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Are you looking for a high-quality led shop lights for your personal or business projects? We have a lot of stocks are accessible at SMAlux, the leading smart lighting manufacturer in China.

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We are commissioned in this production industry for so many years and counting.

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Yes, our well-trained workers are capable of handling each of their responsibilities to support on-time delivery.

Do you provide saving energy led shop light

Yes, we manufacture street light bulbs using advanced machines to implement lower maintenance and lower consumption lights.

Smalux – Your Reliable Led Shop Lights Manufacturer in China

Looking for an ideal way to lighting your small work area or workbench? Here come modern and unique LED shop lights made by SMAlux.

Smalux Led shop lights are the new version of fluorescent shop lights. You can use our led shop lights in your workshops or garages. This simple yet cost-effective led shop lights can illuminate a small area such as a workbench or tabletop.

With the adoption of LED technology, the performance exceeds that of fluorescent lamps, making LED versions of a shop light a technical no-brainer.

All led shop lights from Smalux have a longer lifetime, higher efficiency, simple to install, adjustable, and wastes less light.

For your workshop-style lighting, Smalux led shop lights are the best choice! You can choose whether led shop light retrofits and integrated led shop lights.

We can fabricate and distribute led shop lights in different color temperature which describes how blue or yellow a light’s color is.

Available color temperature is 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6500K. The color temperature we recommend will depend on the specific use or activity, as well as your personal preference.

At SMAlux, you will find the lighting options that suit your space. If you have creative lighting ideas, let us know. We have a skillful R&D team who always glad to work with new designs.

SMAlux could turn your ideas into prototypes. Best of all, we could give a complete solution to your needs.

Aside from led shop lights we offer, we have led surgical lights, industrial led flood light, landscape flood lights, led light strips, indoor floodlights and so on.

Without a doubt, SMAlux is a great choice for your smart lighting solutions.

All of our led shop light meets and exceeds the international standards including Rohs, UL, CE, NOM, ISO 9001 and ISO 4001. With that, you can ensure each light is safe to use and quality tested.

As of today, we have 750 employees who are dedicated to their duties. Not to mention, our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. No doubt, SMAlux could give the support you need to skyrocket your business in the market.

We have been designing all types of led shop lights for over 22 years. Definitely, Smalux has the qualities of a reliable partner you look for. We have smart and experienced engineers to manufacture a creative, fashionable, and innovative lighting solutions for your business’s needs.

As one of the leading led shop light manufacturers in China, SMAlux is your one-stop choice when it comes to smart lighting solutions. We offer the best quality lights at affordable prices.

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LED Shop Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you import LED shop lights from China, you could be asking yourself many questions.

It could be about power consumption, beam angle, price, quality test, color temperature, features or color options.

Whatever information you need about commercial LED shop lighting systems; you will find right here.

Take a look:

What are LED Shop Light?

LED Shop Lights are cost-effective but simple and excellent lighting solution required to illuminate a work space.

LED Shop Lights are considered to be the new fluorescent shop lights but of an LED version.

LED Shop Lights are mostly applied in workshops and garages thus its name.

LED shop light

LED shop light

How does LED Shop Lights compare to other Lighting System?

There are a wide range of lighting systems used in different applications such as in garages, workshops, homes and outdoor lighting.

Each lighting system adopts a unique technology which makes them stand out from others.

Some of the lighting systems include fluorescent, CFL, halogen and LED Shop Lights.

However, LED Shop Lights are different from the other lighting systems.

Below are some of the factors that set them apart:

· Lower Power Consumption

Since LED Shop Lights work 90% more efficiently than other lighting solutions, users prefer to use them for lighting.

As compared to incandescent bulbs, CFLs shorten energy use by around 70%.

LED Shop Lights use fluorescent lighting’s half wattage.

It equates to a power of 6 watts as compared to CFL Light bulb’s power of 14-watts.

· No Harmful Emission

Fluorescent bulbs and CFLs often contain small amounts of mercury.

In the event that the bulbs break, they release the poisonous materials to humans thus negatively impacting their health.

LED Shop Lights do not contain these harmful substances hence are safer for human use.

· Cost-effectiveness

With LED Shop Lights you save a lot of money in the long run through lowering your utility bills and cutting down on replacements.

LED Shop Lights are more energy efficient as compared to other lighting systems.

While LED technology is expensive, they use less energy and lasts longer.

· Long Lifespan

While LED Shop Lights can last up to 50,000 hours before requiring to be replaced, other lighting options can last around 10,000 hours.

If you were to replace lighting devices, you may need around 6 bulbs of CFL to replace 1 LED Shop Light.

· They are Brightness

LED Shop Lights are bright.

Their brightness is measured using the number of lumens.

LED Shop Lights are suitable for directional lighting.

Other lighting systems sometimes flicker, buzz or take a while to light.

· Energy Efficiency

LED Shop Lights are more energy efficient than other lighting options.

LEDs tend to convert power into light more effectively than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

The main reason for this is the LED semiconductors which create more photons for every unit of input energy.

· Better Performance

As compared to other lighting systems, LED Shop Lights can use enhanced light spectrum options together with photosynthesis optimization and high CRI.

It is useful for workshops that need color accuracy.

How do you Choose LED Shop Light Fixture?

The lighting of your room can affect all things, hence the need to focus when making purchases.

Before you buy an LED Lighting fixture for your use, you have to consider several factors ranging from its light output, color temperature and CRI among others.

These factors help you understand whether the LED Shop Light fixture chosen will be suitable for the intended lighting purpose.

Some of these factors that you should emphasize include:

LED Shop light fixture

LED shop light fixture

  • Activation

LED Shop Lights can be activated manually or through motion sensors.

Depending on the set up in your work space or shop, you should choose either of these activation methods for your LED Shop Lights.

  • Daisy Chaining

If you are using several fixtures to light a room, you can connect them using a daisy chain to simplify your installation.

  • Reflectors

An LED Shop Light with a reflector is a better lighting option.

The reflector creates wider spread light for those things that areas that do not require directional lighting.

  • Mounting method

The LED Shop Light that you choose should be comfortably able to attach to the ceiling.

It should be either surface mount or pendant mount.

What are the Mounting Options for LED Shop Lights?

There are two mounting options which are based on actual applications.

  • Surface mount/flush mount
  • Pendant mount

What are the Color Options for LED Shop Lights?

LED Shop Lights are usually natural white. This is around 4,000K.

Since the areas that require this type of lighting are usually working spaces, it is imperative to have a device that produce almost natural daylight.

And, LED Shop Lights generate natural white light.

Different color options for LED light

Different color options for LED lights

How much Power do LED Shop Lights use?

LED Shop Lights use approximately 42-watts.

LED Shop Lights are usually energy efficient lighting devices hence they do not consume too much watts for effective lighting.

They can consume as little as 30-watts to as high as 120-watts depending on the specific LED Shop Light manufactured.

Besides, the amount of power used by LED Shop Lights is often included on the packaging.

Other LED Shop Lights use 12 Volts.

Should you Consider Lumen or Watts when Choosing LED Shop Lights?

You should consider lumen over watts when choosing LED Shop Lights.

While lumens measure the amount of light LED light gives off, watts measure the amount of energy LED lights give off.

LED Lights measure brightness in lumens.

For instance, a conventional 60-watt bulb emits 800 lumens.

An LED equivalent measures just 8.5 watts yet still produces 800 lumens and the same brightness levels.

It is, therefore, only right that you choose an LED Shop Light in lumens because a higher lumen translates to super brightness.

On the other hand, a higher watt does not necessarily translate to higher brightness.

Is Beam Angle Important when Choosing LED Shop Light?

Light beam angle

Light beam angle

Of course, yes.

The beam angle of an LED Shop Light shows whether the device is good enough to achieve its purpose of lighting a specific room area.

The beam angle of an LED Shop Light can be around 1200.

An LED Shop Light with this beam angle illuminates a wider work area.

What usually happens is that when the beam angle is wide, the generated light softer and diffused.

How much do LED Shop Lights Cost?

LED Shop Lights are sold at competitive prices.

You can find a 100-watt equivalent LED Shop Light costing $10 to $20.

Besides, the maintenance cost of LED Shop Lights is often zero, and this is because you do not have to replace the lights for a very long time.

As such, only their initial cost is high.

How does LED Tube Shop Light and Fluorescent Tube Shop Lights compare?

While LED and Fluorescent Tube Shop Lights are good lighting solutions for indoor use, there are some differences that set them apart.

The two lighting systems compare in the below ways:

· Design

Conventional Fluorescent Tube Shop Lights are developed to accommodate 4-ft fluorescent tubes.

This makes them appealing for workshop type lighting applications.

On the other hand, LED Tube Shop Lights are lighting options that use LED technique to light small work stations.

· Performance

LED tube Shop Lights perform way better than Fluorescent Tube Shop Lights, and this is due to the LED technique.

Further, LED Tube Shop Lights have an LED technique which makes consumption lower as compared Fluorescent Tube Shop Lights thus reducing around 85% of electric costs.

As such, they have a higher efficiency making them a preferred option over the latter.

· Color Temperature

Fluorescent Tube Shop Lights just like LED Tube Shop Lights have daylight balanced color temperatures.

· Lifespan

LED Tube Shop Lights have a longer life span than Fluorescent Tube Shop Lights.

While Fluorescent Tube Shop Lights have a lifespan of 8,000 – 10,000 hours, LED Tube Shop Lights to have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

  • Flexibility

While LED Tube Shop Lights are adjustable, Fluorescent Tube Shop Lights ceiling mounted.

They are permanently fixed into place.

They are, therefore, difficult to install as compared to LED Tube Shop Lights.

· Harmful Emissions

Fluorescent Tube Shop Lights produce harmful substances such as mercury while LED Tube Shop Lights do not emit these substances.

· Durable

LED Tube Shop Lights are made of durable polycarbonate plastic that is not susceptible to breakage.

The Aluminum material that is used for their construction is equally strong enough to protect the device from physical impact.

In comparison, Fluorescent Tube Shop Lights can easily break upon a drop.

Their lens is not made using a strong and durable material.

· Visibility

While Fluorescent Tube Shop Lights produce light in 3600, LED Tube Shop Lights are downward lighting solutions.

They direct light downwards to illuminate the specific area.

Besides, they have a higher lumen output than fluorescent tube shop lights which improve their visibility and illumination power.

· Efficiency

Even though LED Tube Shop Lights are costly as to their counter parts, if you factor in the reduced energy usage life and long life of the bulb the limited difference disappears.

Together with the advantage of instant on lighting with an even spread and brightness, LED Tube Shop Lights are the best option.

What Materials are LED Shop Lights made of?

LED Shop Lights are durable and strong lighting solutions that can withstand high impact or drop.

They are equally high temperature resistant, anti-corrosive and with good aesthetic value.

LED Shop Lights are made with the following materials:

  • Polycarbonate is for the lens of the device.
  • Aluminum is for construction of the body of the device.

What is the Lifespan of LED Shop Light?

Lifespans of LED Shop Lights are diverse but usual statistics vary from 25,000 hours – over 100,000 hours before a device requires replacement.

The longevity of LED Shop Lights is judged differently from the other lighting solutions.

LED Shop Lights do not burn out, they undergo lumen depreciation as the brightness of the devices slows over time.

This lifespan is based on a prediction of the time the light output lowers by around 30%.

How do you Test Quality of LED Shop Lights?

You can test the quality of LED Shop Lights during the design, semi and finished product.

Additional quality tests are done after the manufacture of LED Shop Lights.

  • Aging test; LED Shop Lights undergo 24-hour aging test before delivery. The remaining tests below are done after the aging test.
  • Temperature test
  • Waterproof test
  • Failure test

Do you offer Quality Certifications for LED Shop Lights?

You have to test the quality of all LED Shop Lights before releasing them into the market for consumer use.

Tests are done to determine that the devices can withstand harsh weather, drops and function properly.

Some of the quality certificates that LED Shop Lights must have to be accepted in different markets include:

  • Energy Star certification
  • Ce
  • EMC
  • ETL
  • FCC
  • RoHS
  • DOE

What are the Advantages of LED Shop Lights?

Some of the reasons why consumers go for LED Shop Lights for lighting their work spaces are:

LED shop light

LED Shop light

· Cost-effectiveness

You can buy LED Shop Lights for as low as $15.

While the initial cost is high, it has lower longevity costs.

LED technology pays the investor the amount used over a while.

In fact, the benefit emanates from lowered maintenance costs after a while and energy efficiency improvements.

LED Shop Lights have virtually zero maintenance costs.

· Adjustable

You can easily adjust the position and height of LED Shop Lights when in use.

And, this is due to the easiness of mounting the device as well as its design.

· Electrical Cost Savings

LED Shop Lights wastes limited light.

With this lighting device you can save on electrical costs.

You locate the device on areas where you specifically need lighting.

As such, you do not waste light on areas you do not need them.

· No Heat Emission

LED Shop Lights often use heat sinks to absorb the heat generated by the LED and dissipate it into the outside environment.

This feature keeps LED Shop Lights from overheating and burning out.

· Instant on

LED Shop Lights do not require warm up.

They are instant on to full brightness.

There is no buzzing or flickers.

· High Brightness and Intensity

Super brightness feature of LED Shop Lights makes them suitable for lighting small workspaces such as garages and workshops.

Their brightness is measured in lumens and not watts.

Due to this, they can produce very bright light.

Do LED Shop Lights have a Warranty?

Absolutely, yes.

They have a warranty of spanning from 5 up to 10 years.

In the event that your LED Shop Light fails due to a defect in workmanship and material within 2/5 years from the date of purchase, you can return it.

However, if the damages are due to abuse, misuse, accident, improper installation or modifications of the device, then you cannot return the product.

What are the Features of LED Shop Lights?

Below are the features of an LED Shop Light:

  • Adjustable brightness; usually you can control the quality of brightness/lighting
  • Certification; LED Shop Lights are tested for quality for output, color and efficiency.
  • Has enclosed fixture rating to maximize the lifespan
  • Smart remote control; can be controlled remotely
  • Waterproof; IP65
  • Super brightness; high number of lumens that can be adjusted to create the most optimal brightness for every workspace and room.
  • Wide application
  • A warranty of over 5 years
  • Easy installation
  • Longer lifespan of over 50,000 hours
  • Motion sensor; there is advanced motion sensing technology that turns on and off the light as you enter or leave the room.
  • Lightweight

Which Types of LED Shop Lights are there?

There are two main types of LED Shop Lights:

· Integrated LED Shop Lights

This LED shop light has LED Chip and electronics directly mounted onto the surface of the fixture.

It is done in such a way that there is no lamp that can be replaced.

Typically, integrated LED shop lights are a preferred option and this is because they are designed around LEDs.

· LED Shop Light Retrofits

LED shop light retrofits keep the lighting separate from the fixture making them replaceable.

Doing this involves making use of a fluorescent shop light fixture and replacing it with an LED tube light.

How do you Install LED Shop Light?

Simple, you can rely on your manufacture’s instruction manual.

However, there are general recommendations and tips for installing an LED Shop Light.

First, you determine the location for installing the LED Shop Light.

The location has to be where the whole room is well lit considering it is used for work areas.

It is a directional lighting so the light will all be directed downwards.

All you have to do is find the right location within the workspace.

Furthermore, the mounting surface above the location must be able to support the weight of the LED Shop Light.

Once you have the place where you want to mount the device, you move to step two.

Secondly, you mount the LED Shop Light fixture.

You can mount it directly on to the surface of the ceiling or mount it using a pendant which hangs from the ceiling.

Make sure you observe safety, and cut power to every outlet and wires you will be working with. All in all, follow the device’s manual.

How Bright are LED Shop Lights?

LED Shop Lights have a high intensity brightness of around 4,800 lumens bright. As such, it fulfills its application needs.

Their brightness depends on the number of lumens which are often indicated on the packaging.

What are the Disadvantages of LED Shop Lights?

While LED Shop Lights are best lighting solutions, there are still a few tradeoffs that have to be made when buying this device.

Some of them include:

· Expensive

The initial costs of LED Shop Lights are higher as compared to the majority of the alternatives.

The costs are however different, and this relies on the specifications of the device.

An LED Shop Light that equals a conventional 100-watt can cost approximately $10 – $20.

· Directionality

While LED Shop Lights help shine light over a target area, it does not produce light for 3600 to cover a wide area.

· Color Shift

While at the onset LED Shop Lights may have a CRI of 80+, they eventually experience color shift.

The lighting device loses its color gradually becoming less bright.

As such, it performs poorly as there is impaired visibility.

To make matters worse, when exposed to UV rays, LED Shop Lights yellow.

  • On-off switching mechanism

The manual on and off switching mechanism of some LED Shop Lights may not be effective in high ceiling workplaces causing serious inconveniences.

How do you Switch LED Shop Lights ON/OFF?

Upon switching on, LED Shop Lights respond instantaneously producing steady light without flicker.

You can switch on/off LED Shop Lights using motion sensors.

Motion sensors work in such a way that the LED Shop Lights sense movement or heat and turn on.

They work automatically unlike manual switches.

Similarly, you can achieve this goal manually.

You turn on the switch on the device thus producing light by pulling a chain attached to it.

Do LED Shop Lights contain Heavy Metals such as Mercury?


LED Shop Lights do not contain heavy metals such as mercury contrary to fluorescent bulbs.

Fluorescent bulbs release these harmful metals when they drop or stick to the surface of the bulbs.

However, LED Shop Lights do not contain such materials making them health friendly.

What is the Color Temperature for LED Shop Light?

Color temperature for LED light

Color temperature for LED light

The color temperature for LED Shop Light is 5,000K.

Even so, LED Shop Lights come in a wide range of color temperatures that span from 2,200K to 6000K.

As you can see, before you choose LED shop lights, there are many factors you should consider.

The best part – this guide has every information you have been looking for.

For questions or inquiries about LED shop lights, contact SMAlux team now.