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If you’re not familiar with any process in finding your ideal marine solar lights in China, SMAlux is the perfect place for you to find. Aside from high-quality products, we offered effective solutions and advice for your project success.

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Do you project free sample to test

Yes, a standard free sample test is provided according to your needs.

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Yes, we are able to handle any product issues for your satisfaction.

Do you provide solution for any difficulties

Absolutely! We are now serving in more than 30 years who passed a lot of difficulties in the manufacturing industry.

SMAlux- Your Outstanding Marine Solar Lights Supplier in China

SMAlux Marine solar lights are very viable and most worthwhile lighting infusions. This is number one solution for protected labeling modes, barriers or either preventing sailing risks. For any marine implementations, this Marine solar light is very functional and had much more purposes. These usually an industrial robust solar strengthened lights. These generally invented for severe surroundings that includes liquid salt.

Marine solar lights from SMAlux are featured with dissimilar functions and essential qualities. These are characterized with amber, green, red, blue LED colors. Each color has purpose of setting dock lighting and protective administrations. To fulfill those all lighting colors effect, Marine solar lights needs to switch in middle of steadiness or flashing methods. These can be switched on effortlessly. Also, these able to switch off through plainly placing all given magnets in main light stands. Marine solar lights has all-around and adaptable applications, these includes as protection lighting, boat vessels, channel labelers, etc.

Further, our Marine solar lights productions are proven polished and safe to use. All because our equipment is comprises with high-class rechargeable solar or having removable battery, enough for daily use. If daybreak, the robust panel usually accumulating sun`s vital energy. This way, changing the battery of Marine solar lights could not even harder. Then, these lights material surely provides 2 very-high potency LEDs. LEDs used are providing definite total-night radiance. These LED have 5 choices colors which is the amber, red, natural white, green, and blue.

These also elevates to different flatten surface or might be elevated as pole mounts or wall mounts categories. These two gives sufficient illuminations especially in offshore compositions and to sailing boats. Safer operations surely implemented with the help of this lights material. Applicable for boat illuminations, marine illuminations, for LED marine equipment, and even with solar motorized empowerment. Marine solar lights are available with different quality selections, with or without LEDs. Not just for marine applications, Marine solar lights also be installed and place to offices and houses.

Total of 50,000 hours, Marine solar lights continue does well-operations. The lighting performance of these is proven having various times shining. Compared to any light materials, these Marine solar lights is better among others. These don`t ever need much energy consumptions. Surely fitted when planning to save more valuable costs. Marine solar lights unit or assembly is made 100% from excellent-quality substances.

You will never know the quality unless you try testing out. SMAlux Marine solar lights guaranteed from leveled eco-friendly sources. These have established with easiest way installments. A water element that easily maintain with cost effective ways. These lights had created for giving signals, security, and even cooking with absence of fire. Not just giving protections, these are also nature legalized.

When finding most quality leveled Marine solar lights source, SMAlux can provide and performed manufacturing services without further ado. We had been 22 years in these industry and keeping up good services towards our clients and costumer.

Send your quotations towards SMAlux Marine solar lights manufacturing. We typically reply in an instant.

Marine Solar Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you want to import or learn more about marine solar lights, then all information you’re looking for is right here.

Whether you want to learn about features, power consumption, technological advancements or quality certifications – this guide will make everything simple for you to understand.

Keep reading to learn more.

What are Marine Solar Lights?

Solar marine lights are types of lights that you will use in marine applications that draw power from the sun.

It is the most cost-effective and practical solution for marking breakwaters and channels as well as boating hazards.

Marine solar light

Marine solar light

How Much Do Marine Solar Lights Cost?

Depending on the type of marine solar lights, the cost may range between 14 to 120 US dollars.

The cost of the subject to variation ultimately because of the different sizes of marine solar lights.

Apart from that, the higher the quality of the marine solar lights, the higher the cost of the lights.

You must also note that an increase in the quantity of marine solar lights will definitely lead to an increase in cost.

Where Can you Use the Marine Solar Lights?

Just from the name, you will notice that the marine solar lights are best for marine applications.

Apart from the marine applications, you can also use marine solar lights in other applications.

Here are the main points where you can install marine solar light.

  • Block
  • Bridge
  • Towers
  • Communication Towers
  • Chimney
  • Airport runway
  • Taxiway
  • Temporary Military Airports
  • Runway Edge Lights
  • Navigation Beacon Lights
  • Heliports
  • Traffic Barriers
  • Tower Cranes

These lights are strong enough and can withstand the harsh conditions in the above installation points.

Apart from that, you must install them in a position where they can have direct access to proper sunlight.

What are the Benefits of Using Marine Solar Lights?

You should consider using marine solar lights due to the numerous benefits that come with them.

Here are the main benefits that you will enjoy by using marine solar lights.

  • High Durability Levels

Marine solar lights are highly durable and will last for a very long time even in the harshest of conditions.

It has materials that are waterproof that will prevent the entry of water into the systems.

Apart from that, the materials are corrosion resistant and will not rust easily thus increasing the durability.

  • Energy Efficient

Marine solar lights are energy efficient as they do not require a lot of power to light up different applications.

Apart from that, the lights depend on free solar power allowing you to save on cost of power.

In addition to that, it also saves on power since it uses the LED technology that consumes very little power.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Marine solar power does not emit any form of toxic substances to the environment thus making them environmentally friendly.

It converts solar energy from the sun into electric power without emitting dangerous byproducts into the environment.

Are Marine Solar Lights Submersible in Water?

Marine solar lights

Marine solar light

There are different types of marine solar lights that are waterproof and will not allow entry of water.

Apart from that, there are specific marine solar lights that you can easily submerge in water.

It has air and watertight seals that will prevent the entry of water into the lights while under the water.

What is the Significance of Using LED on Marine Solar Lights?

You can use LED on marine solar lights due to the numerous benefits that come with using LED lights.

Here are the main benefits of using LED on the marine solar light.

  • Safer Lighting

LED lights are often very cool and will not cause any form of burns on the skin when you touch them.

It will also reduce the combustion risks by a greater percentage thus making it very safe for different applications.

  • Sturdier Structure

The LED lights have epoxy lenses which are stronger and will not break easily thus increasing its durability.

  • Energy Saving Option

You should also consider using LED lights on marine solar lights because it conserves a lot of energy.

It requires very little solar power energy to produce very bright lights thus increasing its efficiency in marine applications.

  • Perfect Light Structure

LED lights also produce a perfect light structures with a combination oof different light colors typical for marine applications.

How Long Do Marine Solar Lights Take Before Going Off?

The period that the marine solar lights will take will depend on the condition it is working under.

Since the marine solar lights work in very harsh conditions, the rating on time usually takes 15 days.

Implying that the marine solar lights will take 15 days in rainy conditions working for 10 hours in a day.

Which Features Do marine Solar Lights Possess?

When shopping for marine solar lights, it is important that you look at specific features on the lights.

Here are the main features of the marine solar lights that you should consider looking at.

  • It can work continuously for 15 days in rainy conditions within 10 working hours in a day.
  • It has photocells that will automatically switch on or off depending on the environmental light conditions.
  • It has a standard optical design with high efficiency of photoelectric conversion.
  • It is waterproof in nature and can work very well even after submerging it under water.
  • It does not have electromagnetic interferences that will interrupt radio frequencies
  • It comes complete with anti-bird devices that prevent birds from perching on them.
  • Uses LED lighting systems that conserve a lot of energy and produce bright lights.

What is the Service Life of Marine Solar Lights?

Marine solar light system

Marine sola light system

Marine solar lights are highly durable and will serve you for a very long time before it expires.

It has various features such as airtight and waterproof features that will increase its durability.

Apart from that, it uses LED lights that are also highly durable.

In addition to that, the marine solar lights may also vary in its service life depending on the quality.

High quality marine solar lights will last longer than the low quality marine solar lights.

The main components of the marine solar light system such as batteries last for 5 years or longer.

Solar panels have a longer life span that will go up to 20 years of proper service with good maintenance.

What is the Working Temperature Range of Marine Solar Lights?

The working temperature range of the marine solar lights varies between 40 to 70 degrees centigrade.

This implies that the marine solar lights do not produce a lot of heat that can cause burns or damages on the materials.

Which Specifications Should You Look at When Purchasing Marine Solar Lights?

Shopping for a good marine solar light can be challenging without a proper plan.

Well, the best way to shop for marine solar lights will be to look at the main technical specifications.

Here are the specifications that you need to have in mind when looking for marine solar lights.

· Power Supply

In this case, the man source of power will be solar energy from the sun.

You will have to choose on the type of solar panel for the marine solar lights.

The most common type of solar panels for marine solar lights is the mono-crystalline silicon solar panel.

You must also look at the capacity of the battery as well as the voltage and power of the solar panel.

· Source of Light

The best source of light that you will choose is LED light which conserves a lot of energy with excellent performance.

· Temperature Range

You will also consider the working temperature range as well as the storage temperature ranges.

The working temperature ranges between 20 to 60 degrees while the storage temperature ranges between 40 and 70 degrees centigrade.

· Visual Range

It is important that you look at the visual range of the marine solar lights ranging between 1 to 4 NM.

· Dimensions

You must also look at the dimensions of the marine solar lights in terms of weight and size.

Which Precautions Must You Follow Before Using the Marine Solar Lights?

When using the marine solar light, you must pay attention to the particular details.

Here are the main precautions that you need to take care of.

  • Read all the instructions well and understand them before you proceed to operating the machine.
  • You must also have the solar panel installed in direct sunlight to help in continuously charging the system.
  • It is important to install the light on a mechanically strong plane perpendicular to the light axis.
  • You should also consider placing it under direct sunlight for 12 hours before the device begins to operate.
  • After using the device, you should consider turning it off and storing it in a dry place to increase its durability.

What Does Insolation Mean in Marine Solar Lights?

Insolation is the amount of sunlight that the marine solar lights receive.

You can measure insolation in hours by looking at the full sun hour periods on the marine solar lights.

In that case, the marine solar light must receive enough sunlight to consider it as a complete insolation hour.

Which Factors Affect Insolation of the Marine Solar Lights?

Well, there are two main factors that affect the insolation of marine solar lights.

These include:

  • Atmospheric Conditions

The presence of atmospheric interference will affect insolation in a major way by either blocking or allowing sun rays.

Clear atmospheres will lead to proper insolation since there are minimal barriers to cover the sunlight.

  • Angle of Marine Solar Light Installation

You must also install your marine solar lights in the most appropriate angle to allow maximum insolation.

The better the angle, the higher the amount of time sun rays hit the marine solar lights thus higher insolation.

How Do You Calculate Power Consumption of the Marine Solar Lights?

You should calculate the amount of power that the marine solar lights consume to avoid under and overestimation.

Underestimation can result in inadequacies while overestimation can lead to excess capacities.

You can avoid these by carefully assessing the loads through calculations using the following formulas.

  • Volts multiplied by Amperes will give you the Watts
  • Watts multiplied by hours of use will result in Watt-hours

What is the Difference Between the Sealed and the Flooded Marine Solar Batteries?

There are two types of batteries that you can use in the marine solar light system including:

Flooded Marine Solar Batteries

You will use this type of marine solar light battery in most applications even though you must do proper maintenance.

They are available at affordable prices with a wide variety of different types and sizes to fit your application requirements.

Sealed Marine Solar Light Batteries

You will use the sealed marine solar light batteries in areas with poor or no ventilation at all.

It will also come in handy especially in places where there is poor or no maintenance of the systems.

It will cost more that the flooded marine solar light batteries but will last a little bit longer than the other.

Which Factors Should You Look at When Determining the Right Battery for the Marine Solar Lights?

There are quite a number of factors that you need to look at when considering the type of battery to choose.

Here are the main factors that you will have to look at when choosing the right type of battery.

Marine solar lights

 Marine solar lights

  • Storage Requirements

Here, you will look at the storage requirements in terms of amps-hours.

It will vary depending on the region you are as well as the applications of the marine solar lights.

  • Initial Cost

The cost of the batteries usually varies according to the quality of the battery and the application requirements.

High-quality batteries that work in harsh conditions with minimal maintenance requirements usually cost more.

  • Lifetime Cost

In this case, you will look at the amount of money you will spend servicing the batteries during its service life.

You should consider a battery that will cost you less to perform proper maintenance over the service life.

  • Weight and Size

The weight and the size of the marine solar lights make the dimensions of marine solar light batteries.

You should consider the dimensions based on the performance and application requirements of the battery.

Which Types of Solar Panels Can you Use with the Marine Solar Lights?

You have the freedom of choosing between the two main types of solar panels for marine solar lights.

Here are the two main types of solar panels that you can use with the marine solar lights.

  • Standard Marine Solar Panels

The standard marine solar panels are the normal types of solar panels that you will use in any form of application.

It is, however, stronger and more durable than the other adjustable marine solar panels.

It is also capable of withstanding very harsh conditions such excess rain and floods.

  • Adjustable Marine Solar Panels

You can deform or bend the adjustable marine solar panels to fit the type of application you want it for.

It is the most suitable type of solar panels for boats that cannot accommodate bigger solar panels.

You can install them anywhere as they lack proper metal support thus making them lighter in weight.

Why Should You Consider using Solar Panels for Marine Solar Lights?

You should consider using the solar panels for marine solar lights because of the primary benefits.

The main benefits of using the solar panels for marine solar lights include:

Cost-Effective Source of Energy

Solar panels are the most cost-effective source of energy that you can use hence saving you a lot of money.

Quiet Operations

You should also use solar panels because they produce no sound thus maintain a very peaceful environment.

It will help in reducing or eliminating of sound pollution altogether.

Continuous Charging

You can also use the solar panels to continuously charge the batteries even in your absence.

It allows you to engage in other activities while at sea as it charges the batteries.

What are Some of the Advancements in Technology in the Marine Solar Lights?

In the recent past, new technological advancements have led to an increase in solar power on marine applications.

Apart from that, there is a wide range of solar panels that you can choose from to suit your application requirements.

Advancements in technology also allows you to properly customize your solar panel requirements accordingly.

How Do the Marine Solar Lights Work?

Well, the marine solar lights depend on a proper solar energy system to produce light.

The solar panel will capture the energy from the sun that lands on it surface thus activating the electrons.

After that, the electrons will produce DC current which will flow to the batteries for storage.

As soon as you switch on the lights, the power will flow from the batteries up to the marine solar lights.

This will lead to the lighting up of the marine solar lights for proper illumination.

What are Some of the Future Prospects of the Marine Solar Lights?

Well, the future is bright for the marine solar lights especially with the inception of wind turbines in the system.

There has been considerable progress in incorporating windmills to increase the amount of power in marine solar lights.

Apart from that, artificial intelligence in marine systems helps in controlling the amount of energy in use.

This will help in saving the cost of energy thus reducing expenditure on non-renewable sources of energy.

How Bright Should Marine Solar Lights Be?

There are no specifications when it comes to how bright the solar lights can be.

In most applications, the solar lights have a lumen capacity ranging between 1 to 30 lumens.

In other words, the higher the lumen capacity, the brighter the solar lights.

Which Considerations Must You Have in Place when Deciding on Marine Solar Lights?

You must have a proper plan before you select marine solar lights.

In your planes, you must have specific considerations which include:

  • Charge

Here you should go for the LED lights which have a longer charge capacity with brighter light emissions.

  • Color

You will choose the type of color that will fit your applications.

Implying that there are numerous colors that you can choose from as long as it fits your applications well.

  • Brightness

The brightness of the solar lights will also vary according to the type of solar lights that you purchase.

You must also choose the type of solar lights according to the application requirements.

  • Design

There are numerous marine solar light designs that you can choose from.

You can also come up with your personal or custom design for the marine solar lights.

What are the Quality Certifications for Marine Solar Lights?

It is important that you purchase marine solar lights that are of very high quality.

You will ensure tat the marine solar lights are of high quality by looking at the quality certifications.

The main quality certifications that you will look at include:

  • International Standards Organization (ISO) Quality Certifications
  • ANSI/UL 1598 and 8750 Quality Certifications
  • ETL Quality Certifications
  • NOM Mark Quality Certifications
  • CE Marking Quality Certifications
  • ENEC Marking Quality Certifications
  • S Mark Quality Certifications
  • GS Mark Quality Certifications
  • GOST Quality Certification
  • Saudi Arabian Certificate of Conformity

Are Marine Solar Lights IP Rated?

Yes, marine solar lights are IP rated with IP rating of either IP67 or IP68.

This will, however, depend on the type of boat for installing marine solar lights.

Apar from that, the applications will also determine the IP rating of the marine solar lights.

For instance, you can have marine solar lights with IP rating of IP68 suitable for submerged marine solar lights.

Depending on your unique specific needs, SMAlux offers the perfect solution for all your marine solar lights.

Contact us now for all your marine solar light needs.