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  • Minimalist design with optical lenses can provide >95% light transparency
  • Can be installed on all H-Style single circuit track systems.
  • Saving more energy compared to traditional halogen track light
  • 2-year warranty and maintenance free
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SMAlux Certification

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SMAlux: Your Best LED Track Light Manufacturer in China

Choose standard LED Track Light from our Factory

SMAlux LED track light suitable for all H-Style single circuit track systems. you can refer to our standard LED track light and choose the track light head or track lights kit you need.

Track Light design
ODM LED track lights you exclusive

SMAlux can help you complete the products according to your design or idea with your brand.Based on SMALUX’s R&D team with more than 30 years of experience, have 6 teams specialized on design, engineering, electronics, optics, and processing.

SMAlux LED Track Lights

Smalux is a brand of CE Lighting, has over 23 years of manufacturing experience in the lighting industry.

As a leading LED track light manufacturer in China, SMAlux is committed to providing you with professional technical support, quality products, and competitive prices, to meet your needs.

SMAlux is familiar with the global lighting market trend and the technical requirements of each region across the world. We have 6 professional R&D team and a special research lab to develop new LED track light according to market demand, you will get our latest track lighting series every year. 

Just send your track light inquiry or you next led track light order, we will give our best quotation in 8 working hours.

LED Track Lights

Remote Control Spotlight

SMAlux Ceiling Spotlight can provide beam angle range from 15-120°. In addition to being mounted on the ceiling, you can also mount them on the wall and use them as display lights. Easy to install, no additional matching tracks are required. Ceiling spotlight can help you save inventory costs and help you expand the market.

PTL-820-20W-15 track light
PTL-820-20W-15 Track Light
PTL-820-20W-20 track light
PTL-820-20W-20 Track Light
PTL-820-20W-40 track light
PTL-820-20W-40 Track Light

Track Lighting Kit

SMAlux LED track light kit with LEDs integrated into the design (no bulbs required), all the track light head can offers high brightness, high-quality lighting. Ideal for applications such as specialty retail, hospitality, residential, grocery, galleries, museums, and educational environments. You can get the high lumen and eco-friendly lighting, with maintenance cost nearly free.

TLK-01320-1200MM Track Lighting Kit
TLK-01320-1200MM Track Lighting Kit
TLK-01330-1200MM Track Lighting Kit
TLK-01330-1200MM Track Lighting Kit
TLK-1816-1200MM Track Lighting Kit
TLK-1816-1200MM Track Lighting Kit
TLK-3305-18-1200MM Track Lighting Kit
TLK-3305-18-1200MM Track Lighting Kit
TLK-3305-30-1200MM Track Lighting Kit
TLK-3305-30-1200MM Track Lighting Kit
TLK-3808-1200MM Track Lighting Kit
TLK-3808-1200MM Track Lighting Kit
TLK-01312-1200MM Track Lighting Kit
TLK-01312-1200MM Track Lighting Kit

Track Spotlight

SMAlux Track Spotlight can provide beam angle range from 15-120° and match two-wire, three-wire, four-wire track system. We will consider the detailed lighting design requirements, and according to your requirement, provide the track spotlight to help you expand the market.

PTL-0120-20W Track spotlight
PTL-0120-20W Track Spotlight
PTL-0130-30W Track spotlight
PTL-0130-30W Track Spotlight
PTL-305-5W-18 Track spotlight
PTL-305-5W-18 Track Spotlight
PTL-305-5W-30 Track spotlight
PTL-305-5W-30 Track Spotlight
PTL-808-8W Track spotlight
PTL-808-8W Track Spotlight
PTL-816-16W Track spotlight
PTL-816-16W Track Spotlight
PTL-GU10 Track spotlight
PTL-GU10 Track Spotlight
PTL-0112-12W Track Spotlight
PTL-0112-12W Track Spotlight

SMAlux LED Track Light Manufacturing Capabilities

As a professional LED track light manufacturer, SMAlux LED track lighting is certified by UL, CE, RoHS, SAA, NOM, etc. No matter which region you are, we can provide you with certified products.

SMAlux has 13,000m2 of manufacturing space and more than 700 professional workers, you just place next LED track light order to us. We will complete the goods for you with high quality and on time delivery.

SMAlux pays great attention to product quality and environmental issues. We have ISO90001, ISO14001, and OHSMS18001 certification, We not only provide standard products but also provide you IES reports, technology support, ODM services, etc.

Track light
Photo Model Watt Volt Light Efficiency Color Temperature PF RA Beam Angel Warranty
LED Track Light PTL-305-5W/18 5W 100-240V >90lm/w 3000K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80 18° 2 Years
PTL-305-5W/30 5W 100-240V >90lm/w 3000K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80 30° 2 Years
LED Track Light PTL-808-8W 8W 110-130V/220-240V >90lm/w 3000K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80 80° 2 Years
PTL-816-16W 16W 110-130V/220-240V >90lm/w 3000K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80 80° 2 Years
LED Track Light PTL-GU10 / 100-240V / / / / / /
LED Track Light PTL-0112-12W 12W 220-240V >90lm/w 3000K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80 15°/24° 2 Years
PTL-0120-20W 20W 220-240V >90lm/w 3000K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80 15°/24° 2 Years
PTL-0130-30W 30W 220-240V >90lm/w 3000K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80 15°/24° 2 Years
Remote Control Track Light
Photo Model Watt Volt Light Efficiency Color Temperature PF RA Beam Angel Warranty
LED Track Light PTL-820-20W/15 20W 110-130V/220-240V >90lm/w 2700-6500K >0.9 >80 15° 2 Years
PTL-820-20W/20 20W 110-130V/220-240V >90lm/w 2700-6500K >0.9 >80 20° 2 Years
PTL-820-20W/40 20W 110-130V/220-240V >90lm/w 2700-6500K >0.9 >80 40° 2 Years
Track Lighting Kit
Photo Model Watt Volt Light Efficiency Color Temperature PF RA Beam Angel Warranty
LED Track Light TLK-3305/18/1200MM 3*5W 100-240V >90lm/w 3000K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80 18° 2 Years
TLK-3305/30/1200MM 3*5W 100-240V >90lm/w 3000K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80 30° 2 Years
LED Track Light TLK-3808/1200MM 3*8W 110-130V/220-240V >90lm/w 3000K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80 80° 2 Years
TLK-1816/1200MM 3*16W 110-130V/220-240V >90lm/w 3000K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80 80° 2 Years
LED Track Light TLK-01312/1200MM 3*12W 220-240V >90lm/w 3000K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80 15°/24° 2 Years
TLK-01320/1200MM 3*20W 220-240V >90lm/w 3000K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80 15°/24° 2 Years
TLK-01330/1200MM 3*30W 220-240V >90lm/w 3000K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80 15°/24° 2 Years

SMAlux: Your Reliable LED Track Light Supplier in China

SMAlux is a leading manufacturer of LED track light. We can offer different standards of optical lenses in LED track light and different models for options equipped with different watt from 5W to 30W. Select our model or request your specifications, we will assist you in taking a good decision with a free consultation.

SMAlux is eligible to offer LED track light in a competitive delivery time with over 700 employees. So we take only 30 days for mass order over 3000pcs after the deposit received.You can send your next LED track lighting order, we will send a quotation to you within 8 working hours.

SMAlux 10W Remote-Control Rotation Dimmable Track Light

Also, SMAlux have ISO90001, ISO14001, and OHSMS18001 certification, we have a top-full range of led track light complied with UL,ETL, CE, RoHS, ERP, GS, SAA, etc., standards.

SMAlux can provide you with an OEM & ODM service. That is to say, customization is available for a better service. You can not only customize the package box but also print your logo on the product when your final order reached 3,000 pcs.

SMAlux LED track lighting has unique patented shape and structure, and internal anti-counterfeiting mark provides you market protection from competitors.

Base on owns a 600m² central laboratory with advanced technology, SMAlux to ensure the top quality, there are over 30 quality inspectors on the mass production line to check every aspect of your led track light.

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LED spotlight

The Definitive Guide to LED Track Lights

SMAlux also has an FAQ on general LED information and LED filament bulbs.

Feel free to check it out! 

What are track lights?

LED track lights have a track and heads. The track holds light fixtures and has voltage running through it.

It can be either linear or flexible.

Linear tracks are a straight line.

Flexible ones are typically in a wave shape, but can be in any other ‘organic’ line with turns and swivels.

Linear tracks are the most practical, while flexible tracks are more customizable and allow for creativity.

The heads can be placed anywhere along the track.

Where can I install LED track lights?

LED track lights can be installed either on the ceiling or on the wall.

They can also be put on a pole or a hanging beam.

As for room or business types, it depends on the style and application type of light itself.

What materials are the tracks made of?

They could be from stainless steel, bronze, and other metals. However, plastic is also common.

Can I request track systems with other LED light types?

Track lighting can be combined with spotlights for accent lighting and small flood lights for general lighting or wall washing as well.

What are the common head types and their uses?

There are 5 main types of LED heads.

There is the step head, which looks like a flashlight.

It is the most popular and simple design.

The round back head type is more fitting for modern designs.

The industrial-style pinhole head is basically the round head but with a somewhat exposed back is great for garages and workshops.

The gimbal head looks like a movie camera and can be used in art studios.

Finally, the pendant head presents a creative look.

There are more shapes, and you can give SMAlux your own as well, but these tend to be the most popular.

LED Heads

What is the difference between LED track lighting and LED track lighting kits?

LED track lighting kits offer a DIY installing possibility and make it so you don’t have to buy separate accessories. 

Do I need bulbs for LED track lighting?

Yes, generally you do.

However, SMAlux offers track lighting kits that has LEDs integrated in the design, so no bulbs are required there. 

What are the possible applications of LED track lights?

Three main categories of applications include general, accent and task lighting.

General lighting is when you only use LED track lights in a room; this is perfect for small rooms and spaces.

Accent lighting highlights a specific point in space.

For example, a painting or a vase.

This is great for art galleries and museums.

Task lighting focuses on a small area and can be marketed to offices, libraries, kitchens, and coffee shops.

You can also do wall washing or wall grazing.

This is when a wide light illuminates just the wall and can accentuate wall texture.

This is also useful for an array of commercial applications, such as cafes, hotels, galleries, etc. For accent lighting, a spotlight is better.

For general lighting, something like a flood light would work well.

The style of LED lights will greatly depend on the application.

What is an optimal beam angle for LED track lights?

This depends on the application you are looking to cater to.

For accent lighting, a narrower and more concentrated angle is better.

However, for general use, a wider angle is better for wall washing. 

LED track lights

Can LED track lighting be used outside?

Just like with other LED products, there has to be a weather-proof listing.

Do now use indoor track lights outside because they will stop working after the first rain.

Therefore, if you want to sell track lights for outdoor use, make sure they are weather-sealed.

A recommended IP rating for outdoor use would be higher than IP43. 

Can I connect linear tracks?


There exist 4 types of connectors.

The most basic one connects 2 tracks in a straight line to make it longer.

This is useful for long halls and art galleries.

Another type, “L, connects 2 tracks so they make a right angle.

With these, you can make a square or a rectangle.

With the “T” type you can connect 3 tracks, so that one is perpendicular to the other two.

The “X” type allows you to connect 4 tracks diagonally.

Finally, there are flexible connectors that bend in any angle up to 90 degrees.

You can surely combine these connector type to create the precise shape of the overall track that you need.

linear tracks

What types of tracks and track fixtures are there?

There are 3 main types of tracks: Halo, Juno, and Lightolier.

The differences are subtle, but they determine the compatibility of the track fixture with the head.

Halo has 3 rectangular contacts. Juno has 2 contacts that are an inch apart, which one of them having a slightly tapered edge.

Lightolier’s 2 contacts are less than an inch apart.

SMAlux LED track lights are compatible with all Halo-style single-circuit tracks. 

types of tracks

Is there a significant difference between single and double circuit systems?

Single-circuit tracks allow for 1 switch that powers all fixtures at the same time.

This is the most economical option.

Double-circuit tracks have 2 switches that power 2 groups of lights.

This way, you can turn on some lights, while keeping others off.

This is a flexible option.

SMAlux provides single-circuit options, but if you want double-circuits, still check in with SMAlux. 

Single circut system

How are LED track lights powered?

Knowing the power supply can help you order and plan for the power accessories to the tracks and the overall design.

In track lighting, voltage runs through the track and powers the heads.

If the power is supplied in the middle of the track, you need a canopy with a power feed.

If the track is powered at the end, you need an end connector.

There are also options with cords and plugs, but these are more difficult to install.

LED track lights powered

What does the SMAlux LED track light remote control?

It can control the colour temperature, dimness, the fixture rotation and the rotation of the head (or the vertical and horizontal rotation).

This makes it very versatile and marketable to a huge audience, both commercial and residential.

LED track light remote control

What accessories are there to LED track lights?

Mainly, you can ask about different optical lenses.

LEDs can be manufactured in many colors as well, so you may not need color lenses.

For example, there are lenses that change the shape of light.

There are accessories that make the light sparkle and the object it is directed at look glossy.

This is a versatile feature great for commercial and residential customers.

There also are those that change the colour of light.

These are great for different venues, hotels, bars, and even clubs.

However, be warned that lenses reduce the amount of light that passes through, so if you want to use a lens, get lights with a higher wattage. 

What colour temperatures are there and why is it important?

Colour temperature is a measure – expressed in K – of how warm or cool light is.

Different light creates different atmospheres and serves for different purposes.

Warmer light is great for cafes and coffee shops. Neutral white light is good for galleries and residential areas.

Meanwhile, harsh cool light is perfect for warehouses.

Knowing this can really help you choose the lights you want and market them accurately to others.

Moreover, make sure to check the CRI (or RA) as well.

This will tell you how true the colors appear under the light.

The bigger the value, the higher the quality, so you may want lights with a value of at least 80.

For more information, check out this FAQ.

Colour temperature

How long do LED track lights last?

Just like a regular LED, it will last for 50000 hours.

Do LED track lights require maintenance?

Because a lot of them are integrated, they don’t need much more than dusting, which is your client’s concern.

SMAlux provide a 2-year warranty and claims that these lights are maintenance-free.

What are some drawbacks of LED track lights?

Firstly, they are more expensive than typical bulbs.

Secondly, the room may look cluttered and undesirably lit, so you as an importer need to be specific about the product so as not to have disappointed customers. 

What is power per kitchen?

This is the wattage necessary for track light fixtures to illuminate a 16 by 16 feet (or about 5 X 5 meters) kitchen to obtain at least 110 lux.

What is CBCP?

Center Beam Candlepower is a measurement of how bright the center of the beam is.

This will help you determine the general to accent brightness ratio you want, and give you an idea of the quality of the light output – how much it spreads.

It is measured in candelas (cd).

Note that narrow beam angles tend to have higher CBCP values.


What is integrated LED track lighting?

Integrated LED lights have LED arrays built in, so you don’t and can’t change out bulbs.

These do last a very long time and have heat sinks already designed as well, so the LED won’t overheat.

Despite all this, you will have to buy a whole new track once the lights fade.

This could be expensive, but it guarantees you more customers long-term. 

Do I need to know more LED terms?

There is definitely much more that manufacturers put into their product descriptions.

We recommend that you take a look at another FAQ of ours.

If that doesn’t suffice, there are glossaries available online.

It is always good to know everything about your products.

Are there interchangeable LED track heads?

This depends on the system that you are using.

If the heads are interchangeable, just make sure they match with the track type (Halo, Juno, or Lightolier).

The names of types come from the manufacturers that first standardized the types.

Unless you are the owner of the business that will use the lights, make sure to include and explain this information.

Which is better to sell: integrated or non-integrated LED track lights?

At the moment, non-integrated lights are more popular, especially with residential consumers.

However, integrated lights are gaining their popularity, specifically in the commercial sector.

Right now, the shipment is fairly equal for both types, but integrated lights are forecasted to gain more following.

Businesses like integrated lighting for its reliability and versatility. 

How many light fixtures can go on a track?

Generally, no more than 1 light per foot (or 0.5 meters) of a track.

Most tracks are 2-8 feet long, so you would have 2-8 lights.

If you request more, it is possible, but it will overcrowd the track and overload the circuit. You can, however, cut the track shorter if you need.

SMAlux OEM services will help you figure all this out.

Are LED track lights dimmable?

Most LED track lights are dimmable.

There are also usually light dimmers available that are compatible with a lot of lights.

SMAlux LED track lights, specifically, are dimmable with a remote. 

Is there a difference between directional, recessed, and track lighting?

All these terms may come up when you’re researching LED track lights.

Directional lighting is just an “umbrella” term for both recessed and track lights.

Recessed lighting is just lights mounted into the ceiling and they blend into it.

Track lighting has a noticeable track. 

What OEM service does SMAlux offer with LED track lights?

SMAlux can customize all specifications for you and your request.

This also includes the packaging, and if your order exceeds 3000 pieces, your logo can be even printed on the product itself.

Finally, a unique patented head shape along with an anti-counterfeiting mark leaves your business competitor-proof.

What is the future of the LED track light market?

The global LED track lighting market is expected to grow at a rate of 7.8%, being worth 1570 million USD in 2019 and 2460 million USD in 2024. The biggest consumer markets are Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Especially, this increasing trend for track lighting pertains to commercial rather than residential consumers.

However, there is some demand from the residential field as well. 

Why are LED track lights expensive?

Firstly, because they use LEDs.

Secondly, because these LEDs are integrated, so you are paying extra for a longer-lasting product.

Finally, some track lights have smart features where you can control them with a remote like SMAlux lights.

However, buying lights for import from China is cheaper, and you can sell them to other businesses. 

What minimum certifications do I need?

If you want to import to the US, you need a UL listing.

If you are looking at the European market, you need a CE listing.

How do I ship LED track lights to Amazon?

Firstly, make sure your manufacturer has all the right certifications.

SMAlux, for example, has UL, CE, RoHS, SAA, and NOM certification, paving the road for global imports of its products.

Then, you should order a sample from your chosen supplier.

If you decide to order more, make sure the packaging is correct.

Finally, you should check out some import guides from China to Amazon.

What tariffs are there for import of LED track lights to the US?

Right now, the tariffs are 25% and there is a possibility that they will rise another 10%. 

Are there ways to cut down on the tariffs?

If you order in bulk and ship the goods partially, you can cut on the costs and help your manufacturer cut on their costs as well.

You can also redesign the products with cheaper materials, but be careful with this! You can also ask if the products can be manufactured in another branch factory.

For example, SMAlux has a Philippines branch that makes some products and can help cut down tariff costs by 25%. 

What tariffs are there for import of LED track lights to Europe?

These can vary, but they should be lower than US tariffs. Be sure to check it.

How can I be sure of the quality of SMAlux LED track lights?

SMAlux R&D team has more than 30 years of experience and more than 500 patented designs and inventions.

Also, if you request it, SMAlux can provide you with their IES reports so you learn as much about the product and the company as possible.

You can also request the LM-80 report.

Another way to check quality is to look at the CRI (RA) value – it should be more than 80.

Finally, you can do the camera test or the pencil test.

For the camera test, direct your phone’s camera at the light; if the quality is good, you shouldn’t see any waves. F

or the pencil test, put a pencil in front of the light; you shouldn’t see multiple outlines of the pencil.

These tests will show if the light is pulsing, which is a sign of a bad LED.

Finally, you can also check the temperature after a few hours of the LED track light working.

It should be around 25 degrees C. 

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