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If you are needing outdoor solar lights, Smalux must a great solution. SMAlux is a professional outdoor solar lights provider that will be your business partner. We can be able to provide functional lights.

If securing a business, you can deal with us!

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Outdoor Solar Lightt Manufacturing Expert to Support Your Project

Photoelectricity Test Room
Photoelectricity Test Room
Professional Heatsink for Outdoor Solar Lights
Outdoor Solar Light Aging
Outdoor Solar Light Clean Manufacturing Workshop
SMD Machine for Landscape Flood Light Manufacturing
SMD Machine for Outdoor Solar Light Manufacturing
Outdoor Solar Light Component Welding

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outdoor solar lights
outdoor solar lights
outdoor solar lights
outdoor solar lights

Questions You May Ask About Your Outdoor Solar Light Orders

Do you provide lights with Quality Services

Yes. We are one of the most trusted manufacturer that provided quality products.

Do you provide on time delivery

Yes! We are familiar almost shipping process in whole world.

Do you provide lightning with competitive price?

Yes we are! All our lightning are process by high-grade materials but we can offer these at affordable price.

SMAlux- Your Premier Outdoor Solar Lights Provider in China

SMAlux fabricates outdoor solar lights to provide unique and eye-catching views from different outdoor areas.  We can manufacture plenty of designs of outdoor solar lights for any application. From outdoor areas, SMAlux can be able to supply solar lights in various kind.

Outdoor solar lights are truly shines because they are powered by the sun. It can be install in outdoor area like parking lots and environmentally sensitive areas. Outdoor solar lights is often the cheapest solution. By using this light avoided electricity costs will help facility managers keep their utility bills in check.

Outdoor solar light is not subject to brownouts or blackouts caused by extreme weather events such as hurricanes. Due to their sophisticated battery technology, the lighting systems can continue to shine for five days without a single ray of sunshine.

Smalux is one of the great manufacturer and supplier of outdoor solar lights and other lightning. Time and money is saved when installing the outdoor solar lights systems since there is no need to remove concrete or dig trenches.

Our outdoor solar lights are durable with long-lasting usage. It is safe from any circumstances. If you need solar outdoor lights, we have a lot of stock available. we can able to custom your own design of outdoor solar lights.

Smalux has a great experience in manufacturing industry for many years. We can provide outdoor solar lights with the highest quality at affordable and friendly rates. We are not only manufacturing outdoor solar lights, we also manufacturing from outdoor and indoor lightning that truly suit to your applications and suit to your budget.

Aside from providing quality products, Smalux staff can also able to give effective and practical advice about growing business. We can be your business partner that may help you to have a success business.

SMAlux lighting productions based on modern technologies. We have high-tech and complete equipment to use in manufacturing.

If you need outdoor solar lights or other kind of lightning do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you the best kind of products.