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SMAlux Smart light solution is based on mobile internet technology, using the cloud operation of common switches, sockets, and adopts Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth communication mode.

Smart Light Solution

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By having the smart devices download and install the SMAlux app, SMAlux Smart Light Solution can achieve intelligent energy-saving management from residential use all the way to commercial business, by having direct access to the lighting control system.

SMAlux Smart light solution is suitable for homes, commercial places, public institutions, public buildings, office buildings, etc., can directly replace ordinary switches and sockets.

The traditional method of lighting control is a one-to-one manner and has not been efficient in energy saving, contrary to SMAlux Smart Light Solution, which has great controlling flexibility, multi-functional availability, and also easier to manage and maintain.

With the development of better technology, today’s SMAlux custom smart lighting solutions are far more superior and is more extensive in its applications for different areas.

The main purpose of SMAlux intelligent lighting control system is to save energy.

SMAlux intelligent lighting control system uses various “pre-set” control methods and control components to accurately set and manage the illumination of different environments at different times to achieve energy saving.

Why is SMAlux Smart Light Solution

Industry Leader
More than 22 years of experience in designing and manufacturing in the lighting industry
Easy Customization
SMAlux Smart Bulbs (SMAlux Smart fixtures) let the users to easily dim the light, change colors, and switch white light appearances
SMAlux Smart Bulbs (SMAlux Smart fixtures) enables the user to change brightness, choose a color, and switch lighting appearance from soft white to daylight

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Smalux: Your Premier Smart Light Solution Factory

SMAlux Smart Light Solution has a photocell sensor that automatically adjusts the illuminance according to the natural light available from the outside.

SMAlux Smart Light Solution then only use minimal lighting that produces clear visibility.

SMAlux Smart Light Solution’s power saving effect is very obvious, generally more than 30%.

In addition, the SMAlux intelligent lighting control system performs a much efficient dimming control of fluorescent lamps.

Since the fluorescent lamp can only be dimmed through electronic ballast with active filtering technology, the electrical interference is reduced, optimal wattage can be reached, and more efficiently reduced the heat generated.

SMAlux intelligent light solution has flexible DIY scene function and can be freely matched with various electrical appliances according to personal preference.

The same cloud device can be controlled by different scenarios. According to daily habits, users can personally set up scenes such as home, meeting, leisure, and sleeping.

Wi-Fi LED light solution is based on the Wi-Fi signal connected to the user’s wireless router at home. The users’ mobile phone is connected to the same router, and the bulb can be controlled after initialization.

The bulb can emit 16 million colors through different ratios of RGBW four-color lamp beads.

The biggest feature of this design is that the communication speed is a lot faster due to the protocol using WIFI communication.

In addition, enables the ability to adjust between soft white and daylight options.

With SMAlux Smart Light Solution, users can also adjust the brightness of the light bulb according to his or her own needs.

SMAlux has over 22 years on designing and manufacturing experience of the lighting industry, thus capable of providing customized, certified, and high quality LED lighting solutions for your need.

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SMAlux Smart light solution

SMAlux smart light solutions are based on more than 22 years of manufacturing experience in the lighting industry.

With a central laboratory of 600 square meter and 6 professional R&D teams, we create high-quality smart lighting solutions for you.

As a custom Lighting Manufacturing Expert, SMAlux Hotel Systems solutions and SMAlux Office lighting solution is our main smart lighting solution now.

Smart light solutions can best meet your needs as your best choice. We have been focusing on the lighting industry since 1996.

And our professional knowledge covers all areas of the lighting industry. With ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SA8000 certifications our product are guaranteed to be of high quality.

When CE Lighting undertakes your project, we will work closely with you to ensure that all previous issues are answered and understood.

We will understand your real needs through serious due diligence. We will not pass systems that do not meet your requirements.

We have a broad background in real production, so we understand the budget, timeline, and always provide you with honest advice and answers.

Our full-service, customized services enable us to support your needs with less outsourcing and provide you with thoughtful, integrated solutions.

SMAlux Smart Light Solution is proud to offer customers fast production times, on-time delivery and product quality.

With 13000 meter square manufacturing space and more than 700 workers. We only need to complete the delivery within 30-45 days after payment.

Our 11 professional sales teams ensure fast and easy communication for smart light solution customers, and your quotes and emails can be answered within 8 hours.

SMAlux smart light solutions help you change traditional lighting control systems into smart. Smart light solutions not only save energy, but also save power and reduce costs. It is really a good choice for modern hotel and office smart lighting.

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Smart Light Solution User Guide

You may be wondering what the title is going to express.

I‘ll explain to you right now.

Today, I’ll introduce 3 solutions in this article. The first one is NB-IoT Street light, the second one is office lighting, the last one is hospitality design lighting solutions.

In this article, you may know something different from traditional lighting, and if you are in the business, congratulation!

This solutions are likely to make your business flourish in the near future!

What is Smart Light Solution?

The Smart Light Solution are the improved method based on the point of illumination pain.

In our daily lighting, Waste of energy often occurs.

For example: at the eating time, there is nobody in office. But the lamps lighting.

At the midnight, although you can hardly see a person or car on the road, the street lights keep bright like sun

When you enter a new hotel, you just can’t find the switch to turn the lights.

Aiming to the above problems, our company has developed a corresponding solution to solve.

So we call it SMAlux solutions.

Types of SMAlux Smart Light Solution

We already developed three kinds of solutions.

They can be used in many situations. Such as: store, hotel, office, underground parking lot, road, and etc.

But in this guide, let’s just talk about 3 situations about road, office and hotel.

First I’m going to talk about NB-IoT Street light.

NB-IoT Street light

Have you heard about” NB-IoT Street light” before? This product may really benefit your life and business.

In this guide, I will introduce everything about the NB-IoT Street light to you.

So just stay with me.

What is NB-IoT Street light?

At the first, I will tell you what is NB-IoT. After that, you will know what I mean at the beginning.

NB-iot technology

NB-IoT technology

The Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) has already become an important branch of the Internet of Everything (IoT).

Built on a cellular network, NB-IoT consumes only about 180KHz of bandwidth and deployed it directly on GSM networks, UMTS networks or LTE networks will reduce deployment costs and achieve smooth upgrades. 

NB-IoT is an emerging technology in the IoT space.

It also supports low-power devices in the WAN cellular data connection, also known as low-power wide area network (LPWAN).

NB-IoT supports can efficiently connect devices with long standby time and high network connection requirements.

It’s said that NB-IoT devices have a battery life of at least 10 years, while providing a very comprehensive indoor cellular data connection coverage.

The application of NB-IoT

The application of NB-IoT

If you have a NB-Iot controller, you can control a street light or a group of lamps on your smart phone or tablet.

How is this done?

I will simplify all this later in this guide, just keep reading.

Working principle of NB-IoT Street light

Step 1, customizable LED street lamps equipped with an NB-IoT smart controller.

Step 2, download a remote application.

Step 3, enter the smart control center in your app, and think what you want to do to the street lamps.

Step 4, your order will be given to IoT platform through the internet cloud, and it will convey the message to the base station.

Step 5, the street lamps will work as what you say.

The working principles of NB-IoT Street light

The working principles of NB-IoT Street light

There is a link to help you to understand how it works.

Office lighting solution

When it comes to office lighting, what is the first word you think of?

Incandescent lamp? Not enough brightness? Great waste?

These are the related words of traditional office lighting. But in this guide, you will find something new about office lighting.

What is Office lighting solution?

In the office where we work 8 hours a day, a lot of “invisible waste” is happening quietly every day.

“Invisible waste” is not just a waste that seems insignificant or incomprehensible, but also a waste of unconsciousness, ignorance or blindness.

The amount of “office waste” is equally impressive and should not be underestimated.

Lighting is the most basic office hardware, and office lighting consumes about one-third of the building’s energy consumption.

In modern high-rise office buildings, the phenomenon of excessive lighting and waste of power and energy is still very serious.

No matter whether someone is in the room or not, the light often last all day and night.

Picture of long lighting office

Picture of long lighting office

In order to solve the pain point of office lighting, CE Lighting independently developed lighting energy-saving products–microwave induction dimmer switch.

It uses ultra-sensitive microwave plus light sensing technology to make indoor lighting control more intelligent, sensitive, energy-saving and reliable.

Strong anti-radio frequency interference, not affected by temperature, humidity, light, airflow, dust, etc.

By adjusting the sensitivity knob to control the detection range and detection sensitivity, the coverage is large, and it is suitable for frequent moving (walking or moving) areas in a wide range.

Picture of long lighting office

The picture of hospitality solution’s microwave

The third one, but the last one is hospitality design solutions

Hospitality design lighting solutions

Are you worried about the lights when you are out of the hotel?

Do you have trouble with the switch that can’t find at night?

Will you be afraid after all the lights are turned off? But while you turn on a light and it’s too bright

In response to the above problems, we propose the following solutions.

I will introduce it completely.

So just stay with me.

What is Hospitality design lighting solutions

When the guest makes a reservation, the front desk clerk can turn on the necessary lights and appliances in the guest room by phone, so that guests can feel the bright lights, beautiful music or a cup of hot tea as soon as they open the door.

Sitting on the side of the seat, you don’t have to look up the wall to find the switch on the wall or go to the centralized controller of the bed.

Just pick up the remote control and find the corresponding button on the lamp or electrical switch you want to control.

Easily and freely control all the equipment in the house.

When you need to rest, you only need to press a button to turn off all the lights you want to turn off, and turn the wall lights to the darkest.

So that although you are visiting the hotel for the first time, you can control all the device freely. Makes you feels like at home.

The picture of hospitality design lighting solutions

The picture of hospitality design lighting solutions

Why you should choose SMAlux solutions of CE Lighting

Our company has the qualifications and ability to propose solutions for different lighting problems. (I will introduce the company introduction in detail in the following guide.)

We have also customized solutions for many customers.

Here I will introduce our 3 main solutions for you.

About NB-IoT Street light

You must be wondering why you should choose smart lamps instead of a normal LED light.

The following are some of the reasons why:

1. Stable network

It’s based on a communication network between 2g-3g, more stable than other networks, so you don’t have to worry about it will breakdown while you are using it.

The network of NB-IoT Street light

The network of NB-IoT Street light

2g-3g network spend less cost than 4g or the coming 5g, so you don’t have to worry will cost you a lot to use it.

NB-IoT street light controller is powerful, a small size. It’s easy to implement, free of wiring, dependable in operation and easy to maintain.

The NB-IoT street controller is not only suitable for LED lamps, but also proper for switching and dimming of traditional lamps such as high pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps.

You also can use the license band, and it can be applied in the in-band, guard band or self-reliant carrier mode to coexist with the existing network.

2. Enhance the city management ability

The working system of NB-IoT Street light

The working system of NB-IoT Street light

The system can identify the fine management to the city lighting, and the complicated work could be simplified through the system.

With that say, if you have this system in your hand, works can be done at your computer or smart phone.

That means you don’t have to stay in a little space, focus on it all the day.

You will have more time to do other things that interest you.

The NB-IoT system can gather the load working condition of the street light controller in real time.

And can correctly analyze and alarm the operation status of each lamp on the road, reducing the street lamp management department by a wide margin, thereby reducing administrative costs.

Reduce work pressure, productivity improvement, and improve social energy efficiency

3. Eliminate the hidden dangers of security

The prediction of NB-IoT Street light

The prediction of NB-IoT Street light

The street lighting system will provide expert analysis to predict ahead of time, realize real foreknowledge.

Through this, you will be remained in advance which lamp is faulty.

So as to perceive troubles in the early steps.

Depending on the levels of failure, the system will adopt different handling process.

Thereby improving work efficiency.

4. Improve the city image

NB-IoT makes city more beautiful

NB-IoT makes city more beautiful

Improving city lighting system is not only a kind of public welfare project, but also a city image project.

The city lighting completely monitoring system will make the light management level of the city adapt to the modern metropolis, and increase the rate of lights on.

Decrease all kinds of faults, reasonable lighting, beautify lighting, safe lighting.

Create a perfect combination of modern technology and art lighting effect.

Set up and promote the city’s brand image.

5. Less costs of operation and maintenance.

Maintenance of traditional lamps

Maintenance of traditional lamps

With a NB-IoT system, the cost of operation and maintenance will be reduced. 

The “manual inspection” will be changed into the maintenance mode of “waiting for alarm on duty”.

With that ways, the problem of shortage of personnel and patrol vehicles can be effectively solved by NB-IoT system.

The passive inspection will be changed to fixed point maintenance, and greatly reduce the loss of vehicles.

The efficiency of maintenance personnel and vehicles will be improved by the utility model, and decrease the maintenance cost.

6. Save electric energy.

NB-IoT technology makes city better

NB-IoT technology makes city better

The NB-IoT Street light system have a time-sharing power control.

Such as if there are more people and cars after sunset, it will be 100% brightness.

And there is less people at night, the lights will be 50% brightness.

At midnight, almost unmanned car on the road, it will be 50% brightness, interval lighting.

In this case, NB-IoT street lights are at least 50% more energy saving than regular street lights.

Not only environmental protection, but also the corresponding national call.

The NB-IoT Street light system can provide different lighting requirements for different applications, reduce excessive lighting, and save a lot of electric energy.

7. low cost

The NB-IoT Street light

The NB-IoT Street light

It will bring low cost advantages to NB-IoT chips and modules by its low speed, low power consumption and low bandwidth.

The price of a single connected module is expected to be no more than $5 and ultimately as low as $1, which is critical to reducing the cost of smart lighting applications.

The second I’m going to introduce office lighting solution

About office lighting solution

1.Personalized-space, lighting at your will

You can use a remote control to adjust the brightness as you needed.

When you feel bright enough, you can turn down the brightness of the lamps.

As the same situation, if you feel dark in the office, just turn up the brightness of it.

It will do exactly as what you need.

2.Intelligent sensing of human movement

The sensor is adjusted to high sensitivity, and the light detection function and the microwave sensing function are simultaneously enabled to detect the human activity and the ambient brightness in the office area.

There is personnel activity, when the ambient brightness is sufficient, the light is not bright or is maintained at the set brightness.

When there is personnel activity, the ambient light is insufficient, the light is on to the set brightness.

After the delay, there is no personnel activity, the ambient brightness is sufficient / insufficient, the light decrease or keep at the set brightness.

The smart sensor of hospitality solution

The smart sensor of hospitality solution

Intelligent adjustment of hospitality solution

Intelligent adjustment of hospitality solution

3.Match freely and no need extra renovation

Change office space and lighting at will, new tenants could settle in with “T+0”lighting.

Now many companies choose to rent office to work. This form will be more cost effective.

But you may still need to reinstall lighting system because of the different layouts.

And once you move to another place, lamps can’t be taken away and waste.

At this point, we put up a solution that lights can be moved.

Office lighting solution of smartflat

Office lighting solution of smartflat

With this kind of lights, you can move it to anywhere, plug-and-play without extra costs. 

No extra lighting renovation, environmental-friendly.

We have several types of this lamps, and you can have a look at it.

There is link to help you to learn more:

4.Cost-saving initial installation, easy maintenance

In addition to the above two options, we have another solution.

There is a method that only need few ceiling lights for ambient usage and easy wiring.

In that ways, that could be low costs of operation and maintenance.

Here is a picture of it, you can have a review.

About hospitality design lighting solution

1.Easy control

There is a remote control same as a TV remote that you can control the lights on the bed or sofa or table or anywhere you like.

But it need to be used in the room.

Beside, we have a control panel in the wall. You can control the brightness, lighting model, or mirage on it.

But I would like introduce the lighting modes later, so keep reading.

The remote control of hospitality lighting solution’s lamps

The remote control of hospitality lighting solution’s lamps

2.Multiple control modes are available

There are bright mode, reading mode, relax mode, sleep mode, TV mode and mirage mode to choose.

When you choose the bright mode, all the lights will be turned on.

And the reading mode will turn on the lights beside the bed. It will be more comfortable for you to read.

As for sleep mode, there will keep a step light to protect you in the dark.

You won’t be afraid of darkness when you wake up in the midnight.

But it certainly won’t be too bright to disturb your sleeping.

SMAlux Motion Sensor Stair Light

The wallfoot of hospitality lighting design solution

The relax mode and TV mode will bring you a suitable experience.

The multiple modes of hospitality lighting

The multiple modes of hospitality lighting

Hospitality design lighting uses scene changes to increase environmental artistic effects, creating a sense of three-dimensionality and layering.

Create an easy environment that is conducive to people’s physical and mental health and improving work efficiency.

3.Prolonged life of lamps

The smart dimming system adopts a slow-on fade-in dimming control to avoid cold impact on the lamps and prolong the life of the lamps.

The System Division extends the life of the light by a factor of 2-4, saving a large number of bulbs and reducing the amount of work required to replace the bulb.

There is a link to explore more:

Market trend of smalux solutions

The call for green energy conservation is responsive throughout the world, and green lighting will also be an unstoppable trend.

Smalux solutions are in line with market trends and must not be missed

Below I will give you a detailed introduction to the advantages of each solution one by one.

So please keep reading.

About NB-IoT Street light

There are currently 315 million total streetlights in the world.

This number will grow to 359 million total streetlights by 2026.

For the development of the NB-IoT industry, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom have all released their own development plans for NB-IOT.

Led lighting ratio

Led lighting ratio

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also issued a request to speed up the landing of NB-IoT in China.

By the end of this year, the number of base stations will be 400,000, and by 2020, the base station will be 1.5 million.

China’s NB-IoT industry is accelerating its layout and will be the global leader in the NB-IoT industry.

In addition to the Xiong’an New District, Shunzhou Intelligent also landed the NB-IoT Smart Street Light Project in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jiangmen, Yingtan and Changsha, achieving fruitful and everywhere results.

So in the near future, the global application of NB-IoT technology will be greatly applied, and its prospects are infinite.

About office lighting

With the upgrading and transformation of industries and the rise of the e-commerce industry in recent years, more and more work will be completed in the office.

With the development of the Internet, the way people work is also changed from the line of sight of the desk work to the line of sight of using the computer.

Usually, the working conditions of people using computers and writing with paper and pencil are different for lighting requirements.

So people realized the impact of office lighting on the working conditions and began to pay more attention to the office lighting.

The continuous improvement of energy-saving awareness has also put forward new requirements for office building energy consumption.

As an important consideration for green buildings, green lighting is an important factor for creating value for the owners.

It is imperative to carry out energy-saving renovation for indoor lighting in super high-rise buildings and public buildings.

Colleagues’ green buildings in China have also entered the era of large-scale development.

With the promotion and deepening of the government’s green energy conservation policy, by 2020, green buildings will account for more than 30% of new buildings.

At that time, are you afraid that there is no market?

About hospitality design solutions

With this stage, China’s economy under the new normal, it has a steady development.

China’s hotel industry has also entered in a period of industrial development, and hotel design is bound to face innovation and adjustment during the transition period.

The hotel is more suitable for the application of semiconductor lighting, the hotel needs to create some atmosphere, lighting is a good ways, and LED lighting source is easier to achieve the atmosphere that the hotel needs to create.

In addition, some areas of the hotel need 24 hours of lighting, such as corridors, lobby, etc., and the hotel also needs to create some atmosphere to effect customers, hotel lighting is a market that LED is very suitable.

In addition, the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly features of LEDs are very important for hotels.

Although the one-time investment is bigger than the traditional light source, the energy consumption is very low, the cost can be recovered in one or two years, and at the same time, the LED has a long life.

If fully utilized it, LED lighting is still very attractive for hotels.

Therefore, hotel applications should be a better breakthrough for LED lighting applications.

It is reported that the China Tourism Association has put forward new requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection, and is promoting the concept of energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon.

Undoubtedly, the hotel’s lighting market will become a new profit growth point for LED lighting companies.

And our company is professional in lighting design. We won international design wards, and this part I will introduce later.

Just follow me with this section.

Successful design cases of SMAlux

The following are the lighting solutions customized by our company for customers. You can take a look.

The design lighting solution for Bank of China, SZ Branch Lobby Light

The design lighting solution for Bank of China, SZ Branch Lobby Light

The design lighting solution for CE Lighting Lobby Light

The design lighting solution for CE Lighting Lobby Light

Concept Design Illustration

Concept Design Illustration

  Hand-Drawn Illustration

Hand-Drawn Illustration

If you have any questions please click to learn more:

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CE lighting, you can find out.

Our company was founded in 1996, we are 22 years young, and we privately owned the entire 7-floor. 1400,lighting house.

Also we are the Hi-Tech Enterprise of China, 9 subsidiaries (including 3 overseas companies) with more than 700 employees

CE lighting with 11 sales teams covering business activities in 87 countries, 6 specialized teams focusing on design, engineering, electronics, optics and processing, as well as lighting solutions.

More than 500 patents granted worldwide.

CE lighting has 5 specialized labs in 600㎡,and our lab is TUV and Intertek certified with China’s National Laboratory Accreditation.

Our facility is auditable and capable of getting needed product certifications.

We have 3 main categories of lighting products:

LED luminaires

LED bulbs

LED control gears

We actualized ISO9001 since 1998

We pass third party review SA8000 in 2012

We certified ISO14001 in 2015

We built 1st lighting showroom in China with 30 different scenes, opened in 2009, and it is the first real-scene space customized for LED lighting solutions in China.

Our showroom in total 720m with various applications in general and decorative LED lighting.

Future – CE lighting put the world environment as a goal and keep moving forward.

We all respect & meet the demands for energy efficiency and product quality.


More information about CE lighting please click: www.


As you can see, we have the strength and the ability to provide you with different solutions.

We will be your best partner.

Having read this using guide, there’s no doubt that you are now able to make wise decision regarding what kind of solutions benefit you as well as knowing how to choose a better supplier in business.

At this part, you are now set to make your purchase.

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