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Hence, the Marine Running Lights required to equip by chief fabricator or even permitted personnel. Smaller marine vessel is requiring lot amount of choices that includes: blended sucking capped lights or any categorized lights. These Marine Running Lights are big help to avert breakdowns. Each boat classifications such smaller or bigger have minimum essential lights. Standard Marine Running Lights are offered with economically friendly rates by SMAlux.

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Marine Running Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about marine running lights.

These will include the requirements, energy consumption, IP rating to visibility range amongst others.

Keep reading to learn more about marine running lights.

What are Marine Running Lights?

Marine running lights are colored electrical light systems that you will find on ships of different sizes.

These lights will indicate the following about the ship:

  • Size of the ship
  • Direction that the ship is traveling towards
  • Visibility angle of the ships

Marine running lights

Marine running light

What is the Difference Between Marine Running Lights and Marine Navigation Lights?

Well, marine running lights is just another collective term for the marine navigation lights.

You can either use the marine navigation lights of marine running lights to refer to the same thing.

What Do Marine Running Lights Indicate?

You can be able to determine the activity on the boat just by looking at the marine running lights.

The marine running lights indicate the following activities of the ship:

  • Ship at the Anchor
  • Ships that are unable to maneuver due to a number of reasons such as maintenance
  • Ships participating in particular underwater activities such as dredging at sea.
  • Grounded ships with marine running lights indicating no distress or need of assistance.
  • Ships that are awaiting command from the captain in where to maneuver.
  • Pilot vessels that are on duty at sea
  • Commercial ships involved in particular activities such as fishing.

What is the Significance of Using Marine Running Lights?

Ships require the marine running lights to help in the safety of its navigation and maneuver while at sea.

The marine running lights will aid the ships on specific paths thus preventing the occurrence of an accident.

They have different colors of light that will assist in proper communication between different ships at sea.

Implying that the navigators at sea have proper knowledge on the meaning of different light systems.

With that information, they will be able to understand how the ship they are seeing is likely to navigate to.

How Many Amps do Marine Running Lights Draw?

Well the amps that the marine navigation lighting system draw will vary depending on quite a number of factors.

Here are some of the factors that you need to look at to determine the amps to use on marine running lights.

  • Wattage of the marine running light bulb
  • Volt System of the electric lighting system

Marine navigation light

Marine navigation light

How Do You Calculate the Amps that the Marine Running Lights Draw?

With the above information, you will be able to divide the volt system with the wattage to get the amp rating.

For instance, you may use a 6-watt marine light bulb and a 12-volt system thus giving you 0.5 watts.

So, in case you have the marine running lights on for 6 hours.

In this case, you will multiply the amps by the number of hours to get the amp-hours (Ah).

Therefore, according to our example, we will multiply 0.5 amps by 6 resulting to 3.0-amp hours.

Is there a Pattern of Arranging Marine Running Lights?

Yes, there is a pattern of setting up the marine running lights on the ship or vessel.

Here is how you should place or position the marine running on the ship.

  • You will place the green light at the right-hand side of the ship or boat.
  • On the left side of the ship or boat, we have the red light.
  • At the back of the ship, we have a white light.
  • You will also have white light at the mast of the boat.

Which Body Governs the Rules of Arranging the Marine Running Lights?

Well, the rules and regulations managing the marine running lights are often determined by IALA.

IALA is an abbreviation for International Association of Lighthouse Authority Buoyage System.

What is the Visibility Range of Marine Running Lights?

The visibility range of marine running lights will vary from 3 miles to 6 miles.

Implying that the bigger ships will have a wider visibility range than the small boats.

Here is a table that indicates the visibility range of the marine running lights on different ships.

Length of 50m and Above Length of 12 m and above but less than 50 Length less than 12ms
Masthead Lt 6 5 or 3 2
Side Lt 3 2 1
Stern Lt 3 2 2
Towing Lt 3 2 2
All Round Lt 3 2 2

You must take note of the fact that the range is in nautical miles.

What are the Basic Rules and Definitions of Marine Running Lights?

Ships and boats must have marine running lights both for safety and also as a rule in navigation.

Here are the rules as well as definitions that guide the use of marine running lights.

  • The boat must have green starboard sidelights and red port sidelights shinning from dead end to 125 degrees aft on both sides.
  • The stern lights must be white in color shining aft at 67.5 degrees forward on every side.

You will note that the stern lights as well as the side lights will create a whole light circle.

  • All the round lights must be white in color and must shine through an angle of 360 degrees.
  • Mastheads must also be white in color and shine at an angle of 112.5 degrees on the side of the port.

Additionally, the masthead lights must shine through dead ahead angle of 112.5 degrees on the side of the starboard.

This will create a total of 225-degree angle forward and must always be located above the sidelights.

  • Apart from that, any sailboat that is under power is under the category of powerboats.
  • Furthermore, any sail boat with the sails up during the day, and also under power, must have a black steaming cone.

The steaming cone must point downwards so as to increase visibility.

When the sailboats are under power, then the rules governing the use of marine running lights will apply.

Are there Marine Running Lights Requirements You Must Adhere to?

Marine line light

Marine line light

Yes, there are marine running light requirements that you must adhere to.

Apart from that, the marine running light requirements will vary according to the size of the vessel.

Large vessels, will have to use lights that have a very high range of visibility than the small vessels.

In addition to that, the large vessels must never combine the sidelights into one unit of bi-color lights.

Which Marine Running Light Rules Must Sailboats and Powerboats Adhere to When Under Power?

When under power, all the marine vessels must have the masthead light, side lights and stern lights.

As long as a marine vessel including sailboats has an engine then it must follow the rules of the vessels under power.

Powerboats, less than 39.4 inches, can substitute one all-round light for masthead and separate stern lights.

Powerboats and sail vessels under power less than 65.7 inches has the freedom of substituting one bi-color light for sidelights.

What are the Requirements for Marine Running Lights on Sailboats Under Sail?

The rules for the marine running lights especially for vessels that are under sail will also vary.

In this case, the basic rule is, stern lights as well as sidelights must be available.

There are, however, permissible variations to the rules which include:

  • Sailboats that are less than 65.7 inches in length can replace a tricolor light and have separate stern lights and sidelights.

In addition to that, you can also substitute a bi-color light as well as a stern light.

  • Sailboats that are less than 23 inches, if possible, will follow the above rules for marine running lights.

Alternatively, you can have a lantern or a torch at hand which you will use at the right time to avoid collision.

  • During day light, a sailboat that is under power with hoisted sails must display a motoring cone with the apex pointing down.

How many Types of Marine Running Lights are There?

There are several marine running lights that a vessel at sea must have but that varies according to the vessel.

Here are the main types of marine running lights that you will find on different vessels:

  • Masthead light

This type of light will be on the mast of the marine vessel with a particular shinning angle.

  • All-round Light

An all-round light is a combination of all the light in one thus exhibiting different light colors at different angles.

  • Side Lights

These are the lights that you will have on the right and the left side of the marine vessel with sane lighting angles.

  • Stern Lights

You will have the stern lights at the back of the marine running lights with a different color and lighting angle.

  • Flashlights

These are smaller but powerful lighting systems that will also help in improving visibility on smaller vessels.

How Much Do Marine Running Lights Cost?

Well, the cost of the marine running lights will vary depending on the following factors.

  • Category of light which can be stern light, side lights, all-round lights and masthead lights.
  • Quality of light (high quality lights will cost more)

Generally, the cost of marine running lights will range between 30 to 600 US dollars.

When Will You Use the Marine Running Lights?

You will use the marine running lights to improve the visibility of the marine vessel while at sea.

Implying that, during the day, you can use day light better than the marine running lights.

Therefore, you will need the marine running lights during sunset and also when the sun rises.

You will also need the marine running lights during periods of restricted visibility such as rain or fog.

Which Features Should You Look at When Choosing the marine Navigation Lights?

When shopping for marine navigation lights, you need to look at the particular factors.

These factors must be in conjunction with the marine running light rules.

Here are the main factors that you have to pay close attention to:

marine navigation light

 Marine navigating light

· Size of the Marine Vessel

You will look at the size of the marine running vessels in terms of length before choosing the marine running lights.

· Source of Power

Here, you will have to consider if your boat uses engine power or depends on the sail for navigation.

· Place of Boating

In this case, you will have to know whether you will be boating on international or inland waters before choosing.

With this information at hand, you will be able to determine the size, color, and number of marine running lights.

How Do Marine Running Lights Help in Avoiding Collision?

During the night or periods of poor visibility, you will have to switch on the marine running lights.

As a marine vessel navigator, you will be able to see these lights and know the position of another marine vessel.

With that information at hand, you will proceed to doing calculations to determine the risk of collision.

After that, you will apply the “Rules of the Road” or the “COLOREGS1972” to avoid collision.

Which are the Most Important Parts for Placing the Marine Running Lights?

There are specific positions where you will place the marine running lights which include:

  • Mast of the ship which includes the foremast and the main mast.
  • Aft signal light station
  • Sides of the ship (right side and left side)
  • Stern or back of the ship

You must have lights in all these positions and at different angles for all round visibility of the marine vessel.

Which Safety Procedures Must You Follow When Maintaining the Marine Running Lights?

When maintaining the marine running lights, there are particular safety procedures that you must follow.

Here are the safety rules that you have to follow over the maintenance process.

  • You must prepare and have a work permit
  • You will also have the lock-out tag in place and inform the officers on duty
  • It is safer to try and work on the routine maintenance when your ship is docked.
  • You must have the working a loft permit before you climb up the main mast.
  • You will also have to switch off the marine vessel radars and then take out the fuses.
  • Remember to disable the source of power from the nearest ship whistle
  • You must also switch off any communication device including antennas located close to the mast.
  • Check the direction and speed of the wind at the wind flow meter before going up the mast
  • Check for pitching and rolling of the ship before going up the mast.

What are Some of the Advancement Technologies that You Have in Marine Running Lights?

Marine vessels nowadays use advanced and state of the art technology ECDIS and GPS to help in proper navigation.

Apart from that, it also depends on the satellite signaling systems to help in identifying particular locations.

Marine running lights are also additional technology that improve the visibility of the marine vessels.

Which factors Affect the Performance of the Marine Running Lights?

The location of the marine running lights will expose them to a lot of environmental factors that affect their performance.

The main factors that affect the performance of the marine running lights include:

  • Water from the rain and also seawater
  • Wind as well as sunlight
  • Vibrations from the marine vessel
  • Wire Securing on the marine vessel

How Do You Maintain the Above-Mentioned Factors to Ensure Proper Functioning of Marine Running Lights?

The above- mentioned factors have a great influence on the marine running lights.

Lets us have an in-depth look at how they affect normal functioning of the marine running lights.

· Water

Water is a great threat to the marine running lights and can lead to great damage on the marine running lights.

Despite the fat that the lights are waterproof, you have to take care of particular factors during maintenance such as:

i. Periodic checks on the light fittings for any form of water leakage

ii. You must ensure they are water tight by placing waterproof maintenance features such as silicon on openings.

iii. Check for salt formation to ensure that sea water has not penetrated the marine running lights.

iv. Clean the glass of the marine running lights regularly to improve proper visibility

v. You will also check for fungus of rust on the holders of the lights.

· Vibrations

The engine of the marine vessels usually generates vibrations that reaches almost every part of the vessel.

This can lead to damages on the marine running lights if you do not do proper maintenance.

Here are the main factors to mote while maintain the marine running lights from vibration effects.

i. Use vibration absorbing materials including rubber gasket materials

ii. Check for loose bolts and nuts during regular inspection procedures

iii. Clamp the whole light installation fixture

iv. You will use washers to help in holding the bolts tighter

· Wind and Sunlight

In this case, there is nothing much that you can do to prevent the degradation of the marine running lights.

You can try and use weatherproof materials to increase the service life of the marine running lights.

· Wire Security

Due to weather exposure, the wires on the mast might get entangled to another thus creating lighting problems.

You must conduct routine checks for tangled or loose wires and secure them well using different materials.

Are Marine Lights IP Rated?

Yes, most of the marine running lights are IP rated with either IP67 or IP68 in accordance to the type of boat.

In case you are using underwater marine running lights, you will use IP68.

It implies that you can fully submerge the IP68 marine running lights.

You will use the IP67 ratings on marine running lights that are on the surface of the water.

They may be waterproof form effects such as rain and storms in the sea but not submersible.

Finally, you must note that not all the marine running lights are IP rated.

You will find other types of marine running lights without IP ratings thus suitable for other purposes.

As you can see, there are many aspects you need to consider when buying marine running lights.

For more marine lighting systems, contact SMAlux today.