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SMAlux- Outstanding Manufacturer For Your Marine Trailer Lights In China

SMAlux marine trailer lights created to support trailing safety. From brake lights, license plate lights, signal lights, and other trailer reflectors are perfectly accessible at our market. We have lots of designs and functions for trailer lighting applications. It is required to attach lights to the trailers permanently. Marine trailer is purposely created to expose to the water. So we fabricated durable and waterproof trailer lights to keep it safe.

There’s a lot of options in our market. You can select your ideal functions according to your application. There are also sealed trailers of lights and submersible to choose from. Also shocks resistant are also accessible at the best prices. All marine trailers need to be attached to trailer lights for safety. It is very important that your trailer is visible to all drivers out there.

Lights such as tail lights, stop lights, and many other lights that may be needed. When installing lights, you just need to know what your trailer’s sizes are.  Marine trailer lights must be mounted permanently. You can prevent blocking from other drivers if lights are visible.

SMAlux marine trailer lights are good if it is LED light. LED lights are booming in this industry. Because of our modern high tech machines, we have created amazing designs, effective and functional trailer lights. We are one of the leading world’s factories in China when it comes to manufacturing smart lights. We have plenty of supportive staff that can be able to guide your whole process from the start to the end of your purchasing process. Don’t hesitate in dealing with us. We are friends who assure to provide the client’s satisfaction. We build good relationship with all of our customers so we can help you solve your lighting problems.

We created marine trailer lights with easy to install and easy to control. Using your device, you can now control your lighting by installing the SMAlux app. Whether it is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth control, it can be easily founded at SMAlux. There are also motion sensor lights for your marine trailers so you can easily move quickly. We are focused on supplying lights with energy-saving capabilities. This was our main purpose of fabricating smart lights.

We, SMAlux are certified with UL, NOM, CE, SA8000, etc. We are certified to produce a billion lights worldwide. Since 1996, we are now trusted in manufacturing in over 22 years and counting. We have 4 companies to make sure our support. From China, Canada, Hungary, and the Philippines, we always quality services at all times.

If this is your first time dealing with us, don’t worry. We can be able to support the whole of your process to make you satisfied. Our friendly and skilled service staff can guide your purchasing process to make it fast and safe. Don’t pause to have a great relationship with us. Build it and get our very negotiable marine trailer lights and expand your business fastest than you ever know.

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Marine Trailer Lights: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

You’re probably planning to buy marine trailer lights.

Or, you’d like to learn more about marine trailer lights.

Whichever the case, will answer all questions you have been asking about marine trailer lights.

Keep reading if you want to be an expert in these marine lights.

What is Marine Trailer Light?

Boat trailer light refers to lighting fixtures installed at the rear and sides of a marine trailer.

It comes in red, yellow, and white colors, with main purpose of relaying message or signal to other users close to the trailer.

Marine trailer lights are fitted depending on the size of the boat.

Boat trailer light

Boat trailer light

What are Submersible Marine Trailer Lights?

A submersible boat trailer permits no penetration of water into the luminaire when submerged.

It applies Bell-jar principle to develop an air pocket, which protects the socket and bulb.

The air pocket allows only a negligible water quantity to penetrate, not permitting moisture to get in contact with the light.

Some types of submersible marine trailer lights come with the bulbs enclosed within waterproof “capsules” that guard them from thermal shock and corrosion.

Which are the Main Types of Marine Trailer Light?

There exist several types of boat trailer lights, each with specialized functions.

The type of fixture installed depends on the size of boat as follows:

1) Trailers under 80 Inches Wide

This consists of 9 different types of lights found on different parts of the boat trailer, each with a crucial function.

  • Taillights aremade up of at least two red lights mounted on the rear symmetrically.

They indicate the width and presence of marine trailer.

  • Stop Lights that comprise of at least two red lights, which signal braking. They are installed symmetrical at the rear of the trailer.
  • Turn signals consist of at least two yellow or red lights at the rear, which indicate turning.
  • Rear side markerlights made up of at least two red lights mounted on every edge on the rear. They indicate width and presence of boat trailer.
  • Rear reflex reflectors made of at least two red reflectors mounted symmetrically on the rear facing rearward. They also indicate width and presence of trailer.
  • Rear side reflex reflectors consisting of at least two reflectors installed symmetrically on the rear facing sideward. The lights indicate width and presence of marine trailer.
  • Front side marker lamps made up of at least two yellow lights on every edge at front.
  • Front side reflex reflectors comprise of at least two yellow reflectors on every edge at front. They also indicate with and presence of trailer.
  • License plate light made of at least a single white light mounted at the side or above license plate. Its role is to light the license plate.

2) Trailers over 80 Feet Wide

Boat trailers having a width greater than 80 feet have all the above boat trailer lights coupled with the following:

  • Rear clearance light made of at least two red lights at the broadest symmetrical point near or on the rear. The lights indicate width of the marine trailer.
  • Rear identification are precisely three red lights mounted centrally on the rear, facing rearward.

These marine boat lights are spaced horizontally 150mm to 300mm apart, and they signal presence of wide trailer.

  • Front clearance light consist of two yellow lights mounted symmetrically at widest location, facing forward. They show width of trailer.

3) Marine Trailers Longer than 300 Feet Regardless of their Width

These long boat trailers have all the lights mentioned above in addition to the following:

  • Intermediate side marker lights consisting of at least two yellow lights at either side close to center. They face sideward and signal presence of a long trailer.
  • Intermediate side reflex reflectors comprising of at least two yellow reflectors mounted on every edge near the center. The marine trailer lights also face sideward and show presence of long boat trailer.

Is it Mandatory to Install Marine Trailer Lights?

Marine trailer light

Marine trailer light

Yes, owners and operators are required by law, both local and international, to install functioning marine trailer lights.

Besides, the lights are essential for navigation and safety.

The law further stipulates trailer lights required depending on the size of the trailer.

Trailers less than 80 inches wide should have tail lights, stop light, license plate light, turn lights, side marker lights, and side and rear reflectors.

Conversely, boat trailer over 80 inches wide should have the lights mentioned above and include identification light, perimeter lights, and clearance lights.

Can you Mix Incandescent and LED Boat Trailer Lights?

It is possible to mix incandescent and LED boat trailer lights, however, it is not recommended.

First, these two types of lighting use power differently.

While LED types are energy savers, the incandescent marine trailer lights are power-intensive.

Therefore, mixing them in a circuit would lead to damage of LED versions.

Nevertheless, there are instances in which the combination has been performed successfully.

Yet, it is still advisable you go all incandescent or LED to reduce the possibility of any electrical issues.

Should Marine Trailer Lights be Waterproof?

Yes, the marine trailer lights should be waterproof to prevent damages or problems associated with water.

Penetration of water to the trailer lighting fixture would cause electrical fault resulting in blown-out fuses or circuit breakers tripping.

Marine trailer light

Marine trailer light

Failure to waterproof marine trailer lights would also result in corrosion and rusting of the lighting bulb and its components.

The importance of waterproofing trailer lights cannot be ignored.

It ensures optimal performance, prevention of faults, and extended lifespan of the lights.

Which are the Different Wiring Harness for Marine Trailer Lights?

There are two types of wiring harness for marine trailer lights: crossover wiring harness and split wiring harness.

· Crossover Wiring Harness

This type of wiring runs along one side of the trailer and crosses over between the taillights.

· Split Wiring Harness

It is the most commonly used wiring type where the wiring splits into Y formation at the trailer’s tongue.

The split wires run on each side of the trailer’s frame.

Does Marine Trailer Light require Routine Maintenance?

Yes, marine trailer lights need routine maintenance to continue functioning correctly.

Regular maintenance is essential for the prevention of possible faults and failures.

The maintenance includes checking for worn out and faulty switches, bulbs, loose connections and screws, installations, and wiring.

The routine maintenance of boat trailer light is done periodically according to a detailed regular maintenance schedule.

Go over the wiring and installations and tighten all loose connections.

Check for worn-out insulation and replace the wires that have worn out insulation or reinforce with insulation tape.

Inspect and clean dirt or coated contacts and terminals.

Turn the lights off at the power source and then examine the electrical wires, switches, and bulbs socket to find and fix faults.

Next, clean all the terminals, lenses, and contacts; and apply dielectric waterproof grease.

This grease can also be dabbed at places prone to moisture, such as a light bulb socket.

After the thorough checkup and fixing all identified problems, check if all the lights are functioning well.

Here, you will need an assistant to check the lights for you while you switch them off and on systematically.

Replace all burnt-out bulbs and address any significant problem.

Which is the Best Between Incandescent and LED Marine Trailer Lights?

The current trend in marine lighting is shifting and embracing LED lighting technology.

Due to this fact, here are some of the reasons why LED marine trailer lights are the best:

  • Lifespan: LEDs have a longer lifespan lasting up to 100, 000 hours.

On the other side, incandescent lasts not more than 3000 hours due to burns, thus are frequently replaced.

Besides, LEDs have no filament; hence they last for an extended period.

  • Energy efficiency: LED lights efficiently convert energy into light while the incandescent lights poorly convert electricity into light.

Therefore, a single battery can power more LED lights than incandescent lights.

Furthermore, with LEDs, a battery lasts for long, unlike when using incandescent lamps.

  • Brightness: While operating even at very low voltage, LED boat trailer lights would still produce brighter light than incandescent types.
  • Color: With LEDs, it is easy to manufacture lighting units with different colors.
  • Design and shapes: Manufacturing lighting fixtures of different designs and forms is practical with LED lighting technology.
  • Impervious: the LED boat trailer lights are impervious to water as they are permanently sealed.
  • No thermal shock: LED lights generate minimal heat and cannot suffer from thermal shock when immersed in water.

Thermal shock occurs when a warm or hot light is immersed in cold water, causing pressure difference.

The pressure difference causes cracks in lenses and rubber seals, leading to leakages and more damages.

Which Factors lead to Breakdown of Marine Trailer Lights?

The trailer lights are not immune to breakdowns due to harsh aquatic and highway drive conditions.

Here are factors that often lead to the breakdown of marine trailer lights:

Marine trailer lights and accessories

Marine trailer lights and accessories

  • Thermal shock: This happens when warm or hot lights suddenly get submerged in cold water leading to burned-out filaments and cracked lenses.
  • Water ingression: penetration of water to the marine trailer lights leads to short circuits, corrosion, and rusting.

This problem worsens in salty water.

  • Vibrations: vibrations emanate from engines, highway drive, rough sea, and water waves. The vibrations weaken and break filaments, screws fasteners, lenses, and seal joints.
  • Mechanical damages when pumped onto hard objects while turning or reversing.

●       Long drives on highways could result in weakened and broken bulb filaments.

Also, the vibration in the long hours drive on the road causes lens seals to loosen.

  • During transportation, it may get covered and encrusted with road dirt causing corrosion and interfering with electrical conductors.

Which are the Wiring Color-coding for Marine Trailer Lights?

All electrical cables are colored and should be installed according to international standards for easier identification of positive, ground, and negative wires.

Color coding in marine trailer lights consists of four colors.

White color is a ground connection, while red/brown is for tail lights.

The green color is for right turn indicators, and yellow preserved for left turn indicators.

During installation, care should be taken so as not to interchange or mix wires.

A wrong connection would either cause an electrical fire or no lights at all.

Furthermore, Interchanging or mixing colors may not interfere with the functioning of lights, but maintenance and repair work would be complicated.

How do you Replace Old Marine Trailer Lights?

Replacing old marine trailer lights is quick and straightforward.

Buy the correct lighting fixture for replacement, unscrew the old trailer lights, and then screw the new lights.

To successfully carry out the replacement, you will require a screwdriver, wire cutter, long nose pliers, wire connectors, and electrical tape.

You must also have the new light before you commence the replacement.

Here are simplified steps to follow:

  • Cut the old wires
  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew the old light together with its base.
  • Wipe or clean the trailer frame.
  • Attach and screw the new light together with its base onto the trailer’s frame.
  • While ensuring that the colors match correctly, connect the new light’ wires to the trailer’s lights wires.

In case you have several lights to replace, follow the above steps as you ensure that you finish with one light before moving to the next one.

Should Marine Trailer Light be Grounded?

Yes, grounding marine trailer light is essential to discharge electricity to the ground in case of lightning, static electricity, or short circuit.

The ground is critical for the proper functioning of trailer lights.

Flickering is a common sign of a problem in the ground.

Usually, grounding is either from a particular ground wiretapped from the wiring harness, or from the truck through the trailer hitch and ball.

The coupler to the ball grounding connection may not be sufficient, therefore secure the white ground wire onto the marine trailer’s body with a bolt.

For proper conduction, scrap away any dirt or paint before securing the connection.

How do you Troubleshoot an Overload in Marine Trailer Lights?

Marine trailer light

Marine trailer light

Overload occurs when more lights than recommended are connected to a power source.

The overload would result in the dimming of lights, overheating of cables, and straining the boat’s battery.

In extreme overload, the fuse would be blown, or the circuit breaker would trip off.

Troubleshooting the overload is straightforward.

First, check the manufacturers or harness manual for maximum load ratings.

Next, calculate the power consumed by the trailer lights and counter-check with the recommended ratings.

Power is calculated by multiplying voltage by the current of each lighting unit and then summing up the values.

For the power converter, check if the boat trailer lights are overloading the harness, and if the overload is minor, reset the unit.

Otherwise, remove the power fuse/power off at the circuit breaker for some minutes then return the fuse/power on the circuit breaker.

Then using a tester check if the four-way plug is functioning correctly.

If the lights function properly, after resetting the power converter unit, two possibilities can be concluded.

First, there could be a short circuit, or secondly, excess lights are connected to the circuit than the recommended.

To solve this problem, remove some bulbs and then check if the other lights are functioning well.

In case the harness functions as expected, then it’s an overload.

Are there Quality Certifications for Marine Trailer Lights?

Quality certification is essential for marine trailer lights as it a guarantee of quality product, they include:

  • CE certification
  • UL Certifications
  • Energy Star Certification
  • DLC Certification
  • RoHS Certification
  • CEE certification

Do Marine LED Trailer Lights require a Resistor?

Yes, marine LED trailer lights do require LED load resistors.

The load resistor is crucial for increasing electrical current drawn in a circuit.

Also, the LEDs have problems such as hyper flashing (rapid flashing than expected), no flashing or burnt out bulb indicators.

It’s also essential for boosting LED lights that usually draw minimal current.

Generally, one resistor is enough for every affected circuit, and each LED turn light and license plate light.

What is Combination Marine Trailer Light?

It is a legal requirement to install all prescribed lights and reflectors.

However, nowadays, it is a common trend to install combination lights, also multi-function boat trailer lights.

The combination lights have all the required lights in a single unit, reducing the number of marine trailer lights for installation.

Multi-function lights combine up to seven light functions into a single compact light fixture.

For instance, brake light, turn light, tail light, rear side marker lights, rear reflector, and rear side reflectors are combined in a single light unit.

Equally, front side marker reflectors and front side marker lights are often clustered together.

Combining lights simplifies the process of mounting and wiring.

How do you Choose Fixture for Marine Trailer Lights?

Here are the key factors to consider when choosing boat trailer lights:

Submercible boat trailer light

Submersible boat trailer light

· Quality

Trailer lights come in different qualities, and the cheaply priced are always of poor quality.

Lower quality fixtures have shorter life span while being energy inefficient.

Buying high-quality products would last for long, guaranteed performance, and comes with an excellent warranty.

· Color

Boat trailer lights are available in different colors and color correlated temperatures (CCT) measured in Kelvin (K) Unit.

Higher K ratings signify bluish-white color while lower value indicates warm light.

Higher K value means very bright light and could be bothersome to other motorists.

The colors for the specific function cannot be interchanged.

For example, red lights are always for brakes and cannot be replaced by white or any other color.

· Combination Lights

Nowadays, several lights with different functions are grouped.

Grouping of lights has resulted in cheaper lights, easy installation, and quick replacements.

If you plan to replace or do new wiring, the combination lights or multicolored lights are worth considering.

· Light Output Type

Conventionally two types of lighting output are available: the LEDs and the incandescent bulbs.

The LED is the latest technology in the lighting industry.

While the upfront cost is higher, the LEDs are long-lasting and highly efficient than the other type.

It pays to make a smart move towards the LED lights as opposed to the inferior incandescent lights.

· Waterproof

AS your trailer would be submerged in water at a certain time thus, it is best to consider submersible lights with IP 67/68 ratings.

The rating is an assurance that the lighting fixture would not be affected when submerged in water.

Apart from Marine Trailer Lights, Which other Marine Lights do you offer?

We have a variety of other marine lighting fixtures that could be of interest to you.

These lights include:

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