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Do you project energy saving lighting

Exactly! This was one of our main purposes. To provide and to help clients save their cash.

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Yes, we help a lot of users to control lighting easily.

Do you provide suitable lighting solution

Yes, we fabricate smart light according to your application.

SMAlux- Your Reliable LED Spreader Lights Supplier And Manufacturer in China

SMAlux LED Spreader Lights are in high executions. These have authentic and tightly-packed scattering lights purposes. Its main function is to widely support and lighten up larger areas. These have recognized with polished and shiny formation designs. These were mostly manufactured by powder-surface aluminum housings designs. And these could easily install with reliable lighting models.

LED Spreader Lights are highly promoted with bracket-elevated and exterior-mounted styles. Everywhere on step aboard, these LED Spreader Lights keeps illuminating sparkly. These have differentiated features of LED Spreader Lights styles and configurations.  Bracket-elevated styles are substantially built with heated dominance to manage heats and instinctively slope oneself downward every high tropical season. Bracket-elevated forms are obtainable with both white bezel and stainless steel fabrications.

These LED Spreader Lights have plenty of specifications. These occurred with two meters cable span. Our proposed lights are contemporarily dragged lower than 2 amperes or 12 intensity DC rates. Specified also as tightly secured by converse separations. These have exactly 8000k white-colored lights. And currently, the state has a quality long-lasting battery, high efficiency, and a sturdy LED light mechanism. However, these kinds of lights can take up whether 12 or 24 energy DC.

Our LED Spreader Lights have an important task, which lighting up and enhancing deck designs. These used to cast light upon sailboat`s decks. Enable to create docking and makes other sailing activities turn into uncomplicated and more guarded sailing at nighttimes. Spreader lights perform very brilliantly within reach. But that not makes satisfactions, because that might affect night perspectives of someone. All unneeded brighter lights should be avoided. Brightening spreader lights could blind someone`s eyes when going around and hard to avoid water barriers. With that problem, evaluation about adding dimmer together with the spreader lighting to control light performances in simple ways could help. Or maybe have those red-lighted LED spreader lights to furnish enough lights while conserving your dark perceptions.

All our lights finish are anti-oxidation and watertight at the same time. These all built with origin aquatic circumstances in mind. These LED Spreader lights holders are proven having erosion proof and closed securely. However, spreader light with structured technology of LEDs is a big help to beat all probabilities of smashed incandescent bulbs. Once the lighting is supported with LEDs technology, you never required to replace the bulb because these can steadily be operated.

All SMAlux lighting innovations are having much-enhanced lights. These are all in a higher class. Defined as the most excellent marine spreader lights, best selling in popular markets. These are compliant with rigorous implemented protection and safety. It just operates at low-voltages, good effects to have bigger electrical savings and money. SMAlux suggests different smart lights that probably boom your business ultimately. For LEDs necessities, you can surely be guided with choosing all favorably LED lighting helpful for effective business expansion. We do strict inspections with our products before shipping. And we have complete validated facility members, have given authorities with the quality control process.

For sure orders, SMAlux is active inside 8 hours of working time.

LED Spreader Lights: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

I know you’re looking for highly efficient, IP rated and durable LED spreader lights.

That’s why I am going to answer all questions you have been asking about spreader lights today.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is LED Spreader Light?

This type of marine lighting fixture derives its name from the location you install them.

LED spreader lights are utilized to light a marine vessel’s deck, making anchoring and other errands easier and more secure at night.

LED marine spreader lights cast light over great distances yet need less power in comparison to other type boat lighting fixtures.

High performance LED boat spreader lights have very broad beam angles to illuminate wide space with smooth style, any place on board.

LED spreader light

LED spreader light

What are the Advantages of Installing LED Spreader Lights?

The main benefits of installing LED boat spreader lights include:

IP Rating

IP Rating

  • They are resistant to impact having a high IK rating. The marine lighting fixtures are tough and can endure hard use.
  • They are waterproof having IP rating67, IP68, or IP69 ratings, based on the area of installation.
  • The fixtures are corrosion resistant and highly durable even if mounted in corrosive salty water environments.
  • They consume up to 80 percent less energy in comparison to other types of spreader lights. This implies that you spend less money on operational costs.
  • They have a working lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is exceedingly longer than 6,000 to 24,000 hours life of HID types. This helps in drastic reduction of lamp replacement and maintenance costs.
  • LED marine spreader light is eco-friendly because it does not incorporate toxic materials such as mercury. Since they also last longer, fewer parts will be disposed in the environment.
  • They permit a lot of lighting design flexibility since they are not manufactured using breakable or fragile materials.
  • They are compatible with light control systems and are dimmable, enhance ambience in addition to saving energy.
  • Boat LED spreader lights rank higher in color rendering index, meaning they have better color rendering than other lighting fixtures. Their color rendering capacity is commonly compared to sun at midday during a clear day.
  • LED marine lighting fixtures have no warm up and re-strike periods and you can turn then on and off when needed.

Where can you Install LED Spreader Light?

LED spreader lights can be mounted on ski boats, commercial fishing boats, sailboats and other types of marine navigation vessels.

You can install them in the following areas to provide additional light on deck:

  • T-tops;
  • Radar arches, and
  • Wakeboard towers

Are LED Spreader Lights Waterproof and Corrosion Resistant?

Every marine lighting fixture is designed and produced factoring in marine conditions.

LED spreader light housings are secured to lock out sea spray and rain water and are corrosion resistant.

They are built using tough material marine grade materials that eliminate the probability of broken bulbs that are common with incandescent.

Why is it not Recommended to Install the Brightest LED Spreader Light?

When selecting LED boat spreader lights, the most brilliant possible alternative might not be the best choice.

This is due to the fact that excessively bright marine lighting fixture can negatively impact on your night vision.

Too much light can equally blind you to neighboring obstacles and boats in the water.

Consider buying a dimmer together with the spreader lights to enable some control on their light output.

Certain designs incorporate a red light mechanism to give some light whilst safeguarding your night vision.

How do you Install LED Spreader Light?

Here are the steps of mounting LED marine spreader lights on your boat:

  1. The initial thing you need to ensure is that you have enough clearance. You ensure this by simply holding the light fitting to the bar and confirming the height distance. This is essential to avoid bumping of head on the light.
  2. Unplug the batteries. It is mandatory to dry run the cabling before cutting. Leave a minimum of 12-inch on every edge. For the wiring, utilize marine-grade cables to reduce corrosion and saltwater switches.
  3. Utilizing the bracket included in the lighting kit and a metal drill bit, bore the hole as you desire. This can be carried out either horizontally or vertically, though drilling horizontally is the most preferable.
  4. Secure the lighting fixture tightly then run the cabling to the batteries and connect the ends to the wiring of the LED spreader light. To lock out any form of moisture, you may apply heat shrink connectors.
  5. After completing the wiring process, connect the battery carefully and try out the switch. The luminaire should light up when the polarity is right. However, do not look directly at the light as it might irritate or harm your eyes.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing Marine LED Spreader Light?

Before buying a boat LED spreader light, it is crucial to put the following factors into consideration:

· Quality

Not all LED spreader lights are produced equal.

It is easy to assume that the best choice is the cheapest -yet that is not usually the case.

Marine lighting fixtures of lower quality have shorter life and can be barely energy efficient.

This negates the transition to LED for these reasons.

Purchasing high-quality fixture can afford you peace of mind understanding that it will endure the test of time and ensure safety of operators.

It is also calming knowing that the marine LED spreader light will not die abruptly before the lifespan claims by the manufacturer.

· Beam Angle   

The illumination angle plays a critical role and is greatly dictated by the lens.

In the case of LED marine spreader lights, you need fixtures with fairly broader beam, minimum of 50 degrees.

This will make that you sufficiently illuminate a passageway or cockpit.

A broad beam is as well instrumental in minimizing dark shadows, which may impair visibility.

· Marine-grade LED

Marine-grade LED spreader lights have housings that prevent corrosion due to the marine environment.

Even LED lighting fixtures designed for garden and outdoor applications will probably yield to harshness of salty applications.

Moreover, high-quality marine-grade spreader lights are tightly secured making them resistant to quake, water and dust ingression.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to select one with the greatest water resistance ratings, either IP67 or IP 6K9K.

· Similar Footprint

When you are substituting an old incandescent, make sure you go for an LED spreader light with similar bracket or cutout.

This will save you money, time, and work in developing an adapter or, enlarging/patching holes for the new luminaire.

Finding an identical replacement may not often be possible, though these matchups are available.

· Coast Guard Compliance

It is advisable to opt for a marine LED lighting fixture that duly conform to the guidelines and stipulations put coast guards.

Additionally, they should as well comply with the guidelines of boat or yacht council in your region.

· Budget

This is about the amount of money that you can spend for a good quality LED light.

There are many options for you to check out so there is no need to worry because you can find a product that meets your budget.

Are Spreader Lights Weatherproof?

Absolutely, LED boat spreader lights are weatherproof, which implies that they are resilient and have the capacity to endure various environmental conditions.

You can use them in extremely snowy, windy, hot, and rainy applications without their lighting mechanism or efficiency being seriously affected.

Weatherproof marine lighting fixtures need to sustain water ingress, icy conditions and dirt and are normally IP rated.

LED marine spreader lights employ weatherproof materials that make them appropriate for outdoor applications.

They may as well have a coating or finish that functions to impede damage due to salty water.

The fixtures feature sealed designs and corrosion resistance, that is, they can endure saltwater corrosion to some up to certain limit.

LED spreader light

LED spreader light

How do you Maintain LED Marine Spreader Lights?

To prolong the performance and lifespan of boat LED spreader light fixture, proper regular maintenance is necessary:

Here are some maintenance guidelines for LED spreader lights that you should follow:

  • Keenly read through the user manual before using the fitting.

Go through the warnings to prevent any harmful incidents from happening.

It is recommended no to disassemble the fixture haphazardly without appropriate instructions.

This can damage the circuit and cause adverse effects on the working lifespan of the marine light.

  • Regularly clean the lighting fixture by wiping out dirt and dust outside and inside the device to eliminate shortages.

Routine cleaning of the lighting unit could help in extending its working lifespan.

  • Perform periodic inspections on the boat LED spreader light to check whether it is properly working or not.

Regular inspection is a perfect way of detecting in time some minor problems before they become worse.

  • Consider the operating temperature and humidity of the fixture, since too hot or too wet environments can reduce its working time.

This is because high temperatures and humidity impact on the electronic components within the LED marine light.

Do LED Spreader Lights Require Dimming?

Yes, if it touches on saving energy, every tiny aspect counts. It is important to remember that any energy used affects the operational costs.

Therefore, apart from helping in saving energy, dimming your marine LED spreader light will as well prolong their life.

In addition, it also ensures lighting flexibility, boost productivity, and increase safety, coupled with creating perfect atmosphere for your crew.

Which Types of Light Controls can you use with Boat LED Spreader Light?

LED light controls for marine spreader lights span from single switches and dimmers to big central lighting controls.

Central control systems feature reporting tools instrumental in maintenance analysis and energy savings.

You can also find wireless light controls which allow for easy installation when retrofitting older fixtures with LED spreader lights.

What is the Importance of Constant Current Circuitry in LED Spreader Light?

A high-quality boat LED spreader light should come with constant current circuitry.

This is instrumental in maintaining the current at a definite level to give the greatest illumination for every watt for the greatest period (30,000 to 50,000 hours).

Therefore, an ideal marine LED spreader light should have the CCC designation.

How do you Control Heat Dissipation in LED Spreader Lights?

Boat LED spreader lights do not like heat.

There are various techniques of controlling heat dissipation in LED marine lighting fixtures.

A high-quality LED lamp will utilize copper or aluminum backing underneath the PCB to conduct heat from the diodes.

Moreover, in case the LED bulb is covered, it needs to have an exterior heat sink for drawing away extra energy.

Can Resistor-regulated LED Spreader Lights withstand Reverse-polarity?

Resistor-regulated boat LED spreader lights cannot withstand reverse polarity, and it will damage the lights even if you mount the bulbs properly.

However, those fitted with DC-to-DC converters are in a position to withstand reverse polarity without malfunctioning.

You should avoid an LED spreader light that is classified as “polarity sensitive.”

Is a DC-to-DC Converter necessary for Efficient Functioning of Marine LED Spreader Lights?

LEDs require just 4V to produce light, yet boat LED spreader lights are rated at 10 to 30V.

This implies that they require a DC-to-DC converter to utilize the 12V supplied by the batteries of the boat.

Initially, some producers manufactured “marine” LED lights developed from automotive lighting, which utilized resistors to step down the voltage.

The problem is, resistors reduce voltage by a preset percentage.

For instance, two 50-percent rated resistors connected in series will step down 12V to 3V.

This implies that immediately the battery runs low on charge, the voltage will fall lower than 4V, making the LEDs to flicker and dim.

When it goes high, like when the battery is being charged by the alternator, the LED marine spreader light will burn up.

However, DC-to-DC converter will constantly supply the 4V required provided the input voltage falls within the defined range.

This equally signifies they can function with 12 Volts or 24 Volts DC systems.

How many Watts does Marine LED Spreader Light Consume?

Watts are commonly misconceived as the quantity of light output instead of the energy amount consumed to produce the light.

It is the measurement of burned energy.

Typically, LEDs consume much lower energy amount in comparison to HID or incandescent lamps to generate higher light outputs.

The total wattage consumed needs to include not only the LED chips, but also power supply, LEDs and driver.

At times this is known as lumens per watt.

Boat LED spreader lights are engineered to optimize light output and reduce the energy consumed.

Utilizing optimized lensing, quality power supplies and LED chips, helps attain a high user ROI.

Why is Binning Important during Manufacturing of LED Spreader Lights?

Binning is the LED chips sorting process into distinct color temperatures.

The tighter the process of binning, the nearer in color the LED chips will be to one another and the standard.

This is essential due to the following two reasons:

  • Most spreader lights utilize greater than one LED chip. Therefore, the colors blend will be better in tighter binning, which in turn gives a homogenous color.
  • When several fixtures are mounted within the same area, all of them will produce similar color of light.

Majority of manufacturers employ the Macadam Ellipse binning process, which is +/- 100 Kelvin on majority of products.

It offers an unnoticeable color variation to the human eye.

How do you Test the Quality of Marine LED Spreader Lights?

To test the light depreciation, LED spreader lights are assessed for color temperature, lumen output, reliability and amp draw within a specific duration.

LED spreader light

LED spreader light

Here are the main quality tests for LED spreader lights:

1. Lumen Depreciation Test

This tests examines light intensity depreciation and it consists of two stages.

The boat spreader lights go through beyond 1100 hours of assessment.

Quality LED should display low degree of lumen depreciation.

2. IP66 and IP67 tests

The IP66 analysis is a rain test in which the light is put through 20 minute sequence of on and off.

This is done as it is sprinkled with water.

IP67 test is similar though the fixture is immerse to a 1 meter depth in a tank full of water for the test period.

3. Saltwater Testing

When your marine LED spreader light lacks the appropriate protection, it might get corroded by salty sea water.

It needs to have reinforced designs and tough coatings that apply non-metallic or stainless steel casings.

The rigorous saltwater testing makes sure that the fixtures work effectively under all saline environments.

The test ensures low-maintenance, compliance with marine best practices and rules, improved lifespan and enhance safety because of their dependable operation.

Other quality analysis tests for LED spreader lights are unique for a fitting like on/off switching, water-tightness, or hinge reliability.

What is the Recommended Color Temperature for LED Spreader Light?

Color temperatures is a crucial aspect in lighting design.

Marine LED spreader lights have a broader color temperatures range, in fact, broader than that of ordinary boat lighting fixtures.

They are greatly tunable and are able to create the right atmosphere for various tasks.

A lower Kelvin value implies the light is warmer, while a higher Kelvin indicates a more bluish-white.

The light could be excessively bright and enhance if the color temperature is too high.

Conversely, the lights could get irritating to those exposed to it over extended time periods, when color temperature is too low.

There are various Kelvin options for LED spreader lights.

They typically range from “Warm White” which are rated 3000K to “Bright White” rate at 6300K.

What is the Rated Lifespan of LED Spreader Lights?

Marine LED spreader lights won’t “burn out” in the ordinary manner as HID or incandescent sources of light.

They are assumed to have lost their usefulness when the LED starts to generate 70 percent of its initial light output.

Alternatively, when it becomes 30 percent dimmer.

The LED marine lighting fixture will still generate light though will continue to steadily dim with time.

LED life rating is always expressed in hours measurement that shows the period where there will 30 percent decrease in light output.

Boat LED spreader lights utilize high quality LEDs, which have a working lifespan rating of 50,000 hours.

They will last for five years and seven months before the output of light reaches 70 percent of its initial measure.

This is if you use them continuously for 24 hours a day throughout the 365 days of a year.

At SMAlux, we design and manufacture a range of energy efficient LED spreader lights.

For inquiries or questions, feel free to contact SMAlux LED light experts.