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Do you have business and necessarily want high quality of brilliant lighting materials as premier addition? SMAlux can be your outstanding provider and manufacturer of different lighting suitable for your business operations.

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Recent Automatic Street Light Projects

Questions You May Ask About Your Automatic Street Light Orders

How do automatic street lights work?

Street lights work automatically with the use of a photoelectric cell if it gets dull light will turn on the photocell has a light-sensitive resistor as it gets dark it shorts out and causes a heater to work inside and bimetal strip contact bends with heat and makes the circuit.

How to know when the solar street lights are turned on and turned off?

When it senses the voltage of the solar panel falling down to a certain level, it will automatically turn on the circuit of the lamp. And when the set working hours of lighting is finished, it will turn off the light automatically.

What is the benefit of automatic street light?

The automatic street light system is eco-friendly and hence helps in decreasing the carbon footprint.

SMAlux- Your Reliable LED Light Strips Manufacturer in China

SMAlux LED strip lights are designed to create and provide unique lighting for commercial lighting and residence decorations, they are available in many color selections. We have RGB, Warm White, Blue, Green, Red, etc. All of these colors are available in all types.

SMAlux led strip lights require LED chips to have higher light efficiency, and higher light efficiency will reduce the heat of led lamp beads, making LED lamps more energy efficient. We also require LED chips to have higher color rendering, which makes the light closer to natural light, making the light received by the eyes more comfortable and more realistic.

SMAlux led strip lights can be made into different waterproof ratings and extra-long length with high consistence with the new silicone integrated extrusion molding technique, saving power consumption is our main purpose in manufacturing lights. Meanwhile, they have passed ETL 、CE-EMC、CE-LVD、ROHS certificate, in line with international product standards.

SMAlux is the sub-brand of CE lighting, we are not only providing smart lights, but also smart light solutions. Anything you want, whether it is for residential or commercial lighting projects, SMAlux is capable of supplying certified and high-quality led strip lights. We are able to support your lighting projects so you can save your time and efforts. Within 8 hours, our service staff ensures fast communications and easy to understand so we can answer your inquiries.

SMAlux has a lot of professional equipments such as Integrating sphere, spectrum analyzer, high-speed automatic placement machine, reflow machines, automatic dispensing machines and professional technical elite. SMAlux has 6 specialized R&D teams on design, engineering, electronics, optics, and processing with over 30 year experience, they have professional knowledge and rich experience through training in several years. We are glad to meet all the requirements of customers for customizing products. Focusing on researching the details to meet different needs of customers.

Customers supreme, quality first. We always based on the technical innovate and do our best to achieve requirement of the clients with good pre-sale service, in the sale of service and after-sale service. Let SMAlux be part of your fast business success. We can be your reliable long term partner for your lighting project. You can ask our friendly service staff for your led light strip orders. We can provide quick actions and answer your questions.

Welcome any partner from worldwide regarding LED Strips projects in your location. If you are looking for a professional and high quality LED strips supplier, please do not hesitate to contact us!