SMAlux smart light bulbs are not as like as the average LED light bulbs.

Smart LED bulb don’t just installed in a socket and light a room like the basic bulb.

That’s too boring. SMAlux smart bulbs can do so much more.

Smart light bulbs are called smart for a reason that SMAlux smart light can wirelessly connect with smart phone or tablet SMAlux app, unlock many features you think or can’t think of led bulbs.

Let’s jump in to explore the possibilities.

SMAlux smart light bulb can be dimmable the brightness

One of the basic function of smart led bulbs is that you can dim SMAlux smart light bulb without use dimmer switches.

For the traditional light bulb, if you need a light bulb to achieve dimming function, it must be install a dimmer switch in the house.

But now, You don’t need a professional electrician to help you install the equipment, you can do it yourself.

Simply install and set up.

Just directly screw SMAlux smart bulb in tight to replace traditional led bulb light into your fixtures or chandeliers, download the SMAlux app via smart device, connect the smart led bulbs to your home Wi-Fi network.

When the connection to the network is successful,you can dim the smart bulb lights brightness using the SMAlux app.

smart light bulb dimming brightness smart light bulb change color temperature

SMAlux smart light bulb can be setting multi colors

Dimming the lights brightness is fine, but you can take it a step further.

SMAlux smart bulbs also change color.

In fact, SMAlux smart bulbs can produce a range of over 16 million colors.

You can select the exact color you want by tapping a color wheel in the SMAlux app.

If you don’t want to adjust the bulb color every time, SMAlux smart bulbs also offer 8 preset scenes.4 of scenes can set the color at you will.

You can set the smart light bulbs scenes according to your mood, preferences, festivals etc.

Why do you want a smart light bulb that changes color?

When you have a party at home, you can match the color of the theme to the light.

During the Christmas season, you can set the color of the bulb to red and green to create a festive atmosphere.

When you are tired of the color of the wall in your home, you can change the original color by lighting, without having to repaint the wall.

When the temperature is hot, you can set the bulb color to blue and feel cool.

SMAlux smart light bulb, make your life colorful.

smart light bulb setting multi colors.png smart light bulb setting scenes

smart light bulb set the mood

SMAlux smart light bulb can be controlled from anywhere

By downloading and installing the SMAlux’s app onto users’ smart devices, SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb allows the users to take control of the lighting experience from anywhere.

When you are before at your home or in the garage, you can use SMAlux app and light up the smart led bulbs by your smart phone.

When you are outside the home and suddenly remember that the light bulb is still on? don’t be worry.

You can use your smart device to turn off the smart led bulb lights, no need to go back home,can be both save time and save electricity costs

Also this is a great security option for when you’re on vacation, because your home never looks empty,no matter where you are in the world.

As long as the Wi-Fi in your home stays work and you have a network signal in your place, you can easily control SMAlux smart light bulb switch on/off, adjustable brightness, change color, etc.

smart light bulb set your schedule

SMAlux smart light bulb can be setting schedule

SMAlux smart led bulb can be scheduled for the users.

Create customized schedules with the smart bulb to turn your lights on /off at specific time.

Wake up in the morning to your favorite colors, switch them on before you come home .Never worry come home with dark house!

This smart light bulb is like your alarm clock,presetting time to turn on and turn off, then the SMAlux smart wifi Bulb will turn on at a specific time to wake and turn off to when it’s time to sleep, allowing the Smart LED Bulb to better regulate user’s daily routine.

At the same time, this light bulb is a good security guard. From users’ smart devices, control SMAlux Smart wifi bulbs to make the house well-lit while away on business trip or vacation.

You don’t need to worry about the thief when you are not at home.

Smart led light bulb can create the illusion of someone in the house to keep your property safe.

smart light bulb add schedule

SMAlux smart light bulb can be group control

SMAlux smart light bulbs have synchronized functions. Do not need control the smart bulbs one by one, our wifi bulb light can sync all of your lights together so you can control all of smart light bulb with SMAlux app.


groups on the app, set up the name as like as “living room light” for each group, to manage two or more lights at the same time.

Synchronous switch on/off, changed the bulbs color, the scene mode selection and timer will be realized through smart lamp group.

smart light bulb group control

SMAlux smart light bulb can be control with Your Voice

The SMALUX smart bulb in addition to smart device control, you can also use voice control.

Wifi smart LED bulbs works directly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to manage your devices through Voice Control.

Once connected, SMAlux smart led lightcan be operated from smart devices or voice command through Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Assistant from Google Home.

Assign a name to each Smart Bulb and communicate each Bulb by name when making a voice command.

You can used following commands to control the brightness, warm or cold white of the light bulb, change the bulbs color, and turn the smart bulbs on/off (for example, bedroom lights)

  • Alexa (google), Turn On/Off Bedroom Light
  • Alexa (google), Dim Bedroom Light to 50%
  • Alexa (google), Brighten the Bedroom Light
  • Alexa (google), Darken the Bedroom Light
  • Alexa (google),set the Bedroom Light to red
  • Alexa (google), change the Bedroom Light to the color blue

Maybe you will be confused how to use Alexa or Google Home to control the color of the smart bulb, and don’t know how many color we can used voice control.

Here is a list of all Alexa or Google Home smart light colors, for you reference.

smart light bulb voice control colors

Also, you can used your voice control lights in groups.

Tap “CREATE GROUP”, select devices you want to add into the group and named it, like “My Smart Lights”, and tap “SAVE”.

If your smart device is not around, or if you are playing a video games, or if you are exercising, no need to stop what you are doing at hand, just use the voice control device directly.

Set your hands-free and enjoying life.

wifi smart light bulb

SMAlux smart light bulb can be share with Your family

After enjoying the fun of SMAlux Wi-Fi light bulb, you can share your smart bulbs with your family members, friends as well.

All the smart light device status instant synchronization.

When you turn off your lights, your family members or friend smart phone will also turn off.

SMAlux is a professional smart LED lighting manufacturer, from indoor and outdoor smart lighting to residential and commercial smart lighting, with more than 15 years of experience in the field of LED lighting, and we have already acquired more than 5 years of experience in manufacturing smart LED lights.

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