SMAlux NB-IoT Street Light

SMAlux NB-IoT Street Light used Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT) technology, as smart street lamp connects devices more simply and efficiently on already established mobile networks, and handles 2-way data, securely and reliably.

SMAlux NB-IoT Street Light allows the users to connect to the smart street light management system through the mobile network and by using the SMAlux app directly to control the smart street lights.

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SMAlux NB-IoT Street Light’s app lets the users manage the street lights with their computer, smartphone or tablet; such functions include switch on/off, adjusting brightness, setting schedules, obtain operational data, electricity consumption, energy saving statistics, etc.

SMAlux NB-IoT Street Light is cheaper to operate, and by connecting the lamps to a control center, dynamic control can be achieved, removing the need for manual inspections and interventions.

SMAlux NB-IoT Street Light is much more efficient when comparing to Traditional Street Light. Traditional street lights use HID lamps, which are slow to start, high in energy consumption and short in life-span.

And workers need to inspect the street every now and then, thus higher maintenance costs, and the fault repair is not timely.

When the streetlight does not light up or is not working properly, SMAlux NB-IoT Street Light system will send a product failure warning to alert the users. The customers can arrange for staff to accurately reach the location of the malfunction street lamp, no longer need to patrol the road every day, reduce maintenance and labor costs.

Why is SMAlux NB-IoT Street Light

Control Anywhere
By using the SMAlux app directly to control the smart street lights anywhere by smart device.
Schedule Setup
Intelligent operation, can be set the brightness according different time interval.
Prolong Life-Span
Using high quality LEDs and heat dissipating materials, SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb can have a better life-span.
Industry Leader
Have already acquired more than 5 years of experience in manufacturing smart LED fixtures.

SMAlux's SupportTeam

NB-IoT Street Light, Smart Street Lamp - SMAlux

SMAlux NB-IoT Street Light management system uses cloud deployment to facilitate remote control of street lights for intelligent operation such as switch, brightness adjustment, group operation.

The user can set the brightness to 100% during the 6-10 pm period. The user then can set the brightness to 75% between 10 to 12 pm, when there are fewer people.

When it comes to mid-night, users can set the brightness to 25%. When the schedule has been set, all of the street light will automatically act accordingly.

We, CE Lighting has more than 22 years of designing, development and manufacturing experience in the lighting industry.

We can provide high quality, certified, customized products for you with satisfactory service.

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SMAlux NB-IoT Street Light

SMAlux NB-IoT Street light is a new type of smart street light to replaces the traditional street light.

It is based on more than 22 years of manufacturing experience in the lighting industry. With a central laboratory of 600 square meter and 6 professional R&D teams, we provide high-quality smart lighting for you.

As a custom lighting manufacturer, the SMAlux NB-IoT Street light is our main and most advanced smart street light.

SMAlux NB-IoT Street light can best meet your needs is your best choice. SMAlux NB-IoT Street Light help you change traditional street light control systems into smart.

It integrated with an NB-IoT smart controller and a centralized intelligent device, to help you provides adequate energy and efficient lighting. It can also reduce operation and maintenance costs.

The most important thing is to optimize the management of street lamps, reduce the trouble of personnel maintenance, and make street lamp maintenance more convenient and faster. We have been focusing on the lighting industry since 1996.

And our professional knowledge covers all areas of the lighting industry. With ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SA8000 certifications, SMAlux NB-IoT Street light is guaranteed to be of high quality.

When you choose to cooperate with us, we will ensure answer all your questions before production. And understand your actual needs through serious due diligence. We will not produce products that do not meet your requirements.

We have a broad background in actual production, so we understand the budget, the timeline, and always provide you with honest advice. We provide you with a full range of services to support your needs with less outsourcing.

SMAlux NB-IoT Street Light is proud to offer customers fast production times, on-time delivery and product quality.

With 13000 meter square manufacturing space and more than 700 workers. We only need to complete the delivery within 30-45 days after payment.

Our 11 professional sales teams ensure fast and easy communication for SMAlux NB-IoT Street Light customers, and your quotes and emails can be answered within 8 hours.

Ask a free quote of your SMAlux NB-IoT Street Light order now, you will get the instant quotation within 8 hours.


NB-IoT Street light: The Ultimate Buying Guide

You may not hear about the” NB-IoT street light” before, but this product may really benefit your life and business.

A NB-IoT Street light will be convenient to your daily life, if you are in the business, congratulation! NB-IoT street light will skyrocket your business in the near future.

In this guide, you will know everything about the NB-IoT Street light.

So just stay with me.

Chapter 1: What is NB-IoT Street light?

First, you need to know what is NB-IoT. Through that, you will understand what I mean at the beginning.

Narrow Band-Internet of Things is a standards-based low power wide area (LPWA) technology developed to enable a wide range of new IoT devices and services.

NB-IoT technology

NB-IoT technology

NB-IoT technology can make cities better. You might be using it in daily life.

It was already applied in wearables, mobile devices, asset tracking, environmental monitoring, healthcare, connected cars, remote surveillance and so on.

NB-IoT has strong coverage capability.

Under the same frequency band, NB-IoT has a gain of 20dB over the existing network and a 100-fold coverage area.

NB-IoT technology can not only meet the wide coverage requirements, but also applies to applications such as plant areas, underground garages, and manhole covers that require deep coverage.

Therefore, NB-IoT street light is not only road lighting, but also has broad application prospects in indoor and industrial lighting.

The application of NB-IoT

The application of NB-IoT

That means if you have a NB-Iot controller, you can even control a street light or a group of lamps on your smart phone or tablet.

How is this achieved?

I will explain all this later in this guide, just keep reading.

Chapter 2: Working principle of NB-IoT Street light

First, customizable LED street lamps integrated with an NB-IoT smart controller.

Second, download remote applications.

Then, find the smart control center in your app, and search what you want to do to the street lamps.

Third, the internet cloud will give your order to IoT platform, and the message will be conveyed to the base station.

Finally, the street lamps will do as what you say.

The working principles of NB-IoT Street light

The working principles of NB-IoT Street light

If you still cannot understand how it works, please click the link to help you.

Chapter 3: Why you should choose NB-IoT Street light

I know you could be wondering why you should choose smart lamps instead of a LED light.

Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Adopt NB-IoT communication scheme, the network is stable

It’s based on a communication network between 2g-3g, more stable, and you don’t have to worry about the way street lights work because of the network problems.

The network of NB-IoT Street light

The network of NB-IoT Street light

2g-3g network spend less cost than 4g, and you don’t have to worry will cost you a lot to work it.

NB-IoT street light controller is powerful, small in size, easy to implement, free of wiring, reliable in operation and easy to maintain.

It is not only suitable for LED lamps, but also for switching and dimming of traditional lamps such as high pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps.

The license band can also be used, and it can be deployed in the in-band, guard band or independent carrier mode to coexist with the existing network.

2. Enhance the scientific management ability

The working system of NB-IoT Street light

The working system of NB-IoT Street light

This system can realize the fine management to the city lighting, and simplify the complicated work through the system.

That means if you have this system, you just need to do works at your computer or smart phone.

You don’t have to stay in a little space, watching it all the day.

Have more time to do other things that interest you.

The NB-IoT street light controller contains current and voltage metering circuit.

It can collect the load working condition of the street light controller in real time, and can accurately analyze and alarm the operation status of each lamp on the city road, greatly reducing the street lamp management department.

Work pressure, improve work efficiency, and significantly improve social energy efficiency

3. Effectively eliminate the hidden dangers of security

The prediction of NB-IoT Street light

The prediction of NB-IoT Street light

The street lighting will provide expert analysis to predict ahead of time, achieve real foreknowledge.

In that ways, you can know in advance which lamp is faulty.  So as to prevent troubles in the early stages.

According to the different fault level, the system will start different handling process.

Work in cooperation.

Improve the handling efficiency.

4. Improve the city image

NB-IoT technology of smart city

NB-IoT technology of smart city

To improve the city image city lighting system is not only a kind of public welfare project, but also a city image project.

The completion of the city lighting monitoring system will make the light management level of the city adapt to the modern metropolis, and increase the rate of lights on.

Reduce all kinds of faults, reasonable lighting, beautify lighting, safe lighting.

Create a perfect combination of modern urban science and art lighting effect.

Set up and promote the city’s brand image.


5. Reduce the cost of operation and maintenance.

With NB-IoT system, it will reduce the cost of operation and maintenance.

The “manual inspection” will be changed into the maintenance mode of “waiting for alarm on duty”.

In this ways, the NB-IoT system can effectively solve the problem of shortage of personnel and patrol vehicles.

It also can change passive inspection to fixed point maintenance, and effectively reduce the loss of vehicles.

The utility model improves the efficiency of maintenance personnel and vehicles, and reduces the maintenance cost.

6. Save electric energy expenditure.

NB-IoT street light technology makes city better

NB-IoT street light technology makes city better

The system will have a time-sharing power control. Such as more people and cars after sunset, 100% brightness.  Less people at night, 50% brightness.  After midnight, by road almost unmanned car, 50% brightness, interval lighting.

With that say, NB-IoT street lights are at least 50% more energy efficient than regular street lights.

Not only the corresponding national call, but also environmental protection.

The electric energy expenditure can be saved by intelligent switch lamp, power reduction and other management methods.

That can provide different lighting requirements for different applications, reduce excessive lighting, and thus save a lot of electric energy.

7. low cost

NB-IoT street light

NB-IoT street light

Low speed, low power consumption, low bandwidth also bring low cost advantages to NB-IoT chips and modules.

The price of a single connected module is expected to be no more than $5 and ultimately as low as $1, which is critical to reducing the cost of smart lighting applications.

Chapter 4: Mature streetlight solutions

In this section, I am going to walk you through the various NB-IoT street light solutions.

You may find some things new that interest you in it.

Let’s have a look at these:

Perfect NB-IoT street light system

Perfect NB-IoT street light system

Our company has a professional R & D team, developed a complete and effective NB-IoT street light system.

This system is convenient, fast and effective.

You only have to experience it before you can understand its mystery.

Here is a solution waiting for you to explore.

Solar panel module NB-IoT Street light

Solar panel module NB-IoT Street light

Here is some specific information of street lamp:

  • NB-IoT LED street light

Power: 100W

IP rating: IP65

Average lifetime: 50000hrs

Service life: 25 years

Dimensions: 400*218* 104mm

  • solar panel module NB-IoT street light

Output power: 80W

Max. system voltage: DC1000V

Open-circuit voltage: 21.6V

Short-circuit current: 4.93A

Dimensions: 780*670’* 30mmo

Battery pack: 3.6V lithium batteries

Battery capacity: 12V 40Ah

Chapter 5: Installation guide of NB-Iot street lights

1.Excavate the subgrade of the ground cage and the battery box.

After the roadbed is dug, the ground cage and the battery box subgrade are watered, and each subgrade should be leveled.

After the roadbed is poured, it takes 15 days to maintain the streetlights.


2.Put the battery into the previously dug battery subgrade, cover the soil, and pass the battery wire through the 2-inch PVC pipe placed in the pre-passing foundation.

Ensure that the wire tube is exposed to the foundation of the cage.


3.Open the solar panel, open the solar panel to the sun.

Place the cardboard on the ground, and then align the holes of the solar bracket (if the solar panel is small, ream the hole with a drill).

Use a bolt pad to flatten the pad and pass through Hole position.

Then pad the gasket, screw the nut up, then use a 17 wrench to get one on top of each other and tighten the 4 bolts.

Install NB-Iot street lights

Install NB-Iot street lights

4.Open the cover of the control box with the hexagon socket and screw the hexagon socket head bolt back to the original place.

Place the gasket on the bolt in the place where the control box is fixed.

After passing through the hole position, place the gasket on the gasket, screw on the nut, and then tighten the nut with 10 fixed wrench.

Application of NB-IoT street light

Application of NB-IoT street light

5.Drill 2 holes in the company’s nameplate.

On the cover of the control box, drill two holes according to the corresponding holes on the nameplate.

Fix the company nameplate with 2 rivets and ejector pins.


6.Cut 2 thick dots and 2 small dots of wire, the length is meters.

Use the wire to pass through the head, pull the 4 wires from the control box all the way to the pole, and expose 4 of the heads.

The wire is knotted and the wire from the control box is wrapped around the cover of the control box.


7.Fix the two thick-point wires on the lamp head with tape, loosen the two bolts on the lamp arm, take off the lamp arm, use the hook to hook out the two small wires.

And pass the wires through the lamp. Arm, screw the bolts of the Panasonic just back, and tape the 2 and fine wires to the exit of the lamp arm.


8.Place the pole near the cage, the stool on the small head, the solar panel on the top, and the solar wire.

The solar panel depends on the installation position and faces the south. Tighten the bolts on the bracket with a wrench.

Application of NB-IoT street light

Application of NB-IoT street light

9.Connect the LED lamp head and the two wires from the lamp post to the lamp arm.

Fix it with a plastic head, tie it with a nylon cable tie, tie the nylon cable tie 3 pieces.

And fix the 4 bolts to the lamp head with the hexagon socket. , to ensure that the lamp head is parallel to the pole.


10.Rip off the plastic tape that exposes the cage to the threaded part of the ground.

Place a flat pad, spring washer, and nut on each of the exposed bases of the cage.

Each pole requires 4 flat pads, 4 spring pads, and 4 Nut.


11.Move the foot of the pole to the position of the 4 nuts in the cage.

One person presses the foot of the pole and uses the foot to step on it.

The back three people use the shoulders to erect the pole.

When the pole of the pole goes to the ground After the four bolts of the cage are paired.

Put a flat pad on the opposite corner, spring the pad, screw the nut up, and the two people on the lamppost hold the lamp post.

Two people fix the nut and the nut must be tightened.


12.Cut the insulation board, the thickness of the insulation board is ×, and the hole is 6 holes according to the hole position of the controller on the board.

And then drill a hole fixed on the pole. Screw the controller to the insulating plate.

Connect the controller at the control box, connect the battery first, connect the lamp head line.

See if the lamp head is bright, and then connect the solar panel line.

Secure the controller to the bolt and tighten the nut.

Unscrew the bolt on the cover of the control box, put the cover of the control box, screw the bolt, and tighten with an Allen key.


13.Put a NB-IoT smart controller on it, and download an app to connect with the lamps.

Then you can control the lamps on your phone.

Application of NB-IoT street light

Application of NB-IoT street light

Chapter 6: Market trend

There are currently 315 million total streetlights in the world.

This number will grow to 359 million total streetlights by 2026.

Led lighting ratio

Led lighting ratio

The public outdoor lighting market is undergoing a period of reform at present where traditional streetlights are being replaced with new and more efficient LED, or solid-state lighting, technology.

Taking this new technique a further applied, if you network these LED streetlights together with communications, they also can become “smart” streetlights.

In a majority of developed countries, LEDs are already become an economically beneficial substitute product to streetlights over the lifetime of the streetlight when global energy savings are considered, despite their higher upfront cost.

But in the next few years, we can expect LED streetlights to reach cost parity with legacy technologies (and in some cases already have), making their benefits to costs immediately effective.

At this time, it can be made of economic sense as replacements in almost all countries.

NB-IoT Smart street lighting is already taking off in major markets such as the US, UK, and China.

In many developed countries, they serve smart streetlights as part of larger “smart city” concepts, where communications networks can be used to link items such as electricity and water meters, traffic lights, parking cars and parking meters.

Safety conditions also be improved by smart streetlights in a city through reducing the “down time” of streetlights.

As soon as lamps put out, officials are notified, so streets rarely go without lighting.

In many emerging market bigalopolis–and US cities–that are managing rising street crime, this will be a particularly strong benefit.

Benefits of NB-IoT street light

Benefits of NB-IoT street light

Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on NB-IoT Street light

Why street light is important?

Because you cannot see anything in the darkness. Street lights can protect you to walk or drive safely at night.

With the street lights, you don’t have to worry about wrestling at night anymore.

Who to contact about street light out?

If the street light is broken, the NB-IoT system will send you a message to remind you.

So you can find a professional maintenance staff to deal with.

If you can fix it by yourself, then you don’t have to ask someone.

Can street light be moved?

No. absolutely can’t.

The street light is mounted on the ground and is very strong.

If the entire street lamp need to be reinstalled, it is possible to replace it with a new street lamp post.

Otherwise, it is illegal.

How to control street light system?

First, you need to have a NB-IoT street lamp.

Then, download an app about the system.

Next, you will know how to use it. Cause the system is very easy to control.

NB-IoT street light Control system

NB-IoT street light Control system

When is street light invented?

In 1809, Sir Humphrey David, a professor at the Royal Academy of Sciences (Faraday’s teacher) made the world’s first arc lamp with 2000 batteries and two charcoal rods.

However, the light produced by this kind of lamp is too strong and can only be installed on a street or a square. It cannot be used by ordinary families.

This is probably when the first street light was invented.


What is street light controller?

It’s a device that turns ON & turn OFF the lamp depending upon the light intensity.

When light intensity decreases it turns ON the lamp & when light intensity increases it turns OFF the light, do as you needed.

While you have this, it will be convenient to you.

There is a video to help you to understand. Click here:

Is NB-Iot 5g?

No. It’s a network based on 2g or 3g.

It’s more stable and cheaper

Chapter 8: SMAlux NB-IoT Street light – Your Trusted street lamp Manufacturer

SMAlux NB-IoT Street light, you can find out.


CE lighting was founded in 1996, the Hi-Tech Enterprise of China, 9 subsidiaries (including 3 overseas companies) with 750 employees

CE lighting has 11 sales teams covering business activities in 87 countries.

We also have 6 specialized teams focusing on design, engineering, electronics, optics and processing, as well as lighting solutions.

450 patents licensed worldwide.

5 specialized labs in 600㎡,accredited by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment(CNAS), authorized for testing by Intertek ETL SEMKO and TUV Rheinland and authorized by TUV Rheinland to issues safety test report of Landlite lighting products to America/Canada.

We have 3 categories of lighting products: LED luminaires, LED bulbs, LED control gears

We implemented ISO9001 since 1998

We went through third party review SA8000 in 2012

We certified ISO14001 in 2015

1st lighting showroom in China with 30 different scenes, opened in 2009, and it also is the first real-scene space customized for LED lighting solutions in China.

The showroom in total 720m with various applications in general and decorative LED lighting, and our facility is auditable and capable of getting needed product certifications.

Future – Our Company will make the world environment as a goal and keep moving forward.

We all respect & meet the demands for energy efficiency and product quality.

More information please click: www.

The head office of SMAlux

The Head Office of SMAlux


As you can see, a NB-IoT Street light is such a smart and practical product. It can be your right hand.

Having read this guide, there’s no doubt that you are now able to make wise decision regarding what kind of street lamps benefit you as well as knowing how to choose a NB-IoT Street light in business.

At this point, you are now set to make your purchase.

If you have any doubts, please contact us without Hesitation:

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