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There are a lot of options when it comes to Led under cabinet lighting at Smalux company. Here at Smalux, you can find the best ones available to help you find one that works for you. We have the best-LED under cabinet lighting options for your business.

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Smalux – Your Reliable Led Under Cabinet Lighting Manufacturer in China

Finding the right Led under cabinet lighting is not an easy task at all. You must be more vigilant especially when choosing a certified manufacturer and supplier. Smalux is the best one for you to choose from.

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Smalux can manufacture a wide range of led under cabinet lighting in different style lighting. We have a lot of options when it comes to Led under cabinet lighting to fulfill your needs.

At Smalux, all led under cabinet lighting installation is really easy and everything you need is included. Our led under cabinet lighting is made up of plastic and aluminum, so you don’t have anything to worry about rust or corrode. Plus, Smalux led under cabinet lighting are all come with a 24-month warranty.

When it comes to a led under cabinet lighting, your particular needs in business will be supported by WeProFab. We can supply suitable for your applications.

We, Smalux is rich with staff from assembling, engineering, packing, to customer service. We can ensure the safety process step by step. We can ensure the quality of led under cabinet lighting by checking first before the moving process.

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LED Under Cabinet Lighting: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers everything you need to know about LED under cabinet lighting systems such as material, uses, features, installation, power consumption, and color temperature, amongst others.

So, if you want to be an expert in LED under cabinet lights, read this guide.

What is LED Under Cabinet lighting?

This is a type of under cabinet lighting consisting of several LEDs that light up your cabinet.

The LEDs usually have semiconductors which conduct power, causing them to light.

LED under cabinet light

LED under cabinet light

What are the Features of LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

An effective LED under cabinet lighting features the following:

· Voltage

There are two types of voltage for LED under cabinet lighting, that is a low voltage which is usually between 12 and 24V.

The other type of voltage is the line voltage which is at 120V.

Low voltage is advantageous since it allows for small light fixtures.

You can, therefore, install more lights in a small under cabinet space.

The amount of low heat voltage produces less compared to a high voltage which is critical in LED under cabinet lighting.

When using low voltage, it is essential to have a transformer which steps down the high voltage to low voltage.

· Wiring

There are two types of LED under cabinet lighting that you can choose, simple plugin and hard wiring.

The use of hardwiring is for connecting the LED light to the main house wiring, which facilitates power connection.

It would help if you qualified personnel to do the hard wiring for you.

Plugin wiring is for drawing power from the power outlet, which is usually the power socket.

It is a simple and cheaper option for use compared to hardwiring since you can do it by yourself.

There are versions of LED under cabinet lighting which is battery-powered as such.

There is no need of either of the wiring options.

· Dimming Capability

Dimming capability gives you control over your LED under cabinet lighting.

It also helps in energy saving which translates to cost reduction.

Dimmers enhance the appearance of your cabinet while reducing too much light which can be harmful to your eyes.

You may, however, have to incur an extra cost of purchasing the dimmers in certain types of lightings.

Are there Limitations for LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

Yes. Cost is a significant limitation to the use of these lights.

The initial purchasing cost of these lights is high, which makes them out of reach for many.

You have to do proper budgeting before purchasing them.

There is also the need to be careful during the installation process, as these lights are delicate.

They can easily break if you don’t handle them properly.

How do you Install LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

It would help if you had the following tools for installation of your LED under cabinet lighting; screwdriver, wire strippers, electric tape, drywall saw and wire nuts.

Installation of LED under cabinet lighting entails planning on the wiring aspect and positioning the under-cabinet LED lights.

The positioning should take into consideration the number of LED bulbs you are going to use according to the length of your cabinet.

Use a drywall saw to peel off the backsplash.

This is where the wiring of your lighting will run.

You have to drill holes at the bottom of your cabinet where the installation will come through.

The next step involves connecting the lights.

Here, you need to give space between the wires and remove the insulation.

The spacing is critical in temperature regulation of your lighting.

Once you finish, you need to cover the terminals of the switch using electrical tape.

You then test before using your lighting.

Testing ensures you have installed everything, and the lights are working correctly.

What Materials are LED Under Cabinet Lighting made of?

LED under cabinet lighting consists of mainly glass and plastic as the outer covering.

Then there is insulated copper which connects the lights to the power source.

The inner part of an LED consists of semiconductors which conduct power to light up the LEDs.

How much Heat do LED Under Cabinet Lighting emit?

The amount of heat of an LED under cabinet lighting depends on its arrangement and the number of LEDs in a given connection.

However, the quantity of this light is negligible.

What much power do LED Under Cabinet Lighting require?

 LED under cabinet light

LED under cabinet light

The average power that LED under cabinet lighting requires for every ft ranges between 4 and 10watts.

However, factors such as the number of LEDs and the design of your lighting affect the power requirements.

What should you Consider when Buying LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

The following considerations are vital when buying an LED under cabinet lighting:

· Cost

The initial cost of LED under cabinet lighting is higher in comparison to other types of under cabinet lighting.

They, however, have a lower operating price than the different types.

The higher initial cost is because LED under cabinet lighting is a new technology.

You, therefore, have to factor both the short-term cost in terms of purchasing and long-term cost in terms of operating cost.

· Quality

Critical considerations in terms of quality include light uniformity, light level, application uniformity efficacy and light uniformity.

The light level is the level of light from the fixture and illuminating the counter.

Light uniformity is the distribution of light across the counter. This should be smooth and sufficient lamination.

Light colour can vary from neutral, yellow to white or bluish depending on the type of LED you select.

It would help if you considered the counter finishes when choosing the colour of your LED.

· Reliability

Reliability entails checking o factors such as rated life and replacement of a particular LED under cabinet lighting.

You can also consider thermal and heat management issues.

What is the Lifespan of LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

The lifespan of an LED under cabinet lighting differs depending on several factors.

For instance, under laboratory conditions, and LED under cabinet lighting can have up to 100,000 rated life.

However, under operating condition, this rated life is affected by conditions such as excess heat exposure and its driver’s life.

You can consider an LED under cabinet lighting’s lifespan over when it emits 70% of its light.

How much do LED Under Cabinet Lighting Cost?

The pricing of LED under cabinet lighting differs due to factors such as:

· Manufacturer

The technology a particular manufacturer uses to produce the LED lights differ, which affects the final market value.

When sourcing for these lights, you need to compare prices of different manufacturers before picking the best option for your use.

However, while comparing the prices of different manufacturers, you have to ensure they meet all the quality standards.

· Design

There are various designs available for LED under cabinet lighting which affect the purchasing cost.

For instance, the design can either be a plugin or hard wiring.

The number of LEDs within a given lighting system also affects the overall cost.

The higher the number of LEDs, the higher the price.

How do you Power LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

Common ways that you can use to power LED under cabinet lighting are:

  • Electricity: You have to connect your LED under cabinet lighting to the power supply, which can be the socket or the power mains.
  • Battery: Some LED under cabinet lighting require the use of a battery to power them up. The manufacturer specifies which battery to use.
  • Solar power: You can use solar power to power your LED under cabinet lighting. The installation process may be similar to that of electricity or as specified by your manufacturer.

How does LED Under Cabinet Lighting compare to Fluorescent Under Cabinet Lighting?

Flourescent under cabinet light

Fluorescent under cabinet light

Both LED, and fluorescent under cabinet lighting produces a sufficient amount of light to luminate your cabinet.

However, fluorescent under cabinet lighting has a higher intensity compared to LED.

This implies that fluorescent has a higher energy consumption compared to LED under cabinet lighting.

LEDs are easy to install, even where there is a space limitation.

This allows for installation even in complex locations where fluorescent under cabinet light is impossible.

It is easy to install LEDs that it is to install fluorescent under cabinet lighting. This reduces the overall cost and time it takes to install these lightings.

The cost of purchasing LED under cabinet lighting is higher compared to that of fluorescent.

This is due to the numerous benefits that LEDs offer compared to fluorescent.

LEDs have a longer lifespan compared to fluorescent under cabinet lighting.

You, therefore, save a lot on the operating cost of LEDs compared to that of fluorescent.

Which Accessories do you need Alongside LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

The accessories you choose for your LED under cabinet lighting should be compatible with your LED under cabinet lighting. This ensures effective performance.

Standard accessories that you can use alongside LED under cabinet lighting include:

· Dimmers

They refer to lighting controls which allows you to control the level of light of your LED under cabinet lighting.

They are an alternative to light switches.

· Low Voltage Transformers

These accessories are for converting the standard voltage to low voltage which is usually between 12 and 24 volts.

· LED Driver

These drivers help in the provision of constant voltage or current for your LED under cabinet lighting to function normally.

This is through the conversion of power into the required voltage.

· Mounting Brackets

These are accessories that facilitate the mounting process by holding your LED under cabinet lighting in position.

During the installation process, you position the LED lights within the bracket and hit the brackets, thereby holding the lights.

How do you Choose Low Voltage LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

The best way of selecting low voltage LED under cabinet lighting is by checking on the voltage requirements before purchasing.

Alternative, you can buy LED under cabinet lighting which uses transformers.

Transformers play a critical role in the stepping down of power from the mains to that which low voltage LED under cabinet lighting can use.

Can you Recommend Under Cabinet Lighting ideas?


There a variety of Under cabinet lighting ideas that you can apply including:

Under cabinet light

LED cabinet light

· Puck Lights

These lights are a common feature due to their battery-operated module.

They are circular in appearance, and their installation involves mounting on the desired place using an adhesive tape.

You can use these lights in small spaces, rental units, task lighting, and spaces where there are no plugs.

For better installation, you need to place the plunks at intervals of between 8 and 12 inches.

· Tape Lights

Tape lights (LED strip under cabinet lighting) are essential for flat or shallow lighting.

They feature an adhesive which is peel and stick and a plug.

The installation process is simple since it involves peeling the adhesive and sticking it under your cabinet.

They offer a cool lighting options design which reduces heat emission around your kitchen.

These lights are dimmable, flexible and flat.

This allows for concealment in unique spots such as under the countertops.

They are however complicated to install since you need a plug for every 5-meter section.

Tape lights are suitable for installation in accent lighting, smaller parts, irregularly shaped locations and shallow places.

What is the Best Color for LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

The best colour for LED under cabinet lighting is mainly cool white.

However, you may opt for other colours as per your requirements.

What is the Best Color Temperature for LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

The best colour temperature depends on your lighting requirements.

For instance, if you need a yellow light, you have to pick a color temperature that is lower than 3200K.

For warm color glow, you need to select a colour temperature of between 2700 and 2800K.

Color temperature

Color temperature

How do you Choose Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

When selecting a dimmable LED under cabinet lighting, you need to consider the wattage of your lights.

The total wattage of this lighting should not be more than that of your dimmable.

For example, an LE under-cabinet lighting with ten LEDs each consuming 75W, the total wattage is 750.

This means the wattage of your dimmers should be above 750Watts.

How do you Test Quality of LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

You can test the quality of your LED under cabinet lighting through:

  • The use of a multimeter. This determines the voltage that a particular LED under cabinet lighting can sustain.
  • Use of a coin cell battery. This ascertains If the LEDs lights up during operation without burning them out. The cell battery provides enough power to light the LEDs.

Is LED Under Cabinet Lighting IP Rated?

IP Rating

IP Rating

Yes. LED under cabinet lighting are IP rated.

The rating helps in protecting the LEDs against solids and liquids objects including water, dust and dirt.

Different LEDs have different IP ratings which offer a different level of protection against such objects.

Common LED ratings that you can use for your under-cabinet lighting include:

  • LED IP67 Rating
  • LED IP65 Rating
  • LED IP64 Rating
  • LED IP54 Rating
  • LED IP40 Rating

Why Choose LED for Under Cabinet Lighting?

LEDs are the perfect choice for your under-cabinet lighting due to the following:

· Longer life span

LEDs have a longer lifespan compared to other types of lights such as fluorescent.

This ensures you get the best of your lighting while reducing their overall cost.

· Resistance

Most LEDs have a high resistance to temperature fluctuation.

This makes them an ideal option for use I high-temperature under-cabinet lighting.

· Low heat

Most LEDs emit low heat when they are functioning while still emitting sufficient light for your application.

The low heat minimizes burnout of the light or connection disintegration.

What are the Benefits of Remote-Control LED Under Cabinet Lights?

Among the benefits of using a remote-control LED under cabinet lights include:

· Control

A remote-control LED under cabinet lights offers you greater control over your lighting system.

You can remotely switch on or off you light through the touch of a button even when you are at a distance.

· Flexibility

Remote-control LED under cabinet lighting offers you flexibility in terms of adjusting the temperature and light colour.

This enhances the design that you can have for your under-cabinet lighting.

· Power consumption reduction

Remotes under this type of under cabinet lighting require a battery which reduces the overall energy consumption.

This is essential if you are looking for a low cost LED under cabinet lighting.

· Maintenance

Remote-control LED under cabinet lights are easy to maintain, which reduces the overall maintenance cost.

The connection does not entail the main power supply, which makes it easier to repair in case of damages.

· Minimal disruption

Remote-control LED under cabinet lighting does not have frequent power disruptions.

This is partly due to the connection procedure, which does not utilize the mains power supply.

In case of power disruption on the mains, it does not necessarily affect the working of your LED under-cabinet lighting.

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