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SMAlux smart LED trailer light operates effectively. As a leading manufacturer, with 22 years of manufacturing experience, our LED trailer lighting fixtures can support your lighting requirements. We can support lighting customization on various levels. In SMAlux, we can manage your light demand with expertise. 

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LED Trailer Lights Aging Test
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LED Trailer Lights Clean Manufacturing Workshop
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Photoelectricity Test Room
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Questions You May Ask About Your LED Trailer Lights Orders

Why SMAlux LED trailer lights?

SMAlux LED trailer lights can operate to different trailers. We have a variety of shapes, sizes, and models of lighting solutions for you. Explore our offers.

Are LED lights better for trailer?

SMAlux LED trailer lights are brighter, more focused illumination. It is much better lighting over standard trailer lights.

How fast our delivery time?

We can complete 1000pcs LED trailer lights in just 35 days. Our international delivery time is only for 4-8 days. We can provide sample stock that can provide you with fast delivery.

SMAlux LED Trailer Lights

SMAlux LED trailer lights are designed to be installed in new build trailers and all types of heavy-duty trailers. It has unmatched lighting and power performance. Take the opportunity to upgrade your trailer lighting with SMAlux LED trailer lights.

We have a wide variety of LED trailer lights. Lightings for inside and out, front to back – everything you need about lighting solutions you will find in SMAlux.

Our vast varieties of LED trailer lights are built from durable materials. It delivers brighter lights suit to more durable settings. Utilizing the most advanced technology, we are able to produce innovative LED trailer lights.

SMAlux LED trailer lights are able to operate for a long time. We provide the most modular, flexible and technologically-advanced LED system. Add and upgrade the lights of your trailer with SMAlux LED lighting solutions. We have more beautiful, stronger, waterproof and truly corrosion-resistant SMAlux LED trailer lights.

Additionally, all our LED trailer lights meet and exceed main standards such as CE, UL, NOM, ROHS, ERP, GS, SAA, etc., In SMAlux, you can guarantee quality LED trailer lights. It is 30-40 times brighter and longer than traditional incandescent lights.

Save your money as SMAlux offers cost-effective and time-saving LED trailer lights.

If you are troubled by looking for suitable LED trailer lights, then contact SMAlux right away. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of LED trailer lights in China. We carry a huge selection of LED lights for trailers in different sizes, design and various voltages.

LED trailer light kits by SMAlux are fully tested and approved by international standards. Every light comes with warranty service. With over 22 years of manufacturing experience, not only high-quality products are provided, but also more competitive prices.

SMAlux LED trailer lights include rectangular LED trailer lights, optronics LED trailer lights, surface mount LED trailer lights, clear LED trailer lights, and more. Moreover, our engineers come up with new ideas to produce high-end lightings.

In SMAlux, we are committed to smart lighting solutions. Customize services also offered to meet each customer’s requirements. Standard and custom orders will be timely delivered.

With the help of our skilled and expert engineers, we are able to develop at fast production times. As a global manufacturer of lighting components, we ensure durable and reliable lightings for you.

SMAlux LED trailer lights pursue strict quality inspections during the process. No worries arise in terms of quality products.

For more information about LED trailer lights, please contact us or give us a call. We will be happy to help you. All inquiries are warmly welcomed. In just 8 hours, you will get a better quote.

LED Trailer Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today, I will answer all questions you have been asking about LED trailer lights.

Whether you want to learn about the working principle, quality compliance, features or testing procedures, you will find everything in this guide.

Let’s dive right in.

What are LED Trailer Lights?

LED trailer lights are a special type of trailer lights that you mount on your trailers.

They have a light-emitting diode, which acts as their source of light.

They have unique characteristics that enable them to function properly compared to the other type of trailer lights.

LED trailer lights

LED trailer light

Do you need a Resistor for LED Trailer Lights?

Yes. It would be best if you had a resistor for your LED trailer lights to work effectively.

They help in reducing the current flowing through your lights.

This is important in preventing burnout of these lights.

Their other function is to divide the current flowing through the lights’ circuit.

Dividing the current ensures all the LED trailer lights function, which essential In providing the correct information.

How do you Wire LED Trailer Lights?

The tools you need to wire LED trailer lights are wire strippers, cutters, electrical tape, soldering iron, drill, hammer, and cable ties.

You have to test the circuit wires to ensure they provide the necessary current.

Ensure there is conductivity between the trailer connector and the frame.

The metal frame of the trailer conductor acts as the ground for the LED trailer lighting system.

This prevents problems such as the lights flickering.

For effective grounding, you have to clean the metal frame and insulate it to prevent corrosion.

You also need to ensure the wires are tight onto the metal frame.

The first step is to connect the brown wire to the rear lights and the side marker lights.

You can achieve this by stripping the ends of the brown wire and twisting them together before inserting it into a butt connector.

The yellow wire of your lights should connect to the yellow wire from the trailer.

The green wire from the lights should connect to the green wire from the trailer.

Ensure the wiring is proper for the accurate lighting of your LED trailer lights by testing the circuit.

Insulate all the wires to minimizes short-circuiting.

What is the use of LED Trailer Lights?

The function of LED trailer lights is for informational purposes on your trailer.

You can use them to alert other road users about which direction you are taking.

You can also use them to indicate you are going to stop.

What are the Benefits of LED Trailer Lights?

The use of LED trailer lights offers the following benefits:

· Cost

These lights have a low operating cost in terms of maintenance.

Such maintenance costs include repair and replacement costs.

You have an assurance of durability once you purchase these lights.

Another cost you reduce when using these lights is the cost of maintaining your batteries.

This is because these lights do not consume as much light as that of traditional trailer lights.

· Eco-friendly

These lights don’t emit dangerous radiations, which is a common feature in ordinary lights.

This prevents environmental pollution.

· Light Intensity

LED trailer lights have a higher intensity than ordinary trailer lights.

This enhances the visibility of the information you are passing to other people.

· Safety Benefits

LED trailer lights tend to lighten up faster compared to traditional lights.

This can help minimize the number of accidents occurring.

What is the Difference Between LED Trailer Lights and Normal Trailer Lights?

The lighting mechanism of LED trailer lights is through light-emitting diodes.

Normal trailer light works through current flowing to the heating element of the bub.

Norma trailer lights have higher energy consumption and heat emission compared to LED trailer lights.

High heat emission affects light performance.

LED trailer lights are expensive compared to normal trailer lights.

This means you have to prepare adequately when purchasing them.

The lifespan of LED trailer lights is higher compared to standard trailer lights.

These lights can last up to 25% more than normal trailer lights, which give you service.

LEDs are eco-friendly compared to standard trailer lights.

This is in terms of their recycling nature, and they don’t emit hazardous radiation.

LED trailer lights are small and lightweight.

You, therefore, don’t have to worry about the installation space as they take less if it.

The brightness level of LED trailer lights is higher compared to normal trailer lights.

This is essential in passing the right information to other users.

How do LED Trailer Lights compare to LED Lights for Cars?

The functioning of these lights is similar as they are for passing information such as signaling or braking.

However, the main difference is in their sizes – LED lights for cars are smaller compared to LED Trailer lights.

The wiring process of LED trailer lights is complicated compared to LED lights for cars.

This means you have to get the wires right for the lights to function.

Are there any limitations to the use of LED Trailer Lights?

The cost of purchasing these lights is high.

However, it is a minor limitation compared to the quality service they offer.

You also need an expert to install these lights for proper functioning.

This can be a limitation in case of the unavailability of such persons.

When you install these lights improperly, they may not function.

You, therefore, have to check if the wiring is correct before working with these lights.

Where can you Mount LED Trailer Lights?

LED trailer light system

 LED trailer light

You can mount LED trailer lights on the back and front of your trailer.

In other types of trailers, you can mount these lights at the top of the trailer.

However, where you mount these lights should be visible to other users to give a clear message.

Do you have to Insulate LED Trailer Lights?


There is a need to insulate your LED trailer lights.

Insulation offers safety against several factors that may affect the efficient operation of these lights.

However, there are certain types of LED trailer lights (non-Insulated contact) that don’t require insulation.

What are the Features of LED Trailer Lights?

The main features of LED trailer lights are:

· Polarity

The current flow of these LED trailer lights is unidirectional.

This means you have to check properly on the connections before lighting these lights.

· Lifespan

LED trailer lights have a lifespan that is 25% more than regular trailer lights.

This is a vital characteristic when searching for the durability of your trailer lights.

The lifespan also reduces the overall operating cost for these lights.

· Power Consumption

The power consumption of these lights is minimal, which reduces the draining of your batteries.

You, therefore, save on the cost of maintaining your batteries by using these lights.

· Light Intensity

These lights shine brighter compared to traditional ones.

This is important for giving the right information appropriately, such as direction or braking sign

· Heat

These lights emit minimal heat when functioning.

This is beneficial as heat is a significant limitation for the effective functioning of these lights.

· Color Variance

It is possible to have different colors for your LED trailer lights.

This allows for the use of these lights for other functions such as direction lights, hazardous lights, and brake lights.

What Causes the Flickering of LED Trailer Lights?

The leading cause of the flickering of LED trailer lights is an insufficient supply of current to these lights.

Lack of sufficient current causes the lighting reduces o malfunction hence the flickering.

What is the Cost of LED Trailer Lights?

The cost of these lights is lower than indecent lights.

This is due to the various advantages that they offer.

However, various factors affect the actual pricing of these lights.

Such factors include:

LED trailer lighting

LED trailer light system

· Type

The different types of LED trailer lights function differently hence affecting their price.

The main types of these lights include signal and brake lights.

The type may differ according to the connectors.

That is, you can have a 4-connector type and a 7-type connector.

· Accessories

There are different accessories that you can have for these lights.

The compatibility of these accessories to these lights affects their final price.

The higher the number of accessories, the more expensive they cost.

· Design

Intricate designs are expensive compared to basic techniques.

You need to check on the different designs before settling on which to buy.

The design you purchase should be compatible with the design of your trailer.

· Manufacturer

The different manufacturers in the market have their prices for their LED trailer lights.

However, when selecting a manufacturer for your lights, you need to prioritize your quality first.

What are the Specifications for Selecting LED Trailer Lights?

The following factors are vital when selecting LED trailer lights for your use:

· Size

The size of the LED trailer you select should fit into their spaces on your trailer.

You have to check on the size to pick the correct one.

· Power Requirements

Effective lighting should not drain your battery power.

The power consumption should be less than the battery capacity.

This ensures the lights function appropriately.

· Light Intensity

The intensity of your LED trailer lights should be sufficient enough to pass the correct information.

You can check on the voltage of the different lights to select the best one for your use.

· Type of LED Trailer Lights

The type of light you select should serve the function that you are purchasing it for.

Common types of LED trailer lights include marker lights, reflectors, and turn signal lights.

· Installation Process

The installation process of the trailer light you select should be compatible with your trailer.

Among the considerations here include the accessories that particular light and the procedure for installing each light.

 Material Properties of these Light

Material properties include the type of material these lights have, such as their housing.

The operating environment of thee lights requires that they consist of durable material that is all-weather resistance.

Where can you use LED Trailer Lights?

The use of LED trailer lights is common in different trailer types such as:

  • Car trailer
  • Boat trailer
  • Tray body trailer
  • Box trailer ‘
  • Horsebox

How Durable are LED Trailer Lights?

Under regular operation, LED trailer lights can last 100,000 hours.

This is around six times more than that of ordinary trailer lights.

However, certain operational factors can limit the functioning of these lights.

For instance, the amount of current flowing through the circuit.

 LED trailer lights kit

 LED trailer light kit

Which Accessories do you need for LED Trailer Lights?

The main accessories that you can have for your LED trailer lights are:

  • LED trailer light housing, which holds the lights in position.
  • LED trailer light plug. This plug ensures proper fixing of the wires, thus allows for a complete circuit.
  • LED trailer light lenses. The lenses magnify the intensity of the lights, which vita for proper indication.
  • Trailer wiring is a vital accessory for the proper working of the lights. You need to have all the required wires during installation
  • LED trailer light connector joins two similar lights ensuring the light function as a unit. For instance, brake LED trailer lights.

Can you Repair LED Trailer Lights?

Yes. It is possible to repair LED trailer lights.

The repairing process depends on the source of the problem.

To locate where the problem is, you need to test the circuit using a multimeter.

If the issue is about wiring, you need to follow the wiring procedure, as indicated by your manufacturer.

If the problem is about flickering, you have to ensure you use a battery with the correct voltage.

You may also have to check on the grounding to ensure It is appropriately connected to the trailer’s metal frame.

What Color Options are available for LED Trailer Lights?

You can have different color options for your LED trailer lights as per where you want to use them.

The primary color options include daylight white, egg-yellow, and red.

A reliable manufacturer can even customize these lights for your use.

Does LED Trailer Lights Drain Battery Power?

No. LED trailer lights do not drain battery power.

However, this depends on the type and voltage requirement of a particular LED trailer light.

The voltage requirement of a proper trailer light should not exceed that of the battery capacity.

What is the Energy Consumption of LED Trailer Lights?

The energy consumption of LED trailer lights is low compare to that of traditional trailer lights.

However, their consumption depends on their voltage requirements.

Are LED Trailer Lights Eco-friendly?


LED has numerous eco-friendly benefits. For instance, they are easy to recycle, which reduces environmental waste.

Their high lifespan minimizes the need to purchase them hence protecting the environment frequently.

They don’t emit dangerous emissions into the environment, thus minimizing pollution.

How can you Customize LED Trailer Lights?

You can customize LED trailer lights by choosing different colors for their functions.

You can also select different sizes and shapes for these lights to use on your trailer.

Which Quality Certifications should LED Trailer Lights conform to?

The main quality certifications for your LED trailer lights are:

  • ENEC / ENEC+ mark
  • Hygiene property certification
  • GS certification
  • CE standard conformity
  • Bauart certification
  • ISO certification

Why are LED Trailer Lights IP Rated?

IP rated LED trailer lights indicate the level of protection of these lights against various environmental factors such as solids and liquids.

This is important considering the operational environment of these lights.

An IP rating consists of two parts.

The first part indicates the level of protection of these lights against solid while the second part suggests the protection of these lights against liquid.

2 Pairs of LED trailer light

2 pairs of LED trailer light

How do you Test the Quality of LED Trailer Lights?

You can test the quality of LED trailer lights by checking on their voltage and amperage requirements. The standard tool to use here is a voltmeter.

Whether you need LED marine trailer lights or any other types of lights, SMAlux offers a perfect solution for all your needs.

Contact us today for competitive prices on LED trailer lights.