEL-075 Decorative Pendant Light
DEL-065 Decorative Pendant Light

Office Pendant Light

The unique design with straight lines and the latest high efficient LED technology, suitable for offices, exhibition spaces or educational facilities. Aluminium body with perfect finish plus better heat dissipation, perfect for high-end spaces, can help you save on maintenance costs.

RUT-P30150 Office Pendant Light
RUT-P24120 Office Pendant Light
RUT-P1575 Office Pendant Light
RUT-P1260 Office Pendant Light
PL-360S Office Pendant Light
PL-345S Office Pendant Light
PL-330S Office Pendant Light
LMP-203B Office Pendant Light
LMP-202B Office Pendant Light
IPL-130 Office Pendant Light
1 Pendent Lights

Pendant light shades

Difference pendant light shades with difference shades color, various SMAlux pendant light shades are waiting for you to choose. In addition to the standard shape and colors, we can customize according to your needs.

PL-009-E27 Pendant light shades
PL-008-E27 Pendant light shades
PL-007-E27 Pendant light shades
PL-006-E27 Pendant light shades
PL-005-E27 Pendant light shades
PL-004-E27 Pendant light shades
PL-003-E27 Pendant light shades
PL-002-E27 Pendant light shades
PL-001-E27 Pendant light shades

SMAlux LED Pendant Light Manufacturing Capabilities

Owing over 30 years manufacturing experiences in LED pendant light industry, all the SMAlux LED pendant light are certified by UL, TUV, ETL CE, RoHS etc. You can find the suitable certified pendant light no matter which region you are from.

SMAlux has 13,000m² of manufacturing space and more than 700 professional workers. The workers in our production lines are trained regularly, so they are highly skilled that the delivery time are well assured.

Meanwhile, SMAlux has ISO90001, ISO14001 and OHSMS18001 certification to ensure the products quality and environmental protection.

We not only provide LED pendant light but also provide product design, manufacturing and services to you. SMAlux do all link to have the complete solution.

Our customers are all over the world, so we will prepare stock for most products in necessary, which is convenient for us to deal with small orders and shorten the lead time.

SMAlux LED Pendant Light

SMAlux LED pendant light is designed with Minimalist & Fashionable style, suitable for different high-end spaces applications, such as offices, dining room, exhibition spaces or educational facilities, etc.

SMAlux LED pendant lights use high-quality LED chips which is helpful to reduce the attenuation of light. Relying on high-end LED chips, excellent LED drivers and optical lenses, patented shape and structure, and internal anti-counterfeiting mark, SMAlux LED floor lights to provide market protection from competitors.

SMAlux LED pendant light is certified by UL, CE, RoHS, SAA, etc. The certifications are regularly updated, therefore, the quality of the products are well guaranteed.

Compared to traditional pendant light, SMAlux LED pendant lights can help to save the maintenance fee and replacement cost for you.

SMAlux LED pendant lights can be customized for different taste and needs, our engineer team will try the best to satisfy your request, so any of your inquiry of floor lights are warmly welcome!

LED Pendant Light: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is LED Pendant Light?

LED pendant light is a suspender or a drop of LED lights which drops from the ceiling through a cord.

Apart from a cord, you can suspend the LED pendant light using a chain or a metal rod.

You will use LED pendant lights in multiples and hung them in straight lines.

Pendant light

 Pendant light

2. Can you Recommend LED Pendant Light Design Ideas?

Some of the LED pendant light design ideas that you can use include:

· Decorative LED Pendant Lights

Decorative pendant lights have different integrated designs with very easy installations.

It has dimming functions that go through a dimming range from 10% to 100%.

The pedant lights are highly efficient with heat dissipation properties that will guarantee you a long life span.

 Decorative pendant light

Decorative pendant light

· Office LED Pendant Light

These are unique designs with highly efficient LED technology and straight lines.

You can use them in offices, exhibition spaces, and educational facilities among others.

It consists of an aluminum body, heat dissipation properties, and is perfect for high end spaces.

It has a long life that will save you the cost of frequent maintenance.


 Office pendant light

 Office pendant light

· Pendant LED light Shades

There are different pendant light shades that come in a variety of colors.

You can also come up with a custom design for your pendant LED light shades.

Pendant light shades

Pendant light shades

3. Where can you Use LED Pendant Light?

You can use the LED Pendant lights in the following areas:

  • Offices where you will use the office LED pendant light
  • Kitchen countertops, islands and billiard tables.
  • Above dinner table sets or dinettes
  • Exhibition spaces and halls
  • Modern bathroom settings
  • Educational facilities such as libraries, classes and study rooms

4. What are the Benefits of LED Pendant Light?

You will experience the following benefits by using the LED Pendant lights:

  • It saves a lot of energy as it can use about 85% less energy in comparison to incandescent or halogen lights.
  • It has a very long lifespan that can last between 15,000 – 50,000 hours depending on the use.
  • It has the potential of reaching full brightness instantly without flickering.
  • It is safe for you to use as it does not contain lead or mercury.
  • It is environmental friendly since it does not emit infrared radiation or UV rays.

On the same note, it cuts greenhouse gas emissions and reduces landfills.

  • LED pendant lights operate at a cooler temperature thus reducing the amount of heat within the room setting.
  • It uses high quality LED chips which reduces the attenuation of light.

5. Do LED Pendant Light have Dimming Function?

Yes, LED pendant lights have dimming functions.

You can use the dimming functions to control the brightness and intensity of light.

6. What is the Lifespan of LED Pendant Lights?

LED pendant lights have a very long life span but this may vary depending on how you use it.

Usually, LED pendant lights have a lifespan ranging between 15,000 to 50,000 hours.

7. What LED Pendant Light Power Factor?

LED pendant light power factor is a measurement of how efficient it uses power in the AC circuit.

LED pendant lights gave very low power factors.

For instance, LED pendant lights between 2W and 5W require a power factor that is not less than 0.4 power factor.

LED pendant light that ranges between 5W and 25W have a minimum of 0.5 power factor.

LED pendant lights with a power factor of over 25W have a minimum of 0.9 power factor.

8. How do LED Pendant Light Work?

LED pendant lights work on the same principle as any other LED light.

It is a semi-conductor source of light that emits light whenever current flows through it.

It depends on the recombining nature of the electrons in the semiconductor with the electron holes.

This results in to the release of energy in the form of photons thus producing light.

9. What is the difference between LED Pendant Light and LED Chandelier Light?

LED pendant lights usually hang from a single cord with a single or a pair of lights on the sides.

LED chandelier lights, on the other hand, hang branched systems and handle numerous light bulbs.

Apart from that, manufacturers use materials such as blown glass, brushed metal, and lamp shades to make LED pendant lights.

On the other hand, manufacturers use wrought iron, steel, bronze and crystal materials to make LED chandelier lights.

What’s more chandelier LED lights are often heavier in comparison to LED pendant lights.

You will use LED chandelier light to illuminate a whole room unlike that of LED pendant lights.

LED pendant lights usually focus on one particular point that you would like more light to concentrate on.

10. How far apart should LED Pendant Lights be?

You should space the lights uniformly for adequate lighting and functionality.

The space between every LED pendant light will depend on the amount of space that you have.

You should, however, follow the standard rule of thumb where you will place the LED pendant light 30 inches apart.

You should measure the distance between the bulbs rather than measuring the distance between the fixtures.

11. Is there Height Limits for LED Pendant Lights?

Yes, there is a height limit for LED pendant lights.

You should hang the pendant light at 28 to 32 inches above a table.

You can, however, hang the fixture slightly above or below the height limits.

12. How do you Size Pendant Lights?

To avoid poor lighting in a room, you should follow the sizing rule for LED pendant lights.

First, you should consider having an odd number of LED pendant lights in comparison to an even number.

You will need between 60 – 75 watts equivalent of LED pendant lights for every 20 inches of space.

It should also be high enough to avoid obstruction of views while standing or sitting.

You should place the pendant lighting 72 inches above the floor.

13. How do LED Pendant Lights compare to Billiard or Island LED Lights?

Pendant and billiard or island lighting system are the same except for the fact that they have different hanging heights.

An island or billiard LED light is a longer pendant fixture with long or multiple LED lights.

You can use billiard LED lights over kitchen islands or billiard tables.

On the other hand, LED pendant lights are shorter with one or two LED light fixtures.

14. What are the Quality Standards for LED Pendant Lights?

Whenever you are looking for an LED pendant light, you have to consider the following quality standards.

  • IEC certification such as IEC 61000 -3-2 and IEC 61000-3-3
  • LM79 which defines the efficacy, total luminous flux, electrical power, CCT and CRI among other parameters.
  • LM80 which will indicate the measure of color shift and lumen depreciation among other factors.
  • UL, TUV, CE, ETL, RoHS are also very key quality certification standards to consider
  • ISO certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSMS18001 to ensure environmental protection and product quality.

15. What are the Benefits of Bluetooth LED Pendant Lights?

The benefits of using Bluetooth LED pendant lights include:

  • Remote Control

It allows you to control the pendant light from a certain distance.

You can simply switch the pendant light on and off from a safe Bluetooth range location.

  • Voice Control Compatibility

You can as well control the lights by using your voice as it can detect the voice and act accordingly.

This allows you to control the light intensity as well as the color of the LED pendant light.

  • Smart devices compatibility

You can control the pendant light by using your smartphone just by downloading the app control.

Apart from the above advantages, Bluetooth LED pendant lights are also easy to connect and customize.

16. Are there Remote Control LED Pendant Lights?

Yes, there are remote control LED pendant lights that you can simply control from a distance.

You can control the LED pendant light using your smartphone, voice or gestures from a remote distance.

17. How do you Choose Pendant Lights?

You can choose LED pendant lighting system through the following criteria:

  • Consider the material and finishes of the LED pendant light
  • Decide on the size of LED pendant light that you desire
  • Decide on the purpose of the light whether it is ambient or task light
  • Consider the mode of installation which can either be hand wiring or plug in
  • Consider the dimensions such as height, spacing and length of the LED pendant light cord.

18. Does LED Pendant Light Lose Brightness with Time?

LED pendant light

 LED Pendant light

LED pendant light will lose its brightness as time goes by.

Despite the fact that it will provide you with light for a long time, they will dim and degrade over time.

19. How do you Specify LED Pendant Light?

You can specify the LED pendant light through the following characteristics:

  • LED pendant bulb characteristics in terms of voltage which can either be standard, cap fitting or the mandatory E27.

You should also take note of the bulb dimensions such as width, height, shape, and design among others.

  • Rated values such as rated power and rated luminous flux.
  • Light characteristics of the LED pendant light through the beam angle, color, color temperature and lumen.

This include factors such as light effect/finish, color rendering index, starting and warm-up time, and color consistency.

  • Lifespan also plays a major role as it will determine how long you will use the LED pendant lights.
  • Other key characteristics that you should consider include mercury content, power factor and lamp current.

20. What are the Disadvantages of LED Pendant Light?

Whenever you are using the LED pendant light you might notice the following disadvantages:

  • High initial cost of purchase of the LED pendant lights.
  • Transformer compatibility which might not be the same as your initial estimates
  • Potential shift in color over a long period of use.
  • Standardization of performance is not streamline thus difficulty in detecting certain issues
  • In case of overheating the LED lamp lifespan might reduce.

21. Can Pendant Light Dissipate Heat?

Yes, pendant light can dissipate heat.

Despite the fact that it uses a lot of energy to produce light, part of the energy is lost to heat energy.

However, it has heat sinks that absorb the heat and you may hardly notice the heat it produces.

22. Are LED Pendant Lights IP rated?

Yes, LED pendant lights have Ingress protection ratings.

Ingress protection ratings will determine how effective the LED pendant enclosures are against external factors such as dirt and moisture.

23. How do LED Pendant Lights Save Power?

LED pendant lights save power by converting 95% of the power or energy into light thus loosing 5% to heat.

It is capable of producing bright light while consuming very little power.

24. What are Lumens?

Lumen is an SI derived unit for luminous flux.

It is the measure of total quantity of visible light that a source emits per unit of time.

25. What are SMDs?

Surface mount devices are electronic circuits that have direct installations on to the surfaces of the printed circuit boards (PCBs).

It comes as a replacement of through hole technology for fitting components on printed circuit boards.

26. Are there Specific Color Temperature for LED Pendant Light?

Yes, there are specific color temperatures for LED pendant lights.

The color temperature often determines the light color of the LED pendant light.

For instance, you can use a 2700 K LED pendant light for a relaxing mood and a cozier lighting.

You will choose specific color temperatures depending on the use you intend for it.

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