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SMAlux – Your Reliable Marine Search Lights Manufacturer in China

SMAlux marine searchlights design to support marine night operations. Searchlights provide amazing brightness to see clearer things. Our searchlights are applicable to different types of boats. It can be mounted at any upper parts of the boats. Our fabricated marine searchlight can provide complete lightings in a long distance. We created this to last for long usage and less consumption to prevent wasting power. You don’t have to always replace lights because it is less maintenance marine searchlights.

SMAlux manufactured marine searchlights with halogen bulbs. We fabricated this type of light ranging about 3000 watts to produce amazing and unique lighting for full operation at night. Our marine searchlights are no bulb replacement and can be used for a long time. It increases robustness and provides less heat to prevent any problems. We SMAlux introduce our functional marine searchlights. We have remote controlled searchlights for easier and safe marine lighting.  It provides lights about 1700 meters away from your post. SMAlux marine searchlights consist of three types. First, are the LED lights. This is the most common type of light in lighting production. Next is halogen which also called tungsten halogen that is covered by compact transparent. Last is a type of light that provides bright colors including blue spectrum fitted in arctic environments. We are proudly present our long lifespan marine searchlights.

We, SMAlux are trusted in many ways in this industry. We are very watchful in terms of handling the processes. Our clients don’t need to worry about the products they ordered because they trusted us. Certifications with ISO9002, SA8000, ISO14001, CE, and many more we have passed in more than 22 years in manufacturing. We produce billions of lamps to support worldwide lighting. From indoor to outdoor lighting, from residential to commercial lighting, we, SMAlux are capable to supply plenty of high quality of stocks worldwide.

From 1996 to the manufacturing industry, we supplied plenty of stocks from small to a large number of orders. You will be guided by our professional team to watch over the quality of your marine searchlight orders. Working harder to help you boost your business is our pleasure to support. Being successful in handling a business is priceless. Our great offers from pricing, to producing negotiable marine searchlights and most of all our friendly services are not far for your success.

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Marine Search Light: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Before importing marine search lights from China, read this guide.

It answers all questions you have been asking about this marine light fixture and system.

Keep reading.

What is Marine Search Light?

This is a type marine lighting systems known for its high visibility around a small area.

It features a highly focused beam having almost parallel light rays and a maximal divergence of 10 degrees.

The common uses of boat search lights include providing illumination in rescue and search operations, warning and night navigation.

Marine search light

Marine search light

Which are the Common Types of Bulbs used in Marine Search Light?

The common bulb types used in boat search lights include:

· Halogen Bulbs

While being the cheapest, halogen bulbs are ideal for making medium range search lights.

However, they often overheat, resulting in failures.

· Xenon Bulbs

Search lights made of xenon bulbs are very bright and powerful, reaching very far.

Like the halogens, xenon also dissipate a lot of heat.

· LED Bulbs

The LEDs have a powerful and wide beam making it suitable for close-range use.

While the halogens and xenon have about 10o beam angle, the LEDs can project up to 150o beam wide and a range of 1700 meters.

Why should you choose Marine LED Search Lights?

The main advantages of installing LED marine search lights include:

Marine LED search light

Marine LED search light

· Power Saving

LEDs are highly efficient in converting energy into light than the traditional types of bulbs.

Therefore, with LED, the battery or cells would last for long.

· Light Spread

The LED lights have a more extensive range of light than the other types making it suitable for close-range lighting sweeps.

· Longer Lifespan

LEDs do not have filaments that easily break or burn within a short period.

They last up to 55,000 hours of usage; therefore, it will save you the hustle of replacing bulbs regularly.

· Compact and Stylish

LED lighting technology has enabled the design and manufacture of small, compact, and elegant search lights that are more powerful.

· Cost-Effective

The initial cost of purchasing marine LED search lights are high, but in the long run, you will benefit from low maintenance costs and zero bulb replacements.

· Cool Temperatures

LEDs operate at cool temperatures, and they also have excellent heat sink mechanisms hence do not heat up, unlike the other types.

Search lights need high lumens for optimal performance.

Getting high lumens with the traditional lights requires high voltage resulting in a lot of heat generated, which could be risky.

However, the LEDs do not produce heat as they need a lower voltage than the other types.

· Brightness and Color

While operating at lower voltage, LEDs are brighter and have a diverse and clear color range.

· Thermal Shock

Thermal shock arises due to temperature differences.

The traditional lights generate a lot of heat, which leads to lens breakage due to water sprays, rain, and high humidity in the water.

Conversely, LEDs have low temperatures, thus not susceptible to thermal shock.

· Waterproof

Using marine LED search light is advantageous as it easy to make waterproof lighting fixtures with it.

Furthermore, because LED lights are long-lasting, manufacturers are producing permanently sealed waterproof LED boat search lights.

What are the Main Applications of Marine Search Lights?

The primary application of marine search lights are:

· Search Operations

Marine search lights are compelling and reach far up to 9km, making it suitable for contacting searches in darkness.

The powerful and bright beam effectively illuminates objects at night for better visibility identification while contacting search operations.

Besides, search lights are handy when looking for items accidentally dropped in the water.

· Signaling

This is another important application of the marine search lights.

During a time of distress, simply switch on the SOS button and flashing signals visible from far will be activated.

This would attract coast guards and other ships to your call.

Furthermore, it can be used to warn others of hazards and dangers in the water.

· Security

Security is paramount out there in the deep sea.

And having search light boosts your safety as you can easily illuminate any potential threat at night approaching your vessel.

In the sea and ocean, there are always threats of pirates and terrorists.

· Navigation

Search lights with sweep mode are essential for navigation at night as it helps to detect moorings, buoys, docks and channel markers.

It also helps to pinpoint landmarks for easy navigation and docking at night.

Should Marine Search Lights be IP Rated?

Yes, the marine search lights should be IP Rated.

Ingress Protection rating (IP) is essential as it indicates the protection of the fixture against moisture and solid particles.

The best boat search lights have an IP rating of 67/68, which guarantees full protection against water and dust ingress.

While in use, search lights are regularly exposed to wet conditions, thus needing to be airtight for optimal operation and longevity.

The IP ratings inscribed on the lighting fixtures shows that it is fully waterproof and dustproof.

Are there Remote-controlled Marine Search Lights?

Yes, remote-controlled searchlights exist to enable you to scan the sea without leaving your vessel.

Some advanced search lights have automatic sweep mode and camera for easy detection of objects in the sea.

There are two types of remote controls for marine search lights, namely, wireless and wired remotes.

The wireless handheld remote can be operated up to a distance of 100m while wired remotes are fixed.

Remote-controlled search lights can rotate 360o or more and a vertical tilt up to 135o.

However, the remote control’s goodness comes with some additional costs, but it’s worth the price.

What are the Advantages of Remote Controlled Marine Search Lights?

Remote-controlled marine search lights could be expensive to buy, but highly advantageous.

You can easily control the lights without getting out of the boat.

This beauty is more apparent during wet, windy, and cold seasons where you don’t need to get out to the harsh weather.

They have good tilt range up to 135o and over 360o rotating angle to provide excellent sweeping lights for quick scanning around your boat.

In addition, it reduces physical movements to the search lights as the remote control is possible up to 100 meters away.

What is the Beam Reach and Light Output of Marine Search Lights?

Marine search light

Marine search light

Beam reach of marine search light refers to the distance the lights would cover.

The beam range of the search lights varies greatly and is affected by light output, power and design of the searchlight.

Also, the marine search lights beam reach falls under three categories: Short range, Medium range, and Long-range.

The LEDs have a short-range up to 1700meters, while the traditional lights have medium to long-range beam reach up to 9kms.

On the other hand, light output refers to the intensity of light, measured in lumens, produced by the boat search light.

It relies on the wattage and source of light.

A quality search light produces superior light output up to 35,000 lumens to effectively illuminate objects at night or in fog.

Therefore, to select the suitable light output, you need to consider the lumens of the search lights.

Why are Rotation and Tilt Degree Important Considerations when Choosing Marine Search Light?

Rotation and tilt degrees are vital as they indicate the range of sweep light, vertical, and horizontal the search light can provide.

Search lights are mounted high and to swivel for optimal performance.

Proper rotation should reach 360o to provide focused lights in any direction without turning the vessel.

Also, the tilt angle should be up to 135o to easily focus the lights up and down.

Proper rotation and tilt degrees remove strains and limitations of fixed mounts or smaller angles.

Are Marine Search Lights Weatherproof?

Yes, the marine search lights are weatherproof.

An IP rating of 67 or 68 on the boat lighting fixture is a clear indication that the fixture is fully protected against water and penetration.

Water seepage causes corrosion, rust, shorter lifespan, burnt bulbs, and malfunction of the lighting equipment.

The importance of weatherproof search lights cannot be ignored, especially in the marine environment with water sprays, high humidity, and rains.

Which are the Factors to Consider when Choosing Marine Search Lights?

Marine search light

Marine search light

Here are the main considerations when selecting marine search lights:

· Installation

The mode of installation has significant influence when selecting marine search lights.

For example, the permanent installation of lights on hardtops allows manual and remote control of the lights.

Plugin installation is also another mode of installation that entails a quick connection to a power socket.

A rechargeable battery-powered marine search lights are also available, requiring no installation at all.

· Power

How to power the search lights is another factor to consider.

Handheld battery-operated is convenient to carry around unlike the mounted ones.

However, it would be best if you were vigilant in charging the battery.

On the other hand, the electricity-powered search lights would function as long as the engine is running.

The available power to run the search light is vital.

Smaller lights run on 12 or 24 VDC, while bigger lights need ac voltage power.

If you have dc power in your vessel, it would be stressing to buy ac power operated lights.

· Lighting Type

Different types for lighting marine search lights exist, each differing in terms of prices and performances.

The halogens are cheaper but have overheating issues; Xenon is long-range but inadequate for close-range searches.

The initial cost for LED is high, but it has better light intensity but cannot beam beyond 1.7 km.

· Rotation and Tilt

When choosing marine search lights, always consider those with a good tilt angle up to 135o.

To achieve all-round light sweeps, think marine lights with over 360o rotation.

· Certifications

Certification is a mark of quality and safety to use the search lights.

You will not want to have a product that will disappoint you while boating.

As you do, your shopping considers products with internationally accepted certifications such as the UL and CEE, among others.

· IP Rating

The IP rating is crucial as it indicates how well the lighting fixture is protected against harmful ingresses.

A marine lighting fixture with IP 67 or 68 is well protected against dust and water penetration.

Buying such products is an assurance of waterproof lights that would not be affected by the marine environment.

· Beam Range

Depending on the bulb type, there are three categories of beam ranges for marine searchlight: short-range, medium-range, and long-range.

Long-range up to 9km is achieved by the xenon lights, while halogens are medium-range, reaching 3.2 km.

At the bottom of the beam range are the LEDs achieving 1.7km.

· Beam Intensity

Beam intensity indicated in lumens is also significant.

A lighting fixture with higher lumens is brighter for enhanced visibility.

The LEDs have better beam intensity providing daylight light.

· Cost

Depending on quality and manufacturer, search lights are available at different prices.

Some are very expensive, but the cheaper ones have questionable quality.

Always go for a product within your budget but do not compromise on quality.

Which are the Important Quality Standards for Marine Search Lights?

LED marine search light

LED marine search light

  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standards
  • International Maritime Organization Standards
  • ASTM Standards
  • BSH Standards
  • IEC 60092-306 standards
  • RINA Standards
  • United States Coast Guard (USCG) Standards
  • American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) Standards
  • Marine Equipment Directive (MED) Standards

Which are the Required Tools for Installing Marine Search Lights?

Here are the main tools necessary for mounting boat search light:

  • Power drill and drill bits set
  • Marine-grade tinned cable for 12V ground and positive connections (size and length is dependent on run length)
  • Screwdriver
  • Electricians snake used for passing cables across rigging tubes
  • Wire stripper and crimping tool
  • Marine crimp connectors having heat-shrink collars
  • Heat gun used with heat-shrink connectors

How do you Mount Marine Search Light?

The steps for installing marine boat search lights consist of:

1) Fix the Mounting Plate

Position the mounting plate on the spot you want to install the light and mark the locations of hole for the mounting screws.

Using a drill bit, bore a pilot hole for every screw and fasten the mounting plate using the supplied screws.

Make a hole in the middle of the mounting plate for the 12V ground and positive wires.

For easier installation, it is advisable to spray the surface of the mounting plate using a light quantity of silicone lubricant.

2) Search Light Installation

Run the ground and positive wires across the hole at the center of the mounting plate.

Apply small quantity of silicone sealant about the wires to prevent intrusion of water through the drilled opening.

Position the marine search light above the mounting plate by gliding the front of the marine fixture over the mounting plate.

Afterwards, pull the searchlight backward and position its back on the plate.

Remove the rear of the gasket and fix the provided vise screw.

Utilizing a screwdriver, fasten the vise screw then return the gasket in position.

3) Connect to Source of Power

Run marine-grade ground and positive cables to the mounting spot utilizing correctly sized cables depending on the wire run length and amperage demand.

Fix an in-line fuse (5-amp) in the positive cable, and then link the wires utilizing marine crimp connectors having heat-sink collars.

Connect the positive cable to a switchable 12V DC positive source of power and the ground wire to a negative bus bar.

4) Programming the Remote Control System

Switch off power to the marine search light, and unfix the head screw on the remote to detach the cover.

Put the supplied 12V batteries based on the right polarity, and reposition and fasten the cover.

Subsequently, press and hold the ON/OFF button.

You will observe a red LED light.

While still pressing the ON/OFF button, turn on the power supply to the marine boat searchlight.

Keep the button pressed for about 5 to 6 seconds, then release to complete the configuration.

As a result, you should be in a position to move the luminaire using the remote.

Where can Mount Marine Search Light?

The appropriate position for mounting search lights should be on the highest point on the vessel to avoid obstruction and glaring.

They are best mounted on a hardtop, pulpit end, or on top of the bow.

Installing on the hardtop allows a span of 360o light sweep.

Other locations such as bow mounts may not enable the 360o rotation, and rail mount will be subjected to vibrations.

Ideally, the lights should be mounted facing forward.

Installing search light on a hardtop like a deck is perfect as it comfortably allows manual and remote control.

How does Marine Search Lights compare to Marine Navigation Lights?

The marine search lights and marine navigation lights are essential at sea, but each has specific functions.

Marine navigation light

Marine navigation light

Navigation lights provide illumination necessary for safe navigation at sea.

They are crucial for steering and safety.

Marine search lights are white, while navigation lights are available in three colors: white, red, and green.

The search light is a single focused light, while boat navigation lights consist of many and different types of lights.

Navigation lights play a significant role in safety and improve visibility at night or when foggy.

On the other hand, marine search lights primarily provide focused lights for f search operations and security applications.

Furthermore, having marine navigation lights is a legal requirement, whereas installing search light is optional but must also be within the law.

What is the Cost of Marine Search Light?

Marine search lights come in varying prices depending on lighting type, size, manufacturer, and quality.

You can be sure to get good light in line with your needs and budget.

With a budget of $300 – 400, you will get a good one, but the high end goes up to $600 per unit.

The smaller ones are even available at lower cost below $100.

At SMAlux, we have a range of marine lighting systems such as marine trailer lights, marine flood lights, marine under water lights, marine LED strip lights, marine dock lights, marine running light and marine solar lights.

Contact us today for best prices on all marine search lights.