SMAlux Wifi Control smart Power Strip 4 USB + 4 US AC Power Socket

  • Wireless control: utilize our SMAlux App to control the appliances under Wi-Fi networking conditions at any time, save electricity easily
  • Voice setting: Compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google home appliances with voice command
  • Timer Settings: Schedule the Smart Plug to automatically switch on/off at users’ needs
  • Easy Installation: just put SMAlux plug into normal socket, connect to the 4GHz Wi-Fi network and smart phone (IOS & Android system)
  • 4 USB output, 4 US AC power socket with surge protection design
  • AC100V-130V input & output voltage.
  • 1875W max power.
  • 15A max current
  • USB: 5V/6A .30W
  • Wire diameter: 14 AMG
  • Cord length: 1.8m

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