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If you are finding the best provider for your pontoon boat light projects, you can choose the right choice. SMAlux is the leading and certified smart lighting manufacturer in this industry.

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SMAlux- Your Outstanding Pontoon Boat Lights Provider in China

Light up your pontoon boat with SMAlux amazing smart lighting. Pontoon boats are good for beach parties. This is a desirable type of boats worldwide. To lighten up your pontoon boats, you need durable and stylish lights. Your desired colors can surely highlight your pontoon boat interior. You can install lights based on your seats, boat decking, rails, etc. For your pontoon boat lighting, SMAlux can support your project.

Strip lights are the most common when adding some lights. It is accessible in different colors. You can also choose spotlights to add some brightness to your roof. There are many applications to lightening up your pontoon boats. This is very negotiable and affordable lights that are available in many styles and functions that can make your pontoon boat unique and elegant.

A pontoon boat doesn’t have electricity unless it has a generator or heavy-duty batteries. To save your power consumption, you need solar lights. SMAlux solar lights have the capability to provide long term usage. Our fabricated smart lighting has a longer lifespan to help individuals save their cash and most especially their efforts. Our pontoon boat lights are easy to maintain and install. There are some who don’t need to pay electricians to install for them when replacing lights.

For pontoon boat lightings, SMAlux can be your best provider. A lot of stocks from designs, shapes, features, and functions, we can supply all your needs for your project. We can prioritize your orders so we can assure your satisfaction when purchasing. We have a lot of watchful staff that can ensure the quality of pontoon boat light orders before we deliver.

When purchasing lights, it is not an easy task at all. It’s not easy to find a trusted provider who can supply high-quality light products. But don’t worry too much. SMAlux is the leading smart lighting fabricator in this industry. We are trusted in so many times. A lot of good feedbacks from clients can prove. Also, a lot of certifications we have passed from CE, NOM, ISO14001, ISO9001, SA8000, etc. We, SMAlux can handle the whole process efficiently and smoothly.

It is easier if you choose a supplier who can handle the whole process. If you’re a newbie, our staff can surely guide you. For business matters, our products can surely help you gain the best profits. Our genuine high-graded lights for your pontoon boats will be suited to your desired application. We have a lot of options for you to offer. Quality products from quality raw materials by our modern machines are there to create perfect lightings.

Before you choose a supplier, you can identify what was their capabilities. Be vigilant and watchful. Your project success is on your hands.

For more information, you can deal with us. Send your inquiries so we can do quick actions.

Pontoon Boat Light: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers all aspects about pontoon boat light such as features, RGB, benefits, types, and installation among other aspects.

So, if you want to be an expert in pontoon boat lights, here is what you are looking for.

What is Pontoon Boat Light?

Pontoon boat lights are lights designed specifically for pontoon boats.

They range from docking light, stern lights, navigation lights to courtesy lights.

Subject to your lighting needs, you can choose from any of the outlined forms of pontoon boat lights.

Alternatively, you can install all the outlined forms of light on your pontoon boat.

Is there a difference between Pontoon Boat Light and Pontoon Navigation Lights?

Pontoon navigation light is a type of pontoon boat light.

Pontoon boat lights are categorized into navigation lights, underdeck lights, and emergency lights.

Navigation pontoon lights are water-resistant lights installed at the bow of your pontoon boat.

They help you with navigation.

Underdeck pontoon lights are water-resistant lights installed beneath the deck of your pontoon boat.

You can use them for both functional and decorative purposes.

Emergency pontoon lights are installed on the handrail or stern of your pontoon boat.

They provide beautiful aesthetic and emergency lighting.

What are the uses of Pontoon Boat Lights?

Pontoon boat lights are prized due to their ability to produce a particular ambiance on board.

You can select from the different colored pontoon boat lights to illuminate the interior.

It can illuminate seat base, particular spots in the boat, and ring cup holders.

Also, you can use pontoon boat light to highlight interior spaces edges and run strips beneath the edge of your borders.

It generates a beautiful glow that reflects from your pontoon tubes.

When installed on the floor, pontoon boat light enables you to move with ease inside your boat.

In lighting the floor it provides ambiance for dancing, relaxing, fishing, or just moving around.

Are Pontoon Boat Lights IP Rated?


Pontoon boat lights are IP rated.

The majority of them have a rating of between 67 and 68.

IP rating

IP Rating

What are the Benefits of Pontoon Boat Light?

In using pontoon boat light to illuminate your boat you will realize a lot of benefits.

These benefits include:

  • They are saltwater and freshwater rated. This means that you can use it while boating in these waters.
  • The light is completely encased using silicone. The casing prevents water from entering its interior.
  • It is easy to install. It comes with wire crimp nuts that you will use to connect it to a power source.
  • They are very bright. They provide both illumination and smooth effects.
  • Pontoon boat lights are durable and flexible. You can mount them in extreme bends and corners.

Pontoon boat light

Pontoon boat light

Which Types of Pontoon Boat Lights are there?

Pontoon boats are larger than average boats and created for large groups of individuals.

As such the number of lights needed for pontoon boats differs from those of other types of boats.

There is a wide selection of pontoon boat lights that you can choose from.

They are:

· Pontoon Boat Stern Light

Pontoon boat stern light provides a 360 degree and two miles visibility for boats that are up to 12 meters long.

It has a fold won bottom that enables it to swing at 180 degrees.

Also, it has a watertight lens and corrosion-proof, low ultraviolet emission, and a long-lasting battery.

The light has a glare-proof capsule and a working voltage of 12 volts.

· Pontoon Boat Docking Light

Pontoon boat docking light is halogen powered and has a housing that is both impact-resistant and rustproof.

For the maximum output of light, it has a clear lens.

It is easy to install.

· Pontoon Boat Underdeck Light

Pontoon boat underdeck light has a mounting channel made using polycarbonate.

It is waterproof and enhances the appearance of your boat during the night.

Also, it is easy to install.

Why use LED in Pontoon Boat Lights?

You should use a pontoon boat light because:

  • It enhances your night fishing experience. When dropped in water it attracts fish.
  • It equips your pontoon boat with a party vibe. It creates the impression that you have an underwater light.
  • They enhance the aesthetics of your boat. They fit well in a pontoon boat and have a beautiful appearance.

How much Power does Pontoon Boat Light use?

The amount of power used by pontoon boat lights differs with the type of light but it is lower than that of alternative lights.

For instance, the working voltage of 16.4 feet pontoon boat light is 12 DC.

This makes it environmentally friendly and energy saving.

Are there Disadvantages of using Pontoon Boat Lights?

Although a lot of benefits accrues from using pontoon boat lights, it has some disadvantages.

They include:

  • Some pontoon boat lights are lightweight. As such, if you are sailing in harsh conditions the lights may break.
  • For the first time boaters, the pontoon boat installation provided by the manufacturer may be too complex for them to understand.
  • Some types of pontoon boat lights are very costly. Thus you may not be able to afford them if you are not financially stable.
  • Due to a wide array of pontoon boat lights to choose from, you may find it challenging to select the right one for your pontoon boat.

How do you Install LED Pontoon Boat Lights?

To ensure that your LED pontoon light is serving its purpose you should know how to install it.

In installing LED pontoon light, you should first mount the harness beneath your deck.

You should then attach the track to your harness and mount lights on the tracks.

As you mount the light, you should use a lot of reinforcements and strength.

This prevents you from losing your light adrift due to inadequately fortified tracks.

Where should you Install Pontoon Boat Lights?

To enjoy the benefits of pontoon boat lights, you have to position it right.

You should install it facing down at the bottom of your boat deck.

Is it a Legal Requirement to Install Underwater Pontoon Boat Light?

Legal requirements are surrounding the use of underwater pontoon light.

Therefore, you should check local state laws before buying it.

Underwater pontoon boat light is okay when your boat is docked or stationary.

However, this changes when you are underway on water.

How do you Install Underdeck Pontoon Boat Lights?

To avoid mistakes, you must know the steps involved in installing an underdeck pontoon boat light.

They include:

· Installation of the Mounting Strip

Put up half of your mounting channel on either side of your boat.

Measure the length of your light and cut the mounting channel to align.

Center your light on either side of your pontoon boat.

Before cutting or drilling ascertain that you can install your light in the same place on either side of your boat.

· Light Installation

Connect electricity to your underdeck light at your boat’s stern.

You should start at the bent end of your installation channel, remove tape backings and snap underdeck light in position.

After installing the light, apply a significant amount of silicon at the end of the two lights.

Silicon adds strain reprieve and waterproofing for your wires.

· Wire Harnessing Routing

Route the underdeck wiring harness with other wirings of the boat on the pontoon boat.

Ensure the harness is not snagged by obstacles traveling below your boat.

Use provided connectors to connect the light strip to the harness and use provided heat sink to protect.

· Connect your Harness to the Helm

The underdeck wiring harness has a connect terminal for easy connection to the majority of accessory switches.

What is the Function of Light Controller in LED Pontoon Boat Light?

To sufficiently realize the benefits of RGB pontoon boat light, you should install a light controller.

The light controller regulates the intensity of every light to produce different colors.

A good controller provides more colors.

Additionally, a light controller enables you to alter the brightness of every color and cycle through various colors.

How do you Customize Pontoon Boat Light?

You can customize pontoon boat light to your specifications.

Pontoon boat light

Pontoon boat light

  • The finishing of your pontoon boat light is customizable. You can select from white finishes, white finishes, bronze, rusty iron, or patina among others.
  • The fixture of your pontoon boat light is customizable. They are available in LED, halogen, incandescent, fluorescent, or neon among other options.
  • The material used in making your pontoon boat light is customizable. You can choose stainless steel, cast aluminum, brass, or even chrome housing.

Is Pontoon Boat Light Environmentally Friendly?

If you are environmentally conscious, there are many pontoon boat lights you can choose from:

· LED Pontoon Boat Lights are Environmentally Friendly

It has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.

This means that it lasts for a longer time than alternative lights such as incandescent bulbs that last for approximately 5,000 hours.

As such, the number of LED bulbs that end up in landfills is lower than that of alternative lights.

Also LED pontoon lights are energy efficient.

They consume less power and their level of ultraviolet emission is lower.

As a result, they emit less carbon into the atmosphere.

· Solar-powered Pontoon Lights are Environmentally Sustainable

This type of light is powered by solar which is a renewable source of energy.

Thus you can cut your level of carbon emission by using solar pontoon boat light.

What are the Quality Standards for Pontoon Boat Light?

For your pontoon boat light to be considered high quality, it has to adhere to certain quality standards.

These standards are:

  • USCG requirement for safe navigation on the water.

Your pontoon boat light has to be sufficiently bright to provide a clear running signal at a distance of 2 nautical miles for running boats.

The highly bright light should provide significant visibility signals to prevent boat accidents.

  • It should be IP rated. Pontoon boat light should have a waterproof IP rating of 67 or more.

The light should have a high-density silicone rubber ring that seals water from damaging the internal structure.

What Materials are Pontoon Boat Lights made of?

For high-quality lighting that can withstand the marine environment, particular materials are used in making Pontoon boat light.

They include:

· ABS Acrylic

ABS acrylic is a mix of acrylic and ABS material.

It is used in making the housing of your pontoon boat light.

ABS material is impact resistant, chemical resistant, heat resistant, and has an electrical performance.

Acrylic has great weatherability, chemical stability, and a beautiful look.

Together the two materials make your light impact resistant, weatherproof, waterproof, and add to the aesthetic.

· Stainless Steel

The housing of your pontoon boat light can also be made using stainless steel.

It has chromium that equips plain steel with distinct corrosion and stains resisting features.

The chromium enables the formation of an invisible, rough, corrosion-resistant chromium oxide layer on the surface of the steel.

If stainless steel is chemically or mechanically damaged the layer heals on its own.

These features make the housing of your light waterproof and impact resistant.

· Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum is also using in making the housing of a pontoon boat light.

Cast aluminum is corrosion resistant and has a significant hardness.

The corrosion-resistant feature protects your pontoon boat light from rotting due to salt water and sun exposure.

The strength allows your light to withstand the harsh water environment.

· Bronze

This material has a copper oxide film that prevents the inner metal from corroding.

Also, it is a very strong material.

The outlined features make bronze a suitable material for the housing of a pontoon boat light.

This is because it makes them impact resistant and corrosion-resistant.

What are the Features of Pontoon Boat Lights?

The pontoon boat has features that make it a suitable lighting option for your boat.

They are:

Pontoon boat light system

Pontoon boat light system

  • Powered at 1 voltage and only consume 08A per hour.
  • Weather and waterproof at an IP rating of 68.
  • Easy to install – Has an adhesive tape that is double-sided.
  • Supply sufficient brightness.
  • Low consumption of power.
  • Has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours
  • It is highly reliable and has a high intensity – Has an intensity of approximately 5050 SMD and 22 Lumen for every light.

How Long do Pontoon Boat Lights Last?

The lifespan of a pontoon boat light depends on the type of light that you select for your boat.

A waterproof universal pontoon boat light lasts for 100, 000 hours in any boats smaller than 24 foot long.

How is RGB Underdeck Pontoon Boat Light compare to LED Underdeck Pontoon Boat Light?

RGB underdeck pontoon boat light refers to an underdeck light that combines color red, green, and blue.

It combines the three colors to produce more than 16 million light hues.

The light has an IP waterproof rating of 68 and a connector that facilitates automatic play and plug.

Also, its light strip is encased by silicone, it emits light at an angle of 120 degrees and a multi-color touch remote.

LED underdeck pontoon boat light, on the other hand, has an extra white light strip in addition to red, green, and blue.

While RGB light can generate colors that are close to white, the extra white light strip enables LED light to produce a pure white tone.

Further, it has a flexible LED strip, clear mounting groove, and pigtail for attaching the light strip.

In short, once you consider everything in this guide, you will definitely get high quality pontoon boat lights.

Whether you want standard, LED or high performance pontoon boat lights, SMAlux offers a perfect solution – contact us now.