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SMAlux Led light strips have a lot of colors to choose from. There are multi-colors with tunable or remote control led light strips for boat lighting. There is auto change color or thinkable led light strips. For wheelhouse or staterooms, you can choose non-waterproof led light strips. It also has a lot of selections for you to choose for an accent. Determine your ordered lights for your application before you install it.

SMAlux marine led strip lights to have low energy usage. So it is very beneficial for you to save the power of your battery. Our manufactured led light strips are available in many color selections. We have RGB, Warm White, Blue, Green, Red, etc. All of these colors are available in all types of the led light strip for your boat needs.

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Marine LED Light Strips: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

If you’re looking to buy or learn more about marine LED light strips, then you will find all information you need right here.

It covers everything, from quality inspection, installation, standards length, IP rating to quality certification

What is Marine LED Light Strip?

A marine LED strip light refers to a malleable circuit board filled with light emitting diodes.

The lighting system normally comes with an adhesive backing.

This marine lighting fixture is employed predominantly in decorative and accent lighting applications.

They are available in different lengths, with the potential to be cut-to-length making it possible to install them almost anywhere in marine vessel.

Marine strip light

Marine strip light

Which are the Types of Marine LED Light Strips?

Purchasing any LED tape light without knowing the type of boat LED strip light to choose is a grave mistake.

There are five main types of marine LED strip lights including:

  • Fixed LED light strips;
  • Rope LED light strips;
  • Self-adhesive LED light strips;
  • Single LED light strips, and
  • Multi-color LED light strips.

What are the Benefits of Installing Marine LED Light Strips?

Here are the main advantages of marine LED strip lights:

Marine LED strip light

Marine LED strip light

· Easy Installation

Most marine LED tape lights have a strong adhesive at the back of the strip that facilitates easy mounting of the fixture.

You simply peel off and affix the lights to various surfaces of the boat.

· High Energy Efficiency

Similar as other types of marine LED lightings, marine LED strip lights boat of low energy consumption.

No lighting fixture can beat LEDs when it comes to energy efficiency, since they use little power and dissipate less heat.

Moreover, lower heat dissipation means reduced risk of fire.

· Variety of Colors

From single to color changing alternatives, you can use LED strip lights to produce a broad range of various lighting effects.

· Quality Light

The quality of light produced by these boat lighting fixtures is much superior in comparison to other choices in the market.

Where clarity and visibility are concerned, they are much superior to traditional marine lighting systems.

LED lights give much clearer and powerful illumination that is not irritating to the eye.

The powerful light enables you to utilize fewer lights in the marine vessel.

· Flexible

In addition to easy installation, the marine luminaires are as well flexible.

This enables designing of the lights by contour of your boat.

The flexibility coupled with the sticking tape at the back facilitates easy and fast installation of the marine LED light strips.

· Waterproof

The lights are 100 percent waterproof, which is a vital quality considering the marine environment they are used.

· Long-lasting

Marine LED tape lights are highly durable while consuming 80 percent less power in comparison other types of marine lighting fixtures.

Moreover, they glow more coolly than fluorescent or halogen lights while causing less drain on the power supply of your boat.

What is the Standard Length of Marine LED Light Strips?

As a rule, the standard length of boat LED strip light is as follows:

  • 12V marine LED tape light can have a length up to 5m and you may cut to the desired length.
  • 24V marine LED light strip can have a length up to 10m, which can also be cut to length.
  • 240V LED Strip is fairly a modern technology though can have a length up to 100m.

It is advisable to consult your marine lighting fixtures supplier if you want to link boat LED strip lights exceeding these lengths.

This is because of the nature of the luminaire that may result in ‘burn out’ in case it is made excessively long.

Are Marine LED Strip Lights Dimmable?

When used together with an appropriate controller or driver, nearly all boat LED light strips are dimmable.

You can use a dimmer to reduce the intensity of the light to your preferred brightness if you find it too bright.

Dimmable marine LED strip lights give total control over lighting, permitting you to change the ambience based on mood.

How do you Install Marine LED Light Strips?

Installation of marine LED light strips is the next phase after deciding on the transformer type, color and length of the fixture.

The process of installing marine lighting fitting can differ based on the mounting location and whether you need extra help from an electrician.

Mains connected lighting entails linking the LED driver to the power source, and then coupling the driver with the boat tape light.

You can cut the strip to length if necessary. After removing the adhesive backing, you can affix the luminaire to the desired location or space.

Nevertheless, the process of installing RGB and RGBW marine LED strip lights is fairly different.

It is necessary to connect a remote control unit to the strip light and the driver.

This enables the operator to change the light color using remote controller.

In some scenarios you may be required to link several lengths of marine LED tape lights together, especially in large areas and corners.

In such instances, you can use strip connectors, which do not need any soldering.

Where can you Install Marine LED Light Strips?

There are many alternatives when it comes to selecting a location on your vessel for mounting marine LED light strips.

Here are some of the areas you can install the lighting fixtures to incorporate spectacular lighting effects in your boat:

  • Deck
  • Crow’s nest
  • Cockpit Cabin
  • Gunwales
  • Under consoles
  • Behind panels

These flexible marine LED accent lights not only look awesome, they also offer the extra advantage of enhanced lighting.

This translates to improved visibility and safety, particularly at dusk.

What are the Main Factors to Consider when Choosing Marine LED Strip Lights?

Here are the essential factors to consider when buying boat LED light strips:

 LED strip light

LED Strip Light

· Voltage

Majority of the light fixtures are 12V or 24V. Selecting 12V is often a better choice since it gives you more alternatives to select for the strip itself and constituents.

Only go for 24V if installing longer lengths measuring 10m and above.

· IP Ratings

It is important to select LED strip lights with IP rating appropriate for your marine lighting application.

This feature is vital in protecting the silicone coating of the luminaire.

The silicone will last longer in fixtures with higher IP rating.

Nevertheless, high IP ratings can lead to overheating and burning out of the lights, since they have no space for cooling.

IP Rating

 IP Rating

· Color Temperature

Marine LED strip lights come in various color temperatures, enabling you to create a variety of color shades.

Ranging from warm to cool effects, you can utilize the lights to produce diverse ambience based on the space you mount them.

Furthermore, the selected color temperature will as well affect the brightness of the marine lighting fixture.

It determines the tone and hue of white to anticipate from the luminaire, and it is measured in Kelvin (K).

· Number of LEDs

Different designs and brands have different numbers of LEDs for every meter.

Some types of marine LED tape lights come with as little as 30 LEDs per meter, while others integrate as much as 252 for every meter.

The amount of LEDs is an important consideration it impacts on the aesthetic of the lighting system.

· LED Profile

Always opt for aluminum profile when purchasing your LED strips.

This will make the installation appear customized and high-quality.

Also known as channel, profile is alike to strip lighting, since you can cut it to precise millimeter to equal your application.

There exist several profiles, ranging from small to very large types.

· Lumen Rating

Different models of boat LED light strips have differing lumen capacity.

The higher the density of LED, the more lumens you get which automatically implies more brightness.

Therefore, you can establish the lumens rating by the LEDs number or length of the LED strip.

The lumen rating of marine LED light strip is dependent on the intended use of the light.

Below is a guide to help in choosing the right lumens:

  • Under-cabinet and close task lighting should range from 175 to 550 lumens for each ft.
  • Distant task light needs to span from 350 to 1200 lumens for every ft.
  • Not too direct illumination should range from 375 to 1200 lumens for each ft.

Nonetheless, you can often incorporate more lumens when you need more brightness.

· Durability Expectations

The durability of your boat LED strip light is very essential that it needs not to be overlooked.

Its lifespan should match your expected durability, which you can determine with the help of a number of parameters.

IP rating of the marine LED light strip is one of those parameters.

The rating expresses the extent to which the boat lighting is resistant to elements that can shorten its lifespan, including moisture and dirt.

What is the Recommended Wattage for Marine LED Light Strips?

Selecting the right wattage is vital in getting the appropriate brightness from the luminaire.

Majority of marine LED strip lighting systems are utilized to produce an ambient, low-key touch.

To attain this you will have to utilize low wattage.

It is recommended to employs fixtures not exceeding 5W.

When the application requires more of a functional light, such as installation under cabin, then you need about 10W LED strip.

Conversely, if the application requires even more illumination, then you should go for 15W per meter.

Marine light

 Marine LED light

How many Marine Light Strips can you Connect Together?

The length choices are almost unlimited based on the way you link the strips up.

However, when establishing the number of marine LED strip lights to link together, it is essential to remember that resistance rise with distance.

For that matter, it is advisable not to link greater than two successive strips end-to-end.

In case you connect more, you should integrate a separate power bus having higher gauge wire to extend the strips.

Alternatively, you could add extra power sources down the line.

The wire in boat LED strip light is extremely thin.

Due to this fact, you will observe color change or the strips getting dimmer further down the connection.

This implies that you have linked too many marine LED tap lights end-to-end without additional power supply.

Similarly, your power supply may be lacking the capacity to support the connection.

You should choose a higher amperage/wattage fixture, when you intend to link above two standard marine RGB LED strips via a single controller.

Are there Color Changing Marine LED Light Strips?

Yes, there exist certain marine LED strip lights that provide multicolor options, allowing the operator to switch between a myriad of colors.

They are usually referred to as Red, green and blue (RGB) LED strip lighting systems.

The fixtures facilitates the formation of millions of unique colors of light, all produced out of these three main colors.

What are Difference Between Marine RGB and RGBW LED Light Strips?

LED strip light

LED strip light

· Marine RGB Strip Lights

These types of marine strip lights utilize red, green and blue LEDs in creating a colors variety including white.

Nevertheless, the white will have a purple hue.

You will need RGB controllers for color selection in addition to mode, speed and brightness control.

Furthermore, these boat LED strip lights must be utilized with RGB accessories.

· Marine RGBW Light Strips

The fundamental distinction is that boat RGBW LED light strip has independent white LED chips besides RGB LEDs.

Independent white LEDs get rid of the unusual hues commonly linked with white color of RGB types.

Similar to RGB strips, marine RGBW LED strip lights also need controllers for color selection coupled with mode, speed and brightness control.

Moreover, you must install the fixture using RGBW accessories.

Which is the Best between Single Color and Multi-color Marine LED Light Strips?

Deciding whether to install single color or multicolor marine boat LED light strip is a matter of taste.

Both types of LED light strips will introduce a totally new aspect of smooth style and elegance to your marine vessel.

Single color marine LED tape lights are suitable if you have a specific color of choice, like green, white, blue or red.

This sole fixed color will illuminate brilliantly throughout your entire marine vessel.

Nonetheless, multicolor LED light strip kits are the best option if you cannot easily settle on a specific color.

They offer almost infinite set of color blends, which allows adjustment of the appearance and ambience of the lighting pattern of your boat.

Single color vs multi color strip light

Single color vs multi color strip light

What is the Color Temperature of Marine LED Light Strips?

Selecting the correct color temperature for marine LED light strips is the most essential decision when buying the fixtures.

Ideally you need to blend the marine lighting surrounding the strip lights for an elegant look.

For a soft, warm ambience, use boat strip lights having a color temperature from 2700K to 3000K.

This will produce a soothing effect and provides the most common color.

However, 4000K is the better option if you do not prefer the warm color.

This color temperature gives a natural color and appearance since it has a moderate cool white and warm white tinge.

It is the safest option in case you are unsure of the color temperature to choose, since 4000K suits nearly every application.

Color temperature of 5000K is the right choice when you need the most possible illumination, such as in work environment.

This option is extremely white that it is nearly blue and can be very irritating when you look at it directly.

The human eye distinguish light colors divergently even when they have equal brightness.

Natural white boat LED light strips seem more brilliant compared to warm white with the same lumen rating.

Nevertheless, it does not imply that warm white will give dim light.

They just may not look as brilliant as cool white due to their color.

All color temperatures of marine LED light strips come in varying intensities.

Therefore, if you require very brilliant warm white LED strips, opt for type with a high lumen rating.

Consider your personal preference when choosing boat LED strip lights. Decide whether you like a warm, calming surrounding (warm white), or a more energetic, shiny environment (cool white).

Furthermore, you should also factor in the color temperature of neighboring marine lights.

Blending cool white under-cabinet LED tape lights with warm white boat ceiling lights will be easily noticeable.

However, the color difference will be less noticeable if you blend natural white marine LED strips with warm white boat ceiling lights.

Natural white lights are more neutral and can blend perfectly with surrounding light color temperatures.

Color temperature

Color temperature

What is the Lifespan of Marine LED Light Strip?

Just like any other type of marine LED lighting fixture, boat LED light strips have a general lifespan of 50,000 hours.

This translates to approximately 6 years of consistent use.

However, LEDs experience lumen depreciation over time.

Therefore, 50,000 is the amount of hours it typically takes the boat LED light strips to depreciate to 70 percent of their initial light output.

How do you Connect Marine LED Strip Lights?

The following are the main methods of linking together marine boat LED light strips:

· Soldering

Soldering is a technique that firmly and perpetually link LED light strips together, that requires solder and soldering iron.

During soldering, you may require silicone sealant, extra wire, and scissors.

· Connectors

CPS connectors, angle connectors, Pigtail connectors, splitter cables, interconnect cables and jumpers enable linking of LED strips or powering of controllers and supplies.

These connectors can be used to bond strips lights to additional wire when running the installation through a space that requires no illumination.

What are the Qualities of Outdoor Marine LED Light Strips?

When intending to purchase outdoor marine LED light strip, it is crucial to ensure that the fixture is made using durable PVC housing.

The housing should be rated for outdoor applications and impact resistant.

Moreover, outdoor boat LED strip lights should be waterproof and corrosion resistant.

The planned application determines the Ingress protection rating of the marine LED lighting fixture.

IP rating defines the level of protection of the luminaire against both moisture and solid materials, such as dirt and dust.

How do you Weatherproof or Waterproof Exposed Connection when Installing Marine LED Light Strips?

Marine boat LED strip lights that will be mounted outdoor or close to water need to be waterproof or weatherproof.

You need to ensure that all unprotected conductive traces and connections are sealed.

This is especially vital when you have modified in any or linked the strip to another by soldering or using a connector.

Here are the common ways of waterproofing marine LED lights strip:

· Sealant

Utilize sealant to spread a protective silicone layer in case you have eliminated existing silicone to link an amplifier or an addition strip.

You can as well apply sealant to stick end caps to the boat LED strip lights.

· Silicone Tubing and End caps

The tubing transforms non-weatherproof tape lights to waterproof marine LED light strips.

It usually come in 8 mm and 10mm widths and ought to be utilized together with silicone end caps and silicone sealant.

End caps are made to cover the ends of weather LED strip lights.

· Heat Shrink

This option comprise of butt connectors and heat shrink tubes that form a waterproof seal if you apply heat.

· Self-fusing Silicone Tape/Electrical Tape

Using self-fusing or PVC silicone electrical tape, it is possible to insulate and waterproof or weatherproof strip connection points or wire splices.

What the Factors that can Affect the Lifespan of Marine LED Light Strips?

There are several factors that can impact on the lifespan of boat LED strip lights.

The quality and longevity of the materials utilized in their production plays a major part together with the following factors:

· Driver Power

The driver plays serves a crucial purpose in the life of the marine lighting system and is a consideration that you cannot ignore.

When assessing damaged LED fixtures, it is the driver power supply that commonly get damaged and not the LED chip.

LED Chip

This is the primary component of the boat LED light strip, and its durability greatly dictates the lifespan of the lamp.

Three factors influence the lifespan of LED chips, including phosphor quality, chip lattice defects, and the packaging process.

· Ambient Temperature

Though LED strip lights are not prone to thermal dissipation compared to incandescent versions, it does not imply that they are damage impervious.

Generally, lighting fixtures need to function within a temperature range of around 50 to 80 degrees.

When they are subjected to extreme cold or heat, their ability to light can be affected.

· Power Source

Every marine LED light strip has its distinct wattage rating.

This value is critical to the efficiency of your luminaire as it will determine how well it functions.

· Using Environment

The environment in which you use the marine lighting systems equally impact on their life.

Variations in precipitation conditions, sand environment, and ambient temperature can result in variations in the service life of the marine LED strip lights.

What is the Function of DC Regulator in Marine LED Strip Lights?

Simply explained, a DC regulator ensures that power does not surpass 12V.

In certain marine vessels, there is possibility that 12V battery can supply greater than 12V, at times up to 14V.

This depends on the level of battery charge or in case it is under too much strain.

Therefore, you might experience the following effects if you do not integrate DC voltage regulator:

  • Fading
  • Light pattern baldness
  • Loss of hearing
  • Dimming
  • Burn outs

Which are the Quality Certifications for Marine LED Strip Lights?

Here are the main quality certifications for marine LED light fixture:

  • REACH Certification
  • RoHS certification
  • UL Certification
  • ISO Certification

Marine LED strip light

Marine LED strip light

What is the Best means of Powering Marine LED Strip Lights?

Connect your marine LED strips lights directly to the 12V battery of your boat.

This operation is as simple as locating the breaker panel or fuse box of the marine vessel.

However, you have to ensure that the power supply is 12V, though most marine vessels have built-in regulators.

What is the Recommended IP Rating for Marine LED Light Strips?

This answer could vary based on the location of the lights on the marine vessel.

Nevertheless, at the minimum it is recommended to install weatherproof boat LED light strips that are rated IP65.

Alternatively, you could as well install a completely waterproof fixture with IP67 rating. This is particularly necessary if the lights are on the hull, or anywhere close to the exterior edge of the vessel.

To be safe, you should install marine LED light strips with IP67 since marine vessels are often related to and surround by water.

However, IP65 will work best if you only intend to use the strip lights for cabin lighting.

How do you Control Marine LED Strip Lights?

You can consider any of the following control mechanisms:

· Controller/Dimmer/Sensor

There are several options for controlling marine boat strip light.

They range from dimmers that change brightness only to controllers having wireless remotes instrumental in adjusting brightness, colors, speed and modes.

You can also find motion sensor marine LED light strips that turn on and off automatically depending on presence or absence of people in an area.

· Single Color Controller

The available choices comprise of controllers and dimmers having remotes, in-line controllers and dimmers, and single-color LED tape lights knob dimmers.

Single-color controller enables adjustment of brightness, mode, color and speed of the LED strips, while single-color dimmers allows adjustment of brightness only.

· Tunable White Controller

These control systems allow you to adjust the brightness and color temperature of a tunable white marine LED strip light.

· RGB/RGBW Controller

This type of boat LED light strip control system enables the modification of speed, brightness, mode and brightness of RGB and RGBW light strips.

It facilitates choosing between dynamic, color-changing, or static single-color modes.

What is the Importance of Amplifier in Marine LED Strip Lights?

Using an LED amplifier is a better way of preventing voltage drop between maximum LED strip light runs.

They help in amplifying energy from the edge of one strip to the start of the next.

This helps in avoiding any power loss and stretch the maximal run of the tape lights.

The common types of amplifiers used in marine LED light strips include:

  • Single-color LED amplifier
  • RGB amplifier
  • RGBW amplifier
  • Tunable white amplifier

How do you Mount Marine LED Light Strips?

You can install boat LED strip lights using the following accessories:

· Adhesive Backing

You can quickly and effortlessly mount the strip lights onto any surface in case they have adhesive backing.

Just remove the adhesive backing then install the fixture.

· Mounting Clips

You can use these LED strip light accessory of your marine LED strip lights lack adhesive backing or if there is need for extra security.

Mounting clips enables permanent fixing of the fixtures onto a surface.

· Aluminum Channels

Develop customized marine boat LED light strips using aluminum profile housings.

Together with lenses and end caps, the housing affords your fixture a sleek finish appearance.

They come in a variety of shapes and styles, including corner-mount and flexible channels.

Which are the needed Marine LED Strip Light Accessories?

Based on the installation, you might require the following accessories:

  • Pigtail connectors
  • Mounting clips
  • Interconnect jumpers
  • Silicone tubing
  • Wire nuts
  • Adhesive foam pads
  • CPS adapters
  • End caps
  • Heat shrink tubing

In short, depending on the types of marine LED strip lights, you will always get one that meet your specific needs.

Contact SMAlux today for best prices on marine lighting systems.