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Our proposed LED Marine Underwater Lights are useful completely on any types and boat`s dimensions. These have contrasting uses like for example, drain stopper, doorstep throwing lights, frame lighting, and importantly for nightfall lighting. However, these Underwater LED Lights are not just supplying additional electricity at cold temperature, but functional especially on giving protective attributes. These are together with higher-up radiance ranges. When comparing our quality of lights, these isn`t comparable because these brings up greater light production, enough for every marine operations.

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When installing the underwater lighting, it is required to have exterior light switch for total managing above the lights. That means lighting should have fading purposes on suitable areas. Most easy way to attach lights on some boats are the stainless steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and others. Our Marine Underwater Lights are also had premier purpose, attracting more fishes and algae on the water. These can tempt most targeted fishes, makes catching bigger fishes all of sudden. These bring up important benefits also, which brighten the night coast. Effective way to have styled up boat designs.

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Marine Underwater Lights: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

This guide covers everything you need to know about marine underwater lights such as features, quality specifications, certifications, and power consumption, among other aspects.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Marine Underwater Light?

Marine Underwater Lights are lighting fixtures which are mounted on marine vessels below the water line.

You can use them as decorative boat lights or to attract fish at night.

Most modern types come as Marine LED underwater lights, enabling you to select nearly any lighting and combination of color.

Besides, these boat lighting fixtures are as well very rugged, fulfilling higher manufacturing standards and protection from saltwater.

Marine underwater light

Marine underwater light

Which are the Different Types of Marine Underwater Lights?

For recreational purposes, there exist 3 main types of boat underwater lights namely:

· Surface Mount

This type of marine underwater light can have either polymer or metal housing and is always fixed to the hull exterior.

Its electrical components are safely tucked within the lighting fixture and lack shafts going across the hull.

Surface mount LED light

Surface mount

· Thru-Hull

The marine luminaire has shafts (often 25mm) and brings the extra security of interior attachments together with external installation using epoxy.



Further, they have the capacity to attach to the protective bonding system of the marine vessel.

· Thru-Hull Interchangeable

This boat light offers the same advantages as Thru-Hull marine underwater light.

However, it has extra benefit due to capacity to substitute the light unit without hauling the boat out of water.

They come with internal drivers which minimize the amount of components to be installed, thus reducing wiring runs and installation times.

Thru hull interchengeable

Thru-hull interchangeable

What are the Key Features to look for in Marine Underwater Lights?

Here are the main features of marine underwater lights that you should consider when choosing a marine underwater light.

· Brightness

Brightness is essential to meet your marine lighting needs, which is measured in lumens.

The lumen rating is usually indicated on the marine underwater light, and the higher the value, the brighter the luminaire.

· Colors Variety

White and blue are the most common colors for marine underwater lights.

White is the most preferred color for clear, especially in attracting fish at night.

You can use blue for other applications, such as marine decorative lighting.

However, you can use the lights in combination, depending on your needs and preference.

More effects can be achieved by combining the lighting colors coupled with individual lighting control systems for effective output lighting decorations.

· Beam Angles

Another key feature to consider in the marine underwater lights is the beam angle.

The beam angle should be wide enough for sufficient lighting.

A suitable beam angle should be about 110degrees, but anything less than 90 degreesis very narrow.

Narrow beam provide focused lights that have dazzling effects underwater.

However, it lacks good coverage and color depth compared to the wide beam lights.

On the other hand, the refraction of light back into the water at the surface is achieved using very wide beams.

· Functionality

Functionality is instrumental to the delight of multi-color boat underwater lighting with a variety of functions.

When purchasing multi-color fixture, inquire whether they are synchronized to prevent potentially irritating lighting effects.

· Cost

The cost of marine underwater varies depending on size, manufacturer, and quality.

Cheaper marine underwater lights may have short lifespan.

Therefore, do not go for cheap underwater lights at the expense of quality.

· Efficiency

While selecting marine underwater lights, efficiency is crucial.

High efficient lights guarantee power saving, low maintenance, and longer lifespan of marine vessel’s batteries.

How do you Install Marine Underwater Light?

Installing marine underwater light couldbe a bit time consuming since it may involve extra work.

You would need to drill holes, connect wires, and seal joints

. The items required for the job include:

  • Silicone
  • Drilling machine
  • Tape measure
  • Scrapper Pencil

However, you need to carefully read the manufacturer’s guideline before commencing the process of installing marine underwater lights.

Furthermore, the installation of the marine underwater lights is best done when the vessel is out of water.

Step 1

The first step is to mark the appropriate position using a pencil on the boat’s outer part, which should be clean and dry.

Ensure that there are no wirings or structures on the inside part that could be affected by drilling and hinder light placement.

Step 2

Using a drilling machine, drill a hole through the hull.

Then with a hole saw cut around the hole.

After sawing the hole, smoothen rough edges around the hole with sandpaper and wipe away dirt.

Seal the edge with epoxy resin and leave to dry.

Step 3

Put the cables into the hole then apply adhesive sealant such as silicone around the hole and affix the light into position.

From the inside of the boat, tighten the back nut, and then connect the wires to the main switch.

Always double check your work before switching on the power.

However, some types of marine underwater lights do not require drilling and screwing.

These lights are suitable for small vessels and are fixed with adhesives or suction pads.

Electromagnetic induction is a new revolutionary way to mount underwater lights without drilling holes.

How much Power does Marine Underwater Lights use?

Marine underwater lights use a 12 or 24 volts DC rechargeable battery.

Traditional underwater lights consume more power than the modern Marine LED underwater light.

The LED versions use less energy, operates on lower voltage, and lasts longer.

What is the Best Color for Marine Underwater Light?

Marine underwater lights are available in a range of colors.

Many sailors and fishers prefer white and green because they attract the most fish bait at night.

The green color has a shorter wavelength making it ideal for penetration in freshwater lakes and coastline waterways.

Besides, the green color improves visibility and makes dirty water to appear clean.

Blue light is equally a better option.

It has a shorter wavelength and creates vibrant and crispy lighting illusions, particularly at night.

Marine underwater light

Marine underwater light

Why are Marine LED Marine Underwater Lights the Best?

Marine underwater lights are designed to enhance the safety and navigation experience of sailors.

The following are some of benefits of Marine LED underwater lights that make them the best choice:

· Lifespan

This type of boat underwater light is made of high-quality materials to last for long.

In addition, its lighting unit is made of light-emitting diodes (LED) that do not burn out easily.

This is a sharp contrast to filament bulbs that burn out within a short time.

The LED marine lighting fixtures often have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

· Environmentally friendly

They don’t have toxic substances such as mercury found in fluorescent lights, making it safer for disposal to the environment.

· Efficiency

The LED bulbs are very efficient in converting electrical energy into light.

Tests have shown that LEDs convert 80% of energy into light.

Conversely, the filament converts only 20% of the energy into light, and the rest to heat.

For this reason, LED boat underwater lights have better heat dissipation feature.

· Waterproof and Weatherproof

These types of marine LED lighting fixtures marine LED lights are made of high-quality materials to withstand harsh conditions in lakes, oceans etc.

They can withstand shock, massive impacts, and vibrations.

· Instant Lights

Compared to other types of marine lighting bulbs, LEDs power on instantly and emit full brightness at the touch of the switch.

Besides, LEDs do not wear off due to frequent powering off and on like the filament bulbs.

· Power saving

The LED boat underwater lights use less power.

This attribute prevents unnecessary drain of batteries, making them to last for long.

In addition, you can comfortably cruise in the waters longer without worries of the battery running low.

· Maintenance-free

The LEDs are long-lasting; therefore, you would not have to worry about the constant replacement of bulbs or other parts.

Filament types of bulbs regularly burn and damage other components due to excess heat generated.

· Small and Compact designs

The LED lighting technology has enabled manufacturers to design and produce small and compact marine lighting fixtures.

Where should you Install Marine Underwater Lights?

The position or location to install underwater lights depends on the type, size, and characteristics of the lights.

Marine underwater lights can be installed in different places such as the transom, sides, and bottom of the marine boat.

Why is Flush-fit the Best way to Install Marine Underwater Light?

Flush-fit is the best way to install marine underwater lights for firm installation.

Flush-fit mounting of boat underwater lights protects the hull and the light and makes sure the laminar flow of water is not restricted.

It is suitable for larger marine boats that are stronger and require larger underwater lights.

Also, Flush-fit mounting provides beamwidth mostly required by serious fishermen for more glow to attract fish.

Even though it needs a lot of work, it is the best way to install marine underwater lights firmly.

What is LED Binning in Marine LED Underwater Light?

All LEDs are not produced equal.

Every independent diode will produce a fairly different light frequency, commonly measured in Kelvin.

Most manufacturers focus on Kelvin as the measurement of how “cool” or “warm” the light is, binning is more distinctive.

LED binning refers to the physical process of sorting specific diodes into uniform groups, where each diode produces same light frequency.

When not performed, a lighting unit consisting of six LEDs could include one different from others.

This difference is always visible when you look at the light.

Marine LED underwater lights are sorted and graded against several crucial parameters.

This is essential not only for color matching but also output consistency, and is specifically crucial in underwater environment.

Color and color saturation in underwater are extremely instrumental especially with regards to lighting effects.

Why are Independent Chips better than 4-in-1 Chips in Marine Underwater Lights?

The independent chips are best as they are easily binned for light output consistency and color matching.

On the other hand, the 4-in-1 chips cannot be binned; hence, they are susceptible to variations in light and color output.

These variations are highly magnified in marine environments.

Furthermore, the independent chips enable the manufacture of LED bulbs with specific light output suitable for marine underwater lighting.

How many Lights do you Require in Marine Underwater Installation?

The total number of lights required in the marine underwater installation is a matter of personal preference.

It is determined by factors such as lighting needs, size of the vessel, light spacing, water quality, and budgetary allocation.

Boats in more transparent water need fewer lights than dark and dirty water.

Are Marine Underwater Lights Waterproof?

IP rating

IP rating

Yes, marine underwater lights are IP rated, which indicates how well they are protected against penetration from dirt and water to cause harm.

With respect to boat underwater lights, IP67/68 are the best, since they imply that it is sufficiently protected against water penetration.

It is, therefore, safe for usage in water and high humidity places.

Moreover, the marine lighting fixtures consist of submersible waterproof casing designed for usage under and above water surfaces.

More airtight protection is offered by rubber gasket between the casing and light base.

Therefore, as you shop for the lights, check for the appropriate IP ratings printed on the marine underwater lights fixture.

How Far below the Water should you Mount Marine Underwater Lights?

As a general guideline, the marine underwater lights should be mounted deep enough to avoid the lights popping out of the water while rolling at anchor.

Popping of the lights cause distractions to other marine vessels closeby.

The ideal depth should not be less than 20 cm from the water surface.

The lights should be far below enough to stay underwater, even in rough water.

What is the Recommended Light Spacing for Marine Underwater Lights?

The spacing of marine underwater lights is very important for optimal benefits, thus ensure that you have an even spread of glow.

Marine underwater lighting with a narrow beam angle requires more light spacing than wide-angled lighting fixtures.

However, most sailors maintain a distance of 1 – 2 meters between the lights.

When determining the spacing, maintain a distance of 2.5 to 5 feet from the beam angle.

Wider spacing diffuses the intention of the lights while very close spacing leads to wastage of lights.

How do you Clean Marine Underwater Lights?

Occasionally marine underwater lights require cleaning, especially if it has marine growth.

First, disconnect the power source before you start cleaning.

Pull the lights out of the water.

Using a simple hard bristle brush scrub gently to remove dirt on the lenses.

In case the dirt is hard to remove with the brush, then use a scraper.

Marine underwater lights often attract crud and slime on the lenses leading to a reduction in light output.

Regular wiping with a piece of rag while swimming or snorkeling around the boat helps keep lenses clean.

However, the heat generated by the lights kills the barnacles that grow on the lenses, hence it easy to clean; just wipe off the residue.

The LEDs do not generate enough heat to kill them; therefore, it is better to consider alternatives.

Nevertheless, you can paint the lenses with antifouling paint to keep the barnacles away.

Can you Install the Surface Mount Underwater Lights on the Hull Sides?

Yes. In the surface mount, the electrical wires go up the transom on the boat’s outer part over the waterline and then into the vessel.

This type of mounting eliminates drilling of large holes on the hull that may cause leakages as it requires smaller holes for screws.

However, surface mount installation is mostly suitable for smaller vessels that need to be fitted with smaller lights with minimal holes drilling.

Furthermore, surface mounts are easily attached with adhesives, suction cups, and electromagnetic induction.

How do you Test the Quality of Marine Underwater Lights?

Marine underwater light

Marine underwater light

The quality tests ensure that the marine underwater lights are up to the required standards for optimal performance, safety, and value for customers.

Therefore, marine underwater lights go through rigorous testing both in the laboratory.

Here are the main quality tests for underwater lights:

  • Immersion test for all lights and drivers.
  • Vibration test.
  • Thermal test.
  • EMC tests and practical noise interference testing (EMC/EMI).
  • Output tests at all stages of production in advanced integrating spheres.

How Far does Marine Underwater Light Travel into the Water?

The distance marine underwater light travels into water is affected by the quality of the water.

But generally, light penetrates deeper in clean and clear water than in muddy, dirty, and murkier water.

What are the Quality Standards for Marine Underwater Lights?

To guarantee safety, durability, and ultimate performance of marine underwater lights, they must comply with certain standards.

Here are the common quality standards that your boat underwater light must conform to:

  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standards
  • Marine Equipment Directive 06/98/EC Standards
  • German BSH Standards
  • Italian RINA Standards
  • The US Coast guard (USCG) Standards
  • IEC 60092 – 306 standards
  • American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) Standards
  • International safety Organization (ISO) Standards

How much does Marine Underwater Lights Cost?

The cost of marine underwater lights varies depending on the manufacturer, type of light, quality, and design.

Most of them cost anything from $20 up to $400.

Buying marine LED underwater lights costs more but lasts longer.

In comparison, marine underwater lights fitted with ordinary bulbs are cheaper but have a shorter lifespan.

With the range of prices available, you will not miss boat underwater lights that fit well within your budget.

What is the difference between Lumens and Fixture Lumens in Marine Underwater Lights?

Lumens is the measure of brightness produced by a lighting source.

On the other hand, the fixture lumen is a measure of the actual brightness produced by the marine underwater lighting fixture.

Electronic inefficiencies reduce the fixture lumens.

Thus when installing boat underwater light, it is important to consider fixtures lumens and not the lumen of the lighting source.

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