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Are you looking for a high-quality led recessed lighting for your personal or business projects? We have a lot of stocks are accessible at SMAlux, the leading led recessed lighting manufacturer in China.

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Quality Services

We are commissioned in this production industry for so many years and counting.

Do you implement on-time shipment

Yes, our well-trained workers are capable of handling each of their responsibilities to support on-time delivery.

Do you provide saving energy led recessed lighting

Yes, we manufacture led recessed lighting using advanced machines to implement lower maintenance and lower consumption lights.

Smalux – Your Reliable Led Recessed Lighting Manufacturer in China

Are you a led recessed lighting supplier, distributor, or trader? Managing a business is not been an easy task. You must be more vigilant especially when choosing the reliable manufacturer of such led recessed lighting to support your business.

Smalux is a reliable and trusted business partner for your lighting business. We can produce a variety of led recessed lighting in different types, dimensions, and shapes. At Smalux, you can easily choose the right lighting for your project.

Smalux led recessed lighting sometimes called led downlights can be IC-rated and non-IC rated. These IC-rated and non-IC rated are available in low voltage or line voltage. The series of our recessed lighting comes in a wide range of lamping options such as halogen, LED, incandescent, and fluorescent.

You can use our Smalux led recessed lighting for remodels or new construction and as well as for indoor and outdoor. If your ceiling space in your room is limited, then Smalux led recessed lighting is an ideal choice to be used.

You can also use Smalux led recessed lighting for a home movie theater, kitchen perimeter, kitchen islands, and shower stalls.

Moreover, Smalux led recessed lighting offers an advantageous feature. It has a slim dimension that makes it ideal for hallway lighting. Of course, when you use it for hallway lighting it much better pair well with our step lights or sconces.

At Smalux, we have different types of led recessed lighting we could offer for you. Depending on your room or application where you plan to install our led recessed lighting, we have various types of trims available for you.

Available trims are baffle trims, reflector trims, gimbal trims, eyeball trims, and shower trims. We could offer you a wide range of led recessed lighting for every style and finishes to best accommodate your room.

Definitely, Smalux led recessed lighting to do a great job of giving you a clear ceiling and sleek. And because Smalux led recessed lighting is so understated, it can rarely replace for stylistic reasons.

Here at Smalux, we offer the right led recessed lighting for you! Wherever you want to aim light in a particular direction – either against a wall feature or straight down, Smalux led recessed lighting is a good choice.

Each and every led recessed lighting has been through rigorous testing during the production and before ship out. We have professional and qualified controllers to ensure led recessed lighting is in high standard form.

SMAlux with ISO9001 and ISO4001 certification, you can ensure led recessed lighting exceed your expectations. SMalux has been in this field for over 22 years.

Generally, Smalux is your reliable and one-stop solution for your led recessed lighting needs.  For custom solutions, we can develop and design-led recessed lighting solutions independently. As market trends fast evolved, Smalux actively generates new creative ideas to come up with innovative lighting solutions.

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LED Recessed Lighting: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you import LED recessed lighting read this guide.

It answers all questions you have been asking about LED recessed lights about features, quality certifications, power consumption, benefits, and color options, amongst others.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is LED Recessed Lighting?

These are special lights that you install on your celling for downlighting purposes.

Asides from downlighting, you can use them as a source of decoration in your office or house.

LED recessed lighting

 LED recessed lighting

What are the Components of LED Recessed Lighting?

An ideal LED recessed lighting should have the following components:

Housing: This forms the protective component of the LED fixtures since it holds the other electrical components. During installation, it is mainly on the ceiling.

Trim: This forms the decorative part of your LED recessed lighting. It covers the light opening.

There are three main types of wall washed trims, reflector trims, and baffle trims.

LED bulb or light source: The LEDs are responsible for emitting the light necessary to illuminate your space. They are mainly embedded in the trim component.

What are LED Recessed Lighting used for?

LED recessed lighting has different functions depending on where you install it.

Among these functions include:

· Task Lighting

LED recessed lighting allows for task lighting purposes.

Places where this is possible include study rooms, laboratories, and even in kitchens.

· Decorative purposes

You can arrange these lights to function as a piece of decoration.

Common areas where you can use these lights for decorations include Livingroom and showroom.

· Wall washing

LED recessed light is common in wall-washing functions.

This is where the lights make a particular room appear bigger and attractive that it is.

There also use common in general lighting functions where they light up a particular room.

What Features should you Consider when Buying LED Recessed Lighting?

You need to consider the following factors before purchasing LED recessed lighting:

Recessed LED lighting

 Recessed LED lighting

  • Aesthetic

There are different aspects of aesthetics you need to consider when purchasing these lights.

For instance, you have to consider the LED recessed lighting size.

The ideal size ranges between 3 and 5 inches.

However, there are other sizes that you can select from, such as pinhole sizes or customized ones.

The shape is another aspect when considering aesthetics.

Here the shape can either be square, round, or oval.

Lastly, you can consider the type of finish for your LED recessed lighting.

Some of the common finishes are polished, painted, antique, and satin.

  • Performance

The performance of the LED recessed lighting is a critical aspect to consider.

Performance should be in terms of the effectiveness of the lights and their durability.

You also need to check how easy it is to connect the different components during installation.

  • Accessories

The availability of different accessories for these lights and their compatibility affect your selection.

Common accessories you can find in these lights include battery-operated options, dimmers, and remote control.

Accessories facilitate the operation of your LED recessed lights and its design.

For instance, a remote control allows you to switch your LED recessed lights on and off without having to be close to the lights.

  • Cost

Different LED recessed lights costs differently depending on their designs, energy consumption, and manufacturer.

You have to shop around for the best price that offers your LED recessed light solutions.

  • Energy efficiency

The right LED recessed light should be energy efficient while satisfying your needs.

Such a lighting system has a lighting certification.

Energy efficiency minimizes power wastage, which reduces the overall operational cost.

  • Spacing and layout

You need to consider the spacing and layout of your room before you select these lights.

Common considerations here include the size of the room, the size of the LED lights, the type of trim, and the number of lights you are buying.

Where can you mount LED Recessed Lighting?

You can mount an LED recessed lighting in the following area:

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Laboratory
  • Showrooms

How do you Mount LED Recessed Lighting?

You start the installation process by having the right tools.

They include a tape measure, wire stripper, scissors, screwdriver, and a hammer.

Ensure the trim and housing you select fits your requirements.

Get the right measurement and cut a hole where you are going to install your LED recessed lighting.

The hole should be of the same size as that of your lights.

Once you have the hole, you need to connect the wiring.

The wiring should be on the back of the wall or ceiling and the power source.

You then have to connect the junction box of the LED recessed lighting to the power source wiring.

Ensure you have clamped any protruding wires for an effective layout.

Strip the end wires of the lighting using a wire stripper and pair them to the wiring system.

The common colors for the wires are normally black, naked ground wire, and a white wire.

Test if the power is correct by using a voltage tester.

This ensures electricity reaches the bulb socket.

The next step is the installation of the housing.

Here, you need to ensure the housing is secure using clips.

You can use a screwdriver to push the clips into position.

You then attach the trim using metal springs to the housing.

The last process is to connect the LED lights within the lighting and test to ensure they are working.

What are the Limitations of LED Recessed Lighting?

The limitations you experience when using LED recessed lighting include:

· Less Light Emission

LED recessed lighting emit less light compared to the standard lights.

This is mainly due to the watts and voltage that they consume.

· Insulation

It is difficult to insulate LED recessed lighting.

Lack of insulation possesses a fire risk though the amount of heat they produce is less.

· Cost

The initial purchasing cost of LED recessed lighting is relatively high compared to conventional lighting.

However, their operational cost, such as maintenance is relatively low.

What are the Benefits of LED Recessed Lighting?

LED recessed lighting has the following benefits:

  • Energy bills reduction

LED recessed lighting uses less electricity to light up your space compared to LED recessed lighting.

This has the effect of lowering your energy bills expenditure, which helps in saving cash.

Besides, their cost of maintenance is relatively smaller compared to other types of recessed lights.

  • Improves on the space.

The use of an LED recessed lighting helps in improving your space.

This is due to their connection procedure, which does not leave any connections on the walls.

However, since most of the installation is on the ceiling, you have to ensure there is a proper connection for a seamless LED recessed lighting appearance.

  • Versatility

LED recessed lighting allows for use in different places, which helps in reducing installation costs.

These lights allow for use either for spotlight ambient lighting.

You can also have LED recessed lighting with different colors such as green, pink, or yellow as per your specifications.

  • Durability

LED recessed lighting has a longer life shelf compared to conventional lighting.

The durability of these lights reduces the frequency of replacing your lights.

What is an Integrated LED Recessed Lighting?

This is a type of LED recessed lighting where the housing incorporates the LEDs during the manufacturing process.

That is, during the manufacturing process, the LEDs are inbuilt into the housing.

How much does LED Recessed Lighting Cost?

The cost of LED recessed lighting differs due to factors such as:

  • Design

The design of a particular LED recessed lighting in terms of its size, and the number of LED it contains determines affects its pricing.

The more complex the lighting, the higher its price.

  • Manufacturer

Different manufacturers have different manufacturing processes which affect the final costing of these lighting.

You have to check on the different manufacturers before selecting the final one to purchase.

  • Accessories

The number of accessories particular lighting has, the expensive it costs.

Accessories facilitate the functioning of these lights.

Common accessories that you can use with these lightings include dimmers and remote control.

What are Common Mistakes when Installing LED Recessed Lighting?

Common mistakes when installing LED recessed lighting include:

· Improper Selection of the Trim and Housing

Selecting trim and housing sizes that cannot fit into each other results in an improper installation process.

Always ensure the sizes of the trim and housing can fit into each other.

Also, ensure the size of the trim you select provides the necessary light you want for your room.

For instance, wider trims tend to spread the light over the room compared to shallow trims, which focus light on one point.

Another mistake is the selection of either the trim or housing whose design does not compliment the installation surroundings.

If the intention is to beautify a room, the trim and housing design should complement the surroundings.

· Light Source Connection

Connecting your LED recessed lighting to a power source that cannot hold the total voltage of these lights results in their failure.

This results in dim lighting or partial lighting of the LEDs.

The power source should have a higher voltage than that of your LED recessed lights.

· Using different LED Sizes

Selecting different LED sizes causes a lack of uniformity of your LED recessed lighting.

This can be a problem if you are using this light for task execution, such as reading.

The LEDs need to be of the same size in terms of voltage and watts.

· Improper Wiring

Improper wiring causes the lighting not to function.

This is mainly as a result of connecting the wires incorrectly.

To minimize this, always ensure a professional does the connection for you.

When should you Replace LED Recessed Lighting?

LED recessed lighting are long-lasting, and as such, it takes a while before replacing them under normal circumstances.

However, there is an instance where you have to replace these lights for efficient lighting.

For instance, the flickering of the lights is an indication that some of the LEDs are not stable to light up, and such you need to replace the light.

Another cause for change is when some of the LEDs do not light up because they are burnt.

You can replace these lights if you want to change the color temperature or design of your light.

What is the Color Temperature for LED Recessed Lighting?

There is three main color temperature for LED recessed lighting.

That is warm white, soft white, and daylight.

Warm white has a color temperature of 2700K while that of soft white is 3000K.

The color temperature for daylight ranges between 4000K and 5000K.

The selection for which color temperature to use depends on the color of walls, floor and ceiling, and the design of your room.

How does Watt compare to Lumen in LED Recessed Lighting?

A 100-watt LED recessed lighting is the equivalent of between 1500 and 1700 lumen LED recessed lighting.

Should you consider Power Factor when choosing LED Recessed Lighting?

Yes. It is important to consider the power factor during the selection of LED recessed lighting.

The power factor helps you to determine the installation point of these lights.

It also determines the brightness of the lights.

There are certain LD recessed lightings which use a battery to illuminate.

You can get the battery to use by understanding the power factor of your lights.

How Durable are LED Recessed Lighting?

LED recessed light

 LED recessed light

Under normal operating circumstances, and LED recessed lighting has a lifespan that is fifteen times that of traditional recessed lighting.

However, other factors affect the durability of these lights.

Such factors include temperature, voltage, mechanical effect, dampness, mechanical effect, and chemicals.

What Causes the Flickering of LED Recessed Lighting?

Flickering of LED recessed lighting can be due to the following cause:

· Loose Wiring

Loose wiring during installation results in an inconsistent flow of current, which causes the lights to flicker.

· Circuit Overload

Using too much power from one source results in your LED recessed lighting to flicker.

This is due to the overloading of the circuit.

· Quality of LEDs

Purchasing LED recessed lights with poor quality LEDs results in them flickering due to their manufacturing process.

These LEDs have a low lifespan than even the conventional bulbs.

Always ensure you purchase these lights from a reputable manufacturer.

How much Power do LED Recessed Lighting use?

The power consumption of your LED recessed lighting depends on the voltage output they have.

The higher the voltage requirements, the higher the power consumption.

However, the rate of power consumption of these lights is low compared to traditional recessed lighting.

Should you Insulate LED Recessed Lighting?

The insulation process depends on the type of LED recessed lighting.

There are three types of LED recessed lights, that is, insulation compatible, non-insulation compatible, and airtight.

Non-insulation compatible requires insulation for it to function effectively while the other types do not require insulation.

Does LED Recessed Lighting require Heat Sink?


Your LED recessed lights need to have a heat sink.

The function of the heat sink is to offer a safe path for heat to flow from these light sources to the outside components.

This is through conduction, radiation, and convection.

This helps in preventing damage to the other elements.

Is Ceiling Light the same as LED Recessed Lighting?


Ceiling light is not the same as LED recessed lighting.

The main difference is the attachment of the recessed lighting to the ceiling’s face.

The attachment of ceiling lights is within the ceiling

How many LED Recessed Lighting can be in a Circuit?

The number of LED recessed lighting in a circuit depends on available voltage and the color of the LEDs.

The higher the number of LEDs, the higher the voltage.

That means the voltage from the power source should be higher to allow for the proper functioning of the lights.

The different colors of LEDs have different wattage requirements.

Hence the need to check the total wattage should not exceed that of your power source.

How do you Select Trim for LED Recessed Lighting?

you need to consider the following when selectin a trim for your LED recessed lighting:

Recessed LED lighting trim

Recessed LED Lighting System

· Color

The color you select for your rim, and the room color should complement each other.

The easiest way you can achieve this is by picking a trim with the same color as that of your ceiling.

· Size

The trim you select should be of the same size as that of the housing for your LED recessed lighting.

This enables proper fixing of the trim on the housing.

· Trim Type

The type of tri to select should offer the expected design for your LED recessed lighting.

Common designs for selection include wall wash trim, baffle trim, reflector trim, and gimbal trim.

How different is LED Recessed Lighting from Traditional Recessed Lighting?

The cost of LED recessed lighting is higher compared to traditional recessed lighting.

This is due to the advantages it offers.

LED recessed lighting consumes less energy compared to the traditional ones.

This helps you save on the operational cost.

The lifespan of LED recessed lighting is higher compared to the traditional recessed lights.

This means you won’t have to replace the lights frequently.

What are the Quality Certifications for LED Recessed Lighting?

Quality LED recessed lighting should have the following certifications:

  • IES certification
  • IEC certification
  • CIE certification
  • ISO certification

How Bright are LED Recessed Lighting?

The brightness level of a particular LED recessed lighting depends on its color temperature.

There are three main color temperatures available for these lights, that is,

Do LED Recessed Lighting Require Housing?

Yea. Housing is a major component of LED light housing.

They form a protective structure of the LED recessed lighting.

This is by holding the inner electrical components of the lighting.

How do you Choose LED Recessed Lighting Fixture?

You need to consider the following when choosing LED recessed lighting fixtures:

· Design

LED recessed lighting fixtures such as trim and housing should complement the design of your surroundings.

For instance, the color, shape, and size.

· Voltage Requirements

You need to consider the voltage requirements of fixtures, such as dimmers.

Such fixtures should be of the same voltage as that of your lighting.

Does LED Recessed Lighting have a Warranty?

Yes. Quality LED recessed lighting from a reputable manufacturer should have a warranty.

The period of the warranty differs depending on the manufacturer.

What are the available Sizes of LED Recessed Lighting?

The most available sizes of LED recessed lighting or residential lighting 4-inch, 6-inch, and 5-inch.

Depending on your business needs, SMAlux designs and manufacture a range of LED recessed light systems.

Contact SMAlux team for any inquiries and questions about LED recessed lights.