SMAlux Sensor Night Light

SMAlux Sensor nightlight is equipped with a photocell sensor and also an electric socket for multi-functional purposes.

With a photocell installed inside SMAlux Sensor night light, the user can gain greater visibility when the area is poorly lit, thus reduces the risk of bodily injuries.

The used U shape night light with a photocell sensor for an auto switch on/off.

Sensor Night Light

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SMAlux Sensor night light has high-quality LEDs that can provide 30-lumen brightness soft light to guide your way in the dark.

SMAlux Sensor night light has two different builds. One is a plug-in night light with two USB power outlet, the other is a plug-in night light with an electric outlet and two USB power outlet.

SMAlux Sensor night light can provide fast charging speed for a smart phone or digital products. In addition, these two USB outlets have built-in protections of over-heat, overload, and overcharge.

SMAlux Sensor night light has rather low static load power consumption (only 0.05w). And a quite long service life requires less than 20 cents per year to operate (based on 0.11/kWh).

Why is SMAlux Sensor Night Light

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SMAlux sensor night light have multi-national standard electric socket option, such as EU standard, UK standard, AUS standard, USA standard, etc.

While currently SMAlux sensor night light has three surface colors for you to choose from, white, pink and aqua, customized colors are also available for satisfying users’ needs.

We, CE Lighting Ltd., not only a LED smart night light manufacturer, but also provide the Wi-Fi Light Bulb, Bluetooth Light Bulb, Smart Fixture, Wi-Fi Smart Plug.

Meanwhile, we can provide customized smart lighting solutions to help you solve the lighting problem.

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SMAlux Photocell Sensor Light Bulb Datasheet:

Input Voltage:


Mac Load Power:


No load Power:


Night light Power


Night Light Lumen:



5V 2.1A

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