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SMAlux – Your Trustworthy Outdoor Wall Lights Supplier in China

SMAlux Outdoor Wall Lights is built for different industrial use. We are a professional outdoor wall lights supplier in China for over 22 years. SMAlux Outdoor Wall Lights has strength and durability. These are in die-casting and extrusion. It combines the advantage of the structure of die-casting and the accelerated heat dissipation of extrusion excellently.

There are various types of Outdoor Wall Lights, mainly are High Glass and Mystic Black Outdoor Wall Lights, Double Box High Clear Glass Outdoor Wall Lights, High Earth Black Outdoor Wall Light, High Black Outdoor Wall Lights Set, Casa Marseille High Bronze Outdoor Wall Light and more. We also providing SMAlux Outdoor Wall Lights in different watts like 50w Outdoor Wall Lights, 60w Outdoor Wall Lights, 100w Outdoor Wall Lights, 150w Outdoor Wall Lights, 200w Outdoor Wall Lights. SMAlux is skilled in the greatest Outdoor Wall Lights manufacturing.  

SMAlux Outdoor Wall Lights is durable and waterproof that has the most excellent adaptability in your home. It is exposed in outside or inside application also recessed in-wall. SMAlux Outdoor Wall Lights is widely used in various industries. You can use our Outdoor Wall Lights for the house, apartment, school, etc. Also, use conveniently our Outdoor Wall Lights into different uses.

SMAlux has a great Outdoor Wall Lights manufacturing capacity, we can produce over hundreds of Outdoor Wall Lights every day with our automated production line, so you will always have enough Outdoor Wall Lights even in peak days.  We have some sets of different Outdoor Wall Lights manufacturing lines and in the house lighting fabrication facility. Whether you are in need of an Outdoor Wall Lights distributor, retailer, or a custom Outdoor Wall Lights factory, SMAlux is always your most reliable choice because we can always provide your demands.

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Outdoor Wall Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers every aspect of outdoor wall lights such as rated watts, lumen, switching mechanism, material types and brightness, amongst others.

So, before you import outdoor wall lights, read this guide.

What should you Consider when Buying Exterior Wall Mounted Light Fixture?

It would help if you considered the following factors when purchasing an exterior wall mounted light fixture.

· Installation

The installation procedure should be simple.

You have to consider the installation and maintenance procedure before selecting a particular exterior wall mounted light fixture.

· Design

The design for a particular fixture should match that of your exterior space.

Design involves checking on the material for the fixture, the color options, and the size.

· Replaceability

Exterior wall mounted light fixtures are subject to various environmental factors such as the weather.

How many Lumens do Outdoor Wall Lights Require?

Lumen refers to the brightness intensity of a particular outdoor wall light.

The higher the lumen, the brighter it is for your outdoor wall light.

An ideal outdoor wall light should have a lumen of between 50 and 185.

The choice of which lumen to use depends on your outdoor space and your design.

You also have to consider the number of outdoor wall lights that you are going to use.

How do you Choose Outdoor Wall Lights?

Choosing the right outdoor wall light involves considering the following:

Outdoor wall light

Outdoor wall light

· Purpose

The different types of outdoor wall lights function differently.

The one you select should function as per your expectation.

Here, you have to consider the design of your outdoor space, the brightness level, and the color option.

· Technology

Technology in outdoor wall lights enhances the functionality of these lights and increases their visual appearance.

You have to check on the latest technology to determine which matches your expectation.

· Price

Several factors affect the price of your outdoor wall lights.

Such includes the type of light, the technology available, and the manufacturer.

Your budget is what determines which outdoor wall light you are going to purchase.

However, it is essential to consider the quality standards regardless of the light you are to buy.

· Installation

The installation procedure varies from one light to another.

It is essential to consider the design of your space before selecting a particular light.

However, the installation process should be simple and one that allows for future maintenance procedures.

How many Watts should Outdoor Wall Lights be?

Watts refers to the amount of electricity that a given outdoor wall light draws from the power source.

The higher the watt rating, the higher the power consumption of a particular light.

A perfect outdoor wall light should have a watt rating of between 40 and 80 watts.

However, the choice of which watt to use depends on factors like function of the light,  outdoor space, and size of lights to use.

Is LED suitable for Outdoor Wall Lights?


LEDs are the best when it comes to outdoor wall lights.

LED lights provide sufficient light while minimizing energy requirements.

The advantage you have with these lights is you have a variety of options when it comes to color temperature and brightness level.

Which Bulbs are Good for Outdoor Wall Lights?

An ideal bulb for your outdoor wall lights depends on your specifications.

However, the following bulbs are available for these lights:

i. LED Bulbs

These are a durable option for your outdoor wall lights.

They are bright and uses less electricity compared to the other bulb types.

They also have a longer lifespan, which reduces the overall maintenance cost.

However, the initial purchasing price is relatively higher than the other types.

LED bulb

LED bulb

ii. Incandescent Bulbs

These are the common types of bulbs you can have for your outdoor wall lights since they are cheaper.

They usually offer warm light and have a lifespan of up to a year.

This lifespan is shorter compared to LED bulbs.

This means you have to replace these bulbs, which increase the overall price frequently.

Incandescent bulb

Incandescent bulb

· Halogen Bulbs

These bulbs have a dimmable white light.

Though you can use these bulbs on your outdoor wall lights, their lifespan is shorter than other types of bulbs.

Also, they warm quickly, which means you have to wear protective gear when replacing them.

Halogen bulb

Halogen bulb

Which Types of Outdoor Wall Lights do you have?

There are different types of outdoor all lights, depending on the purpose of which you intend them to have.

According to the functions, you can have the following types of outdoor wall lights:

· Semi-flush Mount Wall Light

This type features an arm that holds the light.

The arm rest on a plate which is connected to the wall.

Examples of semi flush mount wall light are the wall lantern and barn lights.

Wall lantern has a traditional lantern type of design, which includes a metal encasing a glass.

You can have them in different finishes such as bronze, copper, and silver-toned finishes.

Barn lights consist of a circle encasing light pointing downwards.

· Bulkhead Light

This features a cage encasing the light on the wall.

This allows for the light to illuminate at 180-degrees.

They are an ideal option for a large outdoor space

· Spotlight

Spotlight offers a brighter light over a specific area.

They are the best option for mounting on your front area.

You can use them for landscaping and security purposes.

The latest technology allows for these lights to have motion sensors.

According to design, you can have types such as mid-century modern, French country, rustic, and cottage types.

How do you Switch ON/OFF Modern Outdoor Wall Lightings?

There are different ways of switching on/off your modern outdoor wall lighting, including:

· Automatic

The automatic switching process entails these lights having sensors.

These sensors detect when to switch on or off, depending on their design.

For instance, you can have motion sensor lights which light when it detects movements and switches off when the movement ceases.

In other cases, these lights can detect when darkness sets and switch themselves on.

· Remote Control

A remote control allows you to switch ON/OFF these lights by the touch of a button.

This relieves you from the stress of walking close to these lights to operate them.

· Traditional Switches

Traditional switches involve you to physically walk where they are and switch ON/OFF the lights.

They offer a reliable way of controlling your lights though they are tiresome at times.

How much do Outdoor Wall Lights Cost?

Different factors determine the price of a particular outdoor wall light, including:

· Size

There are different sizes of outdoor wall lights that you can select hence the difference in prices.

Each of these lights offers different light intensity and uses other bulbs.

Other aspects of the size that affect the price of your outdoor wall lights include design and the number of lights to use.

· Manufacturer

Manufacturers offer competitive prices on their outdoor wall lights due to their different manufacturing processes.

You have to shop around for the other brands before deciding which one to use.

· Technology

Different technologies for outdoor wall lights affect the price of a particular outdoor wall light.

Available technologies include smart and remote lighting and CCTV integrated outdoor wall lights.

How does Interior and Exterior Wall Mount Light Fixture Compare?

The significant difference between these two lights is where you position them.

The best place to install interior wall mounted lights is within your building.

Such spaces can be along the corridors of your interior space.

Exterior wall mounted lights are best for outdoor installation.

You can install them in strategic places along the outer walls.

Interior wall mounted lights have a low brightness compared to the exterior wall mounted lights.

LED wall lights

LED wall light

Can you Recommend Outdoor Wall Lighting Ideas?


There are several ideas you can use on your outdoor wall lighting.

Such ideas include:

· Use of Solar Power

You can choose to have your outdoor wall lights operate on solar power.

This saves you cost since you only have to install solar panels and connect these lights to it.

There are different designs for solar power that you can use.

For example, you can have the solar power panels attached to your outdoor wall lights separate solar panels.

Some designs allow for integration with your mains power.

This allows for switching from one source to another as per your preference.

· Smart Lights

Smart lights allow for automatic switching on and off, depending on the requirements.

This minimizes human interference while giving you the perfect lighting for your outdoor space.

The parameters you can set with these lights include the temperature, time for switching, and brightness level for these lights.

· LED Lights

The use of LED lights is an economical way of using outdoor wall lights.

LED consumes less current compared to the other types of lights.

They also shine brighter, lighting up your outdoor wall lights correctly.

· Outdoor Wall Light Housing

You can use different designs for your wall light housing.

You can custom design these housing to fit your specifications.

Which Material is Outdoor Wall Light Fixture made of?

Outdoor wall light

Outdoor wall light

An outdoor wall light consists of different parts which have different material.

You have the outer casing which holds the bulb, which can either be plastic or metal.

You also have a transparent or translucent cover that protects the bulbs while allowing the lamination of your space.

Then you have the mounting pad, which you fix on the wall.

This can either be a metal or a durable plastic.

Why should you invest in Outdoor Wall Lights?

Investing in outdoor wall lights offers the following benefits:

· Increases Functionality

Through outdoor wall lights, you can use your outdoor space for other functions during the night.

For example, you can relax outside or even take an evening meal in this space.

· Deters Theft

These lights deter potential theft and intruder who may take advantage of darkness.

This is by lighting up your outdoor space, which allows you to monitor movement easily.

· Enhances Visual Appeal

The use of outdoor wall lights increases the visual appeal of your property.

This is by carefully designing these lights to match your property.

An enhanced visual appeal has an effect of increasing the value of your property since it appears costly.

Are there Limitations of Outdoor Wall Lights?

Yes. There are a few limitations you will experience when using these lights.

The cost of these lights is high, which in some instances, can be out of reach.

This cost involves the purchasing price and installation cost

These lights are easily affected by outdoor factors such as weather.

Improper installation affects their functioning.

For instance, if you are to do the wiring on the ground, you have to insulate the wires and adequately cover them to avoid fluid and human contact—such contact results in short-circuiting, which affects your lights.

Regular maintenance is of importance in ensuring these lights work correctly.

This adds to the overall cost, which makes them expensive.

These lights become nonfunctional in case such funds are not available.

What is the Color Rendering Index for Outdoor Wall Lights?

The color rendering index for outdoor wall lights refers to their accuracy at showing the objects in their real phase.

This is concerning how they appear under daylight.

The color temperature does not affect the CRI of a particular outdoor wall light.

LED lights have a low CRI, while incandescent lamps have an excellent CRI.

How Bright should LED Wall Lights be?

The brightness level of LED wall lights depends on its functionality, outdoor space, and design.

What are the Color Options available for Outdoor Wall Lights?

The color options available for outdoor wall lights are daylight and warm lights.

How can you Dim Outdoor Wall Lights?

You can dim your outdoor wall lights by either reducing the current flowing through them or reducing the cycles of the waveform.

What Causes Outdoor Wall Lights to Flicker?

Your outdoor wall light can flicker due to:

· Bulb Problems

There are different bulb problems which result in flickering out your outdoor wall lights.

For instance, not fixing the bulb tightly in the bulb holder or using a wrong bulb type on your dimmer switch.

· Plug Issue

The issue can be the use of a loose light plug for your bulb.

This causes the bulb not to be in a tight position, which results in flickering.

· Faulty Switch

Flickering can be a result of a faulty switch.

That can be the switch is loose, or it is not functioning correctly during switching on or off.

· Voltage Drop

If your outdoor wall light bulb requires a higher current, it may result in draining of the current startup, which causes the flickering.

· Voltage Fluctuation

Voltage fluctuation is when your power source is not stable.

This results in low and high voltage transfer to your light, causing flickering.

· Incorrect Wiring

Loose wiring or placing the wires in the wrong place causes your lights to flicker.

Check on the inlet and outlet connection if they are tight and in the correct position.

How do you Power Outdoor Wall Lights?

The different ways of powering your outdoor wall lights are:

· Solar Power

This is the cheapest option you can use to power your outdoor wall lights.

This is in terms of operating and maintenance costs.

Solar power is a green energy source that helps in reducing environmental pollution.

The purchasing cost is, however, relatively high compared to other sources of power.

It also depends on the climatic conditions.

This means you cannot use this source in areas without proper sunlight.

· Current Electricity

Current electricity provides a reliable solution for powering your outdoor wall lights.

It is readily available as long as there is electricity.

Current electricity can either be direct or direct, depending on its source.

Current electricity is, however, risky if you don’t regulate it properly.

It can burn your lighting, which increases the replacement cost.

Is there a difference between Outdoor Wall Lights and Flood Lights?

LED flood light

LED flood lights

Yes. There is a difference between outdoor wall lights and floodlights.

Floodlights are brighter compared to outdoor wall lights and light up a large area.

Outdoor wall lights consume less current due to their brightness compared to floodlights.

Outdoor wall lights are smaller in appearance compared to floodlights due to their functions.

What affects the Functioning of Outdoor Wall Lights?

Factors that affect the proper functioning of outdoor wall lights are:

· Low Voltage

Low voltage has the effect of reducing the current flowing through your outdoor wall lights.

This causes the lights to dim or fail to function thoroughly.

The solution to this is to ensure the voltage is per the light requirements.

· Improper Wiring

Not wiring the lights accordingly affects their functioning.

Improper can be when you place the wires where they are not supposed to be or the use of different wire sizes.

To solve this, you need to ensure you have the correct type of wires, and the wiring is in the right place.

· Unreliable Power Source

Using a power source that is inconsistent results in the burning of the bulbs.

This has the effect of increasing your maintenance cost.

Always ensure the power source you use is stable.

Alternatively, you can have two sources of power such that when one source is off, you can use the other.

Are Outdoor Wall Lights Ecofriendly?

Yes. Outdoor wall lights are eco-friendly since they don’t interfere with the ecosystem.

We hope you got the information you’re looking for about outdoor wall lights.

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