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SMAlux- Your Marine Lighting Fixtures Master Producer

SMAlux Marine Lighting Fixtures are finely assembled with LED lighting fixtures. These frequently seen useful at Port Terminals, interior and exterior portion of shipping vessels, transport areas, etc. These lights are operating for both seaward and alongshore functions. These are intentionally designed for severe seawater surroundings and more other marine uses. Marine Lighting Fixtures practically intend for holding out against severe salt sprinkling circumstances.

However, Marine Lighting Fixtures are graded up 100W up to 1000W lighting utilization. These could also resist especially for severe outcomes in seawater surroundings. Besides, our kind of Marine Lighting Fixtures is not just ordinary, these are special. Special because these have capacity alternatives, helps to resist longer terms. Marine Lighting Fixtures that originated from SMAlux are invented especially for greater intentions. These also featured and smoothly evaluated with IP68 lighting power. Thus, these could be applicable for both offshore and inshore uses.

Nevertheless, the best and leading recommended brand of Marine Lighting Fixtures are those invented by SMAlux. Floodlights and high masts types of operating Marine Lighting Fixtures are number one suggested. These also furnish and create with swamping or focused lighting ideals. And can propose widely or just pin focal lighting recourses.

In marine environmental circumstances, there always boats and even ships would utilize. All lighting smooth installations are described very resilient. And facing reality, there`s a lot of bad possibility in encountering severe weather situations. SMAlux Marine Lighting Fixtures are finely maintainable from sea waters that probably resulted in rusting and roughness effects on metal objects. The sea waves are constituent that unhurriedly cause trouble to some compositions of marine labored items. So, to avoid all that, Marine Lighting Fixtures are offered.

Complete marine lighting fixtures are required to bear up against water and moistness in probable areas. This builds up in order to resist from corroding circumstances. As well, Marine Lighting Fixtures are effectively provided efficient illuminations for sea vessels, dock areas, etc. All kinds of marine lightings are demand consist of multiple powder thickness. These also in stainless steel fixtures styles designed for elevating and withstand corrosion possibilities. Lighting Fixtures for marine uses are truly fabricated with exceeding technical optics, these make sure to light up marine environment sufficiently. These never easily gain frictions and even encountered severe damages.

When in SMAlux, you will truly be satisfied with invented high-quality Marine Lighting Fixtures. With different class and quality, you`ll truthfully provide based on each given requirements. To help you skyrocket your business, these SMAlux Marine Lighting Fixtures could assist to fulfill your business goals. If you have lighting business and wanted it to grow much faster, our smart and LED constructed Marine Lighting Fixtures are always available yet offered competitively.

Why choose SMAlux? We, SMAlux are committed since 22 years of serving and manufacturing quality materials. We have general experiences with all tactics to generate well-built Marine Lighting Fixtures. Our lighting also passed through ISO 9001 certification which implemented since 1998, ISO 14001 certified in 2015, etc. We also do have brilliant agents and staff to assist your orders and make deals with you.

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Marine Lighting Fixture: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Before you import marine lighting fixture, read this guide.

It has all information that will help you choose high quality and reliable lighting systems.

Keep reading.

What is Marine Lighting Fixture?

These are a wide selection of boat lights needed by a marine vessel to ensure the safety of the crew and passengers.

Boat lighting fixtures have quality construction using materials of highest standards.

This enables marine luminaires to endure extreme exposure to saltwater and weather.

Marine Light Fixture

Marine light fixture

Which are the Types of Marine Lighting Fixture?

There are many types of boat lighting fixtures comprising of the following:

Navigation Lights

Marine navigation light

Marine navigation light

Boat navigation lights show the position and direction to which a marine vessel is heading.

The lights are utilized at night to aid in communication with other vessels, and can substantially minimize danger and accidents.

Requirements for marine navigation lights are stipulated by COLREGs ’72, which vary based on the vessel’s length.

The fixtures include All-round white light, Masthead light, Stern light, and Side lights.

· Boat Signal Lights

Marine signal light

Boat signal light

This is a marine lighting system used for optical communication, usually through Morse code.

Current marine signal lights are focused lamps that are able to generate an impulse of light.

In larger varieties, the pulse is attained through unlocking and locking shutters installed in front of the fixture.

The opening and closing is performed either automatically or using a manually controlled pressure switch.

These marine lighting fixture types offer useful, comparatively secure means of communication, particularly instrumental time of radio silence.

There are a different types of marine signal lights, with some installed on the mastheads of vessel and powerful options installed on pedestals.

· Dock Lights

These are boat lighting fixtures that provide necessary light for safe docking of marine vessels.

They come in a broad selection with myriad of colors.

Dock lights

Dock lights

Marine dock lights can produce spectacular atmosphere at the dock, while also improving security and safety.

Most boats match the light color to the deck color.

However, there are LED types of marine lighting fixtures that can switch different colors of light or offer complete RGBW options.

· Marine Searchlights

Marine search light

Marine search light

Marine searchlights have highly focused light beam having closely parallel light rays and with a 10 degree maximum divergence.

They are utilized when you require high clarity at a small site, for example locating icebergs.

Furthermore, you can as well use them in rescue mission or for tow lighting if the vessel cannot display lights properly.

· WorkLights

Marine work light is used for lighting work area, having less focused beam than searchlight, but more than a marine floodlight.

There divergence range from 10 to 25 degrees.

Marine work light

Marine work light

· Floodlight

Marine floodlights are applied to illuminate a large area, such as an oil rig or deck of a large marine vessel.

They usually have beam angle greater than 25 degrees and give out very bright light.

Marine flood light

Marine flood light

· Marine Downlights and Dome lights

These types of marine lighting fixtures are instrumental in lighting up cabins and indoor spaces of your boat.

The fixtures are made using high grade materials and consume high amount of power.

Nonetheless, LED versions are energy-efficient and provide broad color temperatures.

Marine dome light

Marine dome light

· Interior Lighting

Marine indoor lights including courtesy lights, are utilized for giving smaller quantities of light necessary for specialized marine applications.

Though you can utilize them for general lighting, boat interior lights are ideal for marine decorative lighting.

Installation of marine interior lights may be done within the interior or the edge of your boat.

Marine interior light

Marine interior light

In most cases, the fixture itself is usually hidden, with just the light noticeable.

There are various types of lamps used in marine interior lighting fixtures consisting of:

What is Marine Grade Lighting Fixture?

These are lighting fixtures engineered for extreme environments in offshore and onshore marine lighting applications.

They are normally have IP68 rating and can endure severe saltwater surroundings.

The luminaires at times come with spot or flood lighting optics to give pin point or wide lighting choice.

What are the Key Features of Marine Lighting Fixtures?

Here are the common features of boat lighting fixtures available in the market:

  • Manufactured using waterproof and weatherproof marine grade materials
  • They are resistant to corrosion due to saltwater, ensuring long service life.
  • Have housings made using impact and rust resistant materials guaranteeing low cost of maintenance
  • Have broad spectrum of color temperatures
  • Most come with open architecture and dependable PWM interface allowing easy integration with a variety of automation and switching systems currently available.
  • Modern LED Marine Lighting Fixtures are feasible with low voltage electrical systems.

What is Total Output of Marine Lighting Fixture?

Total output of boat lighting fixture is more than only brightness.

It refers to a mix of color rendering, color temperature, physical appearance beam angle and brightness.

Reliable manufacturers of marine lighting fixtures produce designs offering superior total output.

Which are the Factors to Consider when Choosing a Marine Lighting Fixture?

You should carefully consider the following factors during the selection of marine boat lighting system:

· Waterproof Rating

Commonly referred to as IP rating, this determines how the boat lighting fixture will behave when it interacts with water and other contaminants.

Typically, the right IP rating for marine lighting fixture should be IP67/68.

Lower ratings may lead to damage of the lights due to penetration of moisture or other foreign materials.

· Compatibility with Marine Boat

Marine vessels come with a number of power supply systems than span from 6V to 30V.

Nevertheless, the most popular ones are 12V and 24V boat power electrical systems.

You should opt for a marine lighting fixture that is compatible with all types of marine vessels.

With being the most common power supply system, most wiring harnesses of boat lighting fitting come standard including a 12V relay.

However, there are 24V relay upgrades in the market in case you need them.

· Corrosion Protection

Contrary to regular drinking or tap water, marine water comprise of high salt levels that can quickly corrode your marine lighting fitting.

Therefore, the luminaire should have a coating from material capable of preventing damage through corrosion and rust.

· Color Temperature

There are a myriad of color temperatures for marine lighting fixtures, which is denoted in Kelvin (K).

Lights with lower correlated color temperature are known as warmer, while those with higher CCT are cool.

For that matter, you should opt for a color temperature that is most appropriate for your marine lighting project.

Remember, too low lights could get troubling to people exposed to them for longer periods.

On the other hand, very bright fixtures could increase glare.

· Quality

Not all marine lighting fixtures are manufactured equal, and it is easy to conclude the cheapest type is the best choice.

Nevertheless, that not usually the case since lower quality boat lighting systems have shorter service life and less energy-effective.

For that matter, you should buy high-quality marine luminaire manufactured using robust materials and that are energy-efficient.

This will ensure that they serve you to their full potential with minimal maintenance and replacement costs.

· Cost

A with any other purchase, when gets to marine lighting fixture, you obtain what you spend on.

That doesn’t imply that you must select the most expensive luminaire, but you need to view it as investing in your boat.

Do not economize on the quality of the boat lighting system or the installation work.

What is Lamp Lumens Maintenance Factor in Marine Lighting Fixtures?

Lighting maintenance factor of boat lighting fixtures is a number that defines the decrease of light levels or lumens over time.

This figure will help you establish how well illuminated a space will be throughout time.

Lighting maintenance factor has improved significantly with the development of LED marine lighting fixtures.

Lighting must be changed for the needed lighting levels at the end-of-life span.

The lumens of a light reduce over time normal since lighting products do not last for a lifetime.

Lighting maintenance factor is just but a standard that enables you to select the correct lighting fixture for various regions to keep the proper light levels.

Lighting fixtures for marine applications need to be engineered for the needed levels of light throughout their lifespan.

There is no boat lighting fixture that lasts eternally since lumens of marine lights reduce over time.

Therefore, marine lighting standards like lighting maintenance factor aid in the selection of luminaires for various areas to retain the right light levels.

What is the difference between Room Surface Maintenance factor and Luminaire Maintenance Factor of Marine Lighting Systems?

Luminaire maintenance factor refers to luminous flux ration of the marine lighting fixture before and after wiping.

It depends on the design and construction of the light (closed or open housing) coupled with environmental conditions (clean or dirty).

The cleaner surroundings and high IP rating results in higher luminaire maintenance factor.

Accessibility of the boat lighting fixture is a crucial consideration when developing the maintenance plan.

The harder to access, the more costs of maintenance will be.

Conversely, room surface maintenance factor is the reflectance ratio of the room surfaces before and after wiping.

It describes the decrease in level of lighting depending on soiling of the space.

It is based on the conditions within a space, whether, it is very dirty, dirty, very clean or clean.

An area that is very dirty leads to lower room surface maintenance factor.

What is the Recommended Color Temperature for Marine Lighting Fixtures?

Color temperature

Color temperature of light

Marine boat lighting fixtures having higher color temperature (5200K and above) are referred to as cool white.

On the other hand, 4200K spectrum is known as neutral white, while lower Kelvin range is warm white.

Cool white boat lights are ideal for work areas like engine rooms, visual tasks, and exterior lighting.

Similarly, warm white luminaire is suitable for interior marine because it brings vibrancy and life to the objects and people on board.

However, these color temperature options should only be applied as an estimate consideration.

Cool white will highlight green and blue hues where there are gel coat or stainless steel surfaces and in specific surfaces and fabrics.

It may be recommended for boat gallery areas, whilst warm white is perfect for spaces with varnished timber work.

What is Luminous Flux, Luminous Intensity, and Illuminance of Marine Lighting Fixtures?

Here are critical aspects you need to know:

· Luminous Flux

Luminous flux defines the overall light quantity generated by a boat lighting fixture.

Higher lumen count by the fixture means light output of higher intensity.

It is measured in lumens.

· Luminous Intensity

Luminous intensity defines the luminous flux at specific angle from the light fitting.

It is always measured in Candela, with optimum candela happening at 0 degrees (directly beneath the marine lighting fixture).

· Illuminance

Illuminance is calculated by dividing luminous flux by the irradiated area, and is measured in lux.

How do you Determine the Number of Marine Lighting Fixtures to Deliver the Right Lumens?

If you know both the required level of illumination and area of space to be illuminated, calculating the accurate number of fixtures is possible.

You determine the number of luminaires by dividing the total lumens by the lamp light output.

For instance, to achieve 120 Lux illumination level for a boat having an area of 10 square meters, you will need 1200 lumens.

When the selected fixture has an 80 lumens rating, the required marine lights will be 1200/80 = 15 lamps.

What is the Lamp Survival Factor of Marine Lighting Fixture?

This factor defines how the overall failure of independent bulbs need to be evaluated.

Most of modern marine lighting fixtures use LED technology and faulty bulbs are substituted fast.

For that matter, the lamp survival factor can typically be presumed to be 1.

Are LED Marine Lighting Fixtures Efficient in Thermal Management?

Apart from the energy saving advantages of efficient marine LED lighting fixtures, they equally guarantee better thermal management.

You can eliminate the at times harmful high temperatures of halogen boat lighting fittings using LED technology.

This gives a broad range of installation potential in which you no longer need the air cavity at the back of incandescent varieties.

The air cavity is normally instrumental in cooling the luminaire.

Moreover, it is safe to install LED marine lighting fixtures into composites structures and solid surfaces without danger of heat or fire damage.

The good thermal management contributes to their longer life, though it is always misconceived that LED boat lighting fixtures do not dissipate heat.

As they use power, a portion of this energy is transformed into heat.

This happens in even LEDs with the highest energy efficiency.

However, contrary to other types of marine lighting fixtures, LED versions tend to ‘run cold’.

Higher heat dissipation by the LED luminaire leads to rapid degradation, which in turn results in reduction in luminous efficacy.

Therefore, they should be linked to surfaces engineered to effectively convey the heat from the LED chip itself.

How can you Maximize the Efficacy of LED Marine Lighting Fixtures?

Effective optic design is crucial to collect and disperse the available light so as to uniformly illuminate spaces on board.

This uniform dispersion of light is normally more crucial than how intense a lighting fixture appears when viewed directly.

Advanced marine lighting fixtures types utilize efficient Free-Form reflector, lens designs, or optics technology to precisely capture and spread large amounts of light.

However, due to the significant improvement of lighting brightness, it is important to consider eye safety.

The fixtures should incorporate optic designs capable of protecting the eye’s retina from probable harm when looked directly.

Why are LED Marine Lighting Fixtures the Best for Marine needs?

Here are the main advantages of marine LED lighting fixtures:

LED marine light

LED marine light

· Versatility

Easy installation and variety of mounting options guarantee time savings, flexibility and enhances safety of passengers and crew.

This is because this type of marine lighting fitting can be mounted in spaces that are hard to access.

· Energy-efficient

LED boat lighting fixtures use very little energy amount, which in turn minimize the power generator’s size to conserve energy and minimize pollution.

· Cost Saving

The effectiveness and life of LEDs keep improving, which makes them essentially maintenance-free.

This implies that marine vessels fitted with LED lighting fixtures will boat of lower costs of operating compared to ordinary marine lighting fixtures.

· Reduced Cost of Air Conditioning

Furthermore, the reduced consumption of power by marine LED lighting fixtures has a positive effect on the air conditioning of the vessel.

This is because less AC power is required since LEDs have lower heat dissipation.

Consequently, this reduces the fuel consumption of the boat.

· Fast Payback of Initial Cost

The initial cost of installing boat LED lighting fixtures is higher in comparison to that of traditional marine lighting systems.

However, their lower maintenance costs and energy consumption ensure quick payback of the initial investment.

Why is Mechanical Strength of Marine Lighting Fixture an Important Consideration?

Utilizing the right blend of materials in the marine boat lighting fixture is essential in ensuring robustness and a long service life.

The materials of the luminaire should withstand high vibrations and shocks, especially on the bow’s foremast and upper deck of the vessel.

Marine LED fixtures are recommended specifically for areas that experience intense vibrations.

This is because LEDs can endure the vibration and shock due to the diodes design.

You require no extra vibration suspension.

Furthermore, it is also important for the marine lights to have the capacity to function across a broad spectrum of ambient temperature.

Marine vessels are capable of navigating all around the globe, from tropical areas (+50 degrees) to Artic areas (-40 degrees or below).

Therefore, the output and quality of light needs to be similar across all temperatures.

Is IP Rating Important in Marine Lighting Fixtures?

The IP rating of marine lighting fixture is a high priority when choosing a luminaire for your boat.

The problem is not just guarding your lighting fittings from water spray and rain. You also need to protect them from consistent impact forces due to rough sea waves.

For that matter, the preferred IP rating for boat lighting fixtures are IP66/67.

Additionally, the luminaires should as well withstand intensive cleaning with brushes and at times high-pressure cleaners.

Which are the Quality Standards for Marine Lighting Fixtures?

  • International Maritime Organization (IMO) Standards
  • United States Coast Guard (USCG) Standards
  • EN Standards
  • REACH Standards
  • GL Standards
  • UL Standards
  • DLC Standards

Therefore, before choosing any marine lighting fixture, ensure it conforms to the necessary safety standards.

At SMAlux, we offer a range of marine lighting systems depending on your specific needs.

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