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  • Won the iF and Reddot Design Awards.
  • Optical lenses & provide >95% light transparency
  • Saving more energy compared to the traditional spotlight.
  • 2-year warranty and maintenance free
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SMAlux Spotlight Certification

  • spotlight DLC certification
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SMAlux: Your Best Spotlight Manufacturer in China

spotlight manufacturer in China
Choose Multiple Standard LED SpotLight You Need

We can provide you spotlight with two types, spotlight bulb and spotlight fixture. And multiple standard LED spotlight designs for your choice. You only need to choose the spotlights that suit your project, we can deliver your spotlight orders quickly.

custom LED spotlight in China
ODM Your New LED spotlights

SMAlux have 6 specialized R&D teams on spotlight design, engineering, electronics, optics, and processing with over 30 year experience. Just send us your requirement, we will develop the perfect spotslight to boom your brand.

SMAlux LED Spotlights

As a leading LED spotlight manufacturer in China, SMAlux can provide two types of spotlights including the spotlight bulbs and spotlight fixtures.

SMAlux have 6 professional R&D team and a special research lab to develop new LED spotlight, you will get our latest spotlight series every year.

SMAlux is committed to providing you with professional technical support, quality products and competitive prices, You will be able to get the best products for your market. Also we can OEM or ODM spotlights to support your business. Send your inquiry for your next spotlight order, normally you will get our best quotation within 8 working hours.

custom spotlight manufacturer

LED Spotlight Bulb Manufacturer

SMAlux LED spotlight bulb has a variety of types: GU10 spotlight bulb, MR11 spotlight bulb, MR16 spotlight bulb, Par lamp spotlight bulb, AR111 spotlight bulb, etc. With a variety of shapes, sizes, beam angle and models, they can meet your different needs. All the spotlight bulb can provide high-efficiency heat dissipation and ensure long life-span with maintenance cost nearly free.

AR111-603-17W spotlight bulb
AR111-603-17W Spotlight Bulb
AR111-1201-17W spotlight bulb
AR111-1201-17W spotlight bulb
GU10-4W_SMDW spotlight bulb
GU10-4W_SMDW spotlight bulb
GU10-5W_TP spotlight bulb
GU10-5W_TP spotlight bulb
GU10-5W-DZ spotlight bulb
GU10-5W-DZ spotlight bulb
GU10-7W_SMDW spotlight bulb
GU10-7W_SMDW spotlight bulb
GU10-7W_TP spotlight bulb
GU10-7W_TP spotlight bulb
GU10-7W_TPN spotlight bulb
GU10-7W_TPN spotlight bulb
GU10-10W_TP spotlight bulb
GU10-10W_TP spotlight bulb
GU10-C03C spotlight bulb
GU10-C03C spotlight bulb
MR11_TP-4W spotlight bulb
MR11_TP-4W spotlight bulb
MR11-GU10-4W spotlight bulb
MR11-GU10-4W spotlight bulb
MR11-GU10-4W_D spotlight bulb
MR11-GU10-4W_D spotlight bulb
MR16-4W_SMDW spotlight bulb
MR16-4W_SMDW spotlight bulb
MR16-5W_TP spotlight bulb
MR16-5W_TP spotlight bulb
MR16-7W_SMDW spotlight bulb
MR16-7W_SMDW spotlight bulb
MR16-7W_TP spotlight bulb
MR16-7W_TP spotlight bulb
MR16-7W_TPN spotlight bulb
MR16-7W_TPN spotlight bulb
MR16-10W_TP spotlight bulb
MR16-10W_TP spotlight bulb
MR16-C03C spotlight bulb
MR16-C03C spotlight bulb
PAR20-7W_COB_D spotlight bulb
PAR20-7W_COB_D spotlight bulb
PAR20-12W_COB_D spotlight bulb
PAR20-12W_COB_D spotlight bulb
PAR30-10W_COB_D spotlight bulb
PAR30-10W_COB_D spotlight bulb
PAR30-10W-COB-DL spotlight bulb
PAR30-10W-COB-DL spotlight bulb
PAR30-23W_COB_D spotlight bulb
PAR30-23W_COB_D spotlight bulb
PAR38-15W_COB_D spotlight bulb
PAR38-15W_COB_D spotlight bulb
PAR38-30W_COB_D spotlight bulb
PAR38-30W_COB_D spotlight bulb

Track Spotlight Manufacturer

SMAlux Track Spotlight can provide beam angle range from 15-120° and match two-wire, three-wire, four-wire track system. We will consider the detailed lighting design requirements, and according to your requirement, provide the right track spotlights to help you expand the market.

PTL-0112-12W track spotlight
PTL-0112-12W track spotlight
PTL-0120-20W track spotlight
PTL-0120-20W track spotlight
PTL-0130-30W track spotlight
PTL-0130-30W track spotlight
PTL-305-5W-18 track spotlight
PTL-305-5W-18 track spotlight
PTL-305-5W-30 track spotlight
PTL-305-5W-30 track spotlight
PTL-808-8W track spotlight
PTL-808-8W track spotlight
PTL-816-16W track spotlight
PTL-816-16W track spotlight
PTL-GU10 track spotlight
PTL-GU10 track spotlight

Ceiling Spotlights Manufacturer

SMAlux Ceiling Spotlight can also provide beam angle range from 15-120°. In addition to being mounted on the ceiling, you can also mount them on the wall and use them as display lights. Easy to install, no additional matching tracks are required. Ceiling spotlight can help you save inventory costs and help you expand the market.

DPL-705-5W-18 ceiling spotlight
DPL-705-5W-18 ceiling spotlight
DPL-705-5W-30 ceiling spotlight
DPL-705-5W-30 ceiling spotlight
DPL-715-15W-18 ceiling spotlight
DPL-715-15W-18 ceiling spotlight
DPL-715-15W-30 ceiling spotlight
DPL-715-15W-30 ceiling spotlight
DPL-725-5W-18 ceiling spotlight
DPL-725-5W-18 ceiling spotlight
DPL-725-5W-30 ceiling spotlight
DPL-725-5W-30 ceiling spotlight
DPL-808-8W ceiling spotlight
DPL-808-8W ceiling spotlight
DPL-815-15W-18 ceiling spotlight
DPL-815-15W-18 ceiling spotlight
DPL-815-15W-30 ceiling spotlight
DPL-815-15W-30 ceiling spotlight
DPL-816-16W ceiling spotlight
DPL-816-16W ceiling spotlight

Remote Control Spotlight Manufacturer

SMAlux Remote control spotlight can be remote control for horizontal and vertical rotation, plus dimming and changing color temperature. You don’t need to climb a ladder to adjust its projection direction, which adds convenience and safety.

DPL-820-20W-40 remote control spotlight
DPL-820-20W-40 remote control spotlight
DPL-820-20W-20 remote control spotlight
DPL-820-20W-20 remote control spotlight
DPL-820-20W-15 remote control spotlight
DPL-820-20W-15 remote control spotlight

Outdoor Spotlight

SMAlux outdoors spotlight, you can also call them landscape spotlight or garden spot light, it features durable die-cast aluminum housing or durable PC bodies that resists chipping and fading.  All outdoor spotlight with IP65 or higher waterproof rating, you can safely use this product outdoors with maintenance cost nearly free.

OS-S203 3.5W outdoor spotlight
OS-S202-3.5W outdoor spotlight
OS-S201-3.5W outdoor spotlight
OS-S103-3.5W outdoor spotlight
OS-S102-3.5W outdoor spotlight
OS-S101-3.5W outdoor spotlight
OS-DCL-6W outdoor spotlight
OS-DCL-6W outdoor spotlight
OS-DCL-4W outdoor spotlight
OS-DCL-4W outdoor spotlight

SMAlux LED Spotlights Manufacturing Capabilities

As a professional LED spot light manufacturer, SMAlux LED spotlight are certified by UL, CE, RoHS, SAA, NOM, etc. No matter which region you are, we can provide you with certified products.

SMAlux has 13,000m2 of manufacturing space and more than 700 professional workers, we not only provide standard products but also provide you IES reports, technology support, ODM services etc.

We pay great attention to product quality and environmental issues. We have ISO90001, ISO14001 and OHSMS18001 certification, and we guarantee to provide you with high quality products in the shortest possible time.

Led Spotlight Bulb
ModelWattVoltLight EfficiencyColor TemperaturePFRABeam AngelDimensionWarranty
GU10-5W/TP5W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8024°/30°/38°/60°Ø50*51MM2 Years
MR16-5W/TP5W12V/110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8024°/30°/38°/60°Ø50*45MM2 Years
7W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8024°/30°/38°/60°Ø50*56MM2 Years
MR16-7W/TP7W12V/110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8024°/30°/38°/60°Ø50*48MM2 Years
GU10-7W/TPN7W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8010°/15°Ø50*57MM2 Years
MR16-7W/TPN7W12V/110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8010°/15°Ø50*48MM2 Years
GU10-10W/TP10W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8024°/30°/38°/60°Ø50*80MM2 Years
MR16-10W/TP10W12V/110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8024°/30°/38°/60°Ø50*77MM2 Years
GU10-4W/SMDW4W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>80110°Ø50*51MM2 Years
MR16-4W/SMDW4W12V/110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>80110°Ø50*45MM2 Years
GU10-7W/SMDW7W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>80110°Ø50*56MM2 Years
MR16-7W/SMDW7W12V/110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>80110°Ø50*48MM2 Years
MR11/TP-4W4W12V/110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8038°/60°Ø34*42MM2 Years
MR11-GU10-4W4W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8030°/38°/60°Ø35*53MM2 Years
MR11-GU10-4W/D4W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8030°/38°/60°Ø35*53MM2 Years
GU10-C03C3W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8040°Ø50*52MM2 Years
MR16-C03C3W12V/110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8040°Ø50*45MM2 Years
GU10-5W/DZ5W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8040°-60°Ø50*60MM2 Years
MR16-5W/DZ5W12V/110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8040°-60°Ø50*50MM2 Years
PAR20-12W/COB/D12W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8030°Ø64*91MM2 Years
PAR30-23W/COB/D23W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8030°Ø95*125MM2 Years
PAR38-30W/COB/D30W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8030°Ø121*125MM2 Years
PAR20-7W/COB/D7W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8024°/38°Ø63*84MM2 Years
PAR30-10W/COB/D10W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8024°/38°Ø95*80MM2 Years
PAR30-10W/COB/DL10W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8024°/38°Ø95*105MM2 Years
PAR38-15W/COB/D15W110-130V/220-240V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8024°/38°Ø121*121MM2 Years
AR111-1201-17W17W90-277V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8024°Ø111*63MM2 Years
AR111-603-17W17W12V>80lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8015°/28°Ø111*63MM2 Years
Track Spotlight
ModelWattVoltLight EfficiencyColor TemperaturePFRABeam AngelDimensionWarranty
PTL-305-5W/185W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8018°spotlight dimension2 Years
PTL-305-5W/305W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8030°2 Years
PTL-808-8W8W110-130V/220-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8080°spotlight dimension2 Years
PTL-816-16W16W110-130V/220-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8080°spotlight dimension2 Years
PTL-GU10/100-240V/////spotlight dimension/
PTL-0112-12W12W220-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8015°/24°spotlight dimension2 Years
PTL-0120-20W20W220-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8015°/24°2 Years
PTL-0130-30W30W220-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8015°/24°2 Years
Ceiling Spotlights
ModelWattVoltLight EfficiencyColor TemperaturePFRABeam AngelDimensionWarranty
DPL-705-5W/185W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8018°spotlight dimension2 Years
DPL-705-5W/305W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8030°2 Years
DPL-725-5W/182*5W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8018°spotlight dimension2 Years
DPL-725-5W/302*5W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8030°2 Years
DPL-808-8W8W110-130V/220-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8080°2 Years
DPL-816-16W16W110-130V/220-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8080°2 Years
DPL-715-15W/1815W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8018°spotlight dimension2 Years
DPL-715-15W/3015W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8030°2 Years
DPL-815-15W/1815W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8018°spotlight dimension2 Years
DPL-815-15W/3015W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.9>8030°2 Years
Remote Control Spotlight
ModelWattVoltLight EfficiencyColor TemperaturePFRABeam AngelDimensionWarranty
DPL-820-20W/1520W110-130V/220-240V>90lm/w2700-6500K>0.9>8015°spotlight dimension2 Years
DPL-820-20W/2020W110-130V/220-240V>90lm/w2700-6500K>0.9>8020°2 Years
DPL-820-20W/4020W110-130V/220-240V>90lm/w2700-6500K>0.9>8040°2 Years
Outdoor Spotlight
ModelWattVoltLight EfficiencyColor TemperaturePFRABeam AngelDimensionWarranty
OS-S101-3.5W3.5W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8010°/25°spotlight dimension2 Years
OS-S102-3.5W3.5W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8010°/25°2 Years
OS-S103-3.5W3.5W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8010°/25°2 Years
OS-S201-3.5W3.5W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8010°/25°spotlight dimension2 Years
OS-S202-3.5W3.5W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8010°/25°2 Years
OS-S203-3.5W3.5W85-265V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8010°/25°2 Years
OS-DLC-4W4W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8025°2 Years
OS-DLC-6W6W100-240V>90lm/w3000K/4000K/6500K>0.5>8025°2 Years

SMAlux: Your Reliable Spot Light Supplier in China

SMAlux LED spotlights used high-efficiency heat dissipation lamp body, ensure your product has a long life-span.

In addition to the regular LED spotlight size and model, SMAlux also has two uniquely designed products and won iF and Reddot Design Awards.

spotlight factory showroom

Relying on high-end LED chips, LED spotlight products can achieve brighter and higher lumens, SMAlux uses optical lenses in the LED spotlight to provide >95% light transparency. You can also customize the beam angle as needed.

SMAlux LED spotlights are certified by UL, CE, RoHS, SAA, NOM, etc. We can provide you with certified products with a long lifetime, you don’t need to worry about product quality issues.

SMAlux LED spotlights have a unique patented shape and structure, and internal anti-counterfeiting mark provides you market protection from competitors.

Also check our Other LED light:

Street light

Flood Light

LED Gym Light

What is a LED spotlight?

LED spotlights are used to direct the light where you want and have great control options over your lighting direction.

You can use SMAlux LED spotlights and LED spotlight bulbs to replace outdated incandescent and halogen spotlights for display and retail purposes, track lighting, as well as recessed lighting.

Where can I use SMAlux LED spotlights?

LED spotlights can be used in each case where the direct bright light is needed.

That is why it can be used to highlight display panels in living rooms, bathrooms, backyards and other house spaces.

Also, it is widely used in the retail sphere: you can see shop displays highlighted with LED spotlights quite often.

SMAlux LED spotlights can even be used on manufacturing sites, especially in places where the direct lighting is needed.

SMAlux spotlight with remote control

Are LED spotlights somehow better than halogen lamps?

The answer is yes!

LED spotlights are way more efficient than halogen fixtures, which was figured out with the help of different tests.

Even though such spotlights cost more than halogen lamps, LED fixtures are much cheaper to run and maintain.

Finally, LED spotlights to produce a lesser amount of heat than halogen bulbs, which makes them a great choice for functioning in cold temperatures.

Can I replace halogen spots with LED spotlight?

Yes, in lots of cases you can replace halogen bulbs with LEDs easily, one by one.

The two most important things which should be considered before doing so is figuring out.

If your LED bulbs meet the voltage level requirements, and the type of used fittings (the bulb base or fitting is the part of the bulb that fits into the holder of the lighting device.)

How bright are LED spotlight bulbs and lamps?

Modern types of LED spotlights can produce about 100 lumens per watt of wasted power.

For comparison, old halogen spotlight bulbs can produce approximately 12 lumens per watt of used power.

That is why LED spotlights are more than eight times as effective as filament or halogen fixtures.

How many lumens should a LED spotlight lamp have?

This is quite a tough question because the number of lumens in the bulb does not directly depend on wattage and other bulb characteristics.

In theory, the average 10-Watt LED spotlight bulb produces about 800 lumens.

If you are not sure how many lumens you need, you can roughly estimate your requirements based on what you had used before switching to LED spotlights.

To do so, just use the next simple formula:

Lumens = (watts in halogen) x 15

E.g., if you had a 40W halogen bulb, you can easily estimate the number of lumens by multiplying 40 by 15 (600 lumens).

You can see the number of lumens mentioned in the LED spotlight product specifications and choose it according to your calculations.

Various bulbs comparison

What kind of colors do LED spotlights have?

In general, LED spotlights to glow with white and blue light.

These two colors can be slightly changed by coating the bulb’s surface with some special substances (such as yellow phosphor) to make a white light more warmer.

You can get an idea of the color of your future LED spotlight fixture just by checking its color temperature.

What is the color temperature of the LED spotlight?

Color temperature is needed to display the warmth of light.

It is measured in kelvins (K).

The color temperature describes how blue or yellow a light’s color is.

There are four main groups of LED spotlights in terms of kelvin amount:

  • 2700K LED spotlights to have practically the same color as the classic incandescent light;
  • 3000K spotlights have a slightly bluer color and are similar to halogen bulbs, but still, have a warm yellow color;
  • 4000K LED color is often called neutral white because it is neither blue nor yellow, being somewhere in the middle of the color temperature scale;
  • Any bulb with a color temperature over 5000K will appear bluish. Such bulbs can’t be used in the case of standard residential applications.

It is mostly recommended to pick 3000K LED spotlights from the very beginning.

You can see how the color of each above-mentioned type of LED spotlight differs in the picture below.

Comparison of spotlights with different kelvins

What is the beam angle of LED spotlights? Why does it matter so much?

On average, LED spotlights have a quite tight beam angle: approximately 50 degrees. 

However, in SMAlux catalog you can find LED spotlight fixtures with a wider beam angle: up to 120 degrees.

The beam angle matters because it shows how much light will be produced for a certain amount of space.

What are LED spotlight bulbs?

LED spotlight bulb is a solid-state lighting electrical device which can fit in standard screw-in connections and uses light-emitting diodes to produce light.

LED spotlight bulbs are the most nature-friendly devices (if you compare them with incandescent and halogen bulbs for example.)

LED spotlight bulbs use a semiconductor device which produces visible light when an electric current passes inside the bulb.

In electric science, such property is known as electroluminescence.

What is a COB LED spotlight?

COB is an abbreviation for Clip on Board.

This is the most recent technology in the area of LED lighting fixtures.

Its main task is to utilize individual chips with multiple diodes (nine or even more).

There is no carcass in the case COB technology which makes this type of spotlights have a much denser LED array of light if you compare such LEDs with other technologies.

Kind of a controlled and stable light beam is produced without any visible light points, producing soft lighting which is ideal for spotlights.

COB LEDs offers a greatly improved lumen per watt relation if you compare them with other LED types.

Spotlight bulb

What is an LED spotlight fixture?

In general, LED spotlight fixture is any kind of lamp (or group of lamps) which uses LED bulbs to spotlight some area.

All light fixtures have a body (casing, carcass) and one or more lamps (bulbs).

Such lamps may be situated in sockets for simple replacement.

However, in the case of some LED spotlight fixtures, lamps are hard-wired in place.

Which mounting options are available for SMAlux LED spotlight?

SMAlux LED spotlights are presented in two general types: as a bulb and as a standalone fixture.

So, the simple bulb can be mounted just by placing in the right fitting.

SMAlux LED spotlight fixtures can be installed at the ceiling or another flat surface with the help of screws and hooks.

Which types of LED spotlight does SMAlux have in its catalog?

SMAlux LED spotlight catalog contains four categories of products:

  1. LED Spotlight Bulbs.
  2. Track Spotlights.
  3. Ceiling Spotlights.
  4. Remote Control Spotlights.
  5. Outdoor Spotlights.

What kind of fittings suit LED spotlight bulbs?

There are two main categories of LED spotlight bulb fittings.

Some LED bulbs have a screw thread that allows you to manually screw the bulb into the fitting.

It is called E27 type.

Other bulbs have two little pins below, so you should give the bulb a quarter turn to put it in the fitting.

Such bulb holders are called GU10.

LED spotlight with low and line voltage: What is the difference?

Low voltage LED spotlights to use a transformer to reduce the normal voltage (which is usually 120 or 277 volts) to 12 or 24 volts respectively.

It is used quite often in the case of recessed, track, pendant, and display lighting fixtures.

It is most useful when you try to direct the light to a tight, difficult-to-access area.

On the other hand, most spotlight systems are working in the line voltage mode.

It is a wide-spread standard in lighting.

Line voltage spotlights typically use 120 or 277 volts to transfer power to lighting applications.

Line voltage lighting systems do not need transformers to power up such lighting fixtures.

How to choose the best LED spotlight?

There are several key points which directly show the quality of LED spotlight fixtures:

  1. The power factor of LED spotlights. The low power factor indicates that the lamp is not quite efficient, and has a shorter lifetime.
  2. Spotlight fixture construction and used materials. LED lamp materials are very important, as well as the whole construction design. That is why SMAlux engineers use technologies which allow our LED spotlights to withstand excessive heat, cool temperatures, and other environmental factors.
  3. The quality of LED chips. The lamp quality is directly connected with chip quality and manufacturing technology.
  4. The quality of the power supply unit. The lifetime of the power supply unit affects the overall life of the spotlight fixture.
  5. The number of lumens. Sometimes spotlight fixtures with the same power factor can produce a slightly different amount of lumens.
  6. Ability to meet various international standards. There are lots of international safety and manufacturing standards which determine quality requirements for LED spotlights.
  7. Design and overall appearance. Appearance is an extremely important factor while choosing spotlight fixtures. You have to compare the design of the interior with lamp design and choose those which fit the most.

Why glass is used to manufacture LED spotlight bulbs?

First of all, glass is used as a safety barrier.

Glass is among those materials which do not need to be flame-tested.

These tests are needed for all materials used to contain dangerous voltage.

Glass is also good when it comes to transmitting light.

Special plastics can be used as well, but most of them are not transparent enough.

Rotatable spotlight with dimmer

Can you put LED spotlight bulbs in a normal light fitting?

The short answer is yes, as long as the LED spotlight bulb is using less wattage than your normal light application.

Sometimes you can see a bulb label that states “100-Watt equivalent”, which does not mean that such an LED bulb uses 100 Watts.

This means that it produces an amount of light equivalent to a 100-Watt incandescent bulb.

If your fixture says not to exceed 60-Watts, this may be referring to the dangers of high heat output associated with non-LED bulbs.

However, the LED spotlight produces minimum heat while operating.

So, if your application says not to exceed 60-Watts but you want to use a 100-Watt equivalent LED bulb, this will be quite safe to do so.

What are the disadvantages of LED spotlights?

Even though LED spotlights are very efficient and safe, still there are several disadvantages:

  1. High price. LED spotlights are currently more expensive (speaking of price per lumen) than the vast majority of conventional lighting fixtures. The additional expenses are connected with the drive circuitry and power supplies needed.
  2. Electrical polarity. Unlike incandescent lighting fixtures, which work regardless of the electrical polarity, LED spotlight bulbs can operate only with correct electrical polarity.
  3. Blue hazard. There are concerns that white and blue LED bulbs can exceed safe limits of the so-called blue-light hazard as defined in some eye safety specifications. However, these concerns are still not 100% proven.

LED spotlight with magnetic base: what is it?

Some LED spotlights use the magnetic base to install.

A magnetic base is a magnetic fixture based on a magnet that can effectively be turned “on” and “off” at will.

As a result, you can attach such fixtures to any metal surface while the magnet is on.

Can LED spotlight flicker from time to time? Is it bad?

There are two main reasons why the LED spotlight can start flickering.

First of all, this can be the dimmer switch problem, which goes on and off many times per second, making your LED spotlight bulb some kind of a flickering strobe light.

If your LED spotlight fixtures operate without dimmers, the flickering can be connected with some other power supply problem.

In general, flickering can be harmful to your eyes so you have to fix this issue right after it arises.

Can I use LED spotlight for display cabinet?

LED spotlights can take display cabinet lighting to an entirely new level of sophistication and functional design.

Such fixtures prove to be ideal for lighting cabinets, displays, bookshelves, and eclectic furnishings.

Because LED spotlights can operate at very low temperatures and produce practically no heat, you can use them even as outdoor solutions.

SMAlux LED bulb

What kind of LED spotlight is better for the bar?

In the case of bars and restaurants, the distinctive design is the most important factor while choosing the right LED spotlight fixtures.

You know this look quite well if you have spent some time at trendy restaurants and bars before.

Speaking of the SMAlux products, you can use simple spotlight bulbs for your bar fixtures. 

Another option is a ceiling LED spotlight: ready-made lamps which can be easily mounted in the ceiling.

Such spotlights direction can be regulated so you can easily highlight the needed spots inside the bar.

LED spotlight with dimmer: What is it?

Dimmers are modern devices which allow regulating the level of illumination in the room.

The LED dimmer is a special dimmer designed to adjust the brightness of LED lamps.

Properly selected dimmer for the LED lamp will allow adjustment of the bulb in a fairly wide range.

Dimmer with LED lamp is not only a convenient and modern type of lighting but also a very money-saving option.

Dimmer LED fixture has many obvious advantages.

As it was already mentioned, it saves electricity, perfectly fits into the design of each room and allows you to achieve comfortable lighting at any time of the day or night.

What does PIR means for LED spotlights?

PIR stands for passive infrared sensors, whose main task is to measure the infrared light that is produced by, or reflected from objects or living beings.

Imagine an unoccupied room, in which the PIR sensor is measuring the produced radiation from the surrounding furniture, walls, floor, and ceiling.

When someone comes in front of the sensor, the temperature at this point will rise from room temperature to the temperature of the new object (and then back again as the object moves on).

This change in incoming temperature triggers the sensor.

Such technology is widely used in the case of LED spotlights with a motion sensor.

Can I order an LED spotlight with motion sensor from SMAlux?

Yes, you can order LED spotlight fixtures with motion sensor from SMAlux.

Such a system can be very effective in the case of saving extra money because lamps with motion sensor will turn on only if some living person walks by, and turns off when no one needs the light in the area.

Which type of LED spotlights can be used outdoors?

SMAlux has a separate category for outdoor LED spotlights.

Such fixtures are designed to protect bulbs from various environmental effects, such as high humidity, dust, water, and so on.

SMAlux outdoor LED spotlights have IP65 or even higher waterproof rating, which means that they can be freely used outdoors even in the case of heavy rain.

What is the average lifetime of LED spotlights?

All LED bulbs have a general life expectancy of 50 000 hrs.

If you use your lights for 10 hours a day, this should be approx. 13.7 years for your LED bulb lifetime.

How to change the LED spotlight bulb?

If your spotlight fixture is constructed in such a way that the bulb can be removed, you can easily change bulbs when they stop working.

To do so, follow the next steps:

  1. Be sure to turn off the power.
  2. Install a ladder or a stable chair if your LED spotlight lamps are too high for you to reach.
  3. Put the gloves on.
  4. Screw out the old bulb from the socket and throw it away (it is easy to confuse an old and a new bulb.)
  5. Unpack your newly bought bulb.
  6. Press the new bulb into the socket and screw it inside.

You can also check the Youtube video guide on this matter.

How to install LED spotlight in the ceiling?

You can install SMAlux LED spotlight fixtures in the ceiling easily.

You can use screws to install the lamp or hang it on hooks and chains.

SMAlux provides all the needed fasteners for each LED spotlight order.

Ceiling spotlight

Why LED spotlights glows when off?

In some cases LED spotlight bulbs to continue to glow even after you switch them off.

There are two main reasons why this situation can happen:

  1. The LED spotlight bulb stores energy. You can easily check this theory just by removing the bulb from the fitting immediately after turning it off. If the bulb continues to glow after you remove it, it is due to the luminescent layer or the LED driver.
  2. The glowing is caused by electrical installation. If the lamp goes out immediately when it is removed from the socket, the cause should be searched in the electrical installation. And in such case you have to check various parts of your fixture, like the light switch, dimmer, and all connections. Even an unreliable cable routing might be responsible for the glowing of the LED spotlight bulb.

LED spotlight vs floodlight: What is the difference?

The LED spotlight application can cast a narrow beam of light, which is usually no wider than 45 degrees.

This beam is more concentrated and easier to point and control, which can be used to light some difficult-to-access areas.

A floodlight can have a beam spread of up to 120 degrees.

It can illuminate a larger amount of space with the same wattage and lumen output as a spotlight.

However, its beam dissipates while working, which means that the actual amount of lumens on the square meter would be lesser.

What is the difference between LED spotlights, downlights, and panels?

Downlights and spotlights are quite similar in the case of appearance, but they still differ in some ways.

With the use of small LED fixtures as light sources, spotlights and downlights have evolved into separate fixtures.

However, you can name the spotlight as a downlight, because both such systems can shine vertically downwards (if you are looking on the fixture itself).

The difference lies in the light beam angle and the application use: spotlights have tighter beam angle and most often used for lighting of hard accessible areas.

LED panel lights are similar to downlights in the application.

But panels have a unique form: they are slim, low profile lights which produce uniform light distribution.

LED panel lights have the LED chips lining the edge of the fixture and directing the light towards the middle, with a reflector diffusing it downwards for a shadowless effect.

Are LED spotlights somehow harmful to human health and/or environment?

As it was said earlier in this FAQ, there are some concerns about “blue hazards” of LED lamps.

Another thing about LED bulbs lies in their so-called “blue pollution”: in short, cool-white LEDs can cause more light pollution than other light sources.

However, this could be said about the fixture with a color temperature above 3000K only. 

You can see the official scientific statement on the matter of blue pollution visiting this page.

What companies in China sell the best LED spotlights?

Without any exaggeration, SMAlux can be listed among the best LED spotlight suppliers in China.

There are two main reasons why SMAlux has such dominance position:

  1. The strict control of quality. The SMAlux staff makes all the efforts to produce products of excellent quality. This also means that our LED fixtures do not cause problems for the environment.
  2. Huge manufacturing capacity. SMAlux has more than 700 professional employees and about 13,000 square meters of manufacturing space, which make us able to fulfill massive orders in short periods.

For example, it takes approximately three weeks for SMAlux to produce more than 1000 bulbs.

Can I order an LED spotlight with remote control from SMAlux?

Yes, you can order LED spotlights with remote control option from SMAlux.

Buying such a fixture you don’t have to bother manually adjusting the direction of your lamp. 

The remote control can be used for horizontal and vertical rotation, as well as for color temperature and dimming adjustment.

SMAlux Dimmable Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb

Which LED spotlight design options does SMAlux have?

There are several customization options when it comes to SMAlux LED spotlight fixtures. 

You can require from SMAlux managers about the custom box design which will contain elements of your brand design.

Another option is printing your unique logo directly on the product.

Are Chinese LED spotlights as good in quality and performance as non-Chinese LED lights?

There is a widespread belief in modern society that Chinese manufacturers are not trustful. 

This is certainly not the case of SMAlux which has all the needed certificates under the belt and also meet all the international safety standards.

Let’s also mention that China makes most of the world’s LED bulbs, and SMAlux in particular supplies a lot of reputable brands with LED fixtures.

How can I calculate the estimated cost of my LED spotlight order?

Before we can calculate your SMAlux LED spotlight order, you need to have a full understanding of the lighting application, i.e. places where the lamps would be situated, height, at which they would be placed, their brightness, and so on.

When we’ll have a full picture of your requirements, we can provide you with all the calculations and best solutions for your needs.

Our specialists can even help you with the design creation process.

Are there some special taxes connected with LED spotlight transportation?

This question is quite tough because each government implements different rules for goods’ transportation.

If you are the USA citizen, you are obliged to pay 3.9% of the LED products cost.

However, there were negotiations between the US and the Chinese government about the increase of such taxes at the moment of this FAQ writing.

So we recommend you to contact relevant US authority and require the info about LED bulbs.

In the European Union, the import tax for LED bulbs and fixtures is 4.7%, while the Australian government set this number to 5%.

You can check the full guide about importing goods from China visiting this page.

Do I get some kind of warranty after buying SMAlux LED spotlights?

SMAlux not only provides five years of warranty for each product in the catalog.

Our clients can always rely on the free maintenance option for all types of purchased products.

What kind of certificates does SMAlux have in the case of LED manufacturing?

SMAlux has gone through tons of quality verification tests to get the nest international certificates:

  • CE Certificate;
  • SA8000;
  • UL Certificate;
  • NOM Certificate;
  • ISO 9001;
  • ISO 14001.

How much time does SMAlux need to reply on my order quote?

SMAlux has a huge support team which can give you all the necessary info about the distributed products and delivery options.

We are answering each type of quote sent from our clients within 8 working hours.

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What about the speed of SMAlux order fulfillment?

First of all, SMAlux always has the vast majority of LED spotlights permanently in stock, so some orders can be fulfilled immediately.

However, the speed of order fulfillment can vary in the case of large orders.

Please, require more information from our support team visiting the “Contact us” section of our website.

How can I be sure about the quality of SMAlux products?

Here at SMAlux, we prioritize the quality of products so our clients can get the best lighting solutions.

Thirty quality inspectors are always at our manufacturing site, checking that all our goods are made under strict international standards.

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