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SMAlux- Your Premier Marine Dock Lights Fabricator in China

SMAlux Marine Dock Lights are lights that give protection especially to boats and to the passengers. These lights can be a life savior. Help to keeps away from big and quite destruction and damages. These are the most accurate lights you must have when doing the marine operation. The right way of installing these Marine Dock Lights will give enough protection you ever need.

Because the way all-over the dock is not clear, then there is an excessive risk of smacking dock portions with the boat. Deck passengers might fall off the water. In every marine situation, Marine Dock Lights is applicable. Each installed dock will cause trouble to anyone around. So, proper lighting must installed at the same time. In all incoming projects related, it`s better having lights that carry the good cause.

Marine Dock Lights featured as solar lights. These are a very good idea for lighting installment systems. This kind of lighting is just automatically turned on when already dark and turned off when daybreaks. With this case, you don`t have to worry about switching the lights on/off. Further, Marine Dock Lights have amazing things to know more about. Sun empowered the solar lighting, makes all good for next operations. Since the dock is always placed outside, the dock solar lights get a lot of power and energy for nighttime.

Even if docks always get wet and barely exposed to saltwater, underwater lighting is the best idea, these have duties to keep your boats protected timely. Glazing types of underwater lights can last longer of operations, might last possibly about 100,000 hours or more. All of these are economical and LEDs. With different diversity grounds, these sorts of lighting are proven great for all docks implementations. These bring different benefits for both clients and business management owners. One advantage of having such great quality Marine Dock Lights is you can easily generate satisfying ambient appearance.

Moreover, accurate lighting will help your dock station protected. Lights from it gently captivate the marine`s viability. And perfect for fishing activities. However, when choosing the right marine lights, consider the circumstances and how glassy the saltwater is. Considering these two, help you to have perfect chosen Marine Dock Lights for business and even personal use. LEDs are most preferred nationwide. Color green LED is the best choice of color, but still, you can pick up any colors with your favorite basis.

SMAlux is the best answer when finding the most accurate lights for docks stations. All dock lighting proposals, SMAlux is on-the-go and ready to serve you with complete essentials. With all related lighting equipment, SMAlux could give all you need. From checking the highest quality level up to distributing globally, SMAlux is responsible. We can promise to give the best quality yet affordable priced Marine Dock Lights.

Do you have something stuck in your mind, questioning about accurate lights, wiring recourses, and what dock lighting has popular designs? All comprises questions, SMAlux members ready to support your projects. Check out different featured styles of Marine Dock Lights here, maybe you could find one that fits your needs. Contact us immediately.

Marine Dock Light: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

With the level of activities on a marine dock during the night, it is important that you adequately light your dock.

This FAQ equips you with information on how to choose the right marine dock light.

What is a Marine Dock Light?

Marine dock lights refer to lights that are used to light the docks of a marine.

They have to be very durable to withstand the rigor associated with the marine environment.

As such you should use the right material for your marine dock light.

Marine dock light

 Marine dock light

What are the Benefits of Marine Dock Light?

In using marine dock light, there are several benefits that you will realize.

These benefits include:

  • Marine dock light hinders accidental collision.

In illuminating the edge of the water during the night marine dock light hinders boats from colliding with your dock and individuals from falling off the boat.

  • Marine dock light makes it easier for you to get out of water.

When you get back from being on the sea at night marine dock light allows you to get home safely and when it is turned off it prevent disturbances.

  • Also, marine dock light enhances the visual appeal of your dock.

They equip your dock with a great ambient light that is not harsh on people’s eyes but sufficiently bright to enhance dock safety.

What are the Advantages of using LED Marine Dock Light?

If you are choosing LED marine dock light for your dock, you will receive a lot of advantages.

They are:

Marine dock lighting system

Marine dock lighting system

· Weatherproof and Waterproof

When setting up a dock light, durability is very important.

LED marine lights are created to withstand excessive sun, snow, storms, and saltwater.

The waterproof dielectric grease seals, sealed wiring, and transformer make your light weatherproof while keeping it shining.

· Dimming Ability

LED marine dock lights are designed with the capacity to alter the brightness and identify your perfect intensity.

You can set your LED marine dock light to turn on at a particular brightness and time to give your ideal ambiance.

· Energy Efficient

LED marine dock light uses an eco-friendly technology.

The LED bulbs used in the light can minimize your energy use by approximately 80% while providing brightness and luminosity.

When you save energy you also save on electric bill money.

· Enhanced Dock Safety

Relaxing on a dock and parking your boat when it gets dark can be dangerous.

However, when you light the dock with LED dock light you will be able to enhance the security and safety of everybody.

Increased vision ranges will help minimize the probability of missing a boat slip or falling in the water.

· Durable Cover

Every LED marine dock light has a polycarbonate cover housing that is transparent.

The covers are almost indestructible and tougher than the toughest stainless steel or aluminum.

Although LED marine dock light has a robust housing, its recessed design prevents it from being stepped on.

The housing is set up in the wooden dock so it stays unseen.

What are the Materials used in Making Marine Dock Lights?

For functionality and aesthetic marine dock lights are made using materials with unique characteristics.

These materials are stainless steel, bronze, heavy-duty brass, and cast aluminum.

· Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and this is because it has a chromium oxide layer.

Chromium oxide naturally forms on the surface of stainless steel from the combination of moisture and chromium.

If scratched chromium oxide regenerates thereby making stainless steel corrosion-resistant.

Stainless steel also has strong mechanical features and it is environmentally inert as well as neutral when it comes into contact with elements like water.

Due to the outlined features, stainless steel makes marine dock light strong, weatherproof, and corrosion-resistant.

It is a perfect choice when it comes to marine light fixture.

· Bronze

Bronze has a copper oxide layer that secures the inner metal from corrosion.

It also has significant strength.

The strength of bronze and its corrosion resistance make it a suitable material for marine dock light.

It allows marine dock light to withstand saltwater and harsh outdoor environment.

· Heavy-duty Brass

Heavy-duty brass is strong and resistant to elements.

These characteristics make them suitable materials for making marine dock lights as they can withstand extreme temperatures.

As such heavy-duty brass make your marine dock light long-lasting.

· Cast-aluminum

Cast aluminum has exceptional resistance to corrosion.

Also, they have significantly good hardness and strength.

Corrosion resistance and strength make cast aluminum suitable material for marine dock light suitable for the harsh marine environment.

Additionally, it prevents rotting from exposure to harsh sun and saltwater.

Therefore, it equips a marine dock light with lasting performance and durability.

Who are the Main Users of Marine Dock Light?

Marine dock light is used by several users for their dock requirements that range from lighting to piling.

Some of these users are contractors who depend on marine-grade products inventory, retail shops, marine operators, and homeowners.

Also, marine dock light is used for underwater fishing, illuminating driveways, pathways, and walkways as well as brightening the dock.

Are Marine Dock Lights Customizable?

You can customize marine dock light to suite your needs.

  • You can customize the finishing of your marine dock light. They are available in patina, rusty iron, bronze, black and white finish.
  • The post of a marine dock light is customizable. You can choose from the round post, square post, round post with double gooseneck metal lantern, or square post with a single mental lantern.
  • The design of a solar marine dock light is customizable. You can customize it for square or round posts, piling mount, flat surface mount or deck mount.
  • The fixtures of marine dock light are customizable. Fixtures exist in neon, fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, and LED.

What are some major types of marine dock light?

Subject to your requirements, there is a wide array of marine dock lights that you can choose from.

The major types of marine dock lights are:

Marine dock lighting system

Marine dock lighting system

· Piling Cap Lights

Piling Cap Lights has a radio frequency remote and a replaceable LED.

The remotes allow you to control your light.

Piling Cap light has a single color system that allows you to choose from several colors.

These colors are magenta, red, aqua, yellow, blue, green, and white.

You can easily alter every cap color at any time to attain your preferred effect.

Also, it has a night/day sensor for operating automatically.

· Pagoda Lights

Pagoda Lights fit any type of application.

You can ground mount it, surface mounts it, pilaster mount it, and mount it on post top.

They are available in low voltage or standard 120V configurations.

Also, they are available in a classic 3 tier, 2 tier, and 1 tier large top.

· Deck Solar Lights

Deck Solar Lights are lighting with a gorgeous, soft glow and do not involve the hassle of wiring.

The rechargeable batteries of deck solar lights receive energy from the sun during the day and automatically light at dusk.

It is made using material that is resistant to wear and waterproof.

This makes it durable and gives it a long life in every weather condition like rain and snow weather.

· LED Deck Lighting

LED Deck Lighting is a cost-effective, easy to install, and long-lasting deck lighting alternative.

They are available in several colors and have a lifespan of between 50,000 and 75,000 hours.

They enhance the deck atmosphere and add a dramatic impact to your deck.

· Underwater Lights

Underwater lights enhance your fishing adventure.

It attracts insects and planktons that ultimately attract fish to you.

It enhances your boat’s ambiance.

It comes in several colors that equip your boat with style thereby making your cruise enviable.

It has an external light controller that allows you to have total control over light.

Control includes the dimming alternative.

· Nautical Lights

Nautical lights have a glass lens that provides several lights with a low power amount.

It is made using marine graded bronze.

They are suitable for the saltwater environment and can endure the harsh external environment.

What are the Three Ways in which Marine Dock Light can be Powered?

When choosing a marine dock light, you must consider how the light is powered.

Marine dock light can be halogen powered, solar-powered, or LED.

· Solar

Solar powering is inexpensive, easier to install, and does not increase electric bills.

Dock solar is affordable since it uses solar and when installing it you do not have to worry about wiring.

However, batteries have to replaced frequently and if it does not receive sufficient sun it is not adequately bright.

· Halogen

Halogen hinders soot build up from burning metal and enhances your bulb’s light.

It is long-lasting, significantly customizable, and brighter than solar.

Also, it is reliable in that it is not limited to dock’s sunny surface.

Thus, it produces white bright light that illuminates a space easily.

Conversely, wired lighting needs a transformer and increases electricity bill.

Also, when temperatures are high, halogens can be hazardous and burn you if you touch it.

It uses up to 90% of its energy and releases heat.

Further, halogen illumination depends on wiring that requires a lot of know-how and upfront cost during installation.


LED-powered light only emits 10% of its energy in the form of heat and does not burn you when you touch it.

It has a long lifespan meaning that you will not have to replace it regularly.

Also, it consumes less amount of power.

This saves your utility bill.

LED-powered lights have zero ultraviolet emissions.

What are the Examples of Solar-powered Marine Dock lights?

If you want to use solar-powered marine dock light for your boat, there is a wide selection that you can select from.

They are:

· Dock Edge Solar Rechargeable Dock Light with Stainless Steel Mooring Cleat

This type of solar marine dock light is mounted over a durable galvanized steel base.

It is housed by a beautiful colonial type vinyl pillar.

It adds aesthetic to your dock both at night and during the day.

Its lamp is created to illuminate your cleat, dock, and boat.

In doing so it prevents light from shining into your eyes.

The light has a run time of 12 hours and you can use it in both salty and fresh water.

Additionally, it has two rechargeable and replaceable batteries.

· Dock Edge Solar Rechargeable Dock and Deck Light with Replaceable Battery

The light is automatically light at dusk and easy to install since there are no wires.

It is suitable for lighting trouble areas on transition areas like shore to dock or pathways.

It is also excellent for landings, walkways, and decks.

Has a run time of 10 hours and 2 rechargeable as well as replaceable batteries.

Also, it is weatherproof and durable.

· Dock edge Solar Rechargeable Lite with Tapered Pillar

Dock edge rechargeable lite refers to a durable, stylish solar lighting found on a broad-based, attractive tapered pillar to light docking areas.

It is applicable in both salt and freshwater.

Dock edge rechargeable lite has a run time of 12 hours as well as two rechargeable and replaceable batteries.

· Dock Edge Solar Rechargeable light

Dock Edge Solar Rechargeable light has a significantly bright LED that provides 6 color choices you can change with a switch.

It has a dome reflector and diffusing lenses that maximize the output of light.

It is suitable for freshwater, can be installed easily due to lack of wires, and has a run time of 12 hours.

Dock Edge Solar Rechargeable light has a rechargeable and replaceable battery as well as universal fitting.

· Dock Edge Solar Rechargeable Heavy Duty Aluminum Dock Light

Heavy-duty aluminum light has made using aluminum that is corrosion resistant.

It is appropriate for salty and freshwater use.

It can easily be installed and automatically go on at dusk.

It is tolerant of traffic, has a rechargeable battery, and enhances the dock aesthetic.

Is Low Voltage or High Voltage suitable for Marine Dock Light?

Marine dock lighting system

 Marine dock lighting system

During installation, you should ensure that you are aware of the voltage that is suitable for your marine dock light.

Powering your marine dock light using household voltage is very dangerous and has fire hazards.

Therefore, for dock lighting, it is best to use low voltage.

It is safe and hazard resistant.

However low voltage lighting requires investment in transformers that is installed near your deck to hinder dimming.

While high voltage produces a lot of light without a transformer, it poses electrocution risk.

What are some Lighting Ideas for the Effectiveness of Marine Dock Light?

To enhance your lighting experience, there are many lighting ideas you can pursue.

These ideas are:

· Underwater Light

If you are interested in watching fish gather around your dock during the night, you should include underwater deck light.

Also, this light helps you see the dock and steer in the right direction.

· Flush-mounted Light

This type of light is appropriate if you do not want your dock light to be noticed during the day.

They are installed on your dock’s surface and people can walk on them.

· Piling Light

Piling lights are aesthetically interesting lights that produce a beautiful ambient light that is soft on the eye but also enhances safety on the dock.

They are available in several styles.

· Wharf Light

These lights equip your dock with a nautical feel.

It looks great during the day and provides sufficient light during the night.

You should choose a light made with high-quality metal that can survive the marine environment.

· Power Pedestals

Power pedestals are a source of both power and light.

With a light shining downwards at 360 degrees it safely powers a boat and lights a dock.

· Motion-activated Flood Light

Motion-activated floodlight is ideal If looking for a sufficiently bright light that does not disturb your neighbors.

They go off on their own.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing a Marine Dock Light?

When choosing a marine dock light, you should consider several factors.

They are:

  • The type of vessel or boat using the dock.
  • The number of boats that will use the dock.
  • The kinds of light that are already mounted on the dock.
  • The function of your marine dock light to know the appropriate location of mounting your light. dock light mounted for visibility and security of your dock should shine at 360 degrees.
  • The needs of your dock. Go for the light that fits the needs of your dock and look beautiful at dusk.
  • The price of the dock light. Quality marine dock lights are costly.
  • The materials used in making the light. Marine dock light has to be waterproof since they are sometimes submerged underwater.
  • The durability of the light. It should be able to withstand the harsh environment during the night and day.

Are Marine Dock Lights Environmentally Friendly?

Marine dock light offers you’re a way of contributing to environmental sustainability.

  • LED marine dock light has a long lifespan of 50,000 hours.

It lasts 50 linger than an incandescent bulb, 10 times longer than the CFL bulb, and 25 times longer than the halogen bulb.

This means that it reduces the number of bulbs that end up in landfills.

  • LED marine dock light is energy efficient. It uses less power and its ultraviolet emission is low.
  • Solar-powered marine dock light uses solar. This means it has a low carbon emission.

What are the Uses of Underwater Marine Dock Light?

Underwater marine dock light is designed for specific purposes.

  • They produce a cool atmosphere around the dock for those on water and dock using its glowing effect.
  • Underwater marine dock light attract draws fish of every size.
  • Further, it helps with unloading, loading, and boarding a boat at dusk. Makes it easier for you to see the gear, cleat, and ropes.

What are Some of the Things to Avoid when Choosing a Marine Dock Light?

  • When purchasing a marine dock light you should avoid tall bright lights, electronic timer, and manual switch lights. Tall bright light hinders visibility and manual switch can light up if not needed.
  • Avoid metal housed dock lights since they can corrode and pit quickly rendering your light inoperative.
  • Avoid leaving the end of your dock without illumination to enhance safety.
  • Avoid lights that widely cast a light that is bright to avoid keeping your neighbors awake.

What is Marine Dock Barge Safety Beacon Light?

These are lights used for identifying obstructions, navigation aids, and docks at dusk.

Marine dock lights

Marine dock lights

What are the Characteristics of an Effective Marine Dock Light?

For a marine dock light to be considered effective it has to be:

Easy to install, withstand traffic, be weatherproof and durable, illuminate trouble spots, and go on automatically at dusk.

What are the Features of Marine Dock Light?

Marine dock light has features that make it an ideal light option.

They are:

Wireless, have no external wires, have an on and off switch, have silicon panel, and a lithium battery.

Also, they have rainproof housing, wall and post mounting, sunlight charge, warranty, and LEDs.

Are Marine Dock Light IP Rated?

Most marine dock lights are IP 68 rated.

Therefore, you should choose marine dock lights that conform to the relevant quality standards.

At SMAlux, we offer a range of marine lighting systems such as marine trailer lights, marine search lights, marine under water light and marine LED stripes lights, amongst others.

Contact us today for best prices of marine dock lights.