SMAlux WIFI Downlights

SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight is perfect for accent lighting for both residential and commercial purposes.

With the industry’s standard sizes available: 4inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches, SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight can be a simple upgrade comparing to the traditional downlight with much more functions.

Just simply replace the old downlight with SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight no need to add extra hardware for connecting to the household’s Wi-Fi network.

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SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight is enclosed with aluminum plus thermal coating on the surface, using high quality LED, SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight greatly reduces power consumption and prolonging LED’s life-span of 50,000 hours (equivalent to 23 years when using 6 hours per day).

SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight with customizable brightness, white light range (2700K to 6500K), and colors (16 million colors available), is ideal for restaurant, office, shopping mall, etc.

With all the SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight functions available through the SMAlux app, just download and install on your smart devices for a more convenient, control-from-anywhere type of smart LED lighting.

SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight’s integration with Amazon’s Echo and Google Home enables the users to take advantage of all the smart lighting functions available through simple voice command.

Why is SMAlux WIFI Downlights

SMAlux Wi-Fi LED Downlight controlled by voice integration platform such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, providing the same functions available on the app through voice command.
Schedule Setup
SMAlux Smart fixtures allow the users to turn on the lights when returning from work.
Certified Products
Our understanding of safety standards all over the world allows to produce products that would meet your country’s safety requirements.

SMAlux's SupportTeam

Wifi Downlight, Smart LED Downlight Manufacturer -SMAlux

SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight does not need an extra hub to work.

Directly connecting Wi-Fi LED ceiling downlights to Wi-Fi, easy for users to operate.

Schedule timer helps keep a regular biological clock and a healthy life.

When installing SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight, please consult a certified professional electrician in your country.

SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight is UL & CE certificate listed.

You can definitely rely on CE Lighting’s expertise in designing and manufacturing quality LED lighting products.

Backed by more than 500 globally granted patents and counting, CE Lighting is highly capable of providing customized lighting solutions that suit your need.

SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight, different watts available (9W, 12W, 24W) to better serve your clients.





9W, 12W, 24W


650lm, 1000lm, 1800lm





Life Time:

50,000 hours


PC + Aluminum


4inch, 6inch

Wi-Fi Standard:


Operating App:


Wifi Downlight: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Smart light not only can be controlled with voice but also on phone. In the view of smart LED downlight create a relaxing, comfortable and convenient smart life, they come in to the trend.

In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know about SMAlux smart LED downlight.

Chapter 1: What is Smart LED Downlight?

Smart LED downlight is a new product developed on traditional downlight. It compare with the traditional downlight, it have several advantages which are energy saving, low carbon, long lasting and fast response. The design of smart LED downlight are more beautiful and light. It can maintain the overall unity and build perfect decoration during installation. It will not damage the old setting of old light.

SMAlux smart LED downlight have three size available: 4 inches, 6 inches and 8 inches. It also have three color model: tunable whit, multi-color and both.

SMAlux Smart LED Downlight (multi-color)

SMAlux Smart LED Downlight (multi-color)


Chapter 2: SMAlux Smart LED Downlight features

There are some briefly introduction for features:


1. Color change: Smart LED Downlight offer over 16 million colors.

2. Color Temperature Change: There are three temperature you can choose, which is Warm white (2700K), Daylight (4000K) and Cool white (6500K).

Warm white (2700K), creating a yellowish atmosphere and promote you with a good sleep.

Daylight (4000K), creating a cozy and soft light effect and make you feel comfortable.

Cool white (6500K), offer you a bright enough environment and make you feel energetic.

SMAlux Smart LED Downlight Color Temperature Performances

SMAlux Smart LED Downlight Color Temperature Performances

3. Brightness Change

SMAlux smart LED downlight allowing to change brightness from 10%-100% based on requirements.

SMAlux Gu10 Smart Light Bulb-Adjust Brightness

SMAlux smart LED downlight -Adjust Brightness

4. Scene Setting: Set up your own mode with favorite brightness and color. You can set the lighting effect as you like by adjusting the brightness, color temperature and colors, save it and name it as a unique scene for your next time using.

It preset 8 scenes for your quick options.

SMAlux Smart LED Downlight -DIY ScenesSMAlux Smart LED Downlight-DIY Scenes

5. Group Control: You can put your smart LED downlight in a group through smartphone, and control at one time.

6. Time Schedule: You can set up your own schedule, such as turn on/off on the Specified time.

SMAlux Smart LED Downlight Set Schedules

SMAlux Smart LED Downlight Set Schedules

7. Family Share: Your family member can join the remote control, tell them to pick up their smartphone too!


Chapter 3: How does Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart LED Downlight work?

3.1Bluetooth Smart LED Downlight:

The range of Bluetooth is 10 meters The advantage of Bluetooth is privacy, because Bluetooth only allow one to one connection, it means one downlight only can control by one phone at a time. However, the transmission speed Bluetooth4.0 is 1Mbp per second, it means is much slower than the Wi-Fi downlight.

SMAlux Bluetooth Smart LED Downlight Working Principles

SMAlux Bluetooth Smart LED Downlight Working Principles

3.2WI-FI Smart LED Downlight:

You can use your smartphone to control your downlight from anywhere when Wi-Fi smart LED downlight already connect to Wi-Fi internet. The privacy of Wi-Fi downlight is low, but the transmission speed of WI-FI is 11-54Mbp per second which means there are no limited problem for Wi-Fi downlight.

SMAlux WI-FI Smart LED Downlight Working Principles

SMAlux WI-FI Smart LED Downlight Working Principles


Chapter 4: How to install SMAlux Smart LED downlight in your house?

Read all instructions that came with your SMAlux smart LED downlights carefully before we continue.

There are few tips before you install it:

1. Mark out the position where you want your downlights to be located on your ceiling first. Measure your downlighter carefully in order to ensure your circles are the correct size and check there are no joists or wires in your way before you start cutting.

2. Cut out the circles carefully. This can be done using a plasterboard saw or pad saw. Ensure that you do not cut anything above the ceiling.

3. Trim the casings of the wires when you are connecting them to the transformer.

4. Push in the two lugs on the LED downlight and then push the light up into the hole that you have made.


Chapter 5: About SMAlux

SMAlux is a brand under CE Lighting. The company is dedicated to providing professional and energy efficient smart lighting products and solutions since 2013. Before that, CE Lighting implemented ISO9001 since 1998, went through third party review ISO8000 in 2012, certified ISO14001 in 2015.

SMAlux Certifications

SMAlux Certifications support

CE Lighting has won three world famous design award.

Renowned rewards

SMAlux Renowned rewards

SMAlux is a manufacturer from China with 14,000 m² lighting house. The company is capable to offer both OEM and ODM, with TUV and Interteck approved central lab of 600 m².

SMAlux-TUV & Intertek Lab

SMAlux-TUV & Intertek Lab


Chapter 6:How to install Smart LED Downlight on your phone?

6.1. How to connect SMAlux Smart LED Downlight to phone?

# Install the SMAlux Smart LED Downlight and power on.

# Turn on Wi-Fi on your IOS/Android phone. (IOS 8.0 and up, Android 4.1 and up).

# Download the SMAlux app.

SMAlux App QR Code

You can scan the code above or search “SMAlux” in the Google Play or App Store to download.

# Register a SMAlux account

Choose the country where the Smart LED Downlight locate and input your email or phone number to register. You will receive a verification code if you registered with your phone number.

Register SMAlux Account

# Connecting SMAlux Smart LED Downlight to Wi-Fi

Login in your SMAlux account, press “+” on the upper right corner to add devices and choose “Lighting Devices” in the device type menu. Power on the SMAlux Smart LED Downlight, and confirm the light blinks rapidly.

Connecting SMAlux Wi-Fi LED Strip Light to Wi-Fi

Type in your Wi-Fi password and “Confirm” to “Successfully Added 1 Device” screen.

SMAlux Wi-Fi LED Strip Light Add Successfully

# Modify the SMAlux Smart LED Downlight name

You can directly change the name in the “Successfully Added” screen by clicking the “Blue Pen” icon or enter into the control screen and tape the “…” to change the name, like Bedroom Downlight.

Modify the SMAlux Wi-Fi LED Strip Light name

# Now you can control the SMAlux Smart LED Downlight on your IOS/Android smart devices without distance restrictions only if the downlights is Wi-Fi accessible and your IOS/Android smart device is internet available, even with 3G/4G internet.

6.2. How to connect SMAlux Bluetooth downlights to phone?

# Prepare an IOS/Android smart device and SMAlux Bluetooth downlights, screw the SMAlux Bluetooth downlights to the light fixture you want and turn on the lights.

# Install the Mesh Lamp app

You can scan the QR code to download the free Mesh Lamp app.

app store and google playApp Store             Google Play

You can also search “Mesh Lamp” in the Google Play or App Store to download the operation app.

IOS smart devices: App Store (IOS 9.0 or above).

Android smart devices: Google Play (Android 4.4 or above).

# Open the app, “Allow” Mesh Lamp to use data and tap “OK” to make data available to nearby Bluetooth devices even when you’re not using the app.

Press OK to allow bluetooth Allow app to use data

# Connecting the SMAlux Bluetooth downlights to your phone

Tap the icon on the upper left corner to “Settings” screen, click “Current Home” and add new room in the “Home List” with “+” on the upper right corner.

Click the hamburger bar on the upper left corner tap“Current Home” button “Home List” screen

When adding a new room successfully, go to the “Add Device” screen. Click the yellow button, then the app will automatically search for the SMAlux Bluetooth downlights nearby. After searching, all the available devices will show in the list so that you can choose the one you want to connect.

“Add Device” screen search for the nearby SMAlux Bluetooth smart light bulb available SMAlux Bluetooth light bulbs nearby

6.3. How to connect SMAlux Smart LED Downlight to Google Assistant?

# Prepare an IOS/Android smart device and a Google assistant. Install the SMAlux Smart LED Downlight to the socket and power on.

# Set up Smart Life app

# Download Smart Life app

You can scan the following QR code to download the app.

Smart Life QR Code

In addition, you can search “Smart Life” in the App Store/Google Play to download the free app.

Download Smart Life App

Note: Smart Life app requires Android 5.0+ phone or IOS 10.0+ devices.

# Register and login in Smart Life app

Tap the Smart Life icon to open the app, “Allow” Smart Life to access to your location and data. Then click “Register” and “Agree” the privacy policy to the register page.

Register Smart Life App

Filling the country and register with your mobile phone number or email address, then you will receive a verification code. Type the code in the screen and set password to finish the registration.

Login Smart Life App

# Add home

Login in your Smart Life account, tap the “Add Home” button, type your home name and allow the app to get your location. Then select a room you want to install the SMAlux Smart LED Downlight.

Add Home in Smart Life App

Of course, you can create a room and name it as well.

Rename the room

Tap the “Done” button and will appear a pop-up written as “Home added successfully”.

Home Added Successfully in Smart Life App

# Add device

Tap the central button to add device, click “All” on the upper right corner and press “Lighting Devices” in the “All” menu.

Add Devices in the room

Turn on the SMAlux Wi-Fi downlights and make sure the downlight is blinking quickly. Type in your Wi-Fi password and confirm. When the downlight stops flashing indicates the connection is processing.

\Add SMAlux LED Strip Light to Smart Life App

When the App screen shows 100% connection, then it means the SMAlux Wi-Fi downlights have been connected to the Wi-Fi successfully.

SMAlux Wi-Fi LED Strip Light Added Successfully6.4. Set up Google Assistant

Install Google Home

Search “Google Home” in your App Store or Google Play, download and install the free app.

Open Google Home App

Register a Google account, and filling with your personal information (gender and birthday) and set a user name as email.

Register in Google Home

Set a password and go “Next”, you can add your phone number for future password resetting or just skip it.

Sign in Google Home

Agree with the “Privacy and Terms” to complete the Google Home registration.

Sign in Successfully

# Add SMAlux Wi-Fi smart light downlight in Google Home

In the home page, tap “+” to add new devices, click “Set up device” in the “Add” page and choose the button “Have something already set up”.

Setup Devices in Google Home

Find “Smart Life” om the “Add devoces” page or directly search for it, and then sign in with your Smart Life accout to enable Google Home to get the devices already added in the Smart Life app.

Add Google Assistant in Google Home app

# Add Google Assistant in Google Home app

Open the Google Home app and power on your Google Assistant, also click “+” to add new devices. Tap “Set up new devices” button to continue.

click “+” to add SMAlux Wi-Fi smart light bulb then hit the “Set up device” to set up page Set up new devices

Choose a room, turn on Wi-Fi, turn on Bluetooth, and finally the Google Home will looking for the available smart devices nearby.

Connect Google Home to WiFi

Now your Google assistant will be found, click “YES “to complete the connection.

Google Assistant Found

There will be a sound test after the connection, and set a unique name for your Google Asssitant, go “Next” to choose a Wi-Fi and input password to finish the connection.

Sound Test for Google Assistant

# Voice control via Google Assistant

Now you can control your SMAlux Wi-Fi downlights via Google Assistant. Take bedroom downlight as an example:

Ok Google, turn on/off bedroom downlight.

Ok Google, set bedroom downlight to 80 percent.

Ok Google, brighten bedroom downlight.

Ok Google, set bedroom downlight to green.


6.5. How to connect SMAlux Wi-Fi downlights to Amazon Alexa

# Set up SMAlux app (refer to above instruction of point 1).

# Set up Amazon Echo

# Download Amazon Alexa app

Search “Alexa App” in the App Store or Google Home to download the free app.

Download Amazon Alexa App

Website is available as well, as for Amazon Alexa app is only accessible in USA and Canada:

# Register and sign in Alexa app

Open the Amazon Alexa app on phone, sign in with a valid Amazon account. Or register a new account by filling all the basic information on your app screen.

Register and sign in Alexa app

# Add devices in Alexa app

Press “…” on the upper left corner, tap “Settings”, and then choose “ Set up a new device”.

Add SMAlux Wi-Fi LED strip light in Alexa app

Choose your Echo model, set language, and “Connect to Wi-Fi”.

Setup Echo Language

Long press the dot button on the top of your Echo device until the orange light shows up, then tap “Continue”. “Allow” the IOS/Android smart phone connect to Echo’s hotspot automatically. When your phone is connected to Echo, tap “Continue”.

Setup Echo and Continue

When Echo is successfully connected to Wi-Fi, it will show in your Echo setup page.

Echo connected to WIFI successfully

Then there will be a page play a short introduction video of Echo.

Introduction Video of Amazon Echo

# Connect SMAlux account to Echo

Tap “…” icon, select “Skills” and then search “SMAlux”. Click “SMAlux” and press “Enable” to enable the Smart Life Skill.

Enable SMAlux Skills

Sign in with your SMAlux account to complete the connection.

Sign in SMAlux Account in Amazon Alexa App

# Control SMAlux Wi-Fi downlights by voice commands

Now you can voice control the SMAlux Wi-Fi downlights with voice. Here are the some examples of commands. (E.g. bedroom light).

Alexa, turn on/off bedroom downlight.

Alexa, set bedroom downlight to 80 percent.

Alexa, brighten/increase bedroom downlight.

Alexa, dim/decrease bedroom downlight.

6.6. How to connect SMAlux Bluetooth downlight to Google Assistant

# Install Google Home (Refer to 3.3).

# Plug a hub to your router.

# Add SMAlux Bluetooth downlight in Google Home.

Well screw the SMAlux Bluetooth downlight and plug in the hub, then power on.

In the “Setting” page, click the smart device Google Assistant you have added in the Google Home.

Tap “Adding” to add devices in the menu and it will search for the available downlights nearby.

Tap the found downlight and complete the setup.

Change the downlight name to an easy recognized one, like “Bedroom Downlight”.

# Voice control via Google Assistant

Now you can control the SMAlux Bluetooth downlight with your voice, below are some examples of voice command:

Ok Google, turn on/off bedroom downlight.

Ok Google, set bedroom downlight to 80 percent.

Ok Google, brighten bedroom downlight.

Ok Google, dim bedroom downlight.

Ok Google, set bedroom downlight to green.


Chapter 7: Frequent asked question and answers

Question 1: How to use SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight?

Answer: Smartphone control: download SMAlux app and control the SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight on your IOS/Android smartphone.

Voice control: successfully connected your SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight to Amazon Alexa or Google Home, and then call your third voice control devices to use the Downlight.

Please note: for the SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight requires an extra hub when connecting to the third voice control devices.


Question 2: Why can’t I find the SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight when connecting?

Answer: SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight, check the following conditions:

Checking your downlight is at its initial status of flashing rapidly.

Checking your IOS/Android smartphone has connected to the Wi-Fi.

Checking your downlight and your smartphone are of the same Wi-Fi environment.

SMAlux Wi-Fi Downlight, check the following conditions:

Checking your IOS/Android smartphone opened the Bluetooth.

Checking your Bluetooth downlight is powered on.

Checking your IOS/Android smartphone has already updated to the latest version.


Question 3: How to know whether your Android/IOS devices are compatible with SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light?

Answer: a, Make sure your device is of Bluetooth 4.0 version

b, Ensure your IOS device is updated to 8.0 version or above.

c, Ensure your Android device is 4.1 version above.

Question 4: Can I use a smart bulb without a hub?

Answer: It depends on the SMAlux smart light bulb you choose, if the SMAlux Wi-Fi smart light bulb, then do not need an extra hub. But with the SMAlux Bluetooth smart light bulb, you need to pay extra for a hub.



After this guide, you already know how to get started, along with reviews of the features Smart LED downlight. I think you cannot waiting to buy SMAlux LED downlight, so join in the big family of SMAlux Smart LED downlight now!

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